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You might call them pickled cucumbers or even pickles – in Britain I know them as gherkins – but Chuckles has been at it with his good lady:

Now, I’ll try to find my notes on it all and I know Toodles is somewhere in here about pickles too.  I said:

You’re turning eastern European in your old age.

… to which Chuckles replied:… More here ...


If Labour rebels hadn’t stepped in tonight, our own 12 Remain rebels would have lost us that vote, 3rd reading would have been pulled, a confidence vote called tomorrow if that lost, a general election vote. That’s how dangerous a game the Con remainers are playing. [Nadine Dorries]More here ...

Dental state of play

Have just spoken directly with the dentist and things are moving along in bureaucratic Britain – three or four days for the emergency extraction rather than the mooted August 8th.

It is insane.  She needs to write a letter to my heart specialist, get a written reply, then send another regarding the new law about antibiotics having to be taken no matter what now – the process is around two weeks – again I stress, for an emergency same day job.

This is not my own dentist by the way – the one who actually knows my history – my own can’t see me.  So I’ve just been re-explaining my dental history to a dentist.  Ah, you might cleverly point out – don’t they have records, X-Rays etc.?

They do but that’s not legal in the EU now.  So there are four people involved, aside from me – my dentist, this dentist, my GP, my heart specialist and all must have mailed each other and be happy first. … More here ...

Strange music facts

1. Rossini wrote the aria ‘Di tanti palpiti’ while waiting for some [xxxx] in a Venice restaurant.

2. The song [xxxx] was composed by Gregorio Allegri during the reign of Pope Urban VIII, probably during the 1630s for use in the Sistine Chapel. At some point, it became forbidden to transcribe the music and it was allowed to be performed only at some particular services, thus adding to the mystery surrounding it. Writing it down or performing it elsewhere was punishable by excommunication. The 14-year-old Mozart listened to the piece two times, transcribed it from memory, and produced the first unauthorized copy of the song.

3. Which conductor was born in a house adjoining a laxative factory founded by his grandfather?

4. [xxxx] won a sight reading piano competition by turning his sheet music upside down, playing it, then improvising on one of its themes for thirty minutes.

5. Actor Mel Brooks was a combat engineer during the Battle of the Bulge.… More here ...

Bastille Day doings

The game

16:53: It’s over, thank goodness.
16:46: Belgium are a real hazard.
16:37: Just not finishing.
16:15: Rashford/Lingard at last, why now?
15:50: Half time: all three subs needed.
15:42: Not good.
15:30: Sterling playing for Belgium.
15:19: England 60% possession though, like a Leave lead.
15:15: Second string defence, no Henderson.
15:04: Oh, brilliant.
15:00: Kickoff.


“[Those] attending a ‘Welcome Trump’ protest on Saturday will march from the US Embassy in Nine Elms to Whitehall, where organisers say they intend to join a ‘free Tommy Robinson’ rally.”

Not sure what time all this kicks off.… More here ...