Trooble at t’site

This is my first chance since about 08.30 to get into the site – I did manage to get a post up at OoL:

Also, if you go to this site, there’s a post from 2016 which is interesting:

Today’s marathon

This started at about 05:30 this morning with intermittent issues with N.O. and since then, it’s not been fun.  Along the way, my old laptop went down when gates’s firm wanted to kick out the current bad boy and make me pay £79 for the privilege.  I tried to reboot, it locked me out of the laptop [black screen].

Across all my devices, same situation, so changed computers and it said BT was the issue.  Replugged the router, re-registered on this device, at least internet came back about 11:30 a.m. but no N.O. of course.

I’ve asked mine host to turn off all comments for now and will see if I can still access N.O. through the afternoon.  If it looks OK, comments will go back on.

For now, I’m knackered and need a snooze.

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