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At 14:14, I was about to report that the storm seemed to have passed us by but at 14:15, suddenly the first gust came through, at around 50 knots – the big tree outside is bent over at the top and the plastic chairs in the yard really have fallen over.  Yet there’s also bright sunshine and no rain.

Earlier today there were foreboding clouds and an eerie silence – there was meant to be driving rain before the storm proper.

Now I’m not sure what there’ll be.  From what I can gather, the eye is meant to go north some distance from Ireland before we get caught in the circular winds going around it mid evening.

Are you getting any of this where you are?

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Apocalypse tomorrow – you ready?

Just getting ready for Nibiru tomorrow, setting the scene. Hope you’ve made your quietus … oh and by the way, it’s the equinox at 21:00 or thereabouts this evening.

Here’s some fun apocalyptic music:

This one’s by Berry McGuire, brother of Barry:… More here ...


Via haiku, a tale of riches to rags:

When we bought our Ethereum mining rig, our plans for early retirement and yacht parties were drawn up that week.

Unfortunately, we may have overestimated our potential returns – and now our web developer has a beach house in Mexico he cannot afford to make repayments on.

Our rig sports six Aorus Radeon RX 580 4GB cards, which kicked serious butt when our operation started in June.

Our unit – which is running Windows 10 and Claymore – connects to the mining pool. It achieves an average hash rate of between 140MH/s to 150MH/s.

This was great a few months ago, when the rig was earning 3.3 Ethereum per month – which worked out to $850.

Unfortunately, our returns have diminished somewhat in recent weeks – and we are currently sitting at 0.7 Ethereum per month (just over $200 at the time of writing).

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