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Islam – discuss at your leisure


When we studied together at a madrassa, Rashid Moosagie had a very low opinion of my politics. I was disenchanted by the academic, abstract nature of our curriculum at the Deoband seminary, some 160km from New Delhi, where I was enrolled in 1978; I desperately wanted the wisdom of my faith to help shape the world, and I had begun to lose myself in the writings of political Islam.

Rashid had just arrived to apprentice under some scholars after completing his religious education elsewhere, and he thought my notion of “applied Islam” was nonsense. The ideas I loved offered heady rhetoric but little substance, he argued. And eventually I came to agree with him that the madrassa approach, focused on tradition and piety, along with an infusion of new knowledge, was the best way to revitalise Islam. By that time, Rashid had become a successful imam in his native South Africa.…

Keith Moon

The only live version of Happy Jack on youtube for a long time was the annoying Beat Club one where, as Keith Moon descended to the manic drumming which established his name, the camera inexplicably moved right away from him and onto the singer’s back.

Fortunately, there’s another, lesser version of the song now but it does have Keith Moon in full cry:

And of course, he made this song:

And this one below. There’s always been one youtube version playing down KM once again but now this one has appeared. The guy explains how he picked up a one channel mono and resynched vision to sound. Damn good job – be forgiving of the overall sound quality, KM is the goods:

Ban pork


Little by little, despite more and more people becoming aware of our freedoms being reduced, this type of agenda is being pushed.

It has nothing to do with faiths, it is to placate, for reasons unknown, one faith regarding food that is not in sync with their beliefs.

Never mind that we have lived alongside Jews with similar food requisites without any problem, have lived and enjoyed the many foods from around the world that have come here with migrants.

No, it is just one faith that we consistently bend over backwards to pacify .

Never any mention of the fact we are eating, without knowledge, halal meat that is not labelled as such and which there is a very strong objection to the way the animals are killed to produce it.

I laughingly said in a conversation a year or so ago when the halal “problem” surfaced that it would not be long before all pork products were banned, well here is the first step.…

Women do invite rape … but for a different reason this time

Europe’s rape epidemic: western women sacrificed at the altar of mass migration.

So wrote Anne-Marie Walters.

I’ve written many times now that women and children should not be out alone at night and as for men – they need to choose their safe places with care.  But you can’t tell women and children that – they’re full of this “I can do anything”, just as Nemo said and look where that got him.

Going further, the woman who does observe basic safety because she knows she’s a sitting target for the type who hang around populated areas at night, let alone unpopulated – and a single woman, alone, is the most prime target of all – this sane woman will not be raped or otherwise attacked.  She takes precautions if she’s going out to have alcohol.

The type who will be attacked is the young and/or silly woman, full of her feminism.  And out of chivalry, we men do not wish to see these women picked off by lowlifes but the silly girls will do nothing to help themselves.…

Crim of the Week competition

This Is True has an interesting competition – Crim of the Week – pitting a UK entrant against a US. Winner is the more stupid.

Criminal of the Week, U.S. Division

A woman arrived at her Manatee, Fla., home to discover a man inside, carrying a backpack. She not only confronted him, she grabbed him and held on, dumping the backpack out, assuming it was full of her belongings.

Sure enough, her jewelry and credit cards were among the items spilled. She wouldn’t let the man go until he agreed to let her take several photos of his face with her cell phone camera, and remove the socks covering his hands so he would have to open the door with his bare hands, leaving fingerprints.

He complied, and fled.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they looked at the photos and identified the suspect as Steven Haynes, 26, thanks in part to the distinct tattoo on his chest that she included in the photo.

Syria and the wider picture

Interesting take yesterday on Syria  and the west [thanks Rossa and Chuckles]. Remember that the writer is putting the Russian view:

Historically speaking, the strongest regional threat to Syria over the last few centuries came from Turkey, and to date, Turkey continues to occupy the Syrian regions of Celicia and Iskandarun. The Saudis and Qataris are the new kids on the block, with no historic experience and depth. The kingdom and the emirate are likely to disappear off the face of international politics once their oil and gas resources dry out.

1912 test [1]

This is from Leenks, via Chuckles.  It’s a Grade 8 test from 1912.

To be fair to you, some of the questions depend on how the teacher taught the class – for example, how many parts of speech, there are a few answers.  Some of the questions, especially in Arithmetic, are not clear on the page, transferred to the computer.

However, the spelling is straightforwad enough – could you spell all of those if asked verbally?

See how you go and then think whether today’s 8th graders would be able to pass this series of 4 tests, shown here from this evening until Sunday.


Bill Bryson

We’ve done the topic of tipping before but some of the general comments from people stand out in this piece on Bill Bryson’s criticisms of a “well heeled” person he saw tip 10p when she thought no one was looking.

#  Tips should not be necessary, employers should pay decent wages.10% tip should not be expected. I only tip if I feel the staff have made a special effort otherwise you are simply tipping people for basic service. There are plenty jobs where people are paid the same as waiting staff and they do not receive tips so I do not really understand why the catering industry should be different.

#  Bill is catching up. There is no longer a British culture of “doing the right thing”, there is just The Law, and what people can get away with. Add to this, a Police force that decides not to enforce laws brought in by Parliament, and you have the decline in the moral health of the nation.

The “modern” woman again

Modern woman:

modern woman maggot for brains

“Susan, you know something about babies,” King said during the panel. “This is what I love about Susan: she has five children.”

Wojcicki smiled, and confirmed King’s statement. When pressed, Wojcicki said that her eldest is turning 16, while her youngest is 8 months.

“By the same husband?” King inquired.

15 minutes into the panel, and Gayle King had asked one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley if all of her children have the same father.