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Time ran out

20:00 – Sorry but another 24 hour hiatus – just ran out of time [RL impinges] and don’t want to put up a post for the sake of it, without some sort of preparation and checking.


Not too sure how much blogging can be done just now.   Am in the middle of an online course at the moment and am cream-crackered at the end of the day.   I can get access to comments on the site…


Home.  Bumper day but cold.  Knackered.   Two bits of new music in today – thanks Dearieme and JD, pizza, bed, shall post tomorrow morning.

Quick ones

1. Fears grow for British boy, 12, who has not been seen for 48 hours after lone bike ride on stormy French island I’d be worried too with Hallowe’en High Day coming up. Don’t let children go out alone at…


Shorter version this week – just as caustic. 1. ‘If you’re on your phone, you won’t be served’: Well-mannered shop bans customers on their mobiles If someone keeps mobiling when they’re with me, that’s the last I’ll have to do…