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Road to oblivion

When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of the road to the airport in the Russian town I lived in.

Now imagine it completely whited out – sky, horizon, road, soft edges, no markings.

Now imagine you’re trying to work out where the centre of the road is and there is no traffic to help.

Of course you veer off two feet or so and in you go through snow into mud.

Now imagine you get out to look and the car’s new-fangled electronic locking system, in minus 25, decides to lock the car anyway.  You have a light jacket on because you would have gone from carpark to warm building, had you made it to the airport.

Now imagine a truck with workers pulls up half a kilometre away.

And imagine the worst part of all – you were actually on your way to pick up the gf at the airport and she has no idea what’s happened [before mobile phones there].… More here ...

Beware the Ides of March

Something altogether too lurid and sensationalist about this. Why must webpage presenters always gild the lily?  Anyway, let’s do it:

Back on January 11th, we reported on ANP that several days before a massive, 7.6 earthquake struck in the Caribbean Sea, causing a tsunami warning to be issued to several Caribbean islands, ocean water had suddenly and mysteriously ‘disappeared’ in locations more than 2,000 miles apart, both north and south of the epicenter of that quake.

As videographer MrMBB333 told us in a video that we used within that story, “water is trying to tell us something”.

Well if water suddenly and mysteriously disappearing in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean then was trying to tell us something, then certainly temperature spikes of over 130 degrees in the Gulf of Mexico must be trying to tell us something, too!

A bit too breathless and adjective/adverb laden for mine.

[H/T Chuckles]… More here ...

Artificial earthquakes

In the light of Aum Shinrikyo in Western Australia and subsequently in Japan, this headline obviously attracted attention.

Read the Aum Shinriko post linked above. I used the idea in Das Buch where an island was wiped out where the exiled government of the UK was stationed. it was done with an explosive device in a fissure on the ocean floor.… More here ...

Out of Lower Europe

You might buy this bollox, [thank you by the way, Rossa’s mother], were it not for the PTB really pushing the idea hard that we’re all African, plus the Kalergi Plan, plus the Barcelona Declaration.

In short, all they found were some teeth. Nothing about out of Africa or any of that. Also, as with the climate hoax, two completely different sets of scientists say two completely different things.

This is hardly conclusive in itself but it does illustrate that to buy the dating of fossils is at best fraught and at worst, plain wrong:

Scientists at the Lamont-Doherty Geological Laboratory of Columbia University at Palisades, N.Y., reported today in the British journal Nature that some estimates of age based on carbon analyses were wrong by as much as 3,500 years. They arrived at this conclusion by comparing age estimates obtained using two different methods – analysis of radioactive carbon in a sample and determination of the ratio of uranium to thorium in the sample.

More here ...