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Finding suitable pictures for the header is not easy.  For a start, the view must be either horizontal or looking slightly down from above, the reader’s focus should be somewhere in the distance.

The picture should say something, not just be colours, although the colours are critical – too many, it’s crowded, too few and it’s bland, noir is OK for some days but depressing after that.

There’s such a thing as too busy, e.g. the village above and the pillarbox squeezing of the scene makes it more so. When there’s not a lot going on, the blog name needs to go over it, as it would with the pic below:

I generally avoid closeups because of their myopic nature and the nature of this blog being expansive, although as the dark closes in, in late autumn, there’s a place for this one below:

The error which is easy to make is seeing a great photo to crop but nothing much happens in that cropped bit and all the action is high up. … More here ...

That element of menace

Coming back to the blog header again and what I try to include in it – it was afap to have a foreground which was familiar, even homely and then in the background, the suggestion of exotic places, of escape, of getting away from where we’re trapped.

But there’s another aspect too in this particular header – brooding, foreboding, menace – it is pre-squall, before the sea heaps up, danger about to appear.  That lifts the header, IMHO, above the previous one of the lovely summer beachhouse, the sun, the sand, the innocence, paradise.

We’re beyond paradise now in the real world, we are in danger from forces out there which we’ve all now seen – how would you meet them?  On a solid boat or on a raft of promises and illusions?… More here ...