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Pause for thought from Picdump:


What would Marilyn have looked like today?

Also in 1926:

January 16 – A BBC radio play about a worker’s revolution causes a panic in London.

April 24 – Treaty of BerlinGermany and the Soviet Union each pledge neutrality in the event of an attack on the other by a third party for the next five years.

May 4 – The British General Strike begins at midnight in support of the coal strike.

October 23 - The Fazal Mosque, the first purpose-built in London and the first Ahmadiyya mosque in Britain, is completed.

November 11 – U.S. Route 66 is established.

November 15 The Balfour Declaration is approved by the 1926 Imperial Conference, making the Commonwealth dominions equal and independent.

December 3 – Agatha Christie disappears from her home in Surrey; on December 14 she is found at a Harrogate hotel.

Vale Sidney Marshall

So little we can actually do for these folk, so much we need to. Anyone remotely in the area this Friday?

Sidney Marshall

Thinking a little more on it – I looked at this man as well:

… and didn’t see any number to call. Suppose it’s impossible to track down every hero who dies alone and by the very nature of dying alone, it would not come to anyone’s attention.

I’m trying to think of a mechanism whereby anyone in this situation has the details notified to a central group of volunteers [of which I'd be part], so that it could get to Twitter quickly, bloggers would see it and spread it.

First thought is Help for Heroes and I’ll contact them to see if there is any such mechanism. Perhaps there can be a fund [I'd be happy to put into it], with no admin and bureaucrat fees, whereby a wreath is sent to the funeral of each by those who can’t be there in person.…

In praise of Pippa [1]

Philippa, aka Pippa,  Middleton, sister of Royal Princess-to-be Kate Middleton, at the engagement party of Holly Branson to Fred Andrews in London

Methinks they’re all being cruel about Pippa. OK, she uses her position, she’s not very good at anything but she tries different things and they don’t quite work out. She’s very picky about getting the right hubby for her future, a la royalty and anyway – she is royalty in a way – Her Royal Hotness.


Methinks there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here. Who, in that position, would not do the things people do – go to weddings, the tennis, skiing, and who wouldn’t take up opportunities if presented? Also, apart from that long-range shot with the telphoto, has she ever flaunted it for the cameras? She always dresses appropriately, if not fashionably.

Boodles Boxing Ball

And yes, some of the photos these days are cruel – showing up the lines, the gristly legs, the wrinkled tanned skin but hell, what do people expect? She’s getting on in age now – a girl under the solarium sun can’t keep it up forever, you know.…

Dark Kate

If your humble correspondent was seen before as being away with the fairies, this is going to have readers shaking their heads even more.

Look at this pic of Kate:

dark kate

Perhaps it’s just her makeup – I once saw one of these makeup “tutorials” which was about the “Kate” look and it was all about heavy black gothic eyeshadow and most other things also heavyhanded.

That might be just a quirk of Kate but what it does do is make her look decidedly … well … OK … evil [?] … yes, I know, I know. Bear with this and bring your eyes down from the ceiling a few moments.

And of course, this is just one photo. And of course, she can’t help the shape of her chin. And she’s the loveliest person and a mum and all that. Plus she dresses stylishly at times.

Plus they said the same things about Anne Boleyn and Kate by no means has six fingers and one wonders if she bewitched her Prince if it took all that time to get to the altar.…

Stating the bleedin’ obvious

6a0120a58872a6970b0120a825fafb970b-800wiWe might not agree on the England team, British values, how high a salary is fair, on the Narrative, PCism, on multiculturalism, on a thousand topics … but almost all of us agree that Blair should butt out and that Cleggover is irrelevant.

Of that mass of people not enamoured of Blair, a substantial proportion, I’d suspect, would back Blair’s extradition to face trial for war crimes and gross treason against the people.

If I ever found myself in a position to effect it, one of my first acts would be to issue such an arrest warrant for the man.…