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1. Anyway, the net’s closing in on the Clintons:

2. Bureaucrats at work:

The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’ Internal MTA documents show everything we thought we knew about subway delays was wrong

3. Now they’re getting heavy – we just won’t accept their BS:

Guardian: Bolshevik “Petrograd Revolution” Required to Overthrow Climate Complacency

4. Don’t think it’s even necessary to quote from this one, the url says it all:

5. Suffer the little children – everything except the right answer, eh?

6. Lastly, this one is in the url too but worth a read:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]… More here ...


1. We’ve probably had enough of the Russian rubbish but Chuckles sends this:

… and haiku this: The armaments articles were also interesting:

2. Wasn’t a fan of Hawkings:

3. Kaspersky says:… More here ...

The tyranny of the telephone

Haiku quoted this:

These concerns are precisely why I don’t use my smartphone to anything like its full potential, because even though we’re no longer children or teenagers, I’ve seen too many of my adult friends become slaves to their smartphones.

I use no social media apps on mine at all, not even Blogger; I don’t use the phone as a Web browsing device except for urgent need; and I frequently don’t carry it at all, preferring to leave it at home where I’m not constantly tethered to it.

If someone needs me, they can send a text or leave a voicemail message, and I’ll respond as and when I get it. I don’t have to be at others’ beck and call all day, every day. I’d regard that as extremely unhealthy . . . but then, I’m something of a dinosaur, I suppose. I still value my privacy.

He allows voicemail on his phone and responds to it?… More here ...