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The ruining of Riverdance

When it happened that evening, think it’s fair to say it blew everyone away, no one was expecting it.  We were expecting some Irish dancing of course:

And it wasn’t universally loved – many didn’t like the arms straight by the sides business – but overall, yes, it wowed, it even wowed Wogan.

My thoughts at that time [end of the dance] was that she [Jean Butler] was a bit of a sourpuss and her dance had been a bit turgid, a bit constipated, maybe the lass was nervous. I suspected either some jealousy or else she was just constipated by nature.… More here ...

John Wayne v Clint Eastwood

High noon in the old west:

But it was one Clint Eastwood who really stuck in the craw of The Duke. Wayne had long considered himself the king of Westerns, but that landscape was changing fast. The anti-hero was increasingly sticking his oar in and dealing with things using more eye raising methods (today, we call this realism), such as shooting first if necessary. Eastwood was becoming a fast rising star in the genre and those were his preferred methods.

But did Wayne resent Eastwood’s characters or Eastwood the younger star?

In 1971 John Wayne, perhaps showing himself out of touch with changes in Hollywood, turned down the role of a little movie called Dirty Harry. The title role was written for Frank Sinatra who bowed out due to a hand injury.

Wayne found playing second fiddle to Frank Sinatra in a movie about a cop using questionable methods unacceptable:

“They offered it to Frank Sinatra first, but he’d hurt his hand and couldn’t do it.More here ...

Jayda Fransen

It also highlights how modern day Joans d’Arc are arising in various countries and I, for one, welcome our new mistresses.  I have no problem with being led by a young woman – as long as she has the required elements.  There’s one on Thursdays I’m close to [thank goodness for heart attacks] and also met another yesterday.

Jayda’s maybe a bit too Right for me, AMW is closer and Frauke Petry in Germany is a bit too womanish, with do-gooder questions about her. There are some great ones in the States, e.g. Sarah Sanders, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.

History has always seen these arise.  In Elizabeth’s time, many a warrior class man was perfectly happy for his nominal head to be a lady.

But she needs to have the right stuff – May and Clinton don’t.  Left wing women with maggots for brains do not have what it takes.… More here ...

Joan of Arc

Do not fear – it’s not more music, it’s art.

Thing is, I’ve been trying to work out what three historical characters actually looked like – Jesus of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc. With the former, the ridiculous pic of the neanderthal, low of brow, perpetrated by atheist historians, is dismissed immediately, as is the church art of Jesus with long hair and wise, angelic countenance.

Most likely is some variant of the short-haired, short-bearded, of more than average height, of a certain robustness, given what He got up to and He was able to blend in with the population when he escaped the Pharisees a few times. His bearing was presumably considered and/or noble, as he attracted people.

Mary Magdalene looked like a Jewish woman of the time, so that one is not worth pursuing further.

Joan of Arc is the intriguing one – there are pictures, one from contemporary accounts but the artist did not see her, he drew her from the accounts. … More here ...

Jeanne la Pucelle

Many consider the Sobieski portrayal the most realistic English language version and though they also say Leelee can’t act, she’s a thousand times better than occultist Milla Jovovich and satanic Hollywood.

What I’ve noticed over and over is the feminist attempt to see her as leading France alone but the most horrified would be Jeanne herself who was a fervent Catholic, believing God was guiding her hand until the bitter end.… More here ...

Gal Gadot again

Thought it time to “do” Gal Gadot again [with the “t” spoken] but the MSM beat me to it. The strange thing this time round was that it wasn’t anti, quite pro in fact, at least at the start.  I’d written this in draft:

DC/Marvel are Ok, her role is just a role and she’s already looking round for others, her anti-jihad politics are good, her American associations not so good but we can cut her some slack on that.

She was on all the leftist media – Fallon, Kimmel, the stock shows like Today, she was gushing and giggling. Ok, she must put herself about for her career and she does seem nice, as well as being a fine specimen of womanhood.

The latter, methinks, there’d not be all that much debate over.

More here ...

She is a major part of the problem

Mayor Val Johnson

No, I’m not speaking of jihadis or black rights violence or the disabled – I’m speaking of these bints:

[Female Mayor Val] Johnson’s voiced changed. She said [female councillor] Bauman was “the exact reason” New Brighton needed a task force. If Bauman didn’t understand white privilege, the mayor continued, she was handicapped in representing the community in its entirety. “What you have just said,” Johnson [added], “is the most racist — “

“Excuse me?” interrupted Bauman. “Don’t you ever, ever accuse me of that. You have no basis to say something like that in public.”More here ...