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Bliss [three kind gentlemen]

From Wiggia:

North Norfolk coast, Burnham Overy Staithe, this is Nelson country he was born a couple of miles away at Burnham Thorpe, this is one of the few places that have not been changed too much with tourism and it has the only free car parking area on the foreshore along this stretch.

The white and black building in the middle is the old boat house and it still is, so many boats around the back of these buildings waiting to go out, every back yard has one.

north norfolk

From Amfortas:…

A slice of inner Melbourne

May I commend this to your attention – I was looking for football and found this little vignette above.

It’s a slice of chic inner Melbourne life in the reclaimed rough areas and you can see that in the street scenes. Two friends of mine, not short of a quid or two, lived in such a place – very, very narrow terrace house but it extends a long way back into the property, and out the back is usually a square of grass for morning tea.…

Saturday quiz

1. Who has more call to be regarded as father of modern chemistry – Rutherford, Einstein, Lavoisier or C.V. Raman [also father of the modern CV]?

2. Atomic radius of the elements decreases or increases as one moves across from left to right in the 2nd period of the periodic table?

3. Rare gases are mono atomic, di atomic or tri atomic?

4. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chorate or polyvinyl chloroform?

5. Which of these is used to try to make rain: copper oxide, carbon monoxide, silver iodide or silver nitrate?

6. Which is used in preparing dynamite – glycerol, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol or triglycerine alcohol?

7. Calcium sulphate is known as epsom salts, blue vitriol, gypsum salt or potash alum?…