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Back to the mediaeval

monk in cowlThe adage over here of “eat or heat” in Osborne’s land of austerity is closer to the truth than many outside this land might realize.

That’s assuming that one wishes to remain in the black, not the red. Most fellow plebs blithely put more and more and more on credit. To hell with that.

So this winter, I have the PAYG meters and know exactly how much heat I can afford to have on in the flat and how much food can be consumed, pared back to the bone so to speak.  Two meals a day does me.…

The wine philistine

three mills wineTaking Cherie’s and Rossa’s comments on Wiggia’s post and adding a few, I’ve also noticed the disappearing food items on supermarket shelves.

To be more accurate, ASDA shelves and it would be nice to believe that this is just a product of the price wars with the Aldis etc.  For if it were more than that, it would be a worry – those who run the country determining what can and cannot be eaten by people.

As for wine, I see it’s time to come clean.  For reasons of my current situation, the vacuum cleaner which is the boat, the cost of living – I’ve had to halve my food bill these two weeks [probably in perpetuity] and put off plans for the MX5 or the Norton bike.

Coming specifically to wine, I do like good wine and once drank my way around France, a dangerous move for the waistline and hopes of dalliance.…

Rothschild and Weather Central

Ken Craggs on just how far the Rothschilds are involved in the global warming scam. Ken’s piece lists chapter and verse from 1977 and concludes:

In January 2011, E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company owned by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild acquired a 70% controlling stake in Weather Central, the world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile. Weather Central was subsequently merged with The WeatherChannel, formerly known as The Weather Company, which is owned by NBC Universal, Bain Capital, and Blackstone Group.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild talks here about a subsidiary of the Weather Channel called which is also known

Lord Jacob Rothschild is a member of the International Advisory Board at Blackstone Group, under whose umbrella BlackRock was founded. And according to ‘The Economist‘, “[BlackRock] owns a stake in almost every listed company not just in America but globally.

You bloodmooning early morn?

or just howling a bit?

When the moon is at “perigee”, its shortest distance from the Earth, it is 226,000 miles away and appears 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than when it is at its furthermost point.
The last time this coincided with a lunar eclipse, when the moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow, was in 1982 and the event will not be repeated until 2033.

Arctic sea ice increasing

This from 2012:

Measurements from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the volume of Arctic sea ice has significantly increased this past autumn.

The volume of ice measured this autumn is about 50% higher compared to last year. In October 2013, CryoSat measured about 9000 cubic km of sea ice – a notable increase compared to 6000 cubic km in October 2012.

This from 2015:

June 2015 volume was 18.500 km^3,  900 km^3 above to the 2014 June value. June  volume was 38% below the maximum  June ice volume in 1979 and 23% below the 1979-2014 mean and about 0.5 standard deviation above the long term trend.