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Know any of these?

1. Which came first – colour or sound films?
2. Biggest number which has a name?
3. Proper name for a maker of hats?
4. Who composed Cavalleria Rusticana?
5. Name for a two humped camel?
6. Olympics with the Jamaican bobsled team?
7. Mrs. Smith, Ryde, NSW, 1868? What new variety?… More here ...


When does eccentricity cross into madness? Rossa’s mother reports:

Our friend went down to see this contraption and man yesterday. Just found this report on the Express, he has an FB page as well.

Meet the man who has 25 years to pull his PIANO on a BOAT from Liverpool to London
A FORMER university lecturer has been pulling his own boat along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal for the past five years as part of an epic journey to reach London by the year 2037.

His girlfriend is up visiting from London and he’s [near here] at present, so may go down to have a look see!!More here ...

Famous cases

Identify them if you can – names where necessary, a small amount of detail:

1. It was during an afternoon in May, 1828, when a youth of sixteen or seventeen years stumbled through the New Gate of the German city of Nuremberg on unsteady legs. To Nurembergers who gathered around, the boy held out two letters, one of which was addressed to a cavalry captain.

2. You need to spell the name correctly – it is a trick question. This below is the layout of the boat:

3. United States Navy experiment (Project Rainbow) on October 28, 1943.

4. On April 3, 1817, a strange woman appeared in the village of Almondsbury, Gloucestershire. She was five foot two and wore a black shawl twisted turban-style around her head. Most intriguingly, she spoke an unknown language and so could only communicate through a series of gestures.

5. In January, 1925, the London police were being run in circles.… More here ...

Try these

1. Who built El Escorial?
2. Two uses for a fishplate?
3. Thousands of pairs of shoes – who was she?
4. ‘Glass of Absinthe’ is a sculpture by which 20th century artist?
5. If you saw Patm = ρgh and torr, what’s it about?
6. For which two films did Marlon Brando win an Oscar?
7. What is echolalia?… More here ...

20/20: Surely a fair and reasonable offer

Via haiku:

Ford South Africa has offered Reshall Jimmy’s next-of-kin a free Ford car as part of a settlement to compensate them for his death, stated Rapport. Following Jimmy’s death – when his Ford Kuga caught alight and he was trapped inside – and several other Ford Kugas catching fire, the company recalled the cars in January.

The company provisionally offered the family the free car, the possibility of a donation to a charity of their choice, and to carry the cost of the destroyed Kuga, stated the report. This was after Jimmy’s insurance company refused the claim.

Sounds OK to me but what’s this – some people are never satisfied:

His mother reportedly said she would never set foot in a Ford again.

Well actually, on second thoughts, one can see what Ford were trying to do – it was a cunning plan to wipe out the entire family.… More here ...