Second week of June

The difficulty in trying to encompass everything which has been happening is to know where to start.  We could start here with these distinct anomalies with the Floyd story:

As commenters write, there’s something not right with the story, similar to JFK in Dallas when the security men were called off the back of the limo on entering the fatal road.

The danger Donald Trump is in

The quite criminal MSM was having a field day with the tale of the Donald down in his basement, they were crowing that Obama and Bush never did any of that.  Of course, those two were not contending with taking on the task the Donald took on, quite the opposite.

Spare a thought for a beleaguered President and why he needs special protection just now.  To illustrate this is a tale from Washington:

And a tale from London – the police, also tied in with the National Guard, plus the army both sides of the pond.

The police

The Americans have their own issues with this:

Those being relied upon by the population to restore order see all this above – even the National Guard ‘taking the knee’, Trump ordering them to go in, the NG head refusing, emboldened to stand up to the President, Trump then withdrawing them.

And of course, the latest:

That call has not come here yet – we’re still in the outrage stage from our political side – those for order and sanity.  Over there, the call is coming from the very people causing all the trouble.

This then is the context in which the Donald is beleaguered, not Johnson.  Johnson is Deep State, he’s being left alone, apart from creampuffery from the MSM.  And of course, his chief policy maker who whispers in his ear every night:

Pause and look at that one again. Is he addressing the nation on the riots and the Cenotaph, is he doing a Churchill? Is he addressing the police running away and Cressida Dick still in place, taking her orders from Common Purpose?

Part two in an hour or less.

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  1. Twisted Root
    June 8, 2020 at 07:35

    The police leading away people protecting Churchill’s statue and stopping people preventing defacement is telling. Defacement is necessary. The message signal needs to be sent. It’s a pattern – happens every time.

    Who is signalling to whom? Churchill – Spartacus.

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