Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

The tale of Jack Wheelchair

Loyal servants of a club might play for 14 years, 7 as a full-on champ and the last 3 as an ageing, injury prone player who gets less and less game time. He’s increasingly used as a shock weapon for limited periods on the field.

Such is happening to Jack Wilshere right now.

Best for all parties I would say. Wilshere is just not the player he was and is still injury prone. Arsenal need to move away from this type of player if they really want to progress.

The President of Melbourne Football Club, the oldest football club in the world [1858] said, some decades ago, “Football is cruel, life is cruel.”

Every player knows it must come one day and Geelong FC are notorious for offloading old champs who brought them premierships. It tries to find them other roles but their playing days at the top level are over.… More here ...

There’s a dark logic to today

This is a philosophical question. Toodles just finished Dark Logic and wrote [spoilers]:

Really, Jane? Sarah? Laura? MADDERS? Come on, can’t anyone be honest and true? Young, Jenny B, Madeleine….Maddy and retired old lady. Can count on one hand. True to real life.

It’s a reference to those who are not obviously crims but who turn out to be, if not crims, then people who let you down when you thought they were the most loyal people going. It’s been a motif in posts, which in turn sprang from the motif of Dark Logic, which in turn sprang from a quite jaundiced view of people in general today [posts passim], which in turn sprang from experiences.

Let me now divide the people of the world into three:

1. Those obviously malevolent – communists, RINOs, CINOs, Alinskys, Mays, Blairs, the Pope etc.

2. The vast majority who depend for their integrity and behaviour on their upbringing and so, if that upbringing was preaching the Christian virtues and looking down on failure to fly straight, saying that that is a bad thing, then these ordinary citizens will do the same.… More here ...

Wimmin on bikes – the defining episode

Me old mucker Microdave must be scratching his head wondering which pics of Wimmin on Bikes are acceptable and which are not – Dave’s much less complicated than I.  He wrote:

… and I hope at least some are O.K!

Uh Dave – hate to say this but your last lot were far better than these but I’ve extracted two to explain, then I’ll run a couple from your last lot, then two from elsewhere I find attractive myself.

I’m starting to suspect that I have a different approach altogether to wimmin, summed up by my mate here who said something like, “Unless they have big knockers and …”  The engineering approach, as opposed to the academic?  🙂

For me, femininity, not just to look at the shape of but in manner and style – they count heavily.


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