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The language of flowers

Match the flower in the column below: pomegranate aloe rose apple blossom yellow carnation bluebells rosemary … with its human attribute: kindness devotion remembrance disdain preference conceit bitterness

What do you know of finance?

Clearly, this is not for those in the game, more for us amateurs: 1. What are derivatives? 2. How are SDRs used and by whom? 3. Are all dividends income payout? 4. What does macroeconomics track? 5. What is ‘shorting’?…

Three word questionnaire

Right, will collate [sic] the Pond Life entries and announce tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, a three word questionnaire: Which three words or fewer would describe your life? Could be an epitaph, might be just an afterthought.  Mine might be: Procrastinator-in-general.

Sacchettini al brodo

Chuckles sends: We had rather an ‘unusual’ one, trad Italian dish – Sacchettini al brodo or somesuch. (Which is simply small Tortellini/Faggotini filled pasta ‘purses’ served in a chicken broth).