Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why


Sounds fine to me:

The flight of a single drone this weekend will spark the biggest Israeli air battle with Syria in more than 20 years.

Israel takes an aggressively defensive posture following the drone incursion. Commanders decide shooting down the drone is not enough to punish the Iranians who operate it. They want to degrade their enemy’s ability to fly drones from Syria into Israel.

Israel’s attacking tools of choice are F-16 fighters … The IDF target is a command-and-control vehicle containing the crew that operates the Simorgh drone.

They send drones into private space, they get gunned down. End of. Same here – any drone I see hovering gets slingshot down.

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Earth tremors are not unknown around our way – maybe every month or so and the building rocks a little. Plus there is a neighbour who does something involving dropping a heavy object, e.g. a bed, quite often [or falling out of one]. Haven’t nailed this one yet and it’s usually just the once per day.

So it was a surprise to read about a 4.4 quake today because I thought, around 3 p.m., that the tremor was a bit larger than normal. There was a bit of the old up and down going on of the building on its foundations.

Did the … er … the earth move for you?… More here ...


The other day I asked what piece of music would be your signature, the one you’d leave to posterity – some interpreted this as what song [with lyrics], which was fine. I did put a piece forward but now I think about it, it doesn’t answer the question, should anyone ever ask it – what makes the Higham tick.

And how could you get that from a song? There are so many layers to everyone’s character – experiences, politics, religion, sexuality, profession, star signs, Chinese signs, musical and film choices that it might be an impossible ask.

If I were asked to point to that which defined me, I’d point to a book, a football team and a piece of music [below].  Obviously Das Buch parallels my own saga, so that’s the long way to find out.… More here ...

A true fool

The heading does not apply to the lady to the left but to the one further down – you’ll get the idea.

The word “handsome”, when applied to a woman has special connotations to me.

It doesn’t just mean she’s pretty or beautiful externally, even if she is, but it has overtones of “fineness”, “integrity”, “classiness”.  her head is screwed on right and she has a brain which she uses.

And so it is with this Hanna.

But the idiot she’s addressing below is something else again:More here ...

Pure theatre

Are we able to have a sensible discussion on this or are people going to rapidly retreat to entrenched positions and fling dung from their trenches? My position is midway – sometimes a bit one way, e.g. on Diana and WTC7, sometimes dead centre, e.g. on the moon landing, and sometimes I can’t quite buy it, say on Gary Webb at the time of the Franklin Scandal.

I don’t think all the shootings were contrived but Sandy Hook was particularly iffy. This one I have no idea. However, certain snippets do come through, such as Casualty Role Players and I’d say Antifa are just the same – theatre.

Chuckles has sent an interesting snippet which claims to be an interview with Kubrik [Eyes Wide Shut] in which he says he shot the film of the moon landing, the whole thing was faked.  Now I can see that he did fake the footage, not a problem with that but that the actual landing took place – as I say, I’m midway on it. … More here ...