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The Hildebeast’s temper tantrum

It’s important to remember the old adage that when a Leftist throws out an accusation, they’re very likely talking about their own misdeeds. Keep this in mind when you read through Hillary Clinton’s latest missive in The Atlantic magazine. 

Now I’m going to address a criticism – why have I been banging on about this matter and others relating to leftist women for days? When will it end?

It ends with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, when the Hildebeast stops doing it, when those women stop doing this thing. And will they stop or are they so insane that another one of them will come out with something equally as false and damaging and that kicks off a new round of posts?

Remember Michelle Fields?

Because they are NOT going to get away with this hate policy, playing cry rape games, wanting men dead – if we have the goods on them, it’s going to be posted.… More here ...

Why Christine Ford is reticent to appear

“Animal House had nothing on this.”

Question – how can any woman or group of women completely control what goes on inside a house like that one? There is only one way a woman of that kind can ever exert control over a group of men – either she gives favours away selectively or she threatens to cry rape.

I would suggest that at that house, the latter had not yet come into it.  The record does not show it.

This woman, plus Feinstein, have probably set back the cause of women 60 years. No one will believe any woman on any accusation now if all this comes out on Monday.

Women as a whole should be very, very angry about that.

As for crying rape itself

It’s very simple – every cry rape which turns out to be false and is not severely punished is doing the cause of and safety of women a great disservice.… More here ...

Zina Bash

I’d scheduled a “nameday” post for 11 a.m., meaning one of those with five parts, ending with “last but not least” but it’s been put to 13:30 because an issue has come up in the States – aren’t they always coming up [?] and it is intriguing.

For a start, methinks their politics is far more interesting than ours – what have we got – May and Corbyn?  [True we have JRM and Boris.]  And the names, oh the names – we have Dianne Abbott and Emily Pankhurst or Thornberry or whatever she is and they have … Zina Bash!

What a name, what a gal – Jewish Mexicano. Think about that one for a moment.

Anyway, here’s the controversy:

More here ...