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Is this right?

Katehi, 63, resigned as chancellor last August after months of controversy, culminating with a $1 million, four-month investigation launched by University of California President Janet Napolitano. She was granted a year of paid leave and is scheduled to return as a professor in September.

Katehi’s new nine-month salary as a distinguished professor, when annualized, is equivalent to the $424,000 annual amount she received as chancellor, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday. The salary was determined by the engineering department, according to university officials.

Katehi can earn additional money from work on extramural grants or through summer teaching, Hexter wrote in his letter.

Last year, she initially drew criticism for accepting a board seat from for-profit DeVry Education Group while it was under federal investigation for allegedly misleading students. She later came under fire when The Bee reported she spent heavily on image-enhancing firms to boost her reputation after the 2011 pepper-spraying of student protesters by campus police.… More here ...

Beefy and the BBC bird


During the interview, Botham regularly interrupted Burden, accused her of ‘having an agenda’ and told her to ‘stop listening to people like Chris Packham’.

One commenter:

Beefy should have known that everything under the sun has to be audited against a stringent set of right-on, metropolitan, liberal-luvvie standards. That’s what really, really matters to the BBC.

My comment on Beefy versus the snowflakes is that one of them is an achiever:

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Betty Shannon

Women, especially dead ones, can’t control how they’re used for posterity’s own ends. There are clearly living ones [and the male wusses with them] who are doing women no favours at all.

I’m referring to this mania for attributing to women today prime or sole place for discoveries of the past.

Truth was that the backroom boys and gals did deserve much credit, sometimes an equal share as in the case of Hedi Lamarr, but when the journo slants it such that the woman has done most of it and no one else is of consequence, then it has a certain effect on the reader, particularly if he’s male and particularly if he’s had it up to here with this woman equality rubbish.

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Godfrey Elfwick

The Twittersphere has lost a favourite son, Godfrey Elfwick. Posing as a nerd, dork, lefty-greenie, he had people fooled for some time. Once Twitter PTB worked out he was taking the p*** out of leftism, Our Godfrey was banned, wasn’t he?

An Archangel looked at his finest moment.


I’m showing solidarity with Britain’s homeless by eating a quince salad. if they can survive on low calories, so can I!

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Louise Mensch

It was a very good point about positivity and its affect on staying alive, on a project and so on.

There is the opposite case and that is being positive towards an idiot with a platform [some might include me here].

In this case, it’s a woman who was an MP, has now left the country and spews out insanity from America. Sadly for her and fortunately for us, hardly anyone listens or heeds.

It’s entitled Louise Mensch’s Destructive Fantasies and that’s the whole point. If one is a libertarian, fantasies in general are not our business – she can sit in a corner and mutter forever.

But the operative word here is Destructive.… More here ...