Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

Caught up in le Grand Théâtre

We are all, in the west, currently caught up in the Grand Theatre we can none of us escape from, therefore we must look to ourselves and our families to see if there is actually any route out.

To illustrate the state of play, three of the major pieces of theatre.

The Honduran caravan

Charlie Kirk in the US, one of the major conservative pundits, runs a clip of money being given to the Honduran caravan participants [the full clip can be seen on Twitter]:

To which he comments:

It’s a much bigger question than Honduran caravan payments, the question is who is paying for all of it in all countries in the west?  Soros is the labelled one but who is he?  There are billions in this slush fund.  Why is Soros not “disappeared” as blogger Khashoggi has been?  Simplest thing in the world for some NGO to bump him off.… More here ...


This post is dedicated to Toodles.

Now who was it who wrote that the music we played the other night was too saccharine sweet or something like that? Ha ha, red rag – more of the same, dear reader:

More here ...

Wednesday too

1. Is this the end of women’s sport?

2. Without words:

Reading about quantum physics has really helped me understand my queer identity… It is in this model of space-time as a series of entanglements that I’m able to piece together all of the fragmented sects of my identity – being able to identify as British and Iraqi, as queer and Muslim, as someone of many genders and potentially no genders at all.

3. Doctor Feminazi:

Next Time: Rosa: The Doctor and her friends meet a seamstress by the name of Rosa Parks.

Suffer the little children.

4. You know that thing about the EU regulating pizzas? Here’s an article on it:

5. Last but not least:

Curiouser and curiouser – maybe investigate the gyrosupplier?

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]… More here ...