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Sometimes, slick and overproduced just doesn’t cut it:

Despite the band’s annoyance at having so little time to prepare, on April 6 at 10 a.m., the Kingsmen walked into the three-microphone recording studio. In order to sound like a live performance, Ely was forced to lean back and sing to a microphone suspended from the ceiling.

“It was more yelling than singing,” Ely said, “’cause I was trying to be heard over all the instruments.” In addition, he was wearing braces at the time of the performance, further compounding his infamously slurred words.

Ely sang the beginning of the third verse several bars too early, but realized his mistake and waited for the rest of the band to catch up.

In what was thought to be a warm-up, the song was recorded in its first and only take. The Kingsmen were not proud of the version, but their manager liked the rawness of their cover.… More here ...

Advent 6

Elvis is clearly unhappy about being alone at Christmas, but I’d point out that being alone does not necessarily mean loneliness.… More here ...


Julia has a nice post up at OoL about an old lady who lives mainly in her car and does good deed things for the community along the way:


Julia’s conclusion?

She sounds an eccentric old duck, but then, wasn’t that once something not unknown in England? So let her be. Not everyone has bought into dependency culture. Thank God.

Amen. And the Jannie takes that further:… More here ...


Hard to tell what the tone was in this film. It certainly was dismissive of his competence but did not take him to task for the early part of his marriage.

As usual, it was useful to go to the scurrilous edge first to see what they said – satanism, paedophilia – then to the other end, the eulogies and see how far they went – not a hero but a great man – then to some position between those.… More here ...

Grace Kelly – the Virgin Princess


Clara Bow played the sexually alluring, rather than the vamp but rumours abounded about her private life, rumours which only helped her popularity whilst they were still just rumours.

The public knew Clara Bow had lovers, they may not have known about the animals and multiple partners. Similar with Grace Kelly – less kinky than Bow but with about the same number of notches, if the accounts below are to be believed.… More here ...