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Header madness

S’pose I’d best explain all this. I’m trying to build up a small stock of good header pics I can change every two weeks, only up to about 8 so far.

To tick all the boxes it needs to tick, I have to see it in situ for a few days, across the devices, see how it “sits” and then try another in the queue.

If something in it is wrong, I need to edit it, if it just doesn’t cut it, I need to ditch it – have looked at thousands so far.… More here ...


1. It appears that the accordion music of late did not rub three listeners up the right way:

2. Politicised award shows are polarising viewers – we know that, they don’t, they tank:… More here ...


1. Appropriate for Sunday, the bean puzzle tombstone:

In rural Rushes Cemetery, one headstone stands out from the rest. Rather than the usual RIP, the Bean grave marker is etched with a crossword code. A message below the code urges, “Reader meet us in heaven.”

2. One to add to our pizzagate meme:

3. The lowdown on the first calculating machine:… More here ...


1. Saving New Yorkers on their roads – is tht such a good thing though, the way they vote and protest?

2. Think this explains itself:

3. Just one look at the blurb should be enough:

A group of modern women are going back in time to the 60s, 70s and 80s to work and live through three decades of British factory life and learn how an unsung army of female workers took on …


4. From Rossa’s mother, again it explains itself:

5. Think this one explains itself too:

6. And this one also:

7. Last but not least, when things go wrong, always blame the spiders:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]… More here ...


1. The clocks will go back one hour on Sunday, October 28 2018 at 2 a.m. [UK]. Also:

2. Chuckles’s point was that spelling does not affect how a plane flies but I felt that it might still be a good idea to go through a checklists just the same:

3. Can’t really blame them:… More here ...