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Nice little forest cottage

A sprawling Pennsylvania hunting estate spanning thousands of acres and owned by Kip Fulks, the co-owner of sportswear brand Under Armour, hit the market last month for $13.5 million.

Mr. Fulks, 44, who is currently on a sabbatical from the company, bought the estate known as North Fork Lodge, in 2007 for around $7.8 million as a hunting property and personal family retreat, said listing broker Keith Lenard of Hall and Hall.

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Hobbit houses

They’ve been around some time:

In 1777, a certain Joseph Heely of Birmingham published a guide book to the three great West Midland gardens of the mid-18th century with a very long-winded title—Letters on the Beauties of Hagley, Envil and The Leasowes with critical remarks and Observations on the Modern Taste in Gardening.

In the book, Healey describes an incident where he was walking along the edge of a cliff when he was caught in a thunderstorm. Healey scanned the area for a shelter and noticed some smoke rising out of a cleft in the rocks. He hurried towards the direction and was pleasantly surprised to discover a couple of houses carved by the side of the mountain.

He was cordially welcomed into one of the houses which he describes as “curious, warm and commodious”, and went on to describe how they were well furnished with plenty of provisions and had access to water.More here ...

Yet another buzz box, albeit with a powerful engine

The Audi SQ5 Is What This Generation’s Muscle Car Looks Like

We’re in the crossover era … This thought came to me as I was driving the 2018 Audi SQ5. The “S” in the name means this is the high-performance variant of Audi’s midsize Q5 crossover. That letter brings a 354-hp single-turbo 3.0-liter V6 making 369 lb-ft of torque; adaptive, height-adjustable air suspension; a rear-biased Quattro all-wheel drive system; and an available torque-vectoring rear differential.

No post would be complete without a moan, so let’s have one. To me, all new models are bland, boring, scripted, just as with all modern films. The new Rolls and Daimler have lost all dignity, stateliness – they’re just more tin boxes on the roads.

No one does classic and graceful any more, no one seems capable, no one seems to have that eye for measured stateliness.

You know what I was unhappy with with the now superceded boat design? … More here ...