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Ken Dodd

This has been late coming but there it is.

[Housekeeping – this is the last post before tomorrow morning from me, so quiz tomorrow, not this evening – dental and other issues – expect something late morning Friday.]

Meanwhile, vale, Doddy:

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Hope Sandoval

There’s a reason why this post, which ordinarily would be an evening post, is up now in the glare of day. It’s because I’m constructing a case which culminates in the next post and also brings in the youtubes of those girls involved in the deportation row.

Kassandra wrote:

The topic of Hope Sandoval started with the post on shoegazing music, now this but in the culminating post tomorrow, she will be discussed in a quite different way.… More here ...

Sarah Champion and Rotherham

A note about the image used, from The Guardian. The free image at Wiki does not do the lady justice, I’d prefer to use an image showing her young, pretty and fearless – least I can do for her.

Dateline Monday, March 12th, 2018

A Twitter blow up at 3.30 a.m. has meant I must act to clarify and issue an apology.

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Хворостовский и Гаранча

Kevin B:

James, whenever you do a Russian music post I keep meaning to post this you tube video of Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Elina Garanca doing a concert together in Moscow.

They both sing arias from their repertoires and do a few duets together but right at the end, Dmitri sings a Russian folk song, “Farewell, Joy” which always chokes me up.

When the concert was recorded in 2015 Dmitri had already had a brain tumour removed and was in remission, but sadly the cancer came back and he died last summer. Not only was he a great singer, one of the best baritones in the world, but he was also a wonderful man.

If you don’t have time for the whole concert, scroll through to 1:03 and watch the poignancy of his performance.… More here ...

Loyalty trumps Truth and kills Hope

To say many are chagrined by the exit of Hope Hicks is an understatement. As I just wrote in an exchange at the Wail, yes she did lie for him.

But that is so completely out of context in the light of the Clinton alleged murders, Comey, the emails, all the rest of it, plus Mueller’s own behaviour in going after Trump rather than trying to establish truth, that it’s more of the same old, same old.

There is an analogy some will not accept and that’s Mourinho and that female doctor at Chelsea.

In his tirade against her, he overstepped the mark, yes he did, but the little idiot had to realize that even though she was a star with all the young men, played up to them and [strongly allegedly] slept with at least one, that’s not what she had been employed to do.… More here ...

Winnie, Mogg and the Toff

First of all Winnie, the Toff’s hero. I take a more Distant Relative approach to this – the Royal family are Welfs, Winnie was one of Them and there was a lot of theatre in WW2, it was, like WW1, entirely unnecessary and contrived, a killing mechanism to cull the plebs. The derring-do warrior class loved the bonhomie and wartime music, the airraid sirens etc.

A total bloody waste of human life and Churchill had a large responsibility in that.… More here ...

The making of Marianne?

This is not about politics – in fact it combines people from the left, the right, film and fashion. It’s about image.

Image has its place – to what extent did the Churchillian image help with the Allied victory in WW2?

In France, image is iconic in Joan of Arc and Marianne and many females who wish to lead their people do well to model themselves around the image in people’s minds.… More here ...