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Nethanyahu loses his only justification

gaza revolt

The Cabinet is absolutely right and what’s more, this is the same criticism levelled at Putin who is pussyfooting about and previously at the Bushes.

Easy to see why. At the turn of the century [1900], John Arbuthnot Fisher wrote:

The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility.

It was a devil’s deal with Egypt and Sa-udi – you take out Hams for us and take the flak, we’ll look the other way. The better of two ways for Israel was to go in and occupy, annexe temporarily – for a year, say.

During that time, there’s an enormous military presence. They take their time, take out the tunnels and dumps, stop the rockets.

The worse reason which Nethanyahu pursued was, in a limited campaign with unknown limits and undefined quantities of targets:

1. To take out as many tunnels and dumps at they could;
2. To take out as many Hamas as possible whilst doing it.…

It’s not the morality, it’s the danger

notting hill ethics

In the post:

… I quoted the Schiller Institute at length, of which this is part:

The ugliness we see around us has been consciously fostered and organized in such a way, that a majority of the population is losing the cognitive ability to transmit to the next generation, the ideas and methods upon which our civilization was built.

The loss of that ability is the primary indicator of a Dark Age. And, a new Dark Age is exactly what we are in. In such situations, the record of history is unequivocal: either we create a Renaissance—a rebirth of the fundamental principles upon which civilization originated—or, our civilization dies.

Yuri Bezmenov touched on it in the 80s:

The result? The result you can see … the people who graduated in the 60s, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals, are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, and educational systems.

Non-fractal Japanese restaurant for Malfunctioning Units [Male and Female]

Possibly deeply inspired by JD’s fractals, Chuckles has helpfully sent some suggestions for the interior decor of the boat:

non-fractals 1

Well, thank you for that. All suggestions have been gratef, thankfu, excit, er received.  Yes, they look supe, magnif, oh I don’t know.  The site itself says:

“It’s like the world’s most outrageous interior designers were given crayons, glue sticks, glitter and mescalin, and told to go crazy”

non-fractals 2

Chuckles advises that to get a seat at this Japanese restaurant, for that’s what it is, one should book early to avoid disappointment.

The music, apparently, is a sampled and remixed Kate Bush in her prime.

I had to think long and hard when to drop this post on you and what better time than when you’ve just woken up in the morning and are about to have breakfast.

Here’s one to have with your next bite:

non-fractals 3

I’d love to explore the inner recesses of the Japanese mind which gave us war in the Pacific, concentration camps, plus the Burmese Railway and this restaurant but you don’t have time, off you go, things to do.…

Ukraine – a bit of perspective

Let’s list things even the Beeb concedes:

# It is believed the aid is meant primarily for the besieged rebel-held city of Luhansk.

# Russia accused the authorities in Kiev of delaying the convoy’s entry unreasonably.

# In the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the situation in Luhansk and other rebel-held areas is “critical – thousands of people are reported to be without access to water, electricity and medical aid”.

This is because they are besieged. Who is besieging them?

# “The bombardment does not stop,” [Lukhansk's City Council] said as Ukrainian government forces continued their siege of east Ukraine’s second city.

# What’s in the Russian lorries? [Beeb report]

The white-painted Kamaz goods lorries are said to be carrying 2,000 tonnes of aid, donated by “Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region”, according to the Moscow regional government. It is said to include:

400 tonnes of cereals
100 tonnes of sugar
62 tonnes of baby food
54 tonnes of medical items and medicines
12,000 sleeping bags
69 electricity generators

Foreign journalists who were allowed to look into the lorries at random at Donetsk reported seeing sacks of cereal and sleeping bags.…

Sutton’s theory of elite action

In the comments thread at Broad Oak on the post on Lawlessness and the militarization of police, Sackers draws our attention to, and Wolfie subsequently does too:

In a nutshell, on Antony Sutton:

Beginning with his analysis of Western involvement in the creation and support of the Soviet Union, he minced no words in accusing the most powerful families, bankers, and corporations of assisting Communism, Nazism, Socialism, and their own power over that of America’s self-interest.

And more than that, he was exceedingly careful. He did not make accusations lightly, did not let his ideological views cloud his careful research methods, and was never afraid to say he didn’t know the answers when he lacked the resources to support a claim. In some ways, he is a “founding father” of the modern anti-statist movement.

He’s more than that – he’s the father, perhaps, of the modern investigative blogging style which still too few adopt, of going for the jugular with neither fear nor favour, with no reticence in attacking one’s own if it’s indicated by the facts.…