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Death of a development class

In a not dissimilar way to the thrust of comments – why would anyone still want to compete for such things: … there is the demise of the C Class catamaran:

Mustang By now, the howling of Mustang purists should be reaching a crescendo, as the new Ford Mustang Mach-E makes its big debut in Los Angeles, mere days after the Blue Oval announced the controversial name of what has, for months, been…

New AMB 001

Aston Martin, the British independent manufacturer of luxury sports cars, has unveiled its first motorcycle – the AMB 001 developed in conjunction with bike brand Brough Superior.

Return to the battened lug

As everyone knows, in order to think, one must always be naked, not a pretty thought. All the delays so far have been due to weather, confronting and overcoming design anomalies, money and health, in that chronological order. There has…