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Close to the perfect pizza in my book

… provided you like wholemeal dough, herbs and garlic, plus pepperoni.

Sad thing is that the photo, taken with the iPad eye, does not give the rich colour – makes it look burnt. It was the closest to perfect I’ve yet done to the texture and taste.

You know when you make the dough and everything is right – the yeast makes a perfect head on top of the sugar water, the dough comes out an itsy-bit moist but not damp … etc. I knew then this was going to be good.… More here ...


For some time now, I’ve not liked Sean Connery and as with Andy MacDowell, it has been a Dr. Fell thing – the reason why, I cannot tell, I just haven’t rationalized it enough.

Now I have. Let’s start with the Express exclusive on George Lazenby’s comments about Moore:

Lazenby said: “He was one of the good guys and will be missed by many. “I know he was loved by his family and many others.”  Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have also paid tribute to Moore.

Notice someone missing from the tributes?

Well you can eff off, Connery.… More here ...

Bob Seger

Obviously your own reactions are important at any time but they’re particularly so on this question on why Bob Seger seems to have missed the immortality boat. So let’s go with my reactions first here, as I’m the one writing this.

Chuckles sent the link with the email heading Sic Transit, which went way over my head and in my usual pig-ignorant Philistine manner when the mind is not on the job, I wrote back: ‘Overtaken by Pete Seger’, which was not the desired response.… More here ...