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Walking back to New Orleans 15

Ray Starita leads his Piccadilly Revels Band, with brother Rudy on drums, through George Gershwin’s Nashville Nightingale (1927): That same year his brother Al had led his Kit-cat band through My Regular Gal.

Walking Backwards to New Orleans 13

We return to the links of British Dance Band music to jazz, illustrated by some jazzy recordings from bands of the second half of 1920s. From 1928 here’s Bert Firman’s band, The Rhythm Eight, with Mississippi Mud. Also in 1927…

A break – let’s listen to some trad

I’ve just discovered that a couple of tracks that I had wanted to use during our last season, but which were unavailable on youtube, have been availabilized (to coin an Americanism). We begin with Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen’s live recording of…

Walking Backwards to New Orleans 12

Jack Jackson And His Orchestra At The Dorchester Hotel were celebrated as a non-jazzy outfit. But just this once Jackson perhaps hinted at his earlier incarnation as a hot trumpet player: Make Those People Sway. (September 11, 1933) “Swing” emerged…

Walking Backwards to New Orleans 11

Our last post on Bert’s Band starts with a couple of tunes from the 1920s jazz repertoire. First Copenhagen: named after a brand of chawin’ tobacco, and recorded by Bix and the Wolverines in 1924. Next Deep Henderson, recorded by…

Walking Backwards to New Orleans 10

The rapturous applause that greeted Bert Ambrose’s orchestra last week emboldens me to continue the Ambrosiad. Wouldn’t you agree that the musicians on, and arranger of, this tune had listened to some jazz? Moreover, Lulu’s Back in Town.