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Wednesday too

12. Interesting 11.  Gaming thingy 10. Bucko on Priti It’s bleedin obvious what [still the majority of] people want, so get on with your damn job:


5. There’s always the sun The sun is a major factor in killing off the London Bubble doom and gloom which I confess to doing too much of as well – get out to those beer gardens, get down to…

Tuesday too

12.  Yes, we’re all individuals 11. It’s in the url 10.  Went down to Georgia


6.  This dinosaur raised her head again 5. Bollox The assumptions are what ruined education in the 70s. 4.  Bad neighbourhood – real bad


6.  Congrats to that half of America … supporting their nation [not DemRats, not RINOs] on their Memorial Day Monday: Enjoy the beach, weather should be ok. To us over here – enjoy the final day of the bank holiday…