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Boy’s own questions

We’ve said before that this is often a very good site and this post is no exception:

Victorian and Edwardian boys could send confidential questions to the Boy’s Own Paper and look for responses in the “Answers to Correspondents” column:

  • “We are not sure of the colour of the South-Eastern Railway Carriages. The paint is rarely visible owing to the thick covering of dirt by which it is concealed.” (July 28, 1888)
  • “Your insect was smashed in the post, but we have identified the fragments as those of Cetonia aurata, the common rose-beetle. Next time you send us a specimen, put it in a box.”
  • “You cannot safely treat rupture yourself.” (July 1888)
  • “It is extremely unlikely that Victor Hugo would ever answer any of your letters, even if we forwarded them. He has been dead quite some years.”


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Try these

1. What special event happened in Britain on September 3rd, 1752?
2. We know of the dromedary – what’s the other one?
3. In which US state did the Wright brothers first fly?
4. What’s the CAT in CAT-scan stand for?
5. What is Zulu time?
6. What spacecraft first landed softly on the moon?
7. Which element has atomic number 2? … More here ...

Englisc ultracrepidarianism

1. Why must you not name a boggart?
2. What was it about those born in the chime hours?
3. What did the harvest do to the spirit of the corn?
4. Where is Drake’s drum?
5. When should you call out rabbit, rabbit, rabbit?
6. What day was Oak Apple Day? What was it for?
7. Where would you see well dressing?… More here ...