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Is this Cliff Richard?

I don’t believe a word of this scurrilous set of allegations, with no documentation offered as proof beyond quick, blurred, far-off shots, below and a naff musical track blasting over it:

No, this is the Cliff we all know, remember and love:

Let’s remember Jimmy and Cliff for all the good they did – after all, the Young Ones would have been nothing without Cliff.…

In defence of the “right bastard”

Wiggia writes:

Peter Hitchens, so often seen by the left as a far right opinionist, and by the right, who aren’t actually of the right as too extreme because he so often makes them squirm at their own incompetence, hits the nail on the head with this piece.

It’s been said many times, especially on this blog but let’s reiterate, that we in this area of political thought, for want of a better term, are forever characterized as right bastards, unfeeling, rough-spoken [possibly true] and dismissive of tolerance, compassion and equality.

“You’re nothing but horrible haters, all of you – you – you – haters!”

Though I disagree with Hitchens on this, in terms of the mountaintop people but in general agree with the sentiments, he writes in what I’d call a refreshing way, devoid of PC humbug and false usage of feelgood expressions.  You can see he comes at this in a rationalist way.…

Thanks for all the Conundrums

George_HW_Bush_Illuminati_Baphomet_HatThere’s no intention, in this post, to go into the claimed details of the original author, either claiming they’re true or not true.

There’s every intention to get into the debunkers and claim they’re sometimes every bit as phony as what they’re making out their target is or at least, if they’re genuine in themselves, their methods are eye-opening for a researcher.

This last is the kindest interpretation.

We could take any topic we like – let’s go for Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien] and the former’s book Thanks for the Memories.

Before 1973, any claim about MK Ultra or even people like Esterbrooks from former years could be met with “your a lunatic”. After 1973 and the Senate Select Committee investigation which established it to have been so, you would have thought that claims about MK Ultra would no longer be questioned.

Yet on the net, certainly around 2006/7, statements about that or Woodpecker, HAARP and so on were attacked by so-called debunkers whom no one ever questioned.…