“Systemic” racism

Whatever you think of WM Briggs, and I’ve noticed some who don’t like him, he still brings up interesting discussion points – this one on “systemic” “racism” for example:

Every corporation, as far as I know without exception, have a plethora of diversity officers on staff, whose singular purpose is to ensure blacks are given positions, even to the extent of weakening job requirements. Success is measured by quota. Enough diversity is never sufficient, either. Routine HR announcements swearing fealty to Diversity and condemning “systemic racism” are issued. Virtue signaling by officers and HR is omnipresent.

The entire culture is saturated with the idea that racism against blacks is everywhere, constant, and debilitating.

Then there are stats themselves:

We have already seen blacks commit 6-10 times more criminal acts than whites, including murder. That’s 600% to 1,000% more. This explains the greater black prison population.

Greater criminality brings greater police scrutiny. And greater police scrutiny engenders more distrust and greater animosity between the groups.

Arguing from stats on “committing” crimes means we’re speaking of behaviour here.  Question is – do certain groups have certain behaviours far more than other groups?

Well obviously, in the case of Muslims – yes. Grooming gangs.  Then the question becomes – what precisely is the “group”?  Is it Muslims or is it just Pakistanis, Somalians and other nationalities?

A quick look back at Algeria and Darfur – what’s the thing there – ethnicity?  Nation?  Or is it Islam coming into an already criminal people and turning them monster?  Read that post.

Which means that, sitting up here in Britain and America, plus the rest of the west, we see these things in the course of our daily lives and form opinions.

Then we notice the govt hellbent on actually importing this to our countries, which can only have the effect of the learned habits of these people repeating themselves in the new host country.  It’s not unlike California DemRats moving to red state Texas and ruining things in that state.

To me, “racism” is when a particular person before you is unpleasant and all of that demographic makes us feel that way.  I say “us” because to look at the word “systemic”, it means more than one person.

Hypothetical – “refugees” brought in from the Planet Zog.  Little Zoglians are cute, mothers are usually fairly benign, except the welfare-supported unemployed who go onto the streets and join in every riot possible instead of looking for jobs.

Why the latter?  Because there is very much a systemic thing going on from all corners of govt, the civil service and the corporate work place, as WMB pointed out, forcing us to see things in a certain way, using their framing and using their lexicon.  That’s the “systemic” bit.

But what of the Zoglians?  It’s noticed quickly that an unpleasant sub-demographic within them of males from 15 to maybe 35 are very violent, highly unpleasant and they hate their hosts.  Their Imams as well preach this in their holy places, they’re given to noisy calls to prayer to stick it to the hosts, they have mass prayer meetings in public places while everyone else is locked down, it’s one rule for them, due to the systemic bias against the natives of the land, and one rule for these crims.

So very quickly, there springs up a detestation of the Zoglians as a whole.  Is there anything about their appearance which puts people off?  Well yes, maybe.  Maybe they have hook noses and beards and yabber in their language, not yours, plus they ghetto-ise.  Plus their attitude is sneering and violent.

If that’s so, why are there not massive demonstrations against the Chinese?  The Chinese form Chinatowns – natives go and eat at their cafes.  We cook their way.  Why not a huge backlash against the Chinese?

Pre-2020, I’d say because they didn’t go out of their way to antagonise, even though in my own close-up dealings with them for three years, I saw just how arrogant they can be on the whole, led by their own version of “triad druids”.  But they’re much quieter about it.

How would you feel if your daughter wanted to marry one?  Now think of how it would be if your daughter wanted to marry a Muslim or black South African?  How about a Russian?  Pole? Italian?  Well that latter is European but they’re still mafia connected.  If you let Italians into your country, soon the mafia killings start.

I’d say there are two things at work here in people’s perceptions – firstly that these groups deliberately make themselves look entirely separate from and also hostile towards the hosts, they wear strange garb and rabbit on in a strange way.  An example is Jehovah’s Witnesses in suits, carrying bibles, knocking on your front door of a Sunday morning.

Why do we not react to, rail against Americans over here [not speaking of WW2 and our women]? There’s certainly something against Aus/NZers but that might be accents and cricket, ditto with South Africans [Tony Greig].  Is that racism?

I’d say that to a point, it’s just migrants setting themselves apart from the hosts but there is also an innate reaction from the hosts.  Downunder, people from here are called Pommies and Pommy bastards.  But would it be the end of the earth if your English daughter married a NZer?  If he was a nice guy and they were happy?

How about her marrying a radical Muslim?  That’s different, yes?  I had temporary gfs over in Russia who were Muslim – I never noticed the cloven hoof or horns above the brow.  Behaviour – that’s the final arbiter.

The second point is, as WMB writes – the global cabal/left/govt turn it into systemic.  It does become systemic, very much so, but not on our part.

It’s systemic apoplexy-producing from all of their behaviours, now institutionalised – unitoilets, trannies in women’s sport, it goes on.  Sheer insanity institutionalised.

Prejudice from us?  You’d better believe it – I want the bstds either deported or somehow shut up some other way.  It’s all down to their behaviour, same with the gay mafia. If they just shut up about it and found a room, then there’d be no aggro from me.  But they won’t shut up about it – they enlist the govt to make us accept something anathema.

And get into schools and run drag shows for five year olds.  Or pole dancing.

Should I accidentally court a feminist in error, as long as she shut up about it and acted male-friendly, not whining and entitled, then I’d respond in kind.  But once the feminazi cloven hoof appeared, then it’s bye bye baby from my point of view.

Tearing down of monuments is another case. Those confederate monuments are going to be recast and put up again, they must be, because that was their history.  What about a monument to Pelosi or Jess Phillips?  I’d detest it but whether I’d spray graffiti over it or not – hope I would not.

But what if monuments sprang up all over the place, e.g. to Milano, AOC, Omar, Obama?  Ah, that’s getting a bit provocative now.