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Seven wonders

I have to report that I regressed a bit today, healthwise, with new pains in the chest. This time I have a bag packed and emergency spray, so let’s see.

One of the side effects is breathing and energy and at this moment there are two posts scheduled early tomorrow and that’s it.  It may be it too, so assume there’ll not be a lot tomorrow.

As I haven’t prepared a quiz, let’s just run with a tricky one – name the seven wonders of the ancient world.  Anyone can do four or five – what about the final ones?… More here ...

Know these?

1. Which came first – the web or email?
2. What’s the Dvorak layout?
3. Domain name reg was free until when?
4. What was special about RAMAC in 1956?
5. Which device did Douglas Engelbart and Bill English invent?
6. The Lukyanov computer ran on tubes filled with ____.
7. Between August/October 1999, Jonathan James did what?… More here ...

Dependence Day [3]

Parts one, two and three.

In this final part, lessons learned play a big part.

[Missing hospital so much, I’ve made up my own hospital bed with airbed, cushions and pillows]

Over and over and over, the advice came up – it can happen to anyone, act quickly, don’t consider you’re too healthy for it.  Plus there are no certainties in any procedure.  Plus treat people as you’d like to be treated.

For me personally – the fact that Tuesday was Dependence Day, the day when I became dependent on the state for my very life – if those drugs through my GP stop, then I’m literally dead, whereas before, I was fairly independent.

The last night at the first hospitalMore here ...

Dependence Day [2]

Parts one, two and three.

The last part mentioned an Agustina and what was really impressive was how she and the others worked. In fact there was a second one named Danielle who was English with a French name – itself an interesting topic and we got onto the foreign nurses and how hard they work.

When I mentioned that she did too, she said maybe … but then there were the Spanish [conspiratorial, sheepish look]. I didn’t dispute the origin because she wasn’t to know I knew the other was from Agrigento in Sicily and had Argentinian in her but that’s by-the -by.

Anyway, girls talk and next thing I know this Agustina appears, vigorously shaking my hand, the one with the needle sticking out of the wrist and though it was agony – have you ever shaken hands with an effusive Spaniard – this combined agony and pleasant company seemed to be the order of the day.… More here ...

Dependence Day [1]

Parts one, two and three.

Most readers of N.O. have had turns and then procedures – let’s just say I’m catching up, having never had anything like this before.

By “this”, I mean not just the event but the whole NHS hospital scene. In 1987, I stayed one night in an American services hospital near Exmouth – lower back issue. In 1989, I broke my wrist bobsledding in Finland and was kept some nights. That’s it. Some people seem to have lived half their lives in hospitals and know all the ways and wherefores.

So with this third visit, there were two things going on – the event itself and then a grand time getting into hospital life and writing notes on same.

The event itself

The docs called it a “heart event” so let’s run with that. What sets it apart from many who’ve had similar is that, for political reasons, I have firewalls and other security measures to prevent people getting to me.… More here ...