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Annette takes us out

This will be my last jazz post for a while using searches. I’ve found that I’m now repeating myself over and over and am struggling to find new pieces … though the music of course is fine.

So, it will be Annette this evening [if only she were speaking about us personally]:

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Tom Petty

Bit at a loss what to say about Tom Petty – most pundits are eulogizing:

… and he’s not ‘alf bad:

I’m sure he made some great social commentary and was appreciated by musos, so the fact that I didn’t really get into Tom Petty is neither here nor there. Various comments from the boys:… More here ...

Should Torvill and Dean be knighted?

There’s been a suggestion that they should.

However, as you’d gather, there are those who’d suggest that many others should come before them, that entertainers/sportsmen should not be included or if they should, then what about John Surtees?

John Surtees never got one despite being the only man in the world to ever win both motorcycle and F1 world championships…..a feat unlikely to ever be repeated and also with his charity work with his Henry Surtees Foundation…. and then they gave them to the likes of Wiggins, Peter Bazalgette who created the vile big brother, Holmes, Forsyth, Ferguson… I could go on and on….so no….they don’t really deserve one…neither do those above…..

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Lesser Dotted Pippa spotted

There’ve been reports of a sighting of the Lesser Dotted Pippa buying the makings of a birthday card for hubby.

Pippa watchers were excited but apparently it was not just a card involved, there was also a cake.

Supposedly from her book:

“When serving the birthday cake, it is best to cut it into slices and place the individual slices on plates.”


“When presenting the birthday cake to the recipient, it is best to use a minimum of one candle, so the individual celebrating their birthday can blow it out. Lighting the candle first makes the wish extra special.”


There’s been some suggestion that these excerpts, via Harriet of Toronto, are apocryphal and symptomatic of an all too frequent element of cruelty in what passes for ‘humour’ these days.… More here ...