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Words, words, all it ever is

1.  abligurition
Hint: it will also go to your waistline.
2.  cacoethes
Hint: can’t help myself.
3.  floccinaucinihilipilification
Hint: it’s irrelevant.
4.  gossypiboma
Surgeon must have been drunk.
5.  jentacular
Hint: meals again.

Google and dictionary fine to use – “open book”. END…

Monday puzzle

It’s 18:00 and Monday puzzle time but can’t help thinking this has petered out of late. Not sure if that’s my schoolmasterish manner or the puzzles were too hard or mostly maths – the geography quiz did not go down well. Perhaps you could feed back with the type of quiz you like and we can run those.

Meanwhile, here are five for your delectation and hopefully bewilderment, [hints in parentheses]:

1. Decubitis [Lazy b***er]
2. Callipygean [Kylie or Pippa]
3. Gambrinous [Cheers]
4. Mammothrept [Brat]
5. Qualtagh [Going out]

Friday puzzle

As you naughty people avoided the geography quiz [ :) ], let’s try this one. I’ve added coordinates so you can describe which cuts you made. Idea is to cut out the stairs first, then make one straight cut across and then a final straight cut across.

You now have pieces of the stairs which you fit together to form a perfect square. Describe the cuts you made, using the coordinates. Solution later as usual.

squares the stairs