9 p.m. notes


This is being posted at both NO [the site with the river header] and ONO [the site with the foliage].

Two hosts and a former host have been suggesting things it might be, things to check, meanwhile I’ve been ditching extraneous things, reinstalling, changing passwords and so on.  As one of the techies mentioned – easy enough to diagnose with patience and a process of elimination, much more difficult to fix.

And that’s where all this is right now.  Yes – I can make certain asymmetric moves which get me into my site after the third or fourth attempt, sometimes the first and yes, it does seem to be no longer a time issue inside but rather tasks attempted [as in three will see me shut out], also going from task to task over there is taking about the same time as it did – about 20 seconds before a page comes up after clicking – that’s been so for a few years now.  Longest I had to wait was around 40 seconds.

So it is possible to post once past the barriers and before MS shuts me down but is it worth it?  Truly?  As for comments, I had them on earlier but could not attend to them for the simple reason I could not even get to see the front page – barriers, barriers.  Someone or something is clearly doing this.

There is a solution which could partly work but it splits me between NO and ONO – namely to only post at NO once a day, with a ready to post article and leave comments on for half a day for regulars, whilst mainly blogging at ONO – that’s possible.  But it splits the blog and no one really wants that.

There is a more draconian solution which mine host and I were discussing and that’s looking likely to try to resolve the matter.  I said today to go ahead.  It will mean NO will disappear for some time but it’s worth it.  If you see that happen, it hasn’t gone, it’s just resting.

There is also a terminal solution and we’re not there yet – delete NO altogether and start another NO with a slightly different url which we already have in reserve.  Against that is a lot of history, many many comments lost from the past years. As I say – we’re not there yet.

We’re opting for the middle solution for now because it’s better for many of us in the long term.  In the meantime, I’ll not be opening NO after this post until it’s done, so blogging is at ONO for me for now.  I’ll be occasionally checking into NO for my own purposes whilst all this is going on.

You have a good Tuesday evening, readers.