The state of N.O.

Dear readers, it’s not as straightforward as I’d hoped. I can get in for some seconds [this post was copied to word beforehand, pasted and clicked] … then whatever it is comes after me and shuts me out, shouting about cookies and authorisation and all sorts of things. And this is all the tech giants doing it too, inc. WP.

An impossible way to blog and so I basically come in here once a day to paste something, clear spam and look around, then the chopper comes down.

That does seem to mean I’m stuck with Blogger for now until they make the major script-kiddy changes, who knows what will happen then? As for poor, dear N.O. here, for now you can view posts and comments it seems but for how long depends on so many factors.

The actual blogging is being done here:

Quite iffy comment box initially but you can get round it and then the comments thread is fine, same size as the text in the post. Not a bad layout and of course, it’s the original N.O. so I have nostalgic affection for it too.

Until tomorrow then. Enjoy Sunday – ripping weather out there.