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Nice little forest cottage

A sprawling Pennsylvania hunting estate spanning thousands of acres and owned by Kip Fulks, the co-owner of sportswear brand Under Armour, hit the market last month for $13.5 million.

Mr. Fulks, 44, who is currently on a sabbatical from the company, bought the estate known as North Fork Lodge, in 2007 for around $7.8 million as a hunting property and personal family retreat, said listing broker Keith Lenard of Hall and Hall.

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Chuckles’s Saturday

1. Narrative for the age:


2. Hate it when that happens:

3. The switch:

Over the last 30 years Harvard historian Niall Ferguson has witnessed the same strange trading of places. Ferguson notes that by some alchemy the progressive moment has become the party of censorship.

4. Why don’t we just get the exo-skeletons to do the work? We could even call them, oh I don’t know, ‘robots’?

5. Lindy West is angry:

Lindy West is angry. She is so angry that she is spitting fire. She is so angry that you can’t imagine how angry she is. She wants to give full throated expression to her anger because, don’t you know it, the patriarchy has been suppressing female anger… because they are afraid of strong, empowered, angry women.

6. You’re welcome:

Wi-Fi problems? You can boost signals with this $35 tinfoil 3D-printed reflector

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Eritrea Deco


Eritrea is an interesting little country in northeast Africa, north of its archenemy Ethiopia, but like Ethiopia in being mostly a higher altitude place with a mixed race and mixed religion population and a leftist-nationalist government.

Eritrea’s capital of Asmara has some of the wildest 1930s Italian architecture in the world. Not that much was built during the Depression, but there was lots of talent putting designs on paper in the 1930s. For reasons of Mussolini’s whim, Eritrea happens to be one of the few places where 1930s designs got built in profusion.

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Lip reading

Here is a class of a dozen boys, who, being called up to give their names were photographed by the instantaneous process just as each one was commencing to pronounce his own name. The twelve names were Oom, Alden, Eastman, Alfred, Arthur, Luke, Fletcher, Matthew, Theodore, Richard, Shirmer, and Hisswald. Now it would not seem possible to be able to give the correct name to each of the twelve boys, but if you practice the list over to each one, you will find it not a difficult task to locate the proper name for every one of the boys. here ...

A logic exercise

A logic exercise by Lewis Carroll — what conclusion can be drawn from these premises?

  1. I despise anything that cannot be used as a bridge.
  2. Nothing that is worth writing an ode to would be an unwelcome gift to me.
  3. A rainbow will not bear the weight of a wheelbarrow.
  4. Whatever can be used as a bridge will bear the weight of a wheelbarrow.
  5. I would not take, as a gift, a thing that I despise.
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