6. We are docked

Just wondering about that mouse and also whether these two will bring Cv from earth to infect the ISS?

5.  Fashion faux pas?

This is Brittany, Martin Selner’s squeeze [chap we featured yesterday].  Now, leaving aside the washed out photos and she seemingly not 100% at those moments, and leaving aside the tendency to resemble Morticia in all black with no accessories, still … let’s press on.

My beef is with that first dress or top or whatever it is.  Why do full-bodied women [not fat, just full-bodied] insist on wearing something off both shoulders like that, which can only accentuate the bodybuilder physique?

Shoulder to shoulder exposure in women is so unflattering!  A dainty lady, sweet, suddenly becomes Big Bertha.  Another similarly unflattering style is where a woman wears something [in Russia we called it ‘maika’] – a sort of vest with cut away arms and neck, used by bodybuilders in gyms to accentuate muscle shape.  Men I mean, not ladies.

Another bad one is shorter women wearing flared or straight cut trousers, creating a stubby, thunder-thigh effect.

You’re welcome.

4.  Money no object

3.  Important news about Batmobiles

2. Martin Selner’s squeeze

Brittany of course, now married to the subject of yesterday’s video:

Now Brittany, a word to the wise – the unadorned black’s OK if one wishes to be Morticia, however the lower photo is vastly better than the upper.  Reason is those off the shoulder numbers always show ladies in a most unflattering light.  The last thing you need to show is bodybuilders’ shoulders.

Same goes for those sleeveless vests, cutaway at the arms and neck, making any woman look like an Amazon on steroids.  The lower number above is far better, far more feminine.

1. Hydroxychloroquine

During this pandemic, the term “science” has been used “ad nauseam”, that is, has been repeated to exhaustion: “Science, science, science”, “I’m pro-science”, “For from the science, through the science and to the science I guide my decisions and acts” and “I am, therefore, fully right to do so”. It is clear that the intention here is to lead all of us to the idea of ​​decisions based on something unquestionable and infallible, as scientific as law, as the law of gravity.

Groups of “science experts” or famous YouTube scientists, many of them still “beginners” in science, some of them with a minimal or no experience in fighting pandemics, are selected by the establishment and the media to give “scientific aura” for the lockdown and the condemnation of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an ineffective drug; worse, as a deadly poison.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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  1. Andy5759
    June 2, 2020 at 00:10

    I haven’t looked at the video but do wonder if the guy in blue duds on the right has a bottle of Corona in his left hand. A great day for space travel, NASA should never have put the lid on manned expeditions.

    • June 2, 2020 at 05:02

      A corona microphone perhaps.

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