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Sickos [2]

Rossa’s mother sends: That’s it.

Prepare all the same

The first thing to understand in anything worthwhile being discovered or uncovered is that the person is going to have a grating manner, at least at times and in some ways – Alex Jones, Katie Hopkins, the Donald himself, all…

The proper use for shovels

NASA FIXES MARS LANDER BY TELLING IT TO HIT ITSELF WITH A SHOVEL Percussive maintenance – hit it on the top right hand corner.  Meanwhile, further good advice:

The nature of the tsunami

The two phenomena of the rogue wave and the tsunami I’ve been studying lately. Rather than more footage of the latter, this mild example is interesting: The same motif was present – unsuspecting, though there were signs. Also, when it…

Har Megiddo

Yes, I know it’s Tel Megiddo in Israel but it’s been known as Har Megiddo in the past or more popularly as Armageddon and it plays a huge role in my long book, in particular from 3:13 to 3:15. The…

Postcards from Hobart

Ships coming and going and the last of the Aurora Australis icebreaker which is retiring. We expect a new one any day. Meanwhile the French and Japanese icebreakers make Hobart their ‘home’ port. And ….. it is not always sunny…