Second week of June [3]

The Media

The latest inanity was picked up on by many:

If there’s any levity there, it’s drowned in the situation of the media. Many people are recognising BBC bias at last, thank goodness, but it’s still very middle-class ‘oh isn’t that a shame’ style, ‘now, what are we doing today?’

Very difficult to explain to most just how debilitating total capture of the media is, when NO message is getting out but Narrative. What’s the first casualty in war?

The internet is an obvious target but only those affected see the censorship and it’s on all pundits – I saw Michelle Malkin mention it yesterday, James Woods, others.  I’m heavily censored, shadow edited.  There was an estimate made yesterday that maybe the large pundits now have about 10% of the reach they did before Cv.

I also saw a question about how you would know if the Big One had arrived, the takeover?  And the answer was – the net would be first down.  At this moment, it has not happened.

Apocalypse now or just a trough in the cycle?

That depends on whether you’re able to see the Marxist push going on but not the larger picture which goes beyond the rational … or else you’re like that clergyman who instantly sees the whole picture.

I’d venture to say that there are far more people in the States, especially in the south, who see the second situation than in Britain.  At least the US has a chance.  Under Boris, this country does not.

One commenter said to Boris – do you have any idea at all what is going on in this country?  And that was a conservative commenter of a Brexit Party bent.  And the answer is simple – not as long as Carrie is whispering in his ear day and night, ditto with Cummings.  Priorities are climate change, lockdown and HS2.

Meanwhile, in the States, there’s a fence around the White House and snipers on the roof.  I’d suggest there are quislings right inside there with him – he might look at Pence for a start.

Just one more thing before signing off:

Picture a scene where the institutions which protect the people in society no longer function – termited – plus the feckless, godless psychos most kids are now under this Narrative produce a Lost Boys scene like a William S Burroughs novel.

For real.  In the UK, it is illegal to say arm yourselves, citizens.