Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

The mismanagement of the Cv response

Watts Up yet again: These are some main mistakes made by NYC in handling the epidemic: It blocked early HCQ treatment of COVID-19 victims. It failed to recommend and, where relevant, implement nutritional and environmental mitigation measures to slow the epidemic. It allowed COVID-19…

Home and away

Home Also Vox: This is Madeline: Also, she asst. edits your comments at the Telegraph.  Mixed profile, eh?


11. Warren’s amendment to rename bases Sen Armed Forces Committee voice vote supporting Warren to rename bases: Inhofe (R–OK) Chair Wicker (R–MS) Fischer (R–NE) Cotton (R–AR) Rounds (R–SD) Ernst (R–IA) Tillis (R–NC) Sullivan (R–AK) Perdue (R–GA) Cramer (R–ND) McSally (R–AZ)…

Joanne Rachael Lees

I’ve nothing further to add about Joanne Rachael Lees: Has she gone missing again? Why are people suddenly interested?

Profile of a psycho

Why do they not call a baby or toddler a psychopath? After all, [s]he’s all me-me-me, totally so, bawls and needs immediate attention, rules the home.  It’s only after a period of time that [s]he is socialised, learns right from…

Try these

1. In The Holy Grail, who was Zoot’s twin sister? 2. How did that name come into an Oz outback tragedy or murder? 3. Another McCann type mystery in the outback was about which female? 4. Some say the Arthurian…