Voice in the wilderness

What the west has undoubtedly been caught unprepared for is just how insidious and destructive the march through the institutions has been.

Most people used to have the ability to see through, to rationalise what was silly and what needed respect but now half of each western nation are truly loopy and those instigating and funding it are nothing short of evil.

There are many very worried people and one lady I read asked why they’re doing this, trying to break down all our institutions?

Pretty simple – for an ideology. Placing people in key roles where they can wreak the most havoc, the call comes, the place people do as their told. Placemen like this:

I hope you can access this response. If not, then I think you’ll get the general idea anyway:

I’d like to look back at my late teens and early 20s, when we were duped … how we were duped. Our teachers and professors would show us truly corrupt people such as warmonger Churchill, Ted Kennedy, LBJ, all the wrong leaders, all old men in our eyes, cynical old men who were destroying the world, then we were given carefully compiled reading lists – we didn’t look any further because we did not know any further existed.

RH Tawney and GB Shaw were put in our hands – every academic was of the type, playing on yoof’s razor sharp sense of injustice. And so our politically ignorant minds were warped by all this, plus talk of the coming revolution – Trotsky and Sorel portending what Adams would eventually say- it might or might not be right to kill, but sometimes it is necessary [1966].

Our cause was so much more important than any other consideration that any who opposed us were The Man. That’s how we were good little disciples of Marx.

Not once, and I mean that – not once were we ever shown counter-voices or MPs who were quietly defending the institutions for the right reasons – because when the institutions are torn down, lawlessness and violence follow. Chaos.

We were the up and comers and therefore recruitment targets, particularly people like myself with at least half a brain who were politically interested and active. In my case, I woke up too early. Isn’t it interesting that today some evil sod coined the term Woke for the exact opposite, namely brainwashed.

As you know, good was always on our side in our minds, we could not conceive that we were the wrongdoers, not compared to McCarthy, Enoch Powell and other ‘haters’.

We were duped, these are all duped, the result you see out there now.