Taking the knee

There’s been an awful lot of this going on of late and as I mentioned to someone yesterday – why would you kneel to a bunch of thugs?  One lady on Twitter said she’d kneel only to God.

Fair comment but there are a couple of others I would as well.  Firstly – well of course – two knees at Eucharist/Communion or during any prayer at some church service:

I can, though, think of two other situations as well.

Once in a man’s lifetime, he should go down on one knee to propose to his gf, maybe a few other times over the years to reaffirm his undiminished love.   That sounds a good idea.

I’d also go down on one knee [have done many times] if a toddler wanted to talk to me, so that our eyes were near level and he could get this serious matter conveyed without having to look up to the sky.

Probably also to the Fallen who died defending us – you know the sort of thing.

Think that’s about it though.  Oh, one more, this sort of thing – Tim Tebow: