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Charmian Carr and the cast of bastards


The forever lovely Charmian Carr [third from the right] had become, by 2016, older like the rest of us and despite the state of the mind at the end, still scrubbed up well. Tributes will now quite rightly pour in but methinks they need to be seen in the context of Jack Marx’s article from 2007:

These ain’t a few of my favourite things

While it’s true that there may be more important issues to be addressing today, it is also true that few days are any different, so if not today, I fear I may never be able to discuss that which troubles me greatly about what went on in The Sound of Music, a film that, 42 years ago this month [in 2007], was enjoying its world premier season in cinemas across America.


Watch the bit from 52:27 and it gives, visually what this post is to be about.…

Marianne has actually gone

lc-marianneLeonard Cohen’s lady has passed on:

“It was a very nice gesture from both of them,” he said.

“Only two days after, she lost consciousness and slipped into death. And when she died, I wrote a letter back to him saying in her final moments I hummed A Bird on the Wire because that was the song she felt closest to.

“And then I kissed her on the head and left the room, and said ‘So long, Marianne’.”

Reflecting on Cohen and Ihlen’s relationship over the years, Mollestad recalled: “What Marianne said was Leonard was the one who loved her for herself, who opened her up and let her feel that she was worth loving, not only because she was beautiful outside, but he really was interested in her.”