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Out in the fields

You know, we were just thinking at N.O. here, we’ve not done much on rice paddy art lately, so here ’tis:

But twenty year ago, the village was almost dying with a shrinking population, a crushing debt and declining revenues from agriculture. The village’s only claim to fame was the 1981 discovery of archaeological remains of 2,000-year-old rice paddies, that made Inakadate one of the oldest rice-growing regions in northern Japan. The village tried to capitalize on the discovery by building a Neolithic-themed amusement park. Not only the park was a colossal failure, it sank the village under a debt of $106 million, three times as large as its total annual budget.

The paddy art, on the other hand, cost just $35,000 per year to rent, plant and maintain and brings in $70,000 in revenue from tourists. The revenue generated is entirely from donation as the village does not charge visitors to see the paddy art.More here ...


From here:

Tharoor’s case depends on repeating a number of undying myths about Churchill, or gross distortions of badly tangled affairs. Soren Geiger does a terrific job of unwinding the more egregious claims Tharoor makes in this article in the American Spectator. But Tharoor has lots of company. Shree Paradkar, the “race and gender columnist” of the Toronto Star . . . actually I could pretty much just stop right here, couldn’t it? But no, you need to take in some of her “Winston Churchill, the barbaric monster with the blood of millions on his hands” article to believe it. More here ...

Death of science?

Albion Awakening:

Hardly anybody nowadays feels the above sense of oppression by ‘science’ – science has waned in the public consciousness, even as the number of people employed as ‘scientists’ has increased more than tenfold… partly because the number of people employed as ‘scientists’ has increased more than tenfold.

With the death of Stephen Hawking, famous more for being crippled and anti-religion than for the scope of his scientific achievements, and the non-personing of Jim Watson in 2007; most people could not name a single living scientist – nor could a single living scientist’s name be recognised by most people.

The reason is obvious enough – real science has disappeared from the official and professional institutions and been replaced by, absorbed by, The Bureaucracy. The biggest and most heavily-funded ‘scientific’ projects are actually engineering (the human genome project, hadron collider, renewed interest in space travel…) and/ or a pack of lies propagated for political reasons (anthropogenic global warming, the best-selling ‘new’ medical drugs…).More here ...

Perge indeed

In 2001, he was awarded a knighthood for “Services to Art and Design Education” and chose as his motto “PERGE SCELUS MIHI DIEM PERFICIAS”, which can be translated as “Proceed, varlet, and let the day be rendered perfect for my benefit”. That is, ‘Go ahead, punk, make my day’.

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