Two topics

So glad there are at least some people with extended reach saying the right things, exposing humbug.

First up is Tucker:

Tucker makes good points about how mayors like Garcetti in LA get away with it – by banning people gathering and this prevents anyone colluding to effect a recall. The opposition to this is good, Tucker says ‘these people are not passive’. Fine but I can’t help thinking it’s still pussyfooting around, constrained by the desire to do everything legally and above board, as that’s their political philosophy, as it is is ours.

Observe the blogs and tweets by people such as us. It’s all ‘they should’, meaning the authorities – I did it myself yesterday in tweeting the subjectless ‘drop them back in France’. Who should ‘drop them back’? Priti Patel says she’s started the process whereby bills are formulated, discussed, amended, introduced … you get the idea.

But just how does that actually send the invaders back? In Los Angeles, it’s far more immediate – people’s jobs, livelihoods, no welfare system to pick up the slack.

The other topi in this post is Polly and I’d only ask you to look at the first interview with the Tanzanian leader:

Decades ago, I managed to stumble upon some old super-eight reels and they included some Czech shorts, which I screened.

One was about war and in it, after the carnage, some poppies grew. Along came the stormtrooper and crushed them. But others grew, with more and more force required, huge expenditure, to crush the poppies of resistance.

You know the end result – the poppies took over the whole landscape. This African leader was unusual as it suited to tell the truth and the truth was that the Science was bollox, science itself disagreed. Just as Tucker Carlson said about these dictators making it up as they go along [American mayors for example], so the Health Mafia do the same with pseudo-Science … and we are held to ransom.