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Quite rare for me to remove a published post but the one on women raping a man in South Africa [news article] has been removed as I expressed sentiments of cynicism that a woman could rape a man.

Re-reading comments, seems there are ways but it’s a nasty topic anyway … so I deleted the post.… More here ...

Sunday too

1. Westminster interracial porn:

2. The best comedy has a touch of the anarchic:

3. Via haiku, well worth a read concerning the mindless, relentless pursuit of evil, thinking it’s somehow good:… More here ...


A word about the use of screenshots, as against text.

A blogger – that’s what I primarily am and readers come for some detail, which Twitter does not give.  However, Twitter does allow graphics which sometimes sum it up better than any number of words – there are enough words on this site to sink a ship.… More here ...

Ghost of Michelle Fields past

Remind you of anyone, ladies and gentlemen?

A reporter who was a firsthand witness to an incident late Wednesday involving Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte and a reporter for the Guardian now admits she may have misstated some details of her initial story.

Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs claimed Gianforte, locked in a hotly contested special election for Congress, body-slammed him and broke his glasses at a campaign event Wednesday. Local authorities have brought misdemeanor assault charges against Gianforte.

The other side of it.  Fox was there and said that that’s not how it happened at all:

Gianforte’s press secretary, Shane Scanlon, said that as the candidate “was giving a separate interview in a private office,” Jacobs “entered the office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg’s face and began asking badgering questions.”

And the pretty babe it reminded me of?

… aggressively tried to force me to the ground … [Michelle Fields on Corey Lewandowski]

Take your pick of urls on it, e.g.:… More here ...