Birth amid Covid and leftwing insanity

This youtube was made some hours ago as a live feed well after the event though. Who are they? Many know the blonde as Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, right wing political gal from our sphere – she’s the one who gave birth a few days back. She changed the name to Beast in the Belly of the Blonde during her vlogs.

The other is Robyn, also a rightwing pundit or vlogger and she had her baby some weeks back. Many online people know their vlogs and were waiting. I saw ten minutes of their previous youtube with Robyn having her baby there with her and Rebecca still to have hers, nervous and all the rest of it.

Thought about whether to run this or not but then thought it might be useful to know and understand or maybe even remember. Now at 41 minutes in, I can say both are discreet for readers but all the same, it’s a raw tale.

The birth part is the first 25 minutes, then the aftercare and that’s where the tone of this post changes and now becomes political again.

There were suspected complications with the baby, not the mother, and it became a circus, involving transfers to another hospital, Covid protocols, second rate thermometers because the good ones were all with the Covid patients, leftwing rioters in the town where she was and so it went on.


Speaking personally, I’m at 41 minutes of the video, at 3:47 a.m. and have to sleep but someone is going to swing for all this Covid guff, plus of course the leftwing must be stomped on for what they’re doing right now, as if life wasn’t difficult enough.

So goodnight for now, readers.

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  1. Andy5759
    June 16, 2020 at 02:59

    Childbirth is something to be borne from the moment that mum and dad decide to go for it. It’s messy and delightful in equal measure. If only I could have been a father, I would feel an obligation to be there if mum permitted. Watching strangers going through that isn’t for me, not because I’m squeamish. Other, disconnected people inviting me to watch is somehow wrong. Deeply personal moments are just that – personal. Yet that seems to be the way we are going these days. Let it all out, emote for all you are worth. Are there any boundaries any more? Will we be treated to films of the beginning, the middle, and the end in future?

    • June 16, 2020 at 03:28

      I see exactly where you’re coming from, Andy and at 20 minutes, was thinking that.

      Then around 31 minutes, it changed. She’d been quite discreet, otherwise I’d not have run the youtube, but now when it got onto the shocking medical care, plus the demonstrations by the left crazies in the town and all the rest of it, it’s a tale which really should be heard or at least made available, should one be resilient enough.

  2. June 16, 2020 at 05:51

    Blonde sums up her hospital stay pretty succinctly in ten minutes somewhere within the latest episode with Matt.
    I still recommend their podcast on current events over the Motherhood niche podcast. Covers way more topics.

    • June 16, 2020 at 07:29

      Well it does of course but it was the context of the birth within those external events which is the stuff of future films. Nothing secondhand after the event, she was reliving that in colour.

      Her podcasts are far easier than this to take for those of the gruff male species so you saw the attraction to me … with a grin … in dropping it on the chaps and seeing how y’all took it. Andy mentioned ‘emotion’, as in ‘please don’t’ … and your giveaway word, dear sir, was ‘informative’… yep, that’s what chaps want, innit?

      Hubby’s job with her throughout that was to bend enough to show some feeling, while at the same time stay rational, not go all Chris de Burgh. The only reason I felt safe enough to run it was she’s a hard nut conservative and it was not going to be mushy.

      Maybe. 🙂

      Just one more thing – she asked why any woman would go through all that again, to which the other explained that the end result was worth it. Can’t see it myself but that’s what the ladies are built for and thank goodness for the sake of the kid, I say.

      It further reinforces that bearing a child needs to be in a secure, warm place, with the father thereabouts at least.

      Contrast that to single mothers as an economic career move. I put to those feckless women that they are committing just as big a crime as Antifa and putting it about with any man servicing her is probably a one way trip to hell for her … and maybe later for the kid who grows up asa George Floyd, Clyde Barrow or any of the other little monsters we see in supermarkets and stores.

      Plus it reflects on father as breadwinner, not this upside down thing today with females. Equal pay? Yes … stay home and look after the domestic economy, lay it on hubby to provide most of the income.

      For that, manufacturing and other male jobs need to return.

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