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Two astronomical questions

Only two questions this evening.


Is half a moon half as bright as a full moon?

If it is, then why?

If not, then how can you calculate how bright it is at any quarter?

Or in song form:

Is July hotter because we’re closer to the sun?

If yes, then fine.

If not, then why is July hotter? Or anything else you care to mention about it.

The two answers I have here shall be inflicted upon you once sufficient wisdom is imparted in comments.… More here ...

Those eco cars


Wot be this “for people who want experiences, not stuff” ?

If “There are a pair of fast-charging USB ports up front, 12v power outlets front and rear, and even the option of a 110v power outlet for the rear passengers” isn’t “stuff” then I don’t know what is.

I’ll have one of these below though. Just to be eco-friendly & to do my bit for the environment: no other reasons involved. here ...

Where is home?

There are places one visits and thinks – very nice, to visit, there are places one imagines being trapped in and thinking – oh dear, this is not home, I know no one, it is alien to me, there are places one thinks – ah, this is home. Or at least – this could be home.

I was looking at the clip below and the realization dawned that were I on my boat, I could visit such a place. Then the realization came that this was not home to me, it’s alien, I’d not feel at home at all:

Clearly, to him, it’s very much home, he adores it, he feels at one with the dusty tracks and scrubland, while I can only think of flies everywhere and heat one can’t escape, not to mention mosquitoes. I know people for whom that sort of land is very much home, it’s in their blood.… More here ...