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There’s been an anniversary of Concorde, the 13th anniversary since the last passenger flight from New York arrived in the UK:

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… and here are some facts about her:

# Only 20 aircraft were ever built despite 100 orders, most of them cancelled in the early 1970s.

# Taxiing to the runway consumed 2 tons of fuel.…

If this ain’t love …

… then it will have to do, till the real thing comes along [can’t remember who sang that].

It always starts fine, with mucho caring:

Then reality seeps through after some time. This below is one of the best segments and also one of the best companions. Also, methinks she is well within her rights with the second speech she gives when she goes back inside:

From the male point of view, it’s handy to be a Time Lord at this stage. He’s lost so many companions that only a Time Lord could cope – humans might get a tad jaded.

So it’s back on the road again and he’s just moving onwards, ever onwards – every word in this is timeless:

Maxim Gorky once spoke of Russia in the form of the troika, rushing around the bend and clattering along at top speed.

‘Kuda, Rossiya?’ he calls. [Where to, Russia?]

There is no answer.…

It’s probably nothing …

Vox Day.

It is not “wishful thinking” to distrust the polls. Nor is there a “natural tightening up” of the polls as election day approaches. The entire polling industry is an exercise in attempted manipulation of public opinion. That’s why there is so much media attention focused on it.

The Podesta email doesn’t merely prove that the poll-doubters are right to be dubious about their credibility, but demonstrates, once more, that the conspiracy theory of history is the only one that can properly account for historical events.

Moreover, the media narrative claiming that Hillary’s win is inevitable is nothing more than the First Law of SJW in action:

A confidential memo allegedly obtained from Correct The Record, a Democratic Super PAC, reveals a plan to “barrage” voters with high frequency polls that show Hillary ahead in order to “declare election over,” while avoiding any mention of the Brexit vote (which completely contradicted polls that said Brexit would fail).

True Christians must leave the derelict Church forthwith, en masse

Sounds a strange call but please read on.

It was odds on that the Orthodox Patriarch and Welby were going to clash, as most commenters noted.

The CofE seems to think by being more “liberal” and drifting away from Jesus’ message it becomes more “relevant” and it will attract more members. But the liberal wankerati hate Christianity and wouldn’t be seen dead in a church expect to protest about LGBTXYZ rights.

Meanwhile those who cram the churches every Xmas seeking solace from the alien world Britain has become find the CofE has gone the same way and don’t return until the next Xmas in the vain hope they will find the church of old.

It is about time Welby & Co, as our established church did their job – preach the gospel, call out sinners and tell muslim migrants that the reason you parasites want and can come here is because Christianity founded a generous and tolerant society, so convert or eff off.

Definitive portrayals?

Can we put aside for now our views on Stephen Fry and ask the question – do you think he’s the definitive Jeeves and Hugh Laurie the definitive Wooster?

There was a period during which all I could see were the flaws and how laboured and forced it occasionally was but that was a bit unfair, as it would have been like seeing an Agatha Christie over and over.

Having just come back to J&W after some years, that first season was excellent. My question to you is also – do you think it travels in time well?…