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How significant is today’s address?

On the surface and in the fallout in the media – probably not a lot. Twitter will go crazy. Further down the track – possibly the first step, the end of the beginning.

There’s going to come a time and maybe soon, when apocalyptists, as I call them, are going to have to accept that it’s not yet. Equally, it’s going to be apparent, finally, to self-styled rationalists, that perhaps there’s something to history and that one set of documents is saying we’re coming towards the denouement for this planet.

Of the three main monotheistic religions, Christianity has the most developed eschatology, the most specific, shall we say.

I’d like to address human arrogance. In the Nero Wolfe post, it was said lightheartedly – but in reality, it’s anything but lighthearted and there is an arrogance in humans choosing to ignore history.…

Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship B

This blog author and many of its commenters have been accused, in the past, of being somewhat negative. You don’t say.


I’m sure we all wish the Morons for Mars all the very best in their one way trip to Mars. One way trip. Y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s. Run by reality TV people – what could possibly go wrong?

# It will fund the whole thing through sponsorship and a reality TV series – made by Endemol, the same people behind Big Brother, covering the preparations and mission on Mars.

# Some of the potential astronaut picks seem to be based on their televisual appeal rather than usefulness as likely colonists.

# The settlers will then inflate balloons to give themselves another 200 sq metres of living and cultivation space.

# Mars One calls its plans visionary, but most of the scientific and space community are less polite. The idea has been criticized for being underfunded, overambitious, and a suicide mission according to one study.

Plumes of Mars

These plumes coming off Mars:

A group of amateur astronomers has discovered a tricky conundrum for the professionals, documenting an atmospheric plume – or some sort of thing – above Mars where it shouldn’t happen.

The observations, made in March 2012 and written up for  here (PDF), found plumes in the Red Planet’s atmosphere at between 200 and 250 km above the surface.

As lead author of the paper Professor Agustín Sanchez-Lavega of the University of the Basque Country in Spain notes, the plumes “challenge our current knowledge about the Martian atmosphere”.

It’s the altitude of the plumes that’s problematic, as the researchers note. Ice crystals can form atmospheric plumes, but the paper notes that these occur below 100 km altitude; dust storms max out at 37 km.

If the plume’s origin can’t be determined, the University’s release says, it could pose a hazard to low-orbit Mars missions.

Monday [1]

10 to 2There we were, driving along, two lanes each way, narrowing to one lane each way, setting the world to rights, a therapeutic exercise of a Sunday, when it became apparent that two little buzzboxes on wheels ahead were driving in tandem, one occupying each lane.

Couldn’t do much about the one in the left lane of course, within his rights [think it was some old man] but the one in the right lane should not have been there.  I would have blasted the hell out of the driver with my twin airhorns but my driver, being a gentle soul, did not.

And so we sat there, except that the one in the right lane suddenly put on a little spurt to be ahead when the road narrowed, deeply annoying and liable to cause an accident, which it then almost did.…

Climate change? Help!

It’s not that I don’t wish to blog on the climate scam, it’s that I’m so far behind in the argument, there’s nothing I could bring to the fore.  So I desperately read as much as poss but never know whom to believe.

Delingpole is at least a name I think we can trust:

Paul Homewood, the blogger who noticed the discrepancies with the Paraguay temperature records, has now turned his attention to the Arctic region. His conclusion after studying the charts before and after is that the scale and geographic range of these adjustments is “breathtaking.”

In nearly every Arctic station from Greenland in the West to Siberia in the East, the data has been adjusted to make the warm period in the 1930s look cooler than it actually was. This, of course, has the effect of making the Twentieth Century warming look much more dramatic than the raw data would suggest.

Malfeasance [3]

Tuesday 11

A blogger called Gorightly tracked down the original purveyor of the Weld Druid High Priestess thing, one Jeffrey Turner:

Mr. Turner is an interesting character. A google search of his name yields about three hits: one, at, the web site devoted to Tiffany Renee Darwish, the once-popular singer; two, on google video, a preview of the documentary film I Think We’re Alone Now; and three, at Adam Gorightly’s Untamed Dimensions.

Malfeasance [2]

tuesday too

After refusing the part of Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby and of Lolita, much later Tuesday Weld was interviewed and asked why she had not taken Lolita, a part which would have been a perfect fit for her projected child coquette image which gained her parts in Hollywood.

She answered: “I didn’t have to play it. I was Lolita.”…

The kinda woman a man needs

sophie-magdalena-13Sophie-Magdalena or 13, one of the characters from the book [click pic].

Quietly demanding,loyal to a fault as long as you are, impossible to handle otherwise, requiring the whole gamut of a man’s skills, one mistake and she hurts you, taciturn, wants things done properly, the best support a man can have [and give back to her] – my idea of feminine perfection.

Another of the major characters in the book, an agent called Ksenia, was written with a birthdate of November 19th, before I knew anything about this astrological thing.

Well, I never. She is almost exactly what the pundits say about Scorpio woman, uncannily so. And she did kill those she felt had transgressed but was also fiercely loyal.

I’ve always been close to dangerous women others are afraid of.  Often quality people.

So, not wishing this research to go to waste and sorry, girls, this is only about wimmin, here is my annotation on what most pundits agree constitute the various signs:…