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There are some words consistently misused – redundant is one and cathartic is another. Google says it means:


Well you know, though it be figuratively applied, it’s probably right to say that this lot below – linked to today’s insanity out there – does purge other worries, but that’s hardly a good thing.

All of us are worried about something, more often than not financial or even if that’s sorted, the syndicated media insists on bringing horrors to us. Certain things in the media are going to be mentioned in the post at 09:00 so maybe hold comment on this aspect till then.

# How the left do it – absurd over-payments to the favoured ones:…


Really like this Messy Nessy Chic site, not least for its clean layout, not least for it coming out of Paris. Bit of a sucker for things French is the old James.

Anyway, there was this and many other things:

Le Ribera is ideal for those looking for a peaceful hideaway to escape to after a hectic day in the French capital.

That’s not just a picture to me – the boat itself has such an area, which is why I left the top flat, with various protuberances to break up the ice and snow but essentially a living deck above.

The motif also appeared in my long book.…

Earth and cosmos

1. If you were walking along the shore, 1300 feet below sea level, where would you be, geographically?

2. The driest place [no trick question – an actual location] on earth is not any of the major deserts. Location and country please.

3. The Grand Canyon main branch is 277 miles long but it’s not the longest known of. The longest is 3000 miles. What’s its name?

4. What peculiarity about the earth’s surface means that an asteroid hit might not actually be as bad as we thought?

5. The earth’s core is solid, right?…

Preserve the arbour


First thought

First thing I think I’ve ever agreed with Michelle Obama on, first thing I’ve quoted from WaPo in ages.

A new arbor adorns the entrance to the White House garden at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. Michelle Obama is going all-out to ensure the White House kitchen garden that she created in 2009 doesn’t get plowed under by the next first family.

A month out from Election Day, the first lady’s office unveiled an expanded and improved garden, with the hope that it will endure regardless of who takes office come January. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press).

It’s just her hubby’s destruction which needs reversing, not sure they’re into destroying nature.

Second thought

Actually, looking at that pic, what exactly has she done? Those trees were always there, at least long before here, so she’s had an archway added and a garden bed [lower] right]. And this is what she wants preserved?…

It’s Sientifikully proven, innit?

Scientific American – just how much “probably” and “hope that” can one Sientifik article contain?

This research provides compelling new evidence that myths and folktales follow the movement of people around the globe. It reveals that certain tales probably date back to the Paleolithic period, when humans developed primitive stone tools, and spread together with early waves of migration out of Africa.

My phylogenetic studies also offer insights into the origins of these myths by linking oral stories and legends passed down from generation to generation to motifs that appear in Paleolithic rock art images.

Ultimately I hope my ongoing quest to identify prehistoric protomyths may even offer a glimpse of the mental universe of our ancestors when Homo sapiens was not the only human species on Earth.

Sigh. Constantly attempting to apply physical measurements to the metaphysical. And it wouldn’t matter so much, were science hard and fast but real science, by its very nature, is open-ended and enquiring, always employing caveats, e.g.…

The Green religion

Not too sure the writer really understands greenies:

What I find most remarkable is that The Guardian is giving airtime to this climate heresy. Perhaps they are testing the water, to see how readers react.

After all, it is obvious to anyone remotely objective that the green religion is dying. It won’t take too many more South Australia style renewable energy disasters to completely finish what remains of the credibility of the green movement.

Credibility of the Green movement among us – yes. But the left has this amazing capacity to look quickly at signal failure and rationalize it away, moving on to the next environmental cause.

And it’s not just the religious aspect in two different forms:

  1.  Mania for climate change itself as a cause;
  2.  This: