Author: James Higham

The boy who asked why


Night follows day: The rag in which it appeared of course took the line that it was only one sole fan who had complained – I call bollox on that. He essentially said what we have been saying on social…

Saturday too

15.  And this is why kids are not allowed to know history If true, this puts a rather different slant on things, I’d say… — Legiron (@Underdogsbiteup) June 13, 2020


7. Who could ever vote Labour? 6.  Cancel culture Researcher involved in retracted Lancet study has faculty appointment terminated, as details in scandal emerge 5. Sigh 4.  It’s all in the url

Ekranoplan revisited

My mate over there said he saw one flying on a body of water I’ve been on. I was looking to build one and there was interest from Russians but: 1. Large wingspan was required – the small versions were…

Baby Bye Bye

Right, here’s that promised other version of one of yesterday’s songs and you’ll see why, about halfway through – why I’m now unsure about this band: Even if you don’t like the music or them, give that second half a…

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Most unusual group, which suits me fine. Like the Petersens, a family band but with a difference – the main drivers are the three kids, all multi-instrumentalists. They roped the parents in too. This is maybe my fave of theirs:…