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Corn corner

Chuckles has produced his first of this year’s crop. He writes: “Today’s corn pickings, with the corn shucker in the background:”

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August 21st

The globalleftograph appears to be perturbed:

Astronomers reject the idea of Nibiru, and have made efforts to inform the public that there is no threat to Earth.

That’s well and fine but we’ve seen quite a few examples in recent years of ‘scientists’ getting it wrong, not least the IPCC ‘scientists’. And there is something going on at the end of our solar system which has not been satisfactorily explained away – some have mentioned a black hole, SF devotees have mentioned an interface with another dimension.

It may be a bit rich for a believer in the Sky Fairy to smile at the above but there is this:

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1. Via Microdave, El Reg:

‘Real’ people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary.

Total tosspot, arrogant, ignorant cow – any chance of a proper person as Home Secretary please?

2.  It’s probably nothing:

About 63,000 people have cancelled their Tesla Model 3 orders in the past year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the electric-car company’s quarterly earnings call on Wednesday.

3.  They hate anyone threatening their narrative, don’t they?  Facts are not at a premium with idiots like this premier:

South Australians must wake up each morning in the vain hope that it’s all just a very bad dream.

Alas, their sorry reality is one dictated by wind worshipping lunatics, not least its vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill.

Last week, Weatherill launched an astonishing tirade against Chris Kenny – a columnist with The Australian and The Advertiser – calling him a “right-wing fuckwit” for having the temerity to point out one or two fairly obvious facts about the unfolding disaster caused by Weatherill’s obsession with wind power.

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WUWT, via Chuckles:

Giant rechargeable batteries could soon be installed across Britain to help power wind farms and solar panels

From the Wail:

The business secretary Greg Clark is expected to announce the plans this week
The batteries will help wind and solar panel farms supply during high demand
Government announced £246million fund for greener energy solutions in April

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We’re gonna drown in it:

Typical of Scientific Urban Legends, the Garbage Patch grew and grew, in size, nature and villainy, each re-telling adding to the size and content and magnifying the horror of it all.

Key to the Legend is the falsehood  repeated by Tatiana Schlossberg in her NY Times piece — that plastics are somehow magically eternal, that they do not degrade in the environment, and incineration is the only way to destroy them.  A falsehood oddly supported by Dr. Roland Geyer — who ought to know better.

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