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Take four copies of the number 1234. Re-arrange the digits in each number so that the four numbers add up to 9000.

For example:


Your task, of course, is to rearrange each line so that the four lines add up to 9000. [END]…

Circus of the fifties

The right calibre of staff?  For example:

Victoria Zacchini the human cannon ball lady c.1955. Victoria was actually Agnes O’Toole from Liverpool who emigrated to America to become a nanny. She made a good living working with Ringling Brothers and Barnum Circus for six years. Of course she only had to work for just five seconds a day. She appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1957. Although it seems she must have impersonated the real Victoria Zacchini part of a famous family of human cannonball acts and who actually created the stunt.

And another thing …

Tales of the road:


The long and winding road, the thrill of the long journey, something I’ll probably not experience again, stuck behind lorries and that infernal transport ahead, with no lay-bys for miles.  Ah yes, stick to boats – the thrill of the canal congestion, twenty boats banked up, waiting to go through the lock … 🙂…

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