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Interesting Tuesday topics [6]

1. We saw the temerity of one of these goons, with machete, threatening every western person, another saying they would come door to door and unless we convert, we’ll be slaughtered. Pure casus belli. And this:

Interesting Tuesday topics [4]

1. Food for thought: Esther la Fey [Morgana] has two Remoaners backing her, no Leavers – interesting eh? 2.  We don’t do enough drugs here at N.O.  While Gove’s snorting coke and everyone else seems to be too – sort…

Interesting Tuesday topics [1]

What we have here, readers, is an interesting phenomenon – when you have it set up so that interesting things come through, then interesting things do come through, our main source Chuckles and haiku but others too – result is…