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The kinda woman a man needs

sophie-magdalena-13Sophie-Magdalena or 13, one of the characters from the book [click pic].

Quietly demanding,loyal to a fault as long as you are, impossible to handle otherwise, requiring the whole gamut of a man’s skills, one mistake and she hurts you, taciturn, wants things done properly, the best support a man can have [and give back to her] – my idea of feminine perfection.

Another of the major characters in the book, an agent called Ksenia, was written with a birthdate of November 19th, before I knew anything about this astrological thing.

Well, I never. She is almost exactly what the pundits say about Scorpio woman, uncannily so. And she did kill those she felt had transgressed but was also fiercely loyal.

I’ve always been close to dangerous women others are afraid of.  Often quality people.

So, not wishing this research to go to waste and sorry, girls, this is only about wimmin, here is my annotation on what most pundits agree constitute the various signs:…

Sunday, spluttering Sunday

Wel [cough, phlegm] come to [a spluttery] Sunday [gonna die].  Lovely day out there! Meanwhile, spare a thought for Amfortas being burnt to death in the bushfires which have spread from SA to Tas, where he lives.  It’s bushfire season again downunder.

Prayers for all of them.

This from Chuckles – enjoy:…

A Christmas Treat


When you drink as much wine as I do there is a tendency to become blase even with very good wines, but Christmas dinner and the selection I made this year threw up an experience beyond the norm.

My wife does not drink red wine, quite simply the medication she’s on makes red wine react with her in an unpleasant way, but that was only partly the reason I put a bottle of Maximum Grunhauser Auslese ’97 on the table alongside the red.

It was to go with the Christmas pud and beyond, the reason for choosing this bottle was it was the last of that year I had left and time for consumption and ’97 was not an outstanding year generally in Germany so another reason to finish up.

I have drunk quite a few bottles from this esteemed estate – one of the oldest in Germany – and have been fortunate enough to visit there on the Ruwer river a tributary of the Moselle, it is unique in that it owns all the vineyard area it cultivates, most of German vineyards like Burgundy are parcels of named areas.…

Christmas Eve

Greenies fight back [via haiku]:

Now in 2014, data gathered by the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute shows that the projections made in Limits to Growth were dead on. Principal research fellow Graham Turner drew from a wide range of sources to confirm the projections – including the UN, the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and BP.

In fact, the projections from 1972 through 2010 were in line with what has happened in every category – from the environment (including resources and pollution) to world population (including the birth and death rate) and the economy (including food, services and industrial output, per capita).

“As the MIT researchers explained in 1972, under the scenario, growing population and demands for material wealth would lead to more industrial output and pollution. The graphs show this is indeed happening. Resources are being used up at a rapid rate, pollution is rising, industrial output and food per capita is rising.

There might be something in this astrology stuff


Don’t know how much faith you have in this astrology stuff.  Rossa and Twilight think I have none but every so often something happens which takes the breath away.

A little voice says, ‘Hang on, these things are put in such general terms that it could be speaking of everyone and you only look at your own so don’t see what’s written about others.’

Well actually, I did, and they were different things.…

Christmas wine – best buys under £15


This follows on from the previous post – Early thoughts on Christmas wines.

I was going to write a piece on Grenache and Riesling wines at the end of this year as promised at the beginning of 2014.

The reason for that not happening is quite simple – the limited amounts of straight Grenache wines available.  Most are blended with other grapes, and for Riesling, the fact that it has fallen even further out of favour and single bottles are almost impossible to source, the only way to buy Riesling of any quality is by the case from specialist importers, so a review of that would be meaningless to the vast majority of wine drinkers.

So I thought a survey of what is more generally available with Christmas in mind would be a more useful approach.…

Early thoughts on Christmas wines

xmas fare 4

Christmas approaches, the season of Port, Sherry and desert wines.

Years ago Christmas signaled the bringing up from cellar of grandpas specially “saved” bottle of Port for our annual sampling, as nobody drank it at any other time of the year no one had a clue as to whether it was any good or not but we mumbled our approval drank it and awaited next year.…

New ice age?


Going to reprint the first part of this, via Sue:

Rational argument cannot penetrate faith.

Ask for evidence and you get model results. Ask for proof that the models are valid and you get hindcasts based on adjusted data. Ask for evidence of man-made emissions causing global warming and the answer is that it must be so for there is no other explanation. There isn’t if you don’t want to see it.