Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

Worst mayors

There was a comment yesterday about de Blasio being the worst mayor ever and I was thinking, there are some shockers – London, Minneapolis, Seattle – who is worst in your book?

Martial Law

Yesterday, this from Vox was run: What this means is that martial law is coming to the USA, and probably sooner than you might imagine. Moreover, its institution will be absolutely justified by the level of treason involved. The…

Tuesday too

14. Awwww – sweet 13. A long, rambling read … on hostile people: 12.  Worst pension

The rise of the new city states

The takeaway from the Albuquerque, NM shooting, as Michelle Malkin establishes below, is that it was advertised as a prayer meeting at a local statue but there was a group called Red Action which turned up as well – Antifa…

Rutan EZ

This is the Long EZ: … which developed from the Vary EZ, which this man calls a Long EZ: