Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

Couldn’t sleep – some news updates

There’ve been developments in some stories: 1.  Obama Nobel Prize.  This blog joined the chorus condemning the prize givers but that was hardly Obama’s fault.  Now, in the Washington Post, it’s getting ridiculous: Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution,…

Kid floats off in parents’ balloon

Did you see the story about the 6 yr old American kid who floated away in his parents’ balloon?  Rescue helicopters were on standby but what exactly could they do?  Interesting conundrum.  Goodnight for now.

Still not final proof

It still falls tantalizingly short of the outright proof required but it gets awfully close: “The Berlusconi government has never authorized or allowed any form of payment of sums of money in favour of members of the insurgent Taliban in…