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1. Remember: 2. Epic level virtue signalling: 3. Subject of choice: 4. Was looking at the ball tampering incidnets and one comenter wrote: As Yoda might say of David Warner: “The convict is strong in this one.” 5.…


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Monday too

1. Just a few protesters, said the MSM: 2. Some more Open Road: 3. Cat ladies are the worst affected:


1. Quislings: 2. Getting California’s next crisis ready: 3. Oh dear: 4. Beastly burgers: 5. So, no different to any other modern charity then? 6. Oh dear again: Doesn’t it sometimes seem like almost every…

Manipulation of searches

Only three posts until Dearieme’s jazz evening, this is the third. Here: I was involved in the internal decisions involving James Damore’s memo, and it’s terrible what we did to him … To quell dissent, we: told executives to write…


1. Never more true than today: 2. Hate it when that happens: 3. Tech triple whammy from haiku:


1. Burn the witch: 2. We see Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’s wife is leaving him. With a neighbour, presumably. 3. This link will lead you to pleasures unknown: 4. Another white supremacy thingy: 5. We shall not smile,…