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Everything about Hasselblad’s products is big: these cameras have large medium format sensors with ridiculously high resolution — 50 megapixels on the X1D, but there’s also a 100-megapixel H6D and a multi-exposure 400-megapixel camera now, too — which have earned the company a grand reputation and a lot of high-profile admirers. The prices aren’t small either, with the most affordable X1D model starting just shy of €10,000 for the camera by itself, with lens prices starting at over €2,000.

Visiting Hasselblad’s main offices, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the array of famous photos on the wall: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Bridges, the Moon landings, and the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, all shot with a Hasselblad. Even the Hasselblad shutter sound, which I heard up close and personal for myself while trying out an H6D, is perfectly iconic. I found it instantly familiar not because I’d used a Hasselblad before, but because it’s the signature shutter sound that everyone creating artificial shutter sounds for phones and pocket cameras has been copying.More here ...

The piranha of Portugal

Loved the story when I first heard it years ago:

A Classy Counterfeiter

Our vote for the greatest counterfeiter of all time goes to Artur Alves dos Reis whose story was recounted by Murray Teigh Bloom in The Man Who Stole Portugal.  Reis was both smart and classy, and his criminal operation reflected these qualities. To my knowledge, Reis put together the most audacious counterfeiting scheme in history.  He conceived his master plan while he was in jail in Oporto for embezzling the funds of a company he had taken over. Some criminals sit in jail and try to avoid repeating their misfortunes. Others, like Reis or Tony de Angelis, think-up bigger, more foolproof schemes.  While he was sitting in his cell, Reis put together his master plan that would make him the richest, and possibly the most influential man in Portugal in only one year.

Although you may not realize it, counterfeiting is a very complex operation. More here ...

Notes on the NHS

A curve ball of note, to which one can but reply, “It depends.”

The NHS shrieking is just the usual socialists demanding more of other peoples money, nothing one need really pay attention to.

However, on the medical side it is important to understand that while the NHS is a centralised govt dept, it is administered as a group of Trusts, nationwide, this being a feeble attempt to make it look a bit more ‘private sector’ than the monolith it is.

As a result, you end up with a lottery in terms of how good your local trust is, which in certain areas can be a problem. The probs can be sheer bureaucratic or management incompetence, as being a trustee is a very lucrative job to be handed out to the faithful.

There are also areas where the infrastructure is lacking, or old, or where they have difficulties in attracting staff.… More here ...