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Zombie climate “science”

Josh: Zombie Climate Science is back! (now with extra zombies)

From the comments, by Ron Clutz –
‘KO, look at this comment from one of the researchers.

Professor Johan Rockström, from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and one of the authors of the paper, is a leading expert on positive feedback mechanisms. He told the BBC “What we are saying is that when we reach 2 degrees of warming, we may be at a point where we hand over the control mechanism to Planet Earth herself.”

He added: “We are the ones in control right now, but once we go past 2 degrees, we see that the Earth system tips over from being a friend to a foe. We totally hand over our fate to an Earth system that starts rolling out of equilibrium.”

I am wondering what a ‘leading expert on positive feedback mechanisms’ is, and

1. How exactly he thinks we control the earths climate at present?

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