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Marianne has actually gone

lc-marianneLeonard Cohen’s lady has passed on:

“It was a very nice gesture from both of them,” he said.

“Only two days after, she lost consciousness and slipped into death. And when she died, I wrote a letter back to him saying in her final moments I hummed A Bird on the Wire because that was the song she felt closest to.

“And then I kissed her on the head and left the room, and said ‘So long, Marianne’.”

Reflecting on Cohen and Ihlen’s relationship over the years, Mollestad recalled: “What Marianne said was Leonard was the one who loved her for herself, who opened her up and let her feel that she was worth loving, not only because she was beautiful outside, but he really was interested in her.”

Tenth anniversary of Nourishing Obscurity

10th anniversary noThere’ll be just the one post today from me, until evening. It’s essentially about how politics led to N.O.

1. University years

Economics and Politics was my first course, setting the tone for all subsequent activity.

At that time, as with most students, I was influenced by teachers and professors to become Fabian but was a bad one, as I kept asking about the flaws. Bad move.

Still remember a national students convention where the waste of paper was staggering, given that we were meant to be conserving forests. I asked about that and was fobbed off. Found the organizing committee and asked them. They didn’t want to know. Bad move.

That was when the shackles imposed by both sides began to break.

2. 1984

The Micklewhite Job

Some facts:

# As Croker walks through the garage where the Minis are being prepared, viewers hear that “Rozzer’s having trouble with his differential”, and the back of the red Mini Cooper is jacked up where Rozzer is working.

The Marlowe mystery

Christopher_MarloweThis, from Wiki, can only be an abridged version of his life and death but it’s enough to pique interest:

Marlowe attended The King’s School in Canterbury (where a house is now named after him) and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he studied on a scholarship and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1584.[4] In 1587 the university hesitated to award him his Master of Arts degree because of a rumour that he intended to go to the English college at Rheims, presumably to prepare for ordination as a Roman Catholic priest.

However, his degree was awarded on schedule when the Privy Council intervened on his behalf, commending him for his “faithful dealing” and “good service” to the Queen.[5] The nature of Marlowe’s service was not specified by the Council, but its letter to the Cambridge authorities has provoked much speculation, notably the theory that Marlowe was operating as a secret agent working for SirFrancis Walsingham‘s intelligence service.…

Lake Wobegon is gone

Not sure how many know of this over here but Garrison Keilor’s rag-taggy ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ has finally brought down the curtain.

It was one of those rambling affairs I have no way of describing but millions of Americans tuned in. Not the same thing but the same reaction – it was their sort of Goons but more about life’s rich pageant, not unlike Dave Allen.

He’ll be missed.

[H/T Chuckles]…

Libby Holman

[quote]“I always have to break a song over my back … I just can’t sing a song; it has to be part of my marrow and bones and everything …”[/quote]

The exploitation of Jo Cox’s death

Jonathan Isaby at the TPA wrote:

Everyone has been shocked by the horrific killing yesterday of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire. I offer my deepest condolences to her family. She was a wife and a mother to two young children, and few of us can begin to imagine the pain which they will feel at having lost her in such gruesome circumstances.

As a wife and mother, no argument whatsoever. For any family to be torn asunder is an abomination.


Yes, there are caveats, quite vital ones. Many of these have been talked about over social media and I can add little. But there may be some things you’ve not seen. The Purple Scorpion takes up the tale:

We don’t know yet if it was a political murder or not. The suspect evidently has a history of mental problems. His neighbours say he wasn’t political, but he had a gun, and what did he look at on the library computers?