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Baron von M√ľnchhausen [sic]

Numbers with the property that the sum of their digits raised to themselves equals the number itself might be best explained with an example:


Your challenge, dear eggheads, is to give the next one up.…

Whipped cream report


Since the beginner’s luck of the first whipped cream Chez Higham, there have been two abject failures.

In the first, I poured the cream into a bowl and whipped and whipped and whipped and all it did was create bubbles. Nice bubbles at that but … bubbles.

Last evening, brought home some double cream again and had another attempt. Failure. Checked out advice online and they say everything must be cold and that even whipping heats up the cream. Going back to the first time it worked, it had been sitting in a metal saucepan of cold water, not having a fridge ‘n all.

Uh huh. I transferred to a glass bottle and left it overnight in the metal pan again. Now, theoretically, it should have warmed up a bit, not refrigerated but the night must have been cold enough and transferred itself to the metal pan, then glass bottle.…