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Dearieme’s last of the current series

In 1924 King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band broke up, so did the Wolverines; the NORKs followed. So among small groups (four to seven musicians, plus a drummer) the remaining top-notcher was Clarence William’s studio group, the Blue Five. We start with the ’25 Shake That Thing.

Another ’25 treat was Papa De-Da-Da

Here Armstrong and Eva enjoyed Clarence’s tune Just Wait ‘Til You See My Baby Do The Charleston.

Let’s next try an earlier track, from the ’23-’24 period: I’d wanted to use this on the post about early soloists but couldn’t find it on youtube. And here it is now: Bechet stars on Clarence’s tune Kansas City Man Blues.

And if I’m cheating on dates, I can do it twice. My last post unaccountably overlooked Eva in fine fettle on Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me (1924)

Ah well; let’s end with the June ’26 Red Red Robin, which features my favourite Blue Five line-up: Unknown (Crnt.); (Tmbn.); (Clt.) Clarence Williams (Piano); Unknown (Banjo)

Even better, let’s not end with that – let’s revisit an old fave – Eva at eighty sings with a bunch of Scandowegians.…

Almost game over in the Ukraine

What is coming through loud and clear from Russia is that Ukrainians are seen, within Russia, as brothers and sisters.

My mate’s view over there is not unlike this Bloomberg writer’s:

A second front has been opened against the Ukrainian army in the rebellious Donetsk region. The Ukrainians were forced to give up the town of Novoazovsk on the Sea of Azov, not far from the strategic port of Mariupol, used by Kiev as the supply base for its anti-rebel operation. Ukrainian military commanders say Russian troops entered the town. Although such claims have been made before, there’s more reason than ever to believe them today.

By rotating a few thousand elite troops in and out of Ukraine, the Kremlin can keep up the fighting indefinitely. Now that Russia’s direct involvement is getting impossible to deny, a broader invasion becomes a possibility. Ukraine’s understaffed, undertrained forces would be no match for the Russian army, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin has been making a major investment.