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Issues from Ferguson and Lee Rigby


This article contains a vid pane in which multiple news broadcasts on Ferguson follow one another and it’s eye opening.

There are issues to go into:

Why did the National Guard hold back?

There’ve been two explanations.  One is by ex-Mayor Giuliani [and he should know] who said there is a school of thought which says ‘cooling off period’.  In practice, there is no cooling off, only a heating-up.  The only proper reaction of law enforcement, in Giuliani’s view, is to go with the protesters and while they shout and wave placards, it’s fine.  No need to even kettle.

The instant a rock is thrown at a window, arrest.  No hesitation.  If the mob turn on the police, call in immediate reinforcement.  If it needs 10,000 officers, so be it.  100,000 officers, bus them in.  The job is to restore order in accordance with their training.

That is an explanation and solution most people would accept, I’d think.…

Ferguson and Laura Norder


It’s an interesting question, law and order:

The US town of Ferguson has seen rioting and looting after a jury decided not to bring charges over the killing of a black teenager.

Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, on 9 August, sparking protests.

A police chief said the latest violence in the suburb of St Louis, Missouri, was “probably much worse” than on any night since the teenager’s death.

St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said rioters had fired 150 shots.

What we’ve essentially got here is a War between Civilizations and there are two sides.…

Polarization of politics and the Ukraine

This is late today because NO was down for some time but is now back up.

It’s becoming increasingly the case that we are being forced into polarized positions because of the nature of the arguments.

In the early days of NO, there was still room to move and we’d argue out peak oil, Israel/Palestine and most were agreed on Labour’s crimes – both sides were anti-Blair. But of late, I’m not sure if politics itself has changed but people’s awareness has certainly increased, hence UKIP.

One of those areas is immigration and a substantial body of opinion over here is not just anti-illegals, it’s against the swamping of welfare and the sheer numbers coming in. Even Obama, in 2008, agreed with the notion:

obama lies

The worm in the bud

This is for American Thanksgiving Day this Thursday.

It’s the eternal motif, it’s never changed. It’s called, variously, the worm in the bud, the tares among the wheat. It involves a new hope, a new dawn but even in that new dawn are the seeds of doom, the evil outside awaiting that crack in the armour to make its way in.

It’s always been the same. In the 20s, it looked exciting – the new jazz, the vibrancy, the dress styles, the fabulous art and design – for many, the best age of all in recent history. Dearieme’s contributions reinforce that.

And yet genuine evil was at work inside. For every new woman, liberated, a Bright Young Thing, the It Girl, was the seamier side – rampant promiscuity, breakdown in relations, breakdown in marriages and when it ended, when the bubble burst, it was these which remained. In Paris and Berlin, women in various stages of pregnancy stood on street corners to be looked over and hired by passing males with money.…

It gives no satisfaction for vindication on the Ukraine

ukraine ban mags

Yes, the things about Russia are so but that’s not the point here.  The point here was warned about over and over.  This lot in Kiev are thugs of the fascist type, using the word ‘fascist’ in its WW2 Mussolini sense.

These are the heirs of those who attempted genocide on the Jews and are now trying it on Russian speakers within what they consider the borders of the Ukraine.

This is not nice.  The west either has no clue or else they’re ignoring it.…

Sunday [2]

First up – whatever is Ashton doing there? Is she some government’s representative? Does she have a lifetime at this level of politics, as Kerry does or the Iranian? What does Ashton actually bring to the table and how tough and seasoned a negotiator is she? Who elected her, citizens of which nation?


Second, is there any thing more pathetic than a weak and yet petulant person trying to act tough?…

Parachutee watch

Take a story, e.g. Colchester Hospital now one of the worst in Britain, where once it was mid-table. So who has overseen this disaster?

One commenter wrote:

The biggest problem the health service has is the employment of “Jazz” managers. These are the folk who [don't?] follow the normal theme of management, but feel the urge to “make it up” as they go. The NHS is rife with them.

Uh-huh, so who runs Colchester Hospital? Who is this ‘jazz’ ‘manager’? Mail doesn’t actually say, which is its ususal way of covering up who it actually is, so one has to search more widely.

It took less than a minute to find. Voila:…

Champions or worst team for decades?

Just wondering what on earth is going on here?  Last week, I was reading the New Zealand press and various people in the team’s entourage and it was doom and gloom over this All Blacks side, the worst in history etc. etc.  This is from this evening:

all blacks

That’s rather an interesting thing – look at the British press on the same game, same two teams:…

Pub bands

One type of band I really like is what I’d call the ‘honest’ band – three guitars and drums, nothing superfluous but to employ an Americanism, they kick A.  Nazareth was one of those. You might call them pub bands but they usually end up in auditoriums.

This band was one of those – rocking and intense in its crescendos, with an utter maniac for a singer, a guy called ‘Doc’ Neeson.  You needn’t see them to get the idea, you can hear it in his voice – there’s something about the type.  They’d specialize in dropping the tempo to quiet near the middle of the song and then explode, building towards the end.

Naturally they built a cult following:

The one thing unique to our politics …

Apart from bumbleheadedness and inept corruption and incompetence, what characterizes our politics in England, differently from the rest of the world?

The answer lies in looking at how Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine do it, how even the French, Germans and Americans do it. To a small extent, the Italians do it as we do but they still have their hit squads.


Nothing escapes. Everything and everyone is reduced to ridicule and that, in itself, is a powerplay. We’re saying no one is above us. Whether it’s true or not, we’re saying we’re the top-feeders and they are our servants. Russians have a wicked sense of humour too and lambast the politburo in private … but not publicly.

emily nightmares

Meanwhile, across the pond …

American Thinker:

Then there’s the little question of racial disparity in the single-parent stakes. Little black children are far more likely than white children to be deprived of the basic human right of their married mother living with their married biological father. That’s racism.

Then there’s the murder statistics. Blacks are much more likely to get murdered by a black person that a white person. There’s racism again.

Then there is unemployment. Blacks are about twice as likely to be unemployed as a white person. What does President Obama do? He proposes to legalize 5 million illegal immigrants so they can compete for jobs in the formal economy — against blacks. That’s real racism.

Derek Huneter has a piece warning blacks that Democrats are falling out of love with them because Hispanics look to become a bigger voting bloc in the future. But I wonder. The Pew Poll has numbers showing that very few Hispanics can identify a Hispanic leader.

Rose of the World, Slenderman and others

Revealed: The desperate last days of Russian supermodel, 20, who took running leap from her New York apartment building ‘after joining brutal Rose of the World cult’

If we can de-Mail-ify this, the danger is that if I run a link to the Wiki entry on it, how many young people or women will click into it and start taking it onboard?  You’d have to say almost none but can I take the risk?

the eyesI’m at the point now I couldn’t care less about if people were offended by that last paragraph or not – my job is to tell it as it is. Who are the most susceptible to these sorts of things?  One need only look at cults such as Manson and Jim Jones to see it.

There are men who tend to be henchmen, enforcers, the real murderers and then a range of female accolytes, then the mass of converts who can be male and female.…