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Cummings dies

Nope, not our one of Boris infamy, t’other one: Elijah Cummings dead Rossa’s mother sends this: Hardly nemesis and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, not even Ruthie, Horizontal, Blair, Swinson nor Adonis – still, there it is.

The day closeth

As a rule, he was nae the chirpiest of souls but now and then, in pain-free moments, he could be heard whistling this tune as he went about his business: One hundred and eleven.


Via Rossa’s mother, from Wideawake [Q army]: A quick look at Gr€ta and her masonic cabal ancestry and the people backing her. Here in Europe, we had the ‘joy’ of mk greta for quite some time now. This is the…

Tributes to Bercow and Frawley

This could have been titled The Loved and the Unloved. Let’s deal with Danny Frawley first. An Australian footballer, he would not be the first name tripping off your lips and yet: Not my team, never thought much about…

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Three people in particular interest me either as part of the story or involved in that youtube: # Ben Bradley, WaPo during Watergate, trying to claim Woodstein had cracked the case, whereas it was the FBI. # Cord Meyer, integrally…

Kilgallen revisited

This was my first shot at this topic: … and you’ll notice a now restricted youtube and a missing photo. This was an earlier post, again with photos missing, and it mentions her in the contex of JFK but…