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Plenty of trees to go round

the forest

This is yet another example of woolly thinking debunked, accepting truths as handed down by the media, when the likelihood is that it is nothing like as portrayed.

Chuckles: So all those shrieks of hysteria and such about deforestation, CO2, etc etc by greenie activists and politicians were lies. But then we always knew that anyway.

Interesting that it was in the WP, a known leftwing news outlet.

Released Wednesday in Nature, a team of 38 scientists finds that the planet is home to 3.04 trillion trees, blowing away the previously estimate of 400 billion. That means, the researchers say, that there are 422 trees for every person on Earth.

However, in no way do the researchers consider this good news. The study also finds that there are 46 percent fewer trees on Earth than there were before humans started the lengthy, but recently accelerating, process of deforestation.

OK, even if we accept these figures, it’s a glass half full scenario.…

Be kind to them


You woke up this morning [most of you] and thought: “Oh gosh, I wonder what Aristotle had to say to Alexander.”  Yes, I’m a mindreader or at least Chuckles is, as he sent this:

The Secret of Secrets includes a purported exchange of letters between Aristotle and Alexander.  According to Arabic manuscripts probably conveying text written before 987, Alexander wrote to Aristotle:

O my excellent preceptor and just minister, I inform you that I have found in the land of Persia men possessing sound judgement and powerful understanding, who are ambitious of bearing rule.  Hence I have decided to put them all to death.  What is your opinion in this matter? 

Aristotle responded:

It is no use putting to death the men you have conquered; for their land will, by the laws of nature, breed another generation which will be similar.  The character of these men is determined by the nature of the air of their country and the waters they habitually drink.  The best course for you is to accept them as they are, and to seek to accommodate them to your concepts by winning them over through kindness. 

This, of course, is to do with the Persians.…


the enemy

The men and women of the Great War and WW2 saved this land for such as this person? There’s gratitude for you.

Unfortunately, the Left is going to win this one. They make use of a tragic dead child to push politics and many decent people do not like it, people who know exactly what this emotional blackmail is all about.

Geldorf’s now on the bandwagon, no understanding whatever of what is going on:

geldorf hypocrisy

Where’s millionaire Brand? And then there is this:

Australia managed to stop the death and mayhem by turning them back, saying no. Simple little word, no. Clearly, the EU and left handwringing supporters want death and mayhem. Which is the humanitarian?

The Left, the Corbynisti, have already been out in force saying that that is a heartless attitude. No, the thing which is heartless, you idiots, is allowing a situation where they even thought they could get here in the first place.…

The State waits in the wings for its cue …

The truth in this lies midway between the author and some of the commenters, I’d submit.

Let’s not waste much time on the mother ***er, hate-whitey, kill-all-cops woman and her egregious radio show.  There was a post yesterday on “indecent left” and this is just more of the same.

Point is that the PTB behind Obama have, through his lieutenants, spread this race war like wildfire.

Continues over at OoL.

More hate crimes by the left

The Trial of Richard Seymour: The Guardian’s most hateful columnist? The Guardian is renowned as a platform for hateful pundits. But is this the worst of the lot?

And there’s the wonder of this society of ours – that hate-criminals such as Seymour can walk around freely advocating that a society be produced which would not let him walk around like that.

And now he says this about Simon Weston, the Guardian do pick em, as Wiggia says …

But a commenter puts it in perspective:

“If he knew anything, he’d still have his face” is the sort of standard Lefty hate-speak directed at every person who’s ever served his or her time in defence of the Country.

Wonder why the left are like that – graceless, without decency.

Wonder why the guardian only employs tossers to write for them.  Another wonder of our society.

Meanwhile, does Wiggia call for his throat to be slit or for him to be roasted slowly over a fire?…

When our colleagues disagree with us

jfk the end

One thing about our side of politics is that we like to think we are not tribal, that we are independent, that if one of our “tribe” says something we don’t go along with, then we’d not stay silent and go along with it.

On the whole Muslim/black/immigrant thing, most readers here have similar views.  Essentially, we think the blacks are milking this for all its worth. On the other hand, when starting to view one of the many things Wiggia sent, a Fox video, I had to step back and say hey, I don’t support this Sheriff’s remarks.

As distinct from this from Wiggia, which I do support:

Now this is a real test of how tribal I am because I will have to agree with two detractors who said recently that the Right in America is different to here, they’re really quite unpleasant.  It seems Fox agrees too as they’ve taken the interview down.…

Greatest English language novels

Needless to say, I disagree with some on this list sent by Chuckles.

For a start, you can throw off the Virginia Woolfe guff and put on maybe the Brontes.  Woolfe was a feminazi, so she has no place there.

There are so many great novels not on that list either but that’s to be expected as it’s the Guardian:

In my opinion many of the Guardian books do not even reach second rate. To Kill a Mockingbird is a pastiche of caricatures, it is not by coincidence that it is mostly read by 5th graders.

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

In all seriousness though, which are your top five?  That’s a tough call.…

Guided busways

Between Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives in the English county of Cambridgeshire, runs a special bus service over a special route that consist of two narrow concrete rails instead of a regular asphalt road. The buses travel with each set of wheels over the parallel rails, just like a train. The margin for error is narrow, yet the buses attain speeds of 90 km per hour (55 miles/h). The best part is, the driver doesn’t even hold the steering wheel.