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Jacqueline Lee Bouverie Kennedy [2]


jbk 6She and JFK first met Onassis in 1960, when they attended a banquet aboard his yacht. Three years later, Onassis and Lee Radziwill began their highly publicised affair.

Bobby Kennedy could barely disguise his hatred of Onassis, who was 25 years his senior.

‘I’ve known that b*****d for years,’ Bobby once told a friend. ‘He was a snake then and he’s still a snake. Other than his bankroll, I don’t understand what Jackie sees in him.’

On another occasion Bobby said: ‘If it were up to me, I’d sink his f****** yacht – and the goddamn Greek with it.’

The former First Lady joined Onassis aboard that yacht on a five-day cruise to Nassau in February 1965. Although she had no intention of embarrassing Bobby politically by becoming involved with Onassis, Jackie realised that if she didn’t accede to Onassis’s sexual demands, she risked losing his patronage.More here ...

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy [1]


telegraph jbkThe aim was always to do a post on Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy, pointing out one or two indiscretions which made her slightly less of an icon than the Telegraph presented her as [left] – that being consistent with this blog’s modus operandi.

What it became was a whole lot more and spilled into two posts on the theme of those indiscretions, her curious ‘roboticism’ and something else entirely, which I’m still making up my mind about and which threatened to swamp the post.

There is a fourth element – that there is no cut and dried evidence, there is no law enforcement officer there with the police photographer by the bedside to establish each and every case, or inside that car that fatal day.

Instead, there is testimony and everyone giving it has some angle, some agenda, some beef, or else will defend JLBK to the death.  There’s a hell of a lot of covering for her and a reticence to speak.  There is some exterior footage, including the infamous Zapruder film.… More here ...

In praise of flawed persons


Striking the right note is tricky but this one is not bad, on Princess Leia:

Leia Organa, the politician and revolutionary who led the defeat of the Galactic Empire, died after a short illness. She was 60 years old. Hers was a life laced with controversy concerning everything from her tactics to her very ancestry, but her intelligence, commitment to the Republican cause, and place at the heart of the Rebellion, and later the Resistance against Neo-Imperialism, remains the indisputable core of her legacy.

sydney-cartonI love a flawed person, which is just as well, eh? There are a few of us about.

But even better is someone who earlier might have been a lesser person in many ways but who rose to the occasion – the Donald is one such.

I believe that he will be as good a president as any and his moves so far have been sound – he’s sure to have been getting good advice from people he wanted for that reason.… More here ...

Debbie Reynolds

Always remember them at their very best:

Lord T:

Heard Debbie Reynolds died the day after Carrie. Wanted to be with her daughter.

RIP Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher.… More here ...

Lauren Southern

This was at Samizdata:

Don’t get me wrong, I like the lass, but, but, but…

Those theories – a few of them I think do hold water but not in the way she presented them, e.g. Pepe was certainly used to wind Clinton up and there are questions over HRC’s health. Also, Comey’s verdict was so OTT that some sort of coercion was clearly used, if only that he’s one of them.… More here ...