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A gîte in a corner of France

I’d like to introduce to you a blog I’ve discovered or rather, which discovered us.     It’s Mark in Mayenne’s A Corner of France and it’s a nice, gentle take on things French. Yes, there is a commercial aspect…

My side of an email conversation

There’s a standard item of netiquette that one should never, ever divulge other people’s email conversations, either in full or part and it’s low when someone does that, let alone making the other person wary of writing again. With Chuckles…


The “Others say” page has been updated with new comments in the light of Sane Suzie’s thoughts today on yours truly.  Regarding that insanity, Microdave has this:


This morning I received five comments in the queue from two people, both women. ……….. I have a statement to make on it. One was from a former supposed enemy and the other a former supposed friend. The supposed enemy…