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Indy Jones puzzle

Indy Jones is trapped in a tomb. The only way to escape is to figure out a 13 character password. Only these five clues are available to him.

# Precisely two of the statements below are false.
# The password is confined within this sentence.
# The password is not in this hint.
# The password is inside only one of these statements.
# At least one of the above statement is a lie.

What is the password?… More here ...

Earth quiz

1. What makes thunder?

If you thought, “Lightning!” then hats off to you. But I had a more illuminating answer in mind. The air around a lightning bolt is superheated to about five times the temperature of the sun. This sudden heating causes the air to expand faster than the speed of sound, which compresses the air and forms a shock wave; we hear it as thunder.

2. Can rocks grow?… More here ...

Different strokes

Every so often, old trusties do break down, as was the case with the old Philips triple-head – the new Euro model just arrived.

Which got me to thinking how people do this job. For a while, I had the old type brush and the shaving stick but after a while, soapy water did the trick reasonably well. Still think the blade razor is needed every so often, hygienically but the electric does the day to day.

All you chaps and chapesses who can lay bare your system – how do you go about it?… More here ...

Boolean puzzle

A mate was saying yesterday that the answers can be found online of course but what’s the point?  The pleasure is in pitting yourself against the obscurity and we nourish obscurity here.… More here ...

Two topics

1. All power to NZ, I say:

“We were joking with them that it was a bit like being young again at an American holiday camp,” said Jenny Nuku, treasurer of the Maori community center, called Te Puea Marae. “They all were laughing.”

While the alternative accommodation made for a unique cultural experience, it illustrates how New Zealand’s tourism boom is stretching infrastructure to breaking point. With 3.5 million short-term arrivals last year — 480,000 more than had been projected only two years earlier — a lack of capacity may end up harming the nation’s biggest foreign exchange earner.

Tell you what – I’d prefer that to a bleedin’ all-the-same hotel.

2.  This man running a mobile laundry service for the homeless:

Powers started the program, which he dubbed Loads of Love, last year after seeing a YouTube video about Orange Sky Laundry. According to its website, the Australian nonprofit was founded in 2014 as “the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless.”

Who would do such a thing?  Ah:

A devout Christian, he wanted to shift from discussing the teachings of the church to living them out by helping others.

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