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6.  It’s not the same thing 5. More and more and more vs 4.  More modelling

Saturday too

14. Everything under control 13.  Think on’t Some believe our intellectual betters should be able to censor the internet. They don’t know nearly as much as they think they do. 12. Why we must leave


6.  Similar vein to 5 Beyond the joke, there is the concern that this is how supermarkets around the world are doing it – I presume this is American.  How come my own supermart has dots on the floor?  Why…


6.  No partying with Diane Abbott 5.  Important 4.  Another of this plethora of coincidences

Wednesday three

18. Toque raises a good point Not that I have any plans on dying, but I do really like this headstone. — Toque (@gaf_young) May 12, 2020 17.  Artificial ‘intelligence’

Wednesday too

12.  Birdseye’s got nuffink on her 11. Pictures I’m not keen to run At least, I’m keen to run them but it would be wrong, as they are the centrepieces of another blogger’s post, so better to just link: