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Whitney, Prince, is there a pattern?

If this is a red herring, it’s just to show how murky the waters are and how difficult it is to sheet home blame to any one person or organization, particularly if the victim is mired in so much folly him or herself, is beholden to interests and so on.

And particularly if the miscreants are either protecting themselves and their own grubbiness or else protecting those who sent them.

Some will remember Gary Webb, from the time of the Franklin child abuse, which then raised questions about the CIA and other operations, which then revealed the satanism or occult aspects of so many of the players, from LaVey to Tuesday Weld, which comes back to the entertainment industry and its use as a conduit for social re-engineering, to Sandoz, Eli Lily and the drugs trade, to the broader issue of so many players one would never even have thought of having been involved.…

Palestine in the 1800s

9,000 Photos from Palestine in 1800’s – with no trace of Muslims or mosques

Félix Bonfils (1831-1885) was French photographer and writer who was active in the Middle East. Four years after his arrival he reported 15,000 prints of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Greece, and 9,000 stereoscopic-views. He traveled to the region several times and we hear of no mass population of Palestinians, which contradicts everything the Palestinians lie about to the world.

Big Ben’s grumblings are no new thing


From Wikipedia –

5 August 1976: First and only major breakdown. The air brake speed regulator of the chiming mechanism broke from torsional fatigue after more than 100 years of use, causing the fully wound 4-ton weight to spin the winding drum out of the movement, causing much damage. The Great Clock was shut down for a total of 26 days over nine months – it was reactivated on 9 May 1977; this was the longest break in operation since its construction.…

What’s the real story?

Regular readers might get through the quoted part and be moved enough to read the rest or else by-pass this post and go straight there. Most though would suspect a rant was coming up along the lines of WTC7.

In the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign, I clicked an ambiguous link on an obscure website and stumbled into a parallel universe.

During the previous two years of that long election cycle, the media narrative surrounding Sen. John McCain had been one of unblemished heroism and selfless devotion to his fellow servicemen. Thousands of stories on television and in print had told of his brutal torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors, his steely refusal to crack, and his later political career aimed at serving the needs of fellow Vietnam veterans. This storyline had first reached the national stage during his 2000 campaign, then returned with even greater force as he successfully sought the 2008 Republican nomination.

Hotel California

It perhaps matters not greatly how you arrive there, as long as you do eventually arrive:

Michael Walsh asks in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: how might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell?  How if after accepting abortion, the loss of individuality, the destruction of tradition and a near utter reliance on the state the end point was not utopia but dystopia?  Worse what if those two places are actually the same thing?

After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination.  Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

The big thing is not to fall into this “I told you so” trap. Good at least that they’ve seen the light in their own time.…

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