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Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt is greatly but not universally admired and that’s the story of her life. She dislikes being called controversial but by going her own way, she was precisely that and a rich resource for the media to make up stories.

In this satellite interview, she touches on the way the media sensationalizes and invents, about going to South Africa during apartheid and much more:

What she did do well until her Parkinson’s was hold a note like no other woman in the popular field, excluding her heroines Maria Callas et al, plus mammoth record sales and other incoming has seen her perhaps justifiably well off.…

Charmian Carr and the cast of bastards


The forever lovely Charmian Carr [third from the right] had become, by 2016, older like the rest of us and despite the state of the mind at the end, still scrubbed up well. Tributes will now quite rightly pour in but methinks they need to be seen in the context of Jack Marx’s article from 2007:

These ain’t a few of my favourite things

While it’s true that there may be more important issues to be addressing today, it is also true that few days are any different, so if not today, I fear I may never be able to discuss that which troubles me greatly about what went on in The Sound of Music, a film that, 42 years ago this month [in 2007], was enjoying its world premier season in cinemas across America.