Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why


1. Could you do something about that lady in the background?

2. Wind whistling between the ears – yet more of “that type”:

A Wisconsin College Democrats leader — who had interned on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign — resigned Tuesday after tweeting “I f—ing hate white men.”

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Big green monster

For the full story, see here.

German billionaire Otto Happel’s 67m Hetairos sailed into Hobart yesterday [and] moored off Sandy Bay, the largest all carbon fibre composite-hulled yacht in the world. Built by Finnish boatbuilder Baltic Yachts in 2011, it is almost 50m high and more than 10m wide, with two big masts.

Naturally, it was Amfortas who sent the page and there were some things which immediately struck me.

Usually, if a classic yacht has a swept up stern like that, it reprises that at the bow, with a swept up, pointy look, but this one doesn’t.  In fact it “steals my idea” which I can say has been designed now for months, of the vertical stempost [bow] and the short bowsprit beyond it, and the swept up stern behind.

There are clear reasons for the swept stern in a cruising boat, mainly with following seas. With mine, the difference between bottom and deck at the transom  is eight inches and that breaks the wave and forces the stern down. … More here ...

Britain 2017

Let’s say there were 11 people in a parliamentary room. 6 are Tory or vote with them on most things, 5 are Labour or vote with them on most things.

Of the 6 Tories and friends, the 1 friend is truly conservative in nature but regionally concerned only.  Leaving, of course, 5 Tory Tories by name.

3 of those though are quislings, with Labour on sovereignty and self-determination.

Leaving 2 Tories and 1 friend only who will vote for sovereignty and self-determination, in a parliamentary room of 11, despite 67% of the voting public want s&sd now.

Huge discrepancy.

The 3 Labour loving Tories are therefore the key. Quite rightly fearing a return of the Labour nightmare, they will only vote for a compromised s&sd, despite promises to their branches that they would support the 2 real Tories.

Meanwhile, the only way s&sd can possibly work is full-on withdrawal at no financial cost, done right now.… More here ...

Know your science

1. How many astronauts crewed the Gemini series of spacecraft?
2. Name anything that happened in Britain on September 3rd, 1752.
3. Truth, beauty, strange, charm, up and down are types of what?
4. What does Cytology study?
5. Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of what?
6. The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves what function?
7. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named what?… More here ...

Cold-hearted, potty-mouthed ignorati

Unusual for me to directly take up one of my colleague’s posts at N.O. or OoL but this post has to be, and there are going to be no punches pulled with it.

Mike wrote about the veteran [returned serviceman for Brits] who could no longer cope and had to go into a home. Now we’ve all seen enough horror stories about care homes, the victims being the elderly and children [paedo rings].

This post could start anywhere but let’s start with perceptions. The young person today is perceived as either being this below or aspiring to be like this below.

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