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The objectification of Her Royal Hotness

There was just the slightest of references at the Wail and that’s enough pretext for this blog:




pippa middletond



Yes, agreed. I for one refuse to objectify her. Let’s look at her book instead, coming up to Hallowe’en: ‘We feasted on creepy edible morsels, Hallowe’en-themed chocolates and spookily named concoctions, which often looked better than they tasted.’

pippa's book

Pippa, Pippa, light of my life, fire of my loins ……

The adventures of Edward Gough Whitlam

There’s a line in this song which sums up Australians: ‘From the land that thinks the whole world’s out to get them.’ LOL.

He died today, the briefly seen colossus who bestrode Australia – beauty, bonza cobber – and those were the days I was down there, in the middle of it. Politically exciting if you were a young chap with a Labour inclination, which I was at the time.

If you want the actual bio, The Age will do for starters. The lengthier version, for students of political history and the history of nations, is in the five vids below – worth a look. I’ll summarize below that:

These were heady times – we went to all the demonstrations in Melbourne, including the restaurant Kerr attended by the Yarra River. The whole nation was up in arms and the mood was ugly. I think the reason I was pushed towards Labour was having had socialist teachers – how on earth do those people get their sincecures?…

Christopher Wren

Still on the sailing theme:

rnc greenwich


which translates from Latin as:[12]

Here in its foundations lies the architect of this church and city, Christopher Wren, who lived beyond ninety years, not for his own profit but for the public good. Reader, if you seek his monument – look around you. Died 25 Feb. 1723, age 91.

His obituary was published in the Post Boy No. 5244 London 2 March 1723:[13]

Sir Christopher Wren who died on Monday last in the 91st year of his age, was the only son of
Dr. Chr. Wren, Dean of Windsor & Wolverhampton, Registar of the Garter, younger brother of Dr. Mathew(sic)
Wren Ld Bp of Ely, a branch of the ancient family of Wrens of Binchester in the Bishoprick [sic] of Durham

Legitimate businessmen, part four


Mummy, Daddy, what does money laundering mean?

Well darling, it can mean many things but the idea is to make money without anyone knowing you have.

But that could mean anything.

Yes darling, the most elaborates schemes have been devised.  Trouble is, what smells of laundering might not actually be laundering, if the government of the land says it’s not.

Oh like those American banks which were bankrupt but the regulator said they weren’t and billions of people’s money was given to them as a present?

Not unlike that. Solvent is a word which means whatever those in charge want it to mean. Like insider trading, market manipulation and market rigging.

Well, can you give an example?

Hmmm.  Well, there is a very nice man called Jesse and he runs a financial website and this is what he recently wrote:

Despite sincere efforts by some, the regulators have managed their public awareness responsibilities somewhat awkwardly to say the least.

Stirling Moss 85 today


I was reminded today of the birthday, his 85th, of Stirling Moss, I was fortunate being of a certain age enough to see Stirling in action whilst still young what I saw left a memory of the greatest driver this country has produced.

If you are someone who wants multiple world championships to back up a claim like that, then I can’t oblige, I make that statement on what I saw what he could do with a car that was so much better than his contemporaries.

No one can claim that XY or Z is the best of all time in any sport as there are to many variables to consider, but I never saw the equal of Moss, he is the only driver I have ever seen who could take yards out of a rival actually going round a corner, not into it, not on exit but sheer cornering speed in often inferior machinery I have never seen anyone capable of that on that scale.…

Is this Cliff Richard?

I don’t believe a word of this scurrilous set of allegations, with no documentation offered as proof beyond quick, blurred, far-off shots, below and a naff musical track blasting over it:

No, this is the Cliff we all know, remember and love:

Let’s remember Jimmy and Cliff for all the good they did – after all, the Young Ones would have been nothing without Cliff.…

In defence of the “right bastard”

Wiggia writes:

Peter Hitchens, so often seen by the left as a far right opinionist, and by the right, who aren’t actually of the right as too extreme because he so often makes them squirm at their own incompetence, hits the nail on the head with this piece.

It’s been said many times, especially on this blog but let’s reiterate, that we in this area of political thought, for want of a better term, are forever characterized as right bastards, unfeeling, rough-spoken [possibly true] and dismissive of tolerance, compassion and equality.

“You’re nothing but horrible haters, all of you – you – you – haters!”

Though I disagree with Hitchens on this, in terms of the mountaintop people but in general agree with the sentiments, he writes in what I’d call a refreshing way, devoid of PC humbug and false usage of feelgood expressions.  You can see he comes at this in a rationalist way.…

Thanks for all the Conundrums

George_HW_Bush_Illuminati_Baphomet_HatThere’s no intention, in this post, to go into the claimed details of the original author, either claiming they’re true or not true.

There’s every intention to get into the debunkers and claim they’re sometimes every bit as phony as what they’re making out their target is or at least, if they’re genuine in themselves, their methods are eye-opening for a researcher.

This last is the kindest interpretation.

We could take any topic we like – let’s go for Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien] and the former’s book Thanks for the Memories.

Before 1973, any claim about MK Ultra or even people like Esterbrooks from former years could be met with “your a lunatic”. After 1973 and the Senate Select Committee investigation which established it to have been so, you would have thought that claims about MK Ultra would no longer be questioned.

Yet on the net, certainly around 2006/7, statements about that or Woodpecker, HAARP and so on were attacked by so-called debunkers whom no one ever questioned.…

Norman Cornish 1919 – 2014

Very sad to hear of the death of Norman Cornish who is the last of ‘The Pitmen Painters’

I did a blog post about him in 2011 but it has been lost in NO’s great blog disaster earlier this year but I have rescued it from my own files and it is reprised below.

In order to understand how and why a humble coalminer with very little in the way of formal education would think of taking up painting after retiring from work you should read the post I did about the Pitmen Painters. (The pictures have disappeared from that post also but it is the text which is important)

It was a very different world back then before the two world wars, a world which is completely ignored by historians. It doesn’t fit into their cosy politicised view of history.


Norman Cornish was born in 1919 in Spennymoor, Co.…


Pause for thought from Picdump:


What would Marilyn have looked like today?

Also in 1926:

January 16 – A BBC radio play about a worker’s revolution causes a panic in London.

April 24 – Treaty of BerlinGermany and the Soviet Union each pledge neutrality in the event of an attack on the other by a third party for the next five years.

May 4 – The British General Strike begins at midnight in support of the coal strike.

October 23 - The Fazal Mosque, the first purpose-built in London and the first Ahmadiyya mosque in Britain, is completed.

November 11 – U.S. Route 66 is established.

November 15 The Balfour Declaration is approved by the 1926 Imperial Conference, making the Commonwealth dominions equal and independent.

December 3 – Agatha Christie disappears from her home in Surrey; on December 14 she is found at a Harrogate hotel.