All time faves

All well and good posting four fave songs ever, almost impossible to select them.

In my case, what of 20s/trad jazz? Fats Domino? Loud, melodic rock with that drone? Hymns? Barocca? The things I played in my DJ days? Mozart? Hungarian Rhapsody? Russian and French music? Sandy Denny? Only four songs? How? How to choose them? What of songs not your fave, personally, but your good lady’s? They were still special. Where do I put Ring of Fire? O Come O Come Emmanuel? One or two metal songs. Santana? Osibisa?

I have to bite the bullet here and compile it by 8 p.m., as mooted, otherwise I’ll never do it. To lay it on you too – have a think about it, four songs only, remember, send the links and I’ll run your four one evening – but give us a bit of context, please – why, what were your circumstances then, what do you remember from the time?

Worth noting that they don’t have to be the best pieces of music in your opinion, just that they meant something special to you. For example, WN1 and I had Islands in the Stream but it won’t appear here.

And so to mine:


Just the sheer sense of fun meant this had to be included from my fave musical period. It also covers my time in Russia – I taught hundreds such as these:


Needs to be some jangle pop on this list, noise pop, anything from the Byrds to Wreckless Eric to Mazzy Star to Deep Blue Something and that’s the 90s taken care of [20s, 50s, 70s and 90s being my main periods]. Which though?

Let’s go with this one – the lyrics are possibly the story of my love life. Also, the concept of droning noise but still highly melodic is one I really, really like, one reason I love pipe bands, which brings my parents into it – they’d dislike this one though. [Sound quality is better in this version, not the second song, just the first]:


Having already chosen N1, this was the final slot and what an angst generator – there are so many, from New Order to Amon Duul to hymns [best do those as a separate post in a few days] to Joy Division, Chris Rea – has to be a long song which says something, which lifts the genre into something worthwhile – it was Temptation, Lonesome Tonight or any number of Joy Division songs – this one is appropriate for Cv 2020:

Instincts that can still betray us,
A journey that leads to the sun,
Soulless and bent on destruction,
A struggle between right and wrong

Cheer up, there’ll be some hymns of hope in a few days.


Living in a box on an island, as we do here, sometimes I hanker for the wide open spaces, wide rivers, music on the car stereo as we cruised down those highways in Oz and America, sometimes for hundreds of miles in the heat, so many memories and this song sometimes played. I also used it as my theme on a series of videos I made for school parents, now for a dear friend:

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  1. June 10, 2020 at 21:12

    Maybe this should have been N2, my life here, my home, maybe N1:

    • Andy5759
      June 11, 2020 at 00:38

      You were very brave to press that Post It button, knowing or suspecting that you would have second thoughts. Anyone for thirds? Not an easy ask for any squirrel-like mind with tunes and ditties embedded over a lifetime.

      I’ve got an earworm now. My first ever bedtime hymn: Jesus Bids us Shine.

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