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Christmas message from Wiggia

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Whilst reading a photography magazine I came across a photograph by the iconic American photographer Walker Evans, it is a photograph I have seen before and is one of many Evans took during his lifetime before he died in ’75.… More here ...

Car crashes, defecating, damage through the vineyards

Not a good choice of venue and this was not the only crash in the vines.

The German leg of the world rally championship was held in the Mosel valley and, to be honest, the feedback from winemakers left us speechless: cars mowing down old vineyards, winemakers not being able to go into the vineyards at this critical period of the year, hordes of spectators invading the vineyards (remember this is private property!) and leaving litter and feces and relieving themselves against farm porches, etc.

In the video here below, you see the future winner of this leg of the World Rally Competiont crashing through the vineyards.

Is this the best that the public and tourist authorities (who authorize this event) can do to promote the Mosel as an area of outstanding beauty (as Great Britain has successfully done over decades now) and develop a tourism focused on its unique cultural heritage, winemaking and food?

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Wiggia’s Annual Pre-Christmas Wine Buying Guide


I wanted to do a small recommended selection for the Christmas period based on my tastings this year, and I will indeed suggest a few of the better wines I came across, though not all will find favour with the readers for, as always, personal taste trumps people’s preferences, and so it should.

It will be a list of buys I am not doing this time as most would be a repeat of last year and this year has been somewhat different.… More here ...

It can kill you, you know

In the latest “research” into what is bad for us, it is revealed that Diet Coke can kill you, so you should stop drinking it, mind you it will not kill you as quickly as regular Coke so why single it out ?

Jamie Oliver is on the bandwagon with these and other drinks that can make you obese cause cardiovascular problems etc and is lobbying for a sugar tax as sugar kills you, he has even introduced a sugar tax at his outlets.

Should anyone be so stupid as to order one of these drinks, the only effect it has is to put Jamie’s bottom line up a bit as the tax is his, not an official one. As one commentator said – if he feels so strongly about the sugar content in drinks and food, perhaps he should, as he believes so “passionately” in this crusade of his, simply eliminate those items from his menus, aha, far too simple.… More here ...