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1. Well look who we have here: Opinion: Malta is a wake-up call — TheMadNumismatist (@DMadNumismati) December 3, 2019 2. Speaking of AI:

Strange sort of friendship

Coming up for air around 4:10 a.m., just had a quick look at the ‘news’ such as it is – it’s rubbish, but just before clicking out, I saw this women’s talk thing at the Telegraph: It took me over…

Weekend post [4]

40.  This was supplied by Chuckles who most likely saw the comment about no music this evening – bizarre choice by an engineer. Actually, the choice is uncanny as there is one lady through the week, connected to an older…

Weekend post [3]

30. This sums up the direction things are going: One part of society hellbent on some apocalyptic dystopia, the rest of us first angry, then dazed and helpless. As planned. 29. Same thing again – incompetence and bureaucratic laws combined:…