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1. Taking that protest to the source:

Remember that guy who bashed his BMW M6 with a sledgehammer outside the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2013, only to repair it and beat it up again outside the Geneva show the following year?

Well, clearly not convinced that BMW has learned any lessons in the interim, the car basher is back, this time setting fire to a newly acquired E65 7 Series right in front of BMW’s headquarters in Munich.

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1. Think he just about has this one nailed:

2. You’ve seen the sort of thing before:

I came to recognise various signs of a bad paper: the kind of paper that purports to show that people who eat more than one kilo of broccoli a week were 1.17 times more likely than those who eat less to suffer late in life from pernicious anaemia. There is a great deal of this kind of nonsense in the medical journals which, when taken up by broadcasters and the lay press, generates both health scares and short-lived dietary enthusiasms.

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Via haiku, a tale of riches to rags:

When we bought our Ethereum mining rig, our plans for early retirement and yacht parties were drawn up that week.

Unfortunately, we may have overestimated our potential returns – and now our web developer has a beach house in Mexico he cannot afford to make repayments on.

Our rig sports six Aorus Radeon RX 580 4GB cards, which kicked serious butt when our operation started in June.

Our unit – which is running Windows 10 and Claymore – connects to the mining pool. It achieves an average hash rate of between 140MH/s to 150MH/s.

This was great a few months ago, when the rig was earning 3.3 Ethereum per month – which worked out to $850.

Unfortunately, our returns have diminished somewhat in recent weeks – and we are currently sitting at 0.7 Ethereum per month (just over $200 at the time of writing).

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1. Tessa May … then again, she may not:

Mrs May declared that what she had in common with the Prime Minister of Canada (the “shared values” between the United Kingdom and Canada) were a belief in the use of the power of international government to “empower women” (i.e. stupid Frankfurt School of Marxism stuff – which Mrs May is too ignorant to know is from the Frankfurt School of Marxism), and the desire to work with internet companies to stamp out “hateful” and “extreme” “opinions” – in short the same Fascist (and I mean the word “Fascist” literally – government getting private companies to help crush dissent) agenda Mrs May has had since she was Home Secretary.

And if anyone things the target of this censorship campaign will be Islam they are a fool – the target is far more likely to be (indeed already is) people who OPPOSE Islam, which Mrs May (like the demented Prime Minister of Canada) thinks is a “religion of peace”, “distorted” by a few “extremists”.

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Messy day today, various obligations, so I can’t see any more blogging happening till evening [probably a late quiz], though I’ll check for comments when possible.

Tomorrow evening is the autumnal equinox around 21:00 and then Nibiru supposedly snuffs us all out on Saturday the 23rd. Fun time coming up.

Meanwhile, here’s this:

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