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The question of the royals


If anyone is aware of the dark side of royalty, it’s your humble blogger here who has written much on the Welfs, the nasty side of European royalty, the unnecessary wars but has never gone as far as the lizards – maybe just the Annunaki.

However, that’s not the point here – yes, they might be monsters, they might not but does a nation need a higher figure to do all the meeting and greeting around the world?

And the answer, if you support the notion of a strong nation state, is an emphatic yes. I’d like to see you try a couple of engagements a day, sometimes more, shaking hands, no let up, constant flashing lights, always having to be on best behaviour.

He must quietly push British industry and contracts, she must be a clothes horse for the nation’s fashion houses and she it is who must wear one of the host nation’s numbers for courtesy at one of the events.…

Questions to two Sydney teens

A Sydney teenager portrayed as the face of youth unemployment in Australia has revealed she fabricated her story.

The Daily Telegraph carried a front page story about Amy and her friend Ashleigh, who declared they had no desire to get jobs.

They were branded a new breed of “dole bludger”, sparking a media debate about NEETs, young people “not in employment, education or training”.

The treasurer had vowed to personally look into their unemployment benefits.

Question – why would you have done that?

1. You’re as thick as pigs***;
2. The Mail paid you big bikkies;
3. You’re fame-cravers and wanted your 15 minutes;
4. You never thought?…

Caption time

trudeau-georgeYour caption invited. Mine might be:


1. Would you like a sweetie?
2. What gender did you finally decide on?

And George’s might have been: ‘Wot, shake hands with a socialist?’