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Some final words, I suppose, on today

Seriously, this is sad:


Were I eligible to vote and had been contemplating Yes because it would give an English Parliament a better chance, the behaviour of these Yes ASBOs would turn me right off Salmond’s lot. And it’s become so much about him as king and not about Scotland itself.

Plus he lies through his teeth to his own people.

Sorry but he and his thugs are lowlifes, detestable – I’d be worried living up there now, whereas before I’d always felt welcome.

I’ve thought through if those for an English Parliament acted that way – burning someone else’s flag. You know, I really do think I’d vote against, which would be wrong to do. I mean if I’d intended voting Yes and the thuggery had changed my mind, that’s not a good reason to change the mind – things like the next 307 years are.

Still ambivalent on the issue but not at all ambivalent on the detestation of the Yes campaign.…

Should Scotland depart, these flags …

STOP PRESS: You might be interested in a view from across the pond from an expat.

This seems quite fair at first glance:


But where is Kernow?  This below includes Wales and Kernow:


But is an eyesore.  This below seems not only fair, representing all home nations plus Kernow, which claims it but is more pleasing to the eye and had a certain “don’t mess with me” about it:


That’s if Kernow was interested.  They might wish to go the way of Scotland, in which case they can P*** off and we’ll build a wall along the Tamar to lock them out.

Methinks it won’t come to that but if it does, the last one here is the least different, so to speak.  Plus more fair.

[H/T haiku]…

The Spanish threat and the coming Scottish regression


As Wiggia points out about the Spanish threat:

Democracy EU style as they threaten Scotland and are backed by Spain and Belgium who don’t want any secession on their patches and think Scotland achieving it would set a precedent:

Scottish independence leaders want to remain in the EU. But they also want to keep UK opt-outs on the obligation to eventually join the euro, the passport-free Schengen zone, and the British VAT rebate.

A Socialists and Democrats source said, “The opt-outs they’re pushing for would make it very difficult for them to get membership.”

What got to me were two things.

One we know about – how Alex’s sums don’t add up, how the NHS really is vulnerable, how he’s not going to get anywhere near the oil and gas revenue he thinks, as any waters outside 12nm are fair game for the strongest country, how he has no way to pay the benefits bill, how he has no currency … and so on.…

Tomatina in London?

JD asks if Tomatina might be coming to London:

LONDON could get its own version of the famous Valencian tomato fight, the Tomatina.

Councillors from Buñol, a town to the east of Valencia city with 10,000 inhabitants which is renowned worldwide for its messy, fruity fiesta, have been in talks with the management of Hyde Park in the British capital.

Mayor Joaquín Masmano says meetings with the Spanish embassy’s tourism department in London, Turespaña, have gone well and the huge green oasis in the city is expected to be the venue for a British Tomatina in July next year.

Well, it’s better than the egregious Notting Hill monstrosity anyway.


Ah, those Spanish. Ola!…

Race differences are genetic?


Nicholas Wade

It is obviously understandable why Jewish intelligence and success, the subject of extreme and violent jealousies through the ages, makes people nervous. But the outsized contribution of Jews to almost all fields must surely interest all but the dullest of minds: just 0.2 per cent of the world population, Jews accounted for 29 per cent of Nobel Prizes in the late 20th century, and 32 per cent so far in 21st century. That tiny, remarkable country Israel recently won its fifth Chemistry Prize in a decade. [Ed West]

This was suggested, nay, even demanded by Lord T as a post. :)

It’s about genetic differences and two good starting points are Ed West’s article at the Speccie from May, 2014 and an Amazon review here. The point driven home to me, besides the interesting stuff on evolution and genetics, was:

Ultimately Wade’s argument is about the transparency of knowledge.