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Earth tremors are not unknown around our way – maybe every month or so and the building rocks a little. Plus there is a neighbour who does something involving dropping a heavy object, e.g. a bed, quite often [or falling out of one]. Haven’t nailed this one yet and it’s usually just the once per day.

So it was a surprise to read about a 4.4 quake today because I thought, around 3 p.m., that the tremor was a bit larger than normal. There was a bit of the old up and down going on of the building on its foundations.

Did the … er … the earth move for you?… More here ...

Try these

1. How many nostrils do we have?
2. Tallest mountain on earth, measured from its base?
3. Largest living thing on earth? [Hint: in Oregon]
4. Current day country Marco Polo was from?
5. What did Antonio Meucci invent?
6. Chicken tikka masala was invented in which city?
7. In which town was the guillotine invented?… More here ...

Desert Island Disc [singular]

I’ll throw in a piece of music to accompany this post but it’s really asking you a question:

Not so much as a Desert Island Disc but more a legacy you leave behind.  The Beeb has approached you and asked you to select a passage or piece of music – just the one, no more – and they’ll preserve it with your name attached, for posterity.

This piece of music has to BE you, it has to sum you up as a person, it has to leave your message to the world. No restrictions on genre but perhaps on length – let’s cap it at about an hour.

One piece only, no special mentions.  A really tough task.  Meanwhile, a quickie:

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Henry VIII

According to the secular law/Church law at the time [including anything changed by Hal], how many wives did Hal actually have and who were they?  On what grounds were the others not?

Meanwhile, a cautionary tale about nagging.  I’m still shocked to this very day about the ungracious and barbaric treatment of Anne at and after her death:

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