Genesis of a monster

We can decry it all we like from our keyboards – they’re not just doing it but filming it in the streets. There are three main demographics of now, the first split into two groups.

The first is the jihadis, now overshadowed by the blacks and the second is female SJWs/Karens. I’m not running the clip of the 92 year old woman punched by a black passing her on the footpath, nor the black woman who had a skateboard swung at her by another black, nor the black man punching the hell out of a white woman on the ground until someone takes him out but you get the idea. They got the first one, by the way.

Nor could I be bothered with the jihadis today, it’s unpleasant. There is a third group – Antifa/BLM and of course, one cabal enabling all of these – we’ve run a fair bit on them.

Going to look at the female SJW Adele Momoko-Fraser because she’s sadder in a way, though prettier. Raheem [ex-Breitbart] supplies details:

# Quite new to journalism.

# Just 4 years ago she was an intern at a local newspaper, The Bristol Post, in the South West of England.

# She took an internship at the Times, and then worked for Channel 4’s

# She’s bounced around news organizations: CBS for a few months, Channel 4, Sky News, and has now ended up at NBC in London.

# It’s from there that she planned a hit with a left-wing pressure group, against Zero Hedge and the Federalist. Two more right-leaning websites.

# The groups she worked with are not just of the far left but they carry the weight of the backing of the supposedly right-wing UK government

# It’s the usual players. The usual set. Nick Lowles and Hope Not Hate, etc etc.

# The far-left in Britain long marched through the institutions and now have much public funding. But less so in the U.S. So they had to attack from abroad.

Raheem goes on to show various tweets, articles etc. from the girl. The issue is not that a young woman starting in journalism is prolifically mentioned as a source, for example:

… but how on earth anything said by a newbie child journo can be taken up the way it is, how she can have the least influence on anything. But she does [not the NY Post itself but all the left publications] and now I’m bothering to run a post on her.

In a way, it’s a summer of 68 situation from Paris again where the young were all frenetic and excited about it all and Eva Green sat in a tub with two boys and they discussed politics among other things.

We were so totally in the grip of false information in those days with touches of sound information flecked through it, reinforced by keynote speakers of the older generation who wowed us with their attention.  Students can make a difference, not always in a good way.

And if she’s not a Joan of Arc but more a Bernadette Deviln, then the result can be unfortunate.  Now the ground is littered with the type – they’re not in school or college as they should be, they’re at a loose end, they are out causing trouble for the machine which sucks them in like fodder.

With her, there’s a natural defence factor which kicks in with sane people, despite the damage she does.  Not so with the blacks doing what they’re doing and I’d ask you to go back through my umpteen thousand posts if you wish to sheet home racism towards blacks but I can save you the job – very rarely were they addressed here as a group before 2020, it was almost always jihadis and feminists.

Yet now we’re forced to confront random black attacks on anyone native to Europe and I don’t mind saying that if I see a black anywhere in my vicinity, I’m going to watch carefully and keep my distance, ditto with jihadis.

The problem with that is the so-called innocent ones, as the left will labour to us – ordinary blacks and jihadis trying to make their innocent way in our land and how can one tell the difference?

Answer is – we can’t, so best be safe than sorry.  And thus the cabal wins.

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  1. Adrian
    June 17, 2020 at 17:33

    They are so many like her working for the MSM, creatures of the left . Ask them a question from world history… you will realize how dumb they are.

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