Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

Saturday evening puzzle

Solution tomorrow, same time. Below you will find 10 well-known seven letter words, with only their endings remaining. Can you determine the words? ….igy ….aoh ….erg ….ynx ….lth ….mox ….ovy ….esh ….awe ….ipt

What’s Dave been up to now?

Just flicking through Spiegel, as one does and came across this: “Um Himmels Willen, Dave hat Sex” US-Entertainer David Letterman, König der Late-Show, liebt es, sich über die Schwächen Prominenter zu amüsieren. Als er nun wegen Affären mit Mitarbeiterinnen zum…

Ardi appears in the nick of time

Scientists on October 1st unveiled a fossil human ancestor dating back 4.4 million years — a creature more ancient than the famous fossil “Lucy.” And, the scientists say, even more important than Lucy. The team that discovered the fossil, called…

Ode to the Chinese motherland

Please, decadent westerners, join with us this night in a celebration of Great China and all she stands for on her 60th Anniversary [don’t forget to beam].  As the leader reminds us: Behind the close relationship between CPC leaders and…