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1. The final solution: 2. Yep, Meathead Phillips would support primary children being taught how to be gay: 3. Hitting the non-union jobs first: Ford’s layoffs are similar to white-collar job cuts rival General Motors (GM) announced in November, but GM’s cuts were…


1. Par for the course: No ethics, no shame, no sportsmanship, do anything they like because the regulators are also bought. 2. Haiku finds this hysterically funny:

Grumpy Ole Cat

By now, all of you would have heard of the sad passing of our old friend on the net: The one I like the most has shades of Marvin to it, and Eeyore: I had fun once. It was awful.…


1. Peak climate hysteria: 2. Another waste of bleedin’ time when there’s no need for it: We love how it ‘delicately picks the tomato, then drops it 2 feet onto a conveyor…


1. More of the same going on: 2. Not very good at what they do: 3. Same as all narratives:


1. A reminder for today: 2. Epic level narrative: 3. Not what you’d expect from the Woke: