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Flying fish hit plane


From This is True:

A plane taking off from MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., hit something and aborted the flight.

Assuming it was a bird strike, wildlife manager Lindsey Garven was called to locate it. She couldn’t find any dead birds, but she did find a dead fish. DNA evidence later confirmed that it was the fish that hit the plane.

“This was the first fish strike we have had on base,” Garven said. The pilot, NOAA Lt. Cmdr. Nicholas Toth, was skeptical. “At first, we didn’t believe the test results,” he said. “I mean, how does something like that even happen?”

Garven theorized a bird of prey was eating by the runway and took off, dropping the fish on the plane.

MacDill personnel now refer to the incident as the “fishnado”. (MS/Tampa Bay Tribune)