Misleading news on Hydrox

Chuckles sends this:

… and comments:

A perfect example of narrative and framing. Main clickbait news aggregator headline linking to this was ‘Drug has no Benefit’ and looking at the summaries the ‘study’ or hit-job found that hcq can’t prevent Covid19 in people exposed to the virus.

But no-one ever claimed it could. The only claim made for it is that it reduces dangerous symptoms if taken soon enough/at the right time.

And in combination – something the doctors know works. Now the same thing in reverse happened with this story:

Doctors claim Trump’s controversial hydroxychloroquine drug DOES help 90% of coronavirus patients

That’s the heading inside the article, linked.  But the linked bit in the aggregator stopped after the word ‘drug’. That is not just naughty, it’s dishonest.  this is Bing, not Google.  What hope is there?

One more on the topic: