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Monday too

1. Apparently this [sitting in a chair] has upset the left:

2. Courtesy Rossa’s mother:

Furthermore, since when does Reuters, infamous for using non-accredited news stringers worldwide, get to decide who is a reporter and who is not? Tommy’s “credentials” would stand up well against those of Reuters’ boys and girls. Tommy Robinson has often been a lone voice raised against Islam’s depredations in his beloved country; who better to report on the story than one of the leading voices crying out for justice?

3. It’s in the url:

4. And again:

5. Go on, admit it, you want one:

6. Last but not least, be careful running polls:

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1. A sodding story:

I was in my yard too last year when I had the sodding heart attack.

2. URL says it all:

3. Observatory for human wrongs?

4. Those ancient tools again:

5. Similar vein – better up the haruspication:

6. Last but not least, food for thought:

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Just some quick ones.

1. Diesel is not dead:

There’s At Least One Diesel Hatchback That Can Beat a New M5 in a Drag Race

2. I’ve nothing to add to these, follow the links:

Can you stand the excitement?

3. N.O. recommends you check your kitchen and bathroom cupboards NOW!
4. A survivalist topic, might be a good read for you:

5. Bezos must be a bit short this month:

6. Habeas corpus – Palestinian refugees:

7. Serious enough topic:

Might come back to that one.

8. Last but not least, not fit for purpose springs to our minds at N.O.:

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And while we’re at it, did you notice all that toxic masculinity bringing those kids to safety in Thailand?

2. If we disappear into a black hole, you know who to blame:

3. Laughable:

4. Get your new drivetrain today:

5. Now here’s a real zoom, not one of those piddly things:

6. Last but not least:

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1. Oh no, that’s really going to ruin us for 18 minutes:

2. All about the gaps between words – fascinating for those fascinated by such things:

3. Now a Jewish SpaceX, oy veh:

4. Boer farmers start their latest trek:

Too many Mussies in Oz?

5. The Donald loves his pardons [plus insulting Merkel and May]:

6. I just can’t run more posts today, given the RL things and the game this evening. This will be the last one until the game.

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