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Spot what’s wrong in this pic …

devonshire tea small

You’re quite right – the teacup is on the wrong side of the scone and what are those horrible tinny things in the background?

Still, at least Wiki got the cream tea right, although it called it Cornish.   There are all sorts of reasons, by the way, that the cream goes on first.

1.  Do you just put jam on bread?   Do you not use a spread, e.g. butter?   Do you put butter on top of the jam?   If you’re making a sandwich, do you not use a spread on the bread first?   The whole point of a spread, apart from the creaminess and flavour, is that it binds with the bread and things don’t fall off – it spreads evenly over the available space.

2. Colour – if the cream covers the jam, what a bland, whitish looking thing in front of you.   Jam on top adds colour.…

The good and the bad

Really didn’t want to do anything more on Christianity [except occasionally on Sundays] but this comment at the Telegraph is worth reprinting:

This country is a poisonous wasteland, where common sense and dignity dare not raise their heads.

The only people allowed to make hurtful and offensive comments are the left and liberal ‘we know best’ self serving growths that have been cultured into being by socialism and left wing academia.

They give it but they can’t take it when served back to them. You only need to see the racist diatribe vomited by the likes of Dan Hodges and Mary Riddell to see that the betrayal of the masses is complete.

Religion has little to do with it – this is a campaign by the Labour foot soldiers seeking to undermine the English and our heritage.

Christianity formed our values. It may not be a prevalent as it is today but for many of us Christian Values epitomised everything that was right about this country and now the left will do everything they can to marginalise and hate anyone supporting those values today over their sick ideology.

This awful people we are

He  Lord Deben said: “UKIP stands for the worst in human beings: our prejudice, selfishness, and fear.”

This coming from a man described by a Norwegian minister as ” the biggest shit bag I have ever met” , who charged for mole traps amongst other items on his estate during the expenses scandal.…

What is good music?

This little contretemps over music has raised an interesting question – what is good music?

Ask Endeavour Morse and you’ll get one answer – ask ordinary people and the answer might be quite different.   This is the case  tonight for music less classical, less pure, less skilled but with a whole lot more oomph to it.   Mozart is peerless, Beethoven is peerless but so are these guys below, in the way they can capture the mood of people on the street.

Like township music in South Africa, this is for the people and I, for one, am quite partial to the people in joyful mood.   The Clash may not be my cup of tea but there’s no doubting they captured a time and a mood and my time was around 1980 on the streets of London, an exciting time and a joyful one too.

So, would you say that was music of little taste?…

Quick bites – fair deal for England

Particularly with the Scottish question coming up, not to mention West-Lothian and Barnett, it’s going to be necessary to ensure England doesn’t get done down.  Between the EU and other things happening, that’s more than a possibility, particularly given the Westminster 3.

If you’re interested in this issue, then you might like to read this post at Wonko’s.

There’s also talk at this moment about the CEP and the Witenagemot rising again.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.    If you’re not English, I’m at pains to point out that this is not against you in any way, it’s just for us.   In no way do I have or this blog have an extreme view on England – readers know I’m a Russophile and Francophile for a start.

However, that’s not to say there are not English issues which need addressing.   For the Scottish readers, I really don’t have an opinion on the referendum – what happens happens I think and the Brave New World  [or Old World] will be dealt with as and when it comes.…