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Pavlov’s Cat on how to conduct the Home Office Christmas Party.

Couple more from Chuckles:

sony corp north korea

Aussie Christmas:

That’s no joke. Haven’t a clue where the photos are now but I was in Western Australia in 1987/88 for the America’s Cup and we went north up the coast. In a place north of Shark Bay, Christmas Day arrived and Santa did indeed arrive from the sea. All the local kids went out on the beach to meet him. Must have been hot in that outfit.

They also got this one right too – for a moment I thought I was back in Russia:

Those villages still exist although most Russians were forced to towns for work and into the centrally heated and serviced housing blocks you’ve seen. Many still retain the little houses out there and spend much of the summer in them, walking in the forest and by the lake:


And those girls in the ad are just as drop-dead gorgeous in real life – it’s a feast of womanhood in Russia to be sure.…

Things invented by wimmin [1]


[H/T ]

Match the invention with the inventor:

1.Chocolate Chip Cookies – Tabitha Babbitt
2 Alphabet Blocks – Adeline D.T. Whitney
3 Circular Saw – Stephanie Kwolek
4 Correction Fluid – Bette Nesmith Graham
5 Kevlar – Ruth Wakefield

[The ladies, of course, will instantly know all of these. Persevere, gentleman - first prize is a night in Tracey Emin's bed, with or without Tracey.]…


You needn’t look at this post if you don’t want, readers.  I mean, it’s a lovely sunny day out there after it rained indoors here last night and we wouldn’t wish to depress you.

Besides, it’s more of the same old same old.

OK?  You’ll keep reading?  Brave people:

Wiggia shakes his head:

Prof. claims racism inherently his fault, apologizes for being white, middle-class, heterosexual man

Not making any comment.…

Bumper Saturday quiz

All questions refer to worldwide:

1.  Best selling make and model of car
2.  Top selling single of all time
3.  MPH of fastest land vehicle
4.  MPH of fastest water craft
5.  Most expensive painting officially
6.  MPH rotational of the earth at the equator
7.  Country of longest serving current monarch
8.  Not the trench, the deep please
9.  Furthest manmade object from earth
10.Current 100m sprint record

Within 5%: one mark, within 10%: half a mark.…

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

dave wehre's nigel

Not blasphemous, is this?

i can see

short name


The fact that the article highlights the issue -thereby implying that Mr Average doesn’t realise what is going on – is even more scary . [Judicial system]:

Interesting how one can accommodate the lefties. [obama letting in Ebola]:

Formula One racing without drivers – Bernie will be pleased:


Audi, who’s long been toying with the idea of building self-driving cars, has upgraded one of its RS 7 sedans to build an autonomous concept vehicle for those who like to ride fast. The prototype looks pretty much like a production version RS 7, except its steering wheel, brakes, throttle valve and other components are all controlled by a self-driving system.

I’m glad that Tesco’s believe in customer service … I mean, they did offer her a £20 voucher …

PS: I wonder if the voucher was one of those that required a minimum purchase e.g.

Quick weighing of language, using Salter scales

Firstly, let’s get the unpleasantness over with.  Skip this bit by all means and go straight to the post under the pic, as it’s going to be a bit savage.

To my dear friend – the deleted comment was because I’ll not be lectured at ad hominem by someone from the left whose own politics almost invariably turn out to be wide of the mark [though I might personally like the person - hence he is not blocked], particularly as the remark was typically twisted far from the truth, according to the PC Narrative and sought to conflate distinctions very carefully made in NormalSpeak, in order to establish a point the left adores making - they adore painting, in broad, sweeping, emotion-based brushstrokes of zero understanding, anything they don’t like, reducing all to  one-word-covers-all epithets, with not the slightest attempt at understanding nuances and distinctions and they do it with underlying hostility.  

It’s precisely that thinking which prevents any sort of understanding in the west and why this society is so divided – one half will simply not face facts. Plus the point was actually valid – one might not like the things I write but at least they’re true.

Wiggia, Chuckles, Higham on Thursday


Mr Potato Head slags off Osborne and still denies the Labour Govt did anything wrong, why oh why does anyone ever vote for any of them?

Something more pleasant:


If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port…

Higham, commenting on that

Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho has talked of her discomfort that the internet is made by humans who have a penis. The former Martha Lane Fox, CBE, told the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival in Salford that she felt uneasy “that something that is now fundamental, like the water, for everybody’s daily life has been entirely produced by men.”

Alas, she’s right. Unlike Cuban cigars, which according to legend are rolled on the thighs of (female) virgins, internet packets arrive through a brutal, phallus-dominated patriarchy. It’s enough to make anyone queasy.

Martha Lane Fox is a niece of the sixth Marquess of Anglesey (her great-aunt Felicity Lane Fox was once also Baroness Lane-Fox), and was appointed to the House of Lords a year ago – a stunning riches-to-riches story.

Haiku on Thursday

No fly list progress?

In response to a district judge ruling that declared the Department of Homeland Security’s Traveler Redress Inquiry Program unconstitutional, the federal government has annouced its removal of seven Americans from its no-fly list (PDF). The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is representing a total of 13 people suing to get off that list, and the government has until January of this year to deal with remaining six in that group. “Federal agencies have nominated more than 1.5 million names to terrorist watch lists over the past five years alone. Yet being a terrorist isn’t a condition of getting on a roster that, until now, has been virtually impossible to be removed from…” One of the seven removed from the list is Marine Corps veteran and dog trainer Ibraheim Mashal of Illinois. The others had similarly Middle-Eastern-sounding names.

Cheap holiday (?) home in Austria:

Something not quite right as yet:

This year’s Nobel in Economics

This is rather amusingly different from last year’s economics prize, which went to three people explaining the Efficient Markets Hypothesis: one stating that it worked, the other that it didn’t and the third providing the deep mathematics to show that both were correct.