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Charlie McCoy

Charlie McCoy was a session muso:

#  “We always compare the song to a picture,” explained McCoy, whose harmonica blowing stood out for its velocity and melodic phrasing. “We’re just here to provide the frame, to make the picture look and sound good. If you didn’t learn that your career would be shot.”

#  “As musicians you don’t get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a session,” McCoy said, lounging in a chair at the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where a plaque attests to his achievements. “Only if they weren’t paying union rates.”

But Columbia, Dylan’s record label, had ordered him not to step foot in “backwards” Tennessee.

McCoy said: “The bible of that movement was Rolling Stone magazine and it was not kind to Nashville. Quotes like ‘cookie-cutter music, all business and no art, assembly line music’. But we were A-list musicians who knew how to get a lot of music, at high quality, in a very short space of time, on a small budget.

Scientific fraud? Who’dathunkit?

Fraud in the scientific community?  Who’s surprised?

You could be forgiven for thinking there’s a bit of a crisis going on in biomedical science these days. Tenured academic positions are few and far between—and are often dependent upon the researcher’s success in obtaining scarce funding.

The pressure to succeed, measured by publications, is sometimes blamed for leading less-scrupulous scientists to break the rules.

A new paper by Morton Oskvold, a Norwegian scientist, will fan those flames, as it makes the bold claim that 25 percent of cancer biology papers contain duplicated data. Is something rotten in our research labs?

There has been a real uptick in scientific misconduct in recent years, but it’s not going unchallenged. Post-publication peer review, where papers are critiqued publicly on the Internet by other scientists, is putting the literature to the test. And journals are taking a tougher line with authors to ensure that they include all the relevant details, not just the ones that make them look good.

Buddy Bolden

Wiki on this one:

Known as King Bolden (see Jazz royalty), and his band was a top draw in New Orleans (the city of his birth) from about 1900 until 1907, when he was incapacitated by schizophrenia (then called dementia praecox). He left no known surviving recordings, but he was known for his very loud sound and constant improvisation.…

America’s day of shame

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

injustice anthonyIf he believed that, particularly the part about family, then what was he doing destroying the institution of marriage?  This man, Injustice Anthony M. Kennedy is headed directly for the fiery place once he dies.

I posted at OoL as well but with differences.  Over there, it was about the unconstitutionality and killing off of religious freedom. Here I’m concerned with the iniquity of it on so many levels, the rank dishonesty, indecency, hypocrisy and evil intent.…

Florence and the Glastonbury

The Mash:


Was reading a bit about Florence and the Machine, how they were so named, listened to a couple of tracks – she’s OK. Nothing terribly bad, nothing exciting – just girly music of today with pap lyrics and nicey-nicey chords, the “Machine” part of it acting tough and trying hard to have cred.

What I like best about her is that she’s replaced Kanye West as headliner so, of the two options in the poll, I went with the majority – frightening:

florence and the machine

Ask the right questions

confederate flag

Something Harry J sent, involving a flag. Perfect example of what was written yesterday. The source might be iffy, I’ve seen debunkings of Makow and statements about his agenda and dot joining, and yet he raises questions others don’t raise, questions which need to be considered.

It’s all very well being the respectable bourgeois gentleman or even engineer but if you  won’t ask the right questions, any scientist can tell you you won’t get the right answers and you’ll end up with a skewed view of reality.…

Rare tracks

For someone who doesn’t particularly rate country music as favourite, there are a few tracks right up there and this one below, Wide River, was for a decade my very favourite.  I used to make short films on VHS and this was the theme music for one series on the countryside [obviously abridged – I had a mini sound studio].

Suppose you either like electric folk/country or you don’t but this song seems to convey the Heart of America, particularly the tinkling of the ivories and the bass line.  It’s only just come up and who knows how long it will remain?

Rump with hollandaise

It’s got to the stage now where a slight reduction in outgoings has meant I can afford a slightly better meal once a week.   Maybe you do this every evening but for me, once a week is my lot.

Plus I simply can’t eat full portions anymore.


The tatties, mushies and concasse were a piece of cake – they’re my staple, the rump was new, plus the hollandaise.…

Within our lifetime?


[There is a] United States military training exercise, scheduled to take place in multiple US states from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Their announcements raised concern referred to by The New York Times as “travers[ing] the outer edges of political paranoia.”

People’s reactions to events are the critical factor, of course, in how the PTB act next time. Those reactions are watched, not unlike by Dr. Mengele,  by those arranging things and who has which reaction is critical – all this is a known known.…

En Primeur

Bordeaux_Lot 2015_102

Ever since the great ’82 vintage in Bordeaux, buying wine “en primeur” has been an increasing yearly ritual until recently.

En Primeur is the buying of wine before it is released to the market, the buying being based on experts opinion of the wine in cask before it is finally bottled and sometimes later, this of course means having a lot of faith in the experts’ opinion and even among them, opinions can vary.…

Constitutional monarchical republic

Americans are going to come to this post late – most are sleeping as we are waking up over here. Pity, because this starts with America.

The bulk of this interview with Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich is about the left’s War on Women. Glenn Reynolds quotes early Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story warning of demagogues who would flatter the people that they may betray them. Katie Pavlich takes that up and says that the left has this habit of accusing their opponents of doing exactly what they’re doing [wrong].  for example, being haters, for example being discriminatory.

This War on Women campaign by the feminists, she goes into detail over, is actually about pulling the wool over the eyes of women. Far from emancipating women, this battery of feminist campaigners aim to enslave women by making them dependent on the state teat in order to save them from those great monsters called men.…

Quietening Schiphol airport

Two years ago in the Netherlands, artist Paul de Kort designed an 81-acre park near Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. His assignment? To use nothing but landscaping to dampen the noise of airplanes.

Smithsonian’s Heather Hansman reported last month, the project was a success, cutting airport noise by almost half of what the community around the airport required. De Kort collaborated with an architecture firm called H+N+S Landscapearchitects, and scientists who had been studying the noise problem for years, to create a landscape that would dampen some of the noise of Schiphol.

And they did it by using some very old-school landscape engineering:…

Pigs’ trotters and lard

1c12b10b1ca673358060368a6ecbcdc5A K Haart had an interesting piece on his blog with a description of a shop and what it sold in 1913.

One of the comments told how pigs trotters as described in the article were now difficult to come by, not strictly true as Morrisons stock them and I have seen them elsewhere, oh and Tescos sell them in China, no surprise there !

But it made me think about those food items in particular that seemingly disappeared from our daily menu, or did they ?

There is no doubt there was a period when supermarkets started to take over the world and high street specialists disappeared, certain items went out of fashion, especially when it came to meat. Food fads started when we were told to eat lean meat, fat was bad, and the butchers’ offerings reflected that phase.

Fortunately that has reversed as meat needs a degree of fat to enhance the taste and that fact is now recognised.…

The parallels are striking

Amfortas presents. Tell me if this reminds you of any particular broadcaster in the UK:

Bill Meuhlenberg is an ex-USA chap who has lived in Melbourne for many years and is a solid Christian fellow. He is also a prolific blogger.

He asks the question and goes to town on the ABC’s ‘premier’ audience and panel program, Q & A. It is and always has been a blatantly leftist voice from a media organisation that we taxpayers fork over cash for. It is supposed to be ‘balanced, but never is.

Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all Liberal Party members, and just one panellist from the Labor Party, yet it claims to be objective and neutral. There would be utter outrage over this.

Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all whites and just one panellist who was Black, yet it claims to be objective and neutral.