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The rise of the secret sociopath

Part One: The overview today

There’s an awful lot of tension about just now on many levels and it seems to me to come down to a few things:

1.  A clear agenda by forces which can be loosely grouped as Them – some call them the PTB, some specify the UN, the EU, whatever – they can be seen in Call Me Dave’s utterly pointless stance at the moment, holding the country to ransom and at odds with 69% of the population on this issue at least.

2.  A clear increase in madness of a sort at ground level, at grassroots level, manifesting itself in strange behaviours, in noble and decent mindsets subordinated and such things taking their place as firstly – no one caring about anyone else – it was ever so that people looked after N1 first but this is so nakedly done now, it’s a product of our time.…

The betrayal by Rosy Canale

rosie canale#  This is a partially edited translation from the Italian:

She had become a name and a face antimafia known for her campaigns in favor of the women of San Luca, but with money from institutions and foundations was actually spoiled with clothes and brand new handbags, furniture for her home, travel and even a car.

For this reason, the judges of the Court of Locri sentenced to four years in prison the now former starlet antimafia Rosy Canale, exposed by the investigation of the prosecutor in Reggio Calabria which exposed how she diverted for herself most of the funds intended for the “Movement of the women of San Luca”.

Florence la Badie [1]

220px-FlorenceLaBadieFlorence la Badie

Among the many Hollywood starlets, the Ziegfeld girls, all those who fell to the casting couch, who slept with anyone going, male or female, who were ruined by drugs, who’d been prostitutes in the early days, none of those covered in these posts so far have been a giant turnoff until the post I’ve just consigned to trash after editing for about an hour.

I’m referring to Barbara Stanwyck, early feminist and lesbian who possibly began the cult of modern victimhood. After reading how she treated her adopted son, smothering him to the point he ran from her, her abusive husband whom she drove out of his tree but is exonerated by her feminist biographers – the point which came through over and over again was that thousands of others were able to get on with life without hating men as a species – she couldn’t though.…

Maurice and Chas

So, Maurice Strong has died, the bstd. First unpleasant discovery was written up in this post:

In 1990, Strong gave an interview to writer Daniel Wood in which he discussed a novel he’d like to write:

‘Each year,’ he explains as background to the telling of the novel’s plot, ‘the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, Switzerland. Over a thousand CEO’S, prime ministers, and leading academics gather in February to attend meetings and set economic agendas for the year ahead.’

Eleanor Powell

eleanor powellThe real issue with the “modern” dysfunctional British or American women is that there is a constant stream of them.  Even this morning there were those involved in the banning of International Men’s Day.

Therefore it’s important to hold up women from the past who were functional, were awesome, were ladies, were everything one can admire.

One such woman was Eleanor Powell.

“5 feet 5 1/4 inches; chestnut hair and blue eyes; weight 122 pounds”

Gaudy Night

IMG_0896Sometimes I think this blog should be called “1001 ways to restate the bleedin’ obvious” because this stream of consciousness has led to the issues Dorothy L. Sayers was concerned about in 1935, things still of great concern to us today, even more so.

Never read Sayers but imagine she was one of those mystery writing ladies such as Christie and Marsh who proliferated from around that time.

She seems to have been a good read as far as she went but one thing I don’t understand is that when she went in for a bit of social criticism, as in Gaudy Night, her second last Wimsey mystery, she was stomped on by all and sundry among the critics, although the public embraced her:…