Loonery and insanity

Loonery is defined in this post as non-directly damaging, e.g. that young female [always it is young females who should be at work or in college but are hanging about on benefits doing nothing but stupid things – this one was females urging others to shave their heads – somehow, blacks will appreciate that.

Insanity is defined in this post as when the loonery moves into violence and damage:


What gives with these mayors and governors? How do they get away with that? Why does the Donald not countermand the cow? Just look at this one:

This one’s completely lost the plot:

This pundit mentions the word ‘adolescent’. Yep, that’s what they are, from Pelosi and Biden down to the completely lost young females and males completely off their heads now:

More loonery – cofounder of Reddit resigns because he’s not black. Whaaaa?


With the older female, there is this sad tale:


The story of the middle-aged white woman who told a black man that she would call the police and tell the police that there is an “African-American man…threatening myself and my dog.” Most people, upon first hearing the story of the dog walker and the bird watcher would think “goodness gracious” and would not be surprised to find out that the woman’s life was unraveling—that her job had gone into hiding, and that her dog was confiscated. Not only that there were other media reports that she was involved with a married man whose wife was pregnant, and there might have been another girlfriend or an abortion, or a loan for $65,000 that was never paid back, and a lawsuit. These details are murky, but it doesn’t look good for Karen.

So, here she is, 41 years old, and until last month, was a prototypical career woman with a good job at a good firm, but with no husband, and no children. She was sold a bill a goods, from teachers, professors, friends, colleagues, and perhaps even parents other family members that “a woman is just as good as a man”—and in fact, needs, no man at all to make her way in the world. Feminism continues to make life miserable for women. Its supports try to bolster “girl power” with feeble attempts at humor—reinventing the honest-to-goodness spinster as the “wine aunt.” There is no attempt to hide the fact that many women—with their birthright taken from them—turn to drink.

I’ve said over and over and over for years – there are competent females, can handle most things going, know their limits … but those on these pages ain’t them. This Karen is a typical dead loss, stressed out, incapable of anything, judgement quite suspect.

And push them into roles they should never be in and you have the case of the two female cops in the store, gunman comes in, one runs away and the other hides.  There was that male police chief hiding in his car you’ll recall.

Trying to force unreality to be reality.  All right, the threads of these things in the last two posts are going to be drawn together in a third post in a few minutes, then a break until 8 a.m. our time.

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  1. Distant Relative
    June 6, 2020 at 08:51

    Any loon copying the woman shaving her head is being had.


    They do the same to sheep. Nuff said.

  2. dearieme
    June 6, 2020 at 13:05

    USA is fast becoming United Shitholes of America.

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