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Tuesday too

1. There ya go: Extinction Rebellion founder @gailbradbrook was arrested today for climbing on top of the entrance of the Department of Transport and trying to smash glass panels with a hammer. via @MailOnline — Vicky (@2tweetaboutit) October 15, 2019…

Tuesday [corruption special]

Again, sorry – an awful lot of tweets today, plus things in RL need attending to, wish there were more time, blogging will be intermittent at best. 1. The state of parliament: Who needs to prorogue Parliament when you have…


1. Anna brings home the bacon: Ilhan Omar’s next husband in training…🤣 — Joe C (@foghrnLeghrn810) October 13, 2019 2. The wnakery is strong in these companies:

October 14th

10. Laze and Gem, I’m going to curtail this format now – it suits the weekend doings when people can check in as and when but during the week, certain topics need to be taken in isolation – the Queen’s…

Weekend live [3]

10. Ted Lewis. One commenter mentioned, regarding the first youtube: ‘Not from “Is Everybody Happy’ (a lost film, I think), but The Show of Shows the same year:’

Weekend live [2]

10. From Chuckles: 9. This is worth posting on, if only because Microdave has sent it but before that, some background. You may or may not know it’s been raining near incessantly here but we do get spells without it. …