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Quick bites – Tofiq Bahramov

You obviously knew this, coz you know everything but I didn’t:

The linesman was Azerbaijani, a chap by the name of Tofiq Bahramov, though apparently when asked why he allowed the goal to stand he simply said, ‘Stalingrad’. After his death in 1993, Azerbaijan’s national stadium was renamed the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium in his honour.

Well, how about that, eh? So that’s how we did it.…

Quick bites – around the MSM and Twitter

Tweeted yesterday:

  UKIP’s MEPs are seriously rattling the EU establishment in the EuroParl today. The EU nationalists scream and shout and hate it.

Well yes, that’s what they were elected to do.   If they didn’t stir it up, they’d be derelict in their duty.  All power to your drinking arms, lads and ladies.

As for that bit about treating the EU with the respect it deserves – er … isn’t that what they’re doing?

Murray knocked out of Wimbledon after three-set loss to Dimitrov

Strange – who’s his coach?  Champion player and coach Lendl, isn’t it?

Blair to advise Egyptian president on economy

Thought they were already in enough trouble.

British jihadist: UK should be afraid of me

Should Rolf Harris’s art be dumped?

Should van Gogh’s?  Should Banksy’s?

France and the burka ban: what is the lesson?

That it’s a very good thing to do?…