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Rescue and violence

Just some pics from the weekend:

Over 1,150 @FEMA Urban Search and Rescue personnel are integrated with state & local teams in NC, SC, & VA to help with rescues after #Florence. The teams came from all over the country this week, traveling long distances with equipment & K-9 partners to arrive before the storm.

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Finger in the dyke? Beam up the repair kit?

What happens if you find a hole in your spacecraft, whether or not you are running a space elevator?

You stick a finger in it:

Once the astronauts woke up, they immediately spent the first few hours hunting down the leak. They finally located it aboard the orbital section of Soyuz spacecraft MS-09, although it’s not exactly clear what could have caused it. The leak itself is a small hole two millimeters wide, and NASA suspects it was caused by a small micrometeorite punching a hole in the wall.

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Try these, Earthman [or woman]

1. What does 149,598,262km refer to with Earth?
2. And 40,284km/h?
3. The mass is 10 [to which power] kg?
4. What does 0.0167 refer to with Earth?
5. What is the Goldilocks zone?
6. What’s the lithosphere?
7. Which core generates the magnetic field?… More here ...

They never, ever learn

This is going to be long because it combines 3 or 4 posts in one. Just astounded how the left/establishment can get things so wrong. For example, here’s another pointless expedition to the pole:

Why do they persist?

Remember this? The ill-fated “Spirit of Mawson” expedition to Antarctica that set out to bring attention to “global warming” only to be trapped in ice?  We have another winner! This time in the Arctic.

From August 23 to Sept. 13, the University of Rhode Island’s Inner Space Center (ISC), with major funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and additional support from the Heising-Simons Foundation, will conduct the innovative Northwest Passage Project research expedition with a team of natural and social scientists, students, and a professional film crew. This ground-breaking opportunity is also supported by One Ocean Expeditions as a key marine partner, having operated in Arctic waters for over 20 years.

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