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Personal notes [5]

I supposedly opted into this, according to them, although I don’t recall it [address at end]. However, the question itself is interesting:

Can someone be an Extravert and shy?

The short answer is “yes.” In fact, separating the idea of shyness from Introversion and Extraversion can help us understand the two personality traits better. Popular culture sometimes tells us that there is no difference between Introversion and shyness.

However, shyness is a phobic or anxious response to other people, while Extraversion and Introversion are specific ways that individuals interact with their environments. Being shy is not determined by whether a person is an Introvert or an Extravert.

Extraverts aren’t necessarily the life of the party, running around and glad-handing anyone who comes into handshake range. However, have no doubt, they like being at the party. A room full of people energizes them, and they like it when a lot is going on.

Thinking caps

1. A mother is 21 years older than her child. In exactly 6 years from now, the mother will be exactly 5 times as old as the child. Where’s the father?

2. ?, 6, 27, 768, ? *See note in comments.

3. At a recent bowling match, two games were played. Kev beat Stuart in both games, also Richard beat John in both games. The winner in game 1 came second in game 2. Richard won game 2 and John beat Stuart in game 1. No player got the same placing twice. Can you determine who finished where in each game?…

Personal notes [2]

One of the saddest moments in Doctor Who:

The hopeless part is that nothing can be said. Her drives and juices are such that she of course will go off with that young prat, rightly so and the Doc’s not helped by her flighty, love-all manner, which got him caring for her in the first place.…


#  Piercing the Sunday morning silence? Yea, even a bit of oom pa pa beats the shrieking and wailing. Gotta love those Germans [courtesy BRM and Chuckles]:

# This may well be your thing and good luck with it. Here’s how to do the pizza part:…