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f. Chinese to the rescue on global warming e. A good question d. Expected c. Slightly biased … but hey, why not?

Not fit for purpose

Today’s theme seems to be just that in the heading – organisations not fit for purpose or people who betray core principles. With asbestos – look, the material is either carcinogenic or not, bad for humans in some way ……

Letter from Van Diemen’s Land

Foreword – I asked Amfortas whether things had quietened down in Hobart Town after the Sydney to Hobart was well over. The days after ‘arrival’ are party days. I stayed away from town !! 🙂 But then followed a few…

Try these

This subject was one of my weakest at school, wonder how you’ll go: 1. Rubies and sapphires are the same mineral – which? 2. Example of transform fault and subduction zone? 3. What’s special about Tel hills in Israel? 4.…