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New warble gloaming news comes at bad time


Kath wrote: “Hi James, spotted this and thought you might be interested:

Talk about poor timing! Just as President Obama is about to give the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy on the subject of the perils of global warming, a report has come out in Forbes Magazine that updated NASA data reveals that contrary to the many alarmist stories in the mainstream media, the polar ice caps are not receding.

James Taylor, who has written on energy and environment issues, reveals that the polar ice caps have not receded at all since NASA data measurements began in 1979. Taylor also notes that the MSM has remained resolutely silent on these latest NASA data revelations. ice caps to recede.

The timing of the 1979 NASA satellite instrument launch could not have been better for global warming alarmists. The late 1970s marked the end of a 30-year cooling trend.

Svalsbad is elaborate theatre


The previous post on the seed vault at Svalsbad is here. In it was noted the aim of storing up the world’s seeds then, in a disaster situation, they can be meted out, as in Joseph’s day.

Already there are the Frankenstein seeds in which the plant cannot renew, there is the agricultural policy of the west in Africa, the wrecking of economies to produce economic migration from that continent and so on.

However, not all the moves are real. Some are pure theatre and NO is forced to acknowledge that Svalsbad might well be one of these.

From Chuckles, commenting, [in his delightfully foreshortened line manner, necessitating me having to rewrite everything below by hand], on the Guardian article here:

The place is run by bureaucrats. They do no maintenance other than box ticking, as the article makes clear.(He ‘checks the temperature three times a day. His actual job is not to check the temp, it is to ensure the seeds survive).

The new Unsustainability Agenda coming to you in September

There’s a most ungentlemanly and unChristian reaction to to these people – they are utter p****s.


Unless you view this through Christian-filtered glasses, it hardly makes sense, certainly not for the average watcher.  Just why do these people wish to visit misery and penury on the world’s population?  Why do they wish to wreck the economies of Africa, such as they are and ensure the mass exodus of blacks to Europe, under the guise of humanitarian aid?…

Death Star Mimas

As we all know, there is real science:


The DS-1 Orbital Battle Station,[8] known unofficially, but more commonly as the Death Star or Death Star I, and known to the public as the Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor by the propaganda department,[9] was a massive Imperial battlestation/superweapon with a diameter of 120 kilometers designed to enforce law and order throughout the Empire with the threat of planetary destruction.

The Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier

From Amusing Planet:

The Ruth Glacier, in Denali National Park and Preserve in the U.S. state of Alaska, covers an enormous area in the heart of the central Alaska Range. Located about 3 miles vertically below the summit of Mt. McKinley, it catches all the snow that falls on the southeast side of the mountain, and as the accumulated snow and ice that makes up the glacier slides down the slope, it get squeezed through a one-mile-wide bottleneck of what is called the Great Gorge.


Just going outside and may be some time …

And so, dear reader, the Higham component of N.O. closes for what I hope is a short hiatus but might be more. Just received an email and clearly I gave the impression N.O. is closing.

Nothing doing. The site’s still open, the other chaps and chapess are all capable of posting – it’s just that I can’t for now.  Organizational things for tomorrow and then, depending on that, I’ll drop a note on the blog.  All is well in the spirit though.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with some peace and quiet: