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Flying kites

A thorough understanding of human history has been the hallmark of an educated man in the West since the Middle Ages. Herodotus is considered the first historian, but there is debate about whether the ancients had an appreciation for human history. Oswald Spengler argued that the ancients were ahistorical, as they lacked a historical consciousness. Perhaps that is true, but for our purposes, the point is that a classical education in the West has always included a thorough understanding of history. [The Z Man, H/T Chuckles]

flying kites

Chibo at Unz – interesting take, some good points, think he misses some:… More here ...


This started with a song which came up on youtube by someone called Swing Out Sister.  When I checked, it seemed 80s and yet it could have been the bland noughties and teenies today.

Right, where do we start on this? It was bland, overproduced, the singing was so weak – it was bad. It was not auto-tuned, that thing they do with voices today, although as I was in the mixing biz in the 70s and worked a mini-studio, you could always alter voices to a point, even crudely.

Now don’t get me wrong in this scathing critique of the 80s onwards – if I hear some great new raw band who do great things – yeas, even in 2017, I’m going to embrace them.  Even promote them.

But seriously, people, there is nothing. No. Thing.A complication at this site now is that many readers have highly developed ears for good music – classics, jazz, other and the whole field we’re looking at below is popular, not noted for its heights as pieces of music, with some exceptions.… More here ...