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I’ve been watching various episodes of Callan, and this below was regarded as one of the classics – TP McKenna as the KGB master, Anthony Valentine as Toby Meres, Lisa Langdon as Liz. Girls really were ‘birds’ in miniskirts in those days, so much better than today, the quality of writing, direction, acting – ditto. Meres is so creepy. Wasn’t so crazy for Cross [Mower] as an actor but that might have been his roles.

Production values – w-e-e-l-l-l, you can’t expect too much from those beige hues, appalling men’s hair and clothing. Interesting that they use a computer for the first time in this episode to sift data, the new tech front.… More here ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt

jennifer-love-hewittThere are types around, empty tin cans, who send us round the bend – Tim Fallon, Major, Blair, Remainers, university academics, SJWs, pussified males – it goes on.

Or those who make no pretence of knowing anything:

“Kids don’t make you happy.” A mother of two says kids are overrated.

And then there is someone so universally rejected by half the people, e.g. Castro, Clinton or Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes I realize the last one’s not in the same league. However, it’s still a select club.

Let me explain – there have been a few posts at this blog on why Andie MacDowell is so detested or maybe just mocked by so many men and yet not so much with women.… More here ...

Vale Leonard Cohen

One thing I’m well aware does not go down well is uncompromising harshness, for example refusing to accept Trump backsliding on incarcerating Clinton. Harshness also means slamming “Modern Woman’s” inanities and Millennial behaviour [see American streets just now].

Given the title of this post, one would expect a eulogy about Leonard Cohen but far from it. There will be an assessment.

His career was centred around life and loves, wimmin, always surrounding himself with them, plural. That will be dealt with below for what it was. As for his music, yes, mournful violins and soft rhythms are most appealing, the pathos in one of his favourite songs below does the job, audiences lap it up and shed tears, including me, Cohen is the Man.

Let’s be fair – his songs certainly get you in:

In the interview below, reference was made, by a woman, to his monastic phase and his observation was sharp – the guru taught him that he needed no guru and wasn’t sick in the least, not in the way he thought.… More here ...

R.I.P. Apple Mac


Things have their time, things run their course. Here I have an HP, a poor laptop but one which, with the Apple keyboard, it’s possible to still blog fast on. The HP mouse is wonky but serviceable.

The MacBookPro [2006] still works although it needs either new drivers or card. The battery long ago packed it in and the keyboard is iffy but again, with the Apple keyboard, it still works half and half.

The iPad Air II still does its job, which is not much, as it relies on WiFi and BT supplies that.

I hear and read my anti-Apple mates and that’s fair – it has lost its way all right. But it did do what it did remarkably well … and with panache. The OS was second to none, now bogged down in all sort of garbage.

In the phone shop the other day, there were phones about 2.5 inches by 4, smartphones and then bigger things, pads.… More here ...

Tere Duperrault Fassbender and the Bluebelle

tere-duperrault-fassbenderTwist of fate left her alive:

The story was huge news when it happened in 1961. Now, 49 years later, Tere Duperrault Fassbender is finally telling her story in a book, “Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean.”

“I thought that I was spared for a reason, and the reason would be to help other people,” Fassbender told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Thursday in New York. “I would just hope I could help someone after they read the book to give them inspiration.”

Think her name was the thing which initially caught the attention.… More here ...