Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why

Striking a balance

The actual situation out there need not be gone over yet again – this pretty well sums it up: What I’d like to address instead is the distressing of people. Given that psy-ops involves just that – demoralising the…

Sunday afternoon watching

German massacre of survivors of the Greek SS Peleus which they sank: This one’s a bit chilling for me, not all that pleasant seeing what these two must finally face and how far away am I too? Some of their…

Sunday too

7. The statues strike back It’s getting nasty out there 😂 — MeandMecash Don’t live in fear just live (@meandmecash) June 12, 2020

Morning song

A few hymns as promised [threatened?] the other day – the message is the thing for the faithful, the music is the thing for the others. My CofE connection means I prefer the drier type of service, maybe encapsulated here:…