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Try these

1. Name the UK’s five Eurovision winners – no tricks in the question, just as most understand the UK. [half a point each but another half point each if you can name the songs] 2. What are the actual positions…


Just coming back to this topic: … they’d have to be one of the most versatile foods – made super scrumptious your own way, using your own dough method plus stock or bouillon, or else you can just cheat because…

A guide for non-cricketing nations

# Usually but not always oval shaped field, can be round, can be elongated, size of a football field, played outdoors and thus subject to weather, which affects the key playing surface preparation in the centre. # That rectangular centre…

Nice start to a working week

My fave Brexit Party gals: The Grant sisters don't pull any punches in tackling questions around Ireland and Brexit. Watch!@missalicegrant @BeatriceGrant_ #Brexit #Irexit #Backstop — Turning Point UK (@TPointUK) August 23, 2019