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Mahogany harmony

Aesthetics is important, particularly in these PoMo and ugly, atonal times, deliberately foisted upon the west by the talentless mediocritisation of taste. You might not even like wooden boats but they had charm, they had … something which the soulless…

Deciphering old calligraphy

The bulk of it is at the end of the link: Butterfly, Marine Mollusk, and Pear (detail) in Model Book of Calligraphy (Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta), calligraphy 1561–62, illumination added 1591–96, Joris Hoefnagel, illuminator; Georg Bocskay, scribe. Watercolors, gold and…

Miss Universe

Miss Boy Scouts 2018 – were that it were so If one rejects feminism and all its diabolical works, then it’s just a question of time before one must confront the Miss This or That Region of the Galaxy.

Mademoiselle France 2018

Now I do so humbly apologise to readers – I lost the plot on silly old politics and neglected the real issues, such as this pageant – great to see France still so misog er sex er concerned with the…