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Grumpy Ole Cat

By now, all of you would have heard of the sad passing of our old friend on the net: The one I like the most has shades of Marvin to it, and Eeyore: I had fun once. It was awful.…


With music last evening and music tomorrow evening, probably time to do something else. So let’s do Dorsey. This is in no particular order beyond what came up next after the last one.

William’s funeral

While it’s true that history is written by the victors and whilst it’s difficult finding an unbiased account, this one’s not too bad. Perhaps a nation’s history is best written by those in other lands?

Greta Manchurian Thunderberg

There’s a whole lot of replication going on here. Jesus is depicted as a long haired, bearded one, so they produce a Russell Brand. France had a Joan of Arc, so they produce a Greta Manchurian Thunderberg. The kid is…