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So close – do I know you?

Before 1997 there were exactly three countries in the world that were both geographically contiguous and alphabetically adjacent in a list of nations. (One country changed its name.) What were they? [H/T Futility Closet]

Guessing passwords – a techie quiz

Via an unnamed techie chappy: Fun thing I learned today regarding secure passwords: the password “ji32k7au4a83” looks like it’d be decently secure, right? But if you check e.g. HIBP, it’s been seen over a hundred times. Challenge: explain why and…

Ice fishing

Two men decide to go on a week-long ice fishing competition. The fisherman who has caught the most fish by the end of the week will win the competition. It was decided that the contest take place on a remote…

Elvis was wet

Elvis Presley was getting out of his pool for the tenth time, when Priscilla asked him what he was doing. Elvis replied “I can’t help falling in, love”.