Polly and Akkad latest

No major revelations here which we did not suspect – some sort of post this morning [written this morning, following these]:

Well well, must have crashed last evening, out like a light, probably good, recharge. So, what to make of it all on both sides of the pond?

Which is more concerning – the disintegration of Plod, the way the feral animals are starting to run free or the complicity of the politicians? The agenda seems clear to me – some strongarm man appears from the shadows and says, ‘I’ll take you out of all this and crack down on the miscreants,’ yes say the people … voila, meet slavery.

Or we continue to have Johnsons and Dicks who do nothing but the wrong thing. With Johnson first, he was always a wrong ‘unleading up to the election, pushing WA2 as Brexit, I do think this will be implemented by the due date but what exactly is implemented? Continued payments to the EU of course, almost no progress on fishing grounds, HS2 goes ahead, Cv still around and restrictions and dislocation until September.

And in our political system, absolutely nothing can be done as almost all gave him a mandate to do this.

Meanwhile, over in America, despite wild polls, DJT is heading for a legit victory but I’m not sure that if he does not bring the lawlessness under control, even if he thinks it boosts his poll numbers to do nothing – that it does boost them. There is a line where his diminished support due to doing nothing – he and Barr – is then overtaken by the mailed vote, the dead voting, the illegals franchised, all the other dirty tricks.

There is that line and he might be near it. Dismiss CNN polls etc. but do look at that electoral fraud thing and it does affect us over here, it’s our biz as well as America’s.

Not quite sure what went on in Georgia – some sort of elections – primaries? If so, then that doesn’t say much yet, shall try to find out.