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Allegro v Marina

This is the second of two intended posts today.

For me, it’s not the cars but the backdrop, the architecture in those bleak homes [sorry if you have one of these and are still deep in hock].… More here ...

Das Boot

The pictures are not dissimilar but there are key differences to mine.

There are aspects I can’t alter with the boat and they’ve always been – four or five mast points [with or without jib] which are the compartment walls as well as the points for beams if multihulled.

I deliberately made it so that whichever configuration was used, there was a bulkhead up front, then a 6’3″ fore-cabin, a 2’3″ space with hatch above for hanging space/storage, then another cabin or salon the same size, then another hatch/hanging/storage space, then another cabin, then a solid wall, then the long raised area at the stern for sailing and galley/loo.… More here ...

The old America

There’s a section of the readership who likes these “slice of life gone by” things, so here’s one from Chuckles:

My times over there were mainly by car and so the state of the roads was always a major interest – one might get the impression that America [or the United States as natives like to call her] was shiny new, Disneylandish, Seaworldish, but in fact it is quite run down in so many places, not least in the cracked roads.

I liked this photo for its desolation, almost like “end of the American dream”.  I do believe that that was so in the time of Obama and Clinton would have killed the US off but I now believe there’s to be a respite, not unlike with Old Dixie.

The US is not young – 1776 and earlier is not young. In human terms, she’s now approaching her 30s.… More here ...