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Satire is dead …

… says Chuckles. After the NYT came out with this, via Steve Sailor:

NYT Complains Trump Doesn’t Submit to the Narrative: “Under His Presidency, the American Dream Would be Primarily Reserved for Americans.”

… came comments:

I’ve read three different articles today on Trump’s speech: one at Bloomberg, another at the Washington Post, and the last at the New York Times. All three articles, though written by three different people, used the word “dark” to describe Trump’s speech. Are these reporters coordinating their message? or did they all choose the same adjective by accident?

Of course they didn’t choose it “by accident”, nor could it have been an honest opinion. They either coordinated their choice of words or simply went with the narrative someone else had come up with.

The behaviour of the press, beholden to the politics we could roughly call Clintonesque or Remain on this side of the pond, has been jawdropping.…

The chutzpah in the Remain mind

Dan Hannan learnt a valuable lesson on Friday:

dan hannan meets remain

There it is – the Remain mind. The concept of the ‘nation has spoken’ does not figure for a moment. The nation must have been mad, they didn’t know what they were doing, therefore we must have another vote.…

America’s Cup weekend, Portsmouth

Massive weekend of racing at Portsmouth for the 2016 America’s Cup.  Leaderboard: Bar [UK] 82 points, Oracle [USA, current holders] 81 points.

Watch highlights on BBC Red Button and online from 23:30-00:30 BST on Sunday, 24 July and 13:45-14:45 on BBC Two on Monday, 25 July.

ben ainslie team gb bar

These are early days. There is much racing to take place before the real stuff begins:…


Well, why not? Why avoid players, just because they’re too famous?

US brinkmanship is stupid

Guided missile destroyer USS Ross enters Black Sea to ‘strengthen regional security’

A US guided missile destroyer, USS Ross, equipped with the Aegis advanced missile defense system has entered the Black Sea and is heading to the Ukrainian port city of Odessa to join the international maritime exercises Sea Breeze 2016.
This brinkmanship, which had to have been with the collusion of Turkey, is not on. This is the last throw of the dice before Trump,  Them’s last chance to provoke Russia into action.

The growing activity of the US Navy in the Black Sea raises concerns in Russia. Russian armed forces will draw conclusions from the activities of the US naval vessels in the region, Vladimir Komoedov, the head of the Russian State Duma’s Defense Committee and former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, told journalists.

Is there life in Peckham?

If they’re ever going to leave a time capsule of old Britain, this song [1982, reissued 1984] should be in there [the clean version] as ‘culturally significant’ and not just for the lyrics.

Didn’t say ‘culturally enriching’ or ‘culturally improving’ – it certainly captured not just the times but regional and class differences.

For a start, Alexei Sayle was a Scouser [with that name?] a comfortably off Marxist you’d find in Islington, were he in London.  His type has wrecked Britain, so there’s the first bit of aggro – reactions to him and to the song have been less than fullsome, shall we say.


Froome set to win the Tour de France

chris froomePity Wiggia’s not still here, so it will have to be me mentioning it.

If you look at the past few results [further down], including tomorrow’s, that makes 4 out of 5 for British riders, which is pretty impressive but all the more impressive for Chris Froome, it will be [if he doesn’t have an accident] his third and back-to-back at that.

Chris Froome is set to become the first Briton to win three Tour de France titles after safely negotiating a rain-soaked penultimate stage in the Alps.

The stormy weather made for treacherous racing on slippery roads but Team Sky’s Froome survived the final descent into Morzine to maintain his overall lead.

Froome’s lead over Romain Bardet of four minutes five seconds will not be tested on the final stage in Paris.