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1. To which craft does this refer and who was President at the time of launch?

They are so far away that their signals now reach the Earth with a power twenty billion times feebler than a digital watch. So long has their journey been that, despite being launched by an obsolete ballistic missile designed for impact rather than economy, they have averaged a miserly 30,000 miles per gallon.
They have passed through radiation belts strong enough to wither a living creature, and returned enough data to encode 6,000 sets of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

2. Can rocks grow?
3. Which body takes 687 Earth days to go around the sun?
4. What is an ablative heat shield?
5. What does ADSL actually mean?
6. If mega is a millionfold, giga a billion, tera a trillion, what is quadrillionfold?
7. We know the dromedary camel – what’s the other type called?
8. What’s the line between the numerator and denominator called?… More here ...

Musical quiz


1. Allegretto is faster than what and slower than what?

2. If Baroque is seen as the musical period from about 1600 – 1750, what came immediately before and after it?

3. If ‘adagio’ is slow, leisurely, what are ‘grave’ and ‘ritardando’ respectively?

4. Who composed ‘Die Fledermaus’ and what does it mean in English?

5. In which composition did a percussionist need to drop a tambourine absolutely flat on the floor, so it did not roll? Which classical composer made this unreasonable demand? … More here ...


This might seem a tongue-in-cheek attempt at humour but I’m actually half-serious. What is an addiction? Is it not the inability to leave something alone for very long?

Also, need it be all the time? For example, you might have an addiction to seeing the full moon. These below, in alphabetical order, are some of my worst addictions:


I can easily walk past unopened chocolate but come coffee time or if it is just lying there on the bench, open and asking to be eaten … I have very great difficulty stopping.… More here ...