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Know your science

1. How many astronauts crewed the Gemini series of spacecraft?
2. Name anything that happened in Britain on September 3rd, 1752.
3. Truth, beauty, strange, charm, up and down are types of what?
4. What does Cytology study?
5. Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of what?
6. The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves what function?
7. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named what?… More here ...

More countries [quiz]

Can’t think of anything better:

1. Extremely high biodiversity, vast majority live in northern cities, drastic increases in poverty, disease, child mortality, malnutrition, and crime, globally it seeks a “multi-polar” world, a person is murdered every 21 minutes.

2. Now also third world, history of demagogues and destruction, lost all its colonies, currently being overrun, even as the leadership wants to take over the world again, PMI numbers show output continue to shrink.

3. Drinking from its river will give you bilharzia, protests can occur at any time but most often on Fridays, westerners killed, raped and sexually assaulted in crowds [Gov.UK warning] UN estimate road accidents 16,000 deaths in 2011.

4. Much petty crime, likely terror attacks, PCist government, healthcare exorbitant cost, active earthquake zone, forest fires, tornadoes, one coast has a danger of tsunamis, multiculturalism official in 1971.

5. Gangs include children, must pay ‘Rovinieta’ to use roads, low terrorist threat, visited by Farage, homosexuality not welcome, largely a cash economy, based on services, producer and net exporter of machines and electric energy.… More here ...


1. Who’s just had parliamentary immunity removed in order to allow trumped up charges to be brought?

2. Who’s at the centre of a row over Islamic Christmas cards?

3. Who just threw some pellets at fish if CNN is to be believed?

4. Which major pollie just said there is no innocence until proven guilty if they’re politicians?

5. What’s the supposed time and date of Brexit?

6. What is the ICIJ?

7. Who’s the US judge the establishment is trying to take down?… More here ...