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Pictures need to be meaningful


Just posting pics with a ‘here are some pretty pics’ justification is somehow not so meaningful to me – the pic has to say something. If there are seven above and below, there were dozens discarded because they weren’t personal, through experience or aspiration.…

Some are from Mars, some from Venus

Yeah, right:

Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space


Explains everything:  The detection of the mysterious signal and the ensuing investigations will be discussed at the IAA SETI Permanent Committee during the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 27—the same day and location where Elon Musk will reveal his plans to colonize Mars.

Elon has paid the ETs …


Not so silent partners?…

Niku revisited


An object beyond the orbit of Neptune is acting oddly, violating the traditional rules of orbit, and scientists can’t quite explain it yet. The trans-Neptunian object, or TNO, has been nicknamed Niku, a Chinese word for “rebellious.” When you consider the fact that Niku orbits the sun in the opposite direction of almost everything else in the solar system, it’s not hard to see where the name came from.…

Today’s debate – ‘sea level’

One of the joys of the Chuckles/haiku input is when they debate beyween themselves, often better than that at the end of the links – for example, on ‘sea-level’:

noor images sea level

Haiku: “Look out at the churning ocean and ask yourself exactly which whitecap is “sea level.” It’s a pointless exercise at best. At worst, it’s a misleading one.” –Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

Chuckles: Yup, Christian gets it mostly right, but misses the final leap to enlightenment. There is no such thing as sea level, other than ‘the current local sea level here is ‘that’, just look out the window. As he noted, it changes from second to second, and year to year, all the time.…

That vital spark

As usual, your humble blogger fails to get the point he’s meant to get and gets several others possibly unintended.

for a start, as mentioned at Martin Scriblerus, a big turn-off from the get-go is a blogger so enamoured of his own writing that he cuts out the sidebar altogether and places his post in large print, in the middle of the page, adn surrounds it with twinkling stars.

However, let that one go. It certainly opens well:

Every so often a new development in digital hardware or software is heralded as the beginning of artificial intelligence. And every time, I look at it and see a machine – a machine designed to store and manipulate symbols (data) according to a set of rules – that works a little faster and more efficiently than its predecessors. What I don’t see is intelligence. The desk-top on which I am writing this article can’t do anything that the Apple II I used in the 70s couldn’t do.