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Thursday too

14. R.I.P. Dame Vera Lynn 13.  Chuckles points out … that really stupid people should keep rather quiet, lest: No, those are the deaths caused by your response to the virus. 12. What do we do 11.  Regulation article on…

Wednesday too

14.  And so it continues 13. Cumberland sausages I do like to precook the bangers first so they don’t go off: Anything exciting at your end?

Tuesday too

14. Awwww – sweet 13. A long, rambling read … on hostile people: 12.  Worst pension


7. What could possibly be … in Tulsa on June 20th? 6.  How many decades have we been saying this? 5. What do we do

Striking a balance

The actual situation out there need not be gone over yet again – this pretty well sums it up: What I’d like to address instead is the distressing of people. Given that psy-ops involves just that – demoralising the…