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The boy who asked why

Thor’s Day

1. The problem with the idiocy in Sweden, the all-feminist governments and so on, is that they do such damage first before the people reject them … and by then, it’s too late – the bastards are inside the country, unremovable, doing their worst daily.  And we “haters” told them so over and over and over:

2. We feel a Beatles song coming on:

Back in the USSR

No, we’re not going to run the song.

3. Two with Leggy:

You’ll notice many of your daily read bloggers are drifting to Twitter – it’s because that’s where the action is and is a rich source of material for blogs. hence the fight with the owners.

4. I don’t know the news item, this lady just posted it but you can certainly get the idea:

This is the sort of person whom Twitter brings out, they haven’t the wherewithal to blog, so this is how they get their message out and it’s our job to share it.… More here ...

Hidden beneath the British Isles

This is mainly for those outside the British Isles, with us having had a lot of American music of late. The first number could not be anything but English in its approach:

The second and third are sometimes called Celtic but what they mean is pagan/satanic, which was the human sacrifice culture before the advent of Christianity.

The Wicker Man presented the Christian in the worst possible light as a mad fanatic and the pagans as some sort of good – presumably locking up humans in a cage and burning them to death is not fanatical. Anyone know of another world religion like that?

Yep, same origin. You’d feel safe with these crazies coming at you?

Anyhow, the music is nice from a safe distance:

Most unusual version of this, with only two of the verses:

Here are the Loreena McKennitt words:

My love said to me my mother won’t mind
And me father won’t slight you for your lack of kind*
Then she stepped away from me and this she did say
It will not be long love ’til our wedding day.More here ...


Thought it time to pause and look at one issue only, in this case, empty buses:

Don’t think it’s just rural, although it’s more keenly felt on narrow roads in the country.  In the city, it’s also an issue, especially when pensioners on bus passes hog the buses for themselves.

Did I say “themselves”?  I’m one of them but won’t admit to it.  In fact, I have no bus pass on a matter of principle.  As long as my pins work well, I refuse to be decrepit – call that arrogant foolishness but there it is.

I don’t know the solution to the bus issue, maybe you do.… More here ...

The life of a blogger

[The desktops I use, like the headers, always try to show escape routes, pathways out, with nice foregrounds]

You have to be organised:

For a start, there are emails constantly coming in and I use the Google system for myself – the block arrow is for stand-alone posts, the star for part of the name-day as I call them.

The name-days take the most work so on a tight day, they’d be first to be postponed.

The quality of the incoming really helps – Chuckles, haiku, Microdave, others too, deliver in a way where the heading indicates the thought pattern [which I’ve learnt to trust] and also often gives me my intro.

Meanwhile, the Twitter screenshots you can see in the desktop pic above are ready for posting.  The “paste as new image” facility on GIMP is a wonder for this and speeds up the whole image processing – cropped and sized in seconds.… More here ...


1. Is this the best the UK can offer?

There is some humour in it though:

2. Worth a read, url speaks for itself:

3. The sound of “settled science”:

Hong Kong is also number three in the world in per capita beef consumption, so their meat isn’t just chicken or seafood.

Not just dog either.  And whilst still on dogs:

And another on “settled science”:

Friday Funny: Guardian Columnist goes into a panic over “climate change” (aka Summer)

4. On the other hand, concerning cats:

In fact their care is a major concern, especially in Greece:

5. Chuckles sent this on “movies you may have missed”, I’m not saying a word, not a word:

6. Last but not least, just fling some money at the homeless [or rather council fatcats on their behalf] and everything will be fine:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]… More here ...

British Columbia

It’s a place I spent quite some time, Vancouver mainly, North and West Van, plus at a Whistler lodge – that would tell Van residents something. Overlooking English Bay.

Speaking of the English, Toque, the original Witanagemot, English nationalist as I am, is over in BC and posted these two:

Just in case Toque is reading, here’s one for him from Olde Blighty:

More here ...


This is the Twitter link for those who can access Twitter.

Goodness me – no sooner do I complete the previous post on certain untrustworthy demographics when up comes the news breaking in the US – this woman Omarosa worked with Kelly in the situation room in the White House, she took a recording device in and recorded secret conversations.

She was fired for violations while she worked there and that was what she recorded, her dismissal, she’s now written a book on it and has released those voice recordings to promote her book.

I could have told the WH that you don’t employ a Muslim or black woman for diversity reasons, you just don’t do it and no expect trouble.  This is this pathological altruism again but we need to find a better description here – possibly “the unreliable ideologically susceptible”.

I mean, look at the strikes against her – black, feminist – both major issues in the States. … More here ...