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past and present

Leon Bismark

Three questions for aficionados: What caused him to join the Wolverines? ‘In a Mist’ showed the influence of which composers? Riverboat shuffle was whose composition?

Three word questionnaire

Right, will collate [sic] the Pond Life entries and announce tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, a three word questionnaire: Which three words or fewer would describe your life? Could be an epitaph, might be just an afterthought.  Mine might be: Procrastinator-in-general.

Music to slit your wrists by?

Many people think of Cryin’ Lenny as being the high priest of wrist slitters but I’m not so scathing about him – some of his numbers were uplifting. Jackson Browne, another whose back catalogue stands the test of time, who…

Fathers and sons

There’s nothing special about today with my old man, I just saw something about girls and fathers and was reflecting on the boys’ side of it. One who had father issues was Bruce Springsteen, another was Ian Dury: My old…

Patricia Janečková

Oops, think I’ve made a big mistake. I don’t speak Slovak or whatever it is but I do recognise the words in the first one ‘na zapadye’, because it’s also Russian for ‘in the west’. And that happens to be…

Carol Kaye

There was a girl who wanted me to be her rukovoditel for her dissertation, meaning I was to personally work with her over six months to try to get her through with flying colours – that was part of the…