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The indestructable London tube train


Amfortas emailed:

James, I know you have views on James Bond films. I actually watched one the other evening. Skyfall.

It is a while since I watched a Bond film. Indeed it has been a while since I lived in the UK. But the most striking thing about Skyfall – amid all the grandstanding and poseury – was the revelation that a revolution has taken place in underground rail technology. I was astonished at how robust London tube trains have become.

Yet another danger for our armed forces

Christie O [Civil Air Patrol, see below]:

“The push for women to succeed and the subsequent lowering of the standards has ultimately resulted in the question – gender equality or combat effectiveness – which god do we serve?

And America has clearly made her choice.”

Mike Cunningham t’other day had a post on the demise of the RN. I don’t expect Mike or any reader to endorse this view below but I am going to say – night follows day. The url of this article below speaks of the navy steaming ahead to disaster:

pc admiral