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Charlie McCoy

Charlie McCoy was a session muso:

#  “We always compare the song to a picture,” explained McCoy, whose harmonica blowing stood out for its velocity and melodic phrasing. “We’re just here to provide the frame, to make the picture look and sound good. If you didn’t learn that your career would be shot.”

#  “As musicians you don’t get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a session,” McCoy said, lounging in a chair at the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where a plaque attests to his achievements. “Only if they weren’t paying union rates.”

But Columbia, Dylan’s record label, had ordered him not to step foot in “backwards” Tennessee.

McCoy said: “The bible of that movement was Rolling Stone magazine and it was not kind to Nashville. Quotes like ‘cookie-cutter music, all business and no art, assembly line music’. But we were A-list musicians who knew how to get a lot of music, at high quality, in a very short space of time, on a small budget.

Amon Düül II

renate klaup

In the wake of Paris ’68 and the general feeling across Europe that it really was the Revolution – this was the time of Munich, the feelgood part of the 60 had died, heavier, darker, protracted sounds were taking over – young people were heavily into things their parents and teachers could not countenance and I was no exception.

Looking at Higham MkIV of today, the ultra-socially-conservative defender of yoof from this sort of thing, it’s hard to credit that we were not just left but far left.…

Erik Carlson and Saab


The first rally driver superstar driving for Saab and husband to another great rally driver Pat Moss, Stirlings sister.

Swedish rally legend Erik Carlsson has passed away at the age of 86. Carlsson, affectionately known as Mr Saab, achieved worldwide fame behind the wheel of Saab’s two-stroke 96, and went on to become a life-long ambassador for the company, attending just about every new-model launch in later years.

Carlsson won no fewer than twelve international rallies for Saab between 1955 and 1970, a tally that included three consecutive wins in the RAC Rallies of 1960-62, plus outright victory in the Rally Monte Carlo in both 1962 and ’63.

It was Carlsson’s style of driving as much as his many successes for which he’ll be best remembered, having perfected the art of left-foot braking – largely as a result of his Saab’s lack of power. By keeping his right foot firmly planted to the floor and the Saab’s three-cylinder engine on full power, he’d brake with his left foot to control the car and keep it firmly planted in the bends.

Wiggia on Monday

Vale Geoff Duke

To many of us of a certain age Geoff Duke was the motorcycling equivalent of Stirling Moss, that “who do you think you are Geoff Duke ” was interchangeable with the four wheel version of Moss’s.

An incredibly stylish rider and person his works Norton rides gave him the chance to ride the factory Gilera fours an opportunity he took full advantage off, he was also a gentleman.…

Marvellous innings, Richie, marvellous

Morning, everyone, well, Mr. Benaud has gone to commentate at that great cricket ground in the sky, 16 runs short of his century.  He managed to avoid the dreaded 87 but still, he’ll not spin his way out of this one.

At last report, he, Alan McGilvray, John Arlott and Tony Greig had met up and were having a quiet cuppa prior to the start of play – Saints v Heavenly All Stars.

Enoch and the upcoming election

Whilst this is the case, as mentioned by Restoring Britain:

This observation stands more starkly than ever with a General Election looming large. The circus has come out in full swing with a legacy media joining in. I get a real sense that some will vote tribally, more people than ever are really uncertain as to what to do mostly because the differences between them are so sadly lacking just like their vision for Britain. What do they do? Refuse to vote?

Well, it’s an approach and I can understand it given what’s on offer. We’re in something of a Catch-22 situation. Vote for what’s in front of us and the situation continues. Refuse to vote and they survive because our apathy allows the tribal voting to remain the dominant approach which the parties rely on and stoke the fires of each election.

… the forces arrayed against a shake-up of the Establishment are doing their worst, this time the allegations about Enoch Powell.…

Danica Patrick needs to be seen in context


This one was sent by one of the lads and my first thought was oh no, here we go again. The feminists are going to be shrill about how good she is and she can mix it with the boys, the boys are going to say what utter BS and point to her record, the feminists are then going to point to the carefully written Wiki record and by posting this, I’ll be called misogynist.…

Quite a common accident … and fatal

Every so often, something comes up which takes me back:

Killed by an icicle: Graduate 20, dies after being hit on the head as she walked her dog in Russia

I used to hate this time of year in Russia, until about the second week in April. It was treacherous, not only for the reasons in the article. Yes, that was bad enough – I’d get to university in town and the door would be closed and a barricade all along the path outside the building.

Everyone had to go into the side courtyard and squeeze through one narrow door past the toilet – about 900 people. Tales abounded of accidents with ice falling, though they called it snow falling and I could never understand what the fuss was. The fuss was an ice shard and anyone anywhere near a building was in danger. I was beside a dump of snow which fell into the roped-off area.…

Yet another parachutee bites the dust

In the post today on “10%”, there was certain bollox stated by some, at which I listed the sorts of women who would bump that number up to well over 10%.

Sadly, this evening, to those must be added another, unfortunately latched onto by Guido:

UKIP have suspended MEP Janice Atkinson over allegations of financial irregularities. A spokesman says:

“The party is incredibly disappointed with Ms. Atkinson, who appears to have exercised extremely poor judgement in acting in a way that the party has never, and would never condone. The party has acted swiftly and immediately, and just as we showed when we suspended another MEP for financial irregularities, we always maintain a zero tolerance attitude towards acts of this nature.”

And there it is – extremely poor judgment. Night follows day. How many more is it going to take?

I am not talking out of my backside, I can name case after case after case.…

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is violent and angry [Warren Buffet]

elizabeth warrenThere’s a case that Hillary is damaged goods, carrying too much Benghazi baggage, no longer loved on the left. Yet she has a mafia battle chest bigger than anyone’s in the land.

Their new ideological champion is, of course, the faux red-indian Elizabeth Warren.  Now you may have noticed one small thing from this – no males.  This might actually be a good thing in the case of the left, look at their champions – Obama, Blair, Brown, Rumpy-Pumpy, Barosso.

So, here’s a look at our Liz from various sources:…

Unenlightened Commentary

There is/was a blogger, Ross Fountain, of Unenlightened Commentary. Ross is/was well known in the blogging fraternity, particularly by people at OoL and other places. One of the good guys, so to speak.

I just received an email and shall run it as is:

I’m emailing you because I recently discovered my late brother, Ross, kept a blog, and I saw that you had commented on some of his posts

I had no idea he had been keeping it until after his death, but I couldn’t help thinking about how to let people know that he won’t be posting anymore.

Ross died three weeks ago in a freak accident, which we are still struggling to come to terms with. I don’t know what you can do, or even how often you read his blog, but I had to let someone know.

The name was given.

If it is as stated, then I’m appalled.…

Kaltenborn just the latest example of why it never works

kaltenbornYes I know these are my least liked posts and I really had not intended to run another so soon after the Yahoo and HP post but if it’s there, it has to mentioned.

This story runs along the same rails as Yahoo, HP and all the other stories on the same theme, that theme being never put a woman in charge of a major company or team.

The way it always goes is that the company or team is facing a time of dilemma, the board itself often has fuddy-duddies and cronies on it who are out of touch, someone suggests a new golden girl, e.g. Fiorina, who talks the talk and walks the walk. Hey, we’re modern, we’re dynamic, we’re politically correct.

And so it is with Sauber.…