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Muirfield revisited

In the light of the Taki article.

I left a comment:

Muirfield members – do not, repeat do not, give way. Ever.

Or to paraphrase the biblical:

Build on the rock, not on the shifting sands of fashion.

Or in the words of other commenters:

Liberalism is like a corrosive acid–it does not have a built-in capacity to stop.

It is such a shame that the cause of women was hijacked by the misandrists, including left-liberals, socialists and communists.

Because there really were things needed fixing, adjusting and these have been fixed/adjusted.

But [mixing metaphors], let the genie out of the bottle and  ……


1238 – the case for the nutter

Do not disparage the place for the nutter up top.


A look at his background shows a man his kids love, a susceptibility to women [whatever his views on their competence might be], a competitive streak which has his opponents/partners second guessing and yet a hidden competence behind the bluster, an ability to plan and come out ahead.

And certain traits people call “liberal”, such as compassion for the less strong. Plus a knowledge that it’s all BS anyway and he can get other people to provide the details in conference.

It’s this latter point I believe Priebus saw the possibilities in. Make America great again? Hmmmm, well why not, let’s do this Reagan thing again, it’s time. We’ll still control him, it’s just a different ballgame now.

Where the Donald didn’t know, he brought in people who did and learnt along the way. That’s why he’s where he is.…

The single greatest obstacle [2]

In Part one, the thing which really astounds in the real and extant danger facing us is the utter lack of political will outside the blogosphere and one or two within the MSM, e.g. Delingpole.

In Germany, at least they’re demonstrating in the streets and yet Merkel sets her flint-like heart against what is so bloody clear and obvious in the land. Over here, the anti-migrant feeling is also powerful and yet if the polls are to be believed, which they can’t be, there is a substantial number who don’t see any issue whatever with what is going on.

It’s all ISIS’s fault, they’re everywhere apparently. Muslims themselves are fine, say the women, as yet another girl is brutalized by random Moroccans. Astounding that women and male leftists are taking this line.

There was a headline on Friday about many Labour voters defying Corbyn and voting Brexit. Now I’m not suggesting the Muslim problem will stop as a result but it’s certainly a start, to get the EU off our backs.…

The single greatest obstacle [1]

Refugees processed in Athens. Note all the women and children, note the rags and sackcloth they’re wearing:

refugee processing athens

My mother went to a parent teacher day at school to get a report on me and said later the teacher had said, “Asks too many questions.”

My father found that curious.

I’ve many questions today and no doubt you have a few. For a start, the 15 year old girl blinded by six Moroccans a few days back, the way Muslim gangs have taken over prisons, the way the police in Calais have had to fall back, Cologne, Rotherham – even our own gangs don’t take them on any more.…

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