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Enoch and the upcoming election

Whilst this is the case, as mentioned by Restoring Britain:

This observation stands more starkly than ever with a General Election looming large. The circus has come out in full swing with a legacy media joining in. I get a real sense that some will vote tribally, more people than ever are really uncertain as to what to do mostly because the differences between them are so sadly lacking just like their vision for Britain. What do they do? Refuse to vote?

Well, it’s an approach and I can understand it given what’s on offer. We’re in something of a Catch-22 situation. Vote for what’s in front of us and the situation continues. Refuse to vote and they survive because our apathy allows the tribal voting to remain the dominant approach which the parties rely on and stoke the fires of each election.

… the forces arrayed against a shake-up of the Establishment are doing their worst, this time the allegations about Enoch Powell.…

In-car-info-and-entertainment-driver-distraction systems – Jaguar XF

Not that long ago in response to accident figures that purported to show accidents were on the up for the first time in years, I commented on the fact that cars today had more and more “techno” gadgets incorporated and this surely brings about distraction for the driver.

We all see the blatant disregard in the use of mobile phones and all their modes of use at the wheel, and the instances of other office equipment e.g. laptops is sadly not as rare as one would hope, I personally remember seeing a phone and laptop in use together over 15 years ago on the M25.

“Infotainment” screens are getting bigger and allow contact with facebook and twitter as well as car information and sat nav, most of these screens are below dashboard height and viewing them for anything other than a quick glance is the equivalent of driving blind for that period of time.…

The 50s was, on balance, a better time for women than today

The 50s was better across the English speaking world in many ways, depending on country – growth, fairer taxation, things still affordable without credit – people had spending power, less crime, access to education – real education, not the rubbish today – suburban values, social mobility, optimism, low debt, sanity in relations between men and women just before the feminazis got going.…

The EU wishes for a new dark age

This is Linz, where Mozart stopped over last evening. If you need some relaxation this morning, the clip is for you:

During that journey, I couldn’t help but reflect that the idea of a free travel zone for visiting only is an excellent idea and possibly what was behind many of the yes votes in 1973. The idea of a trade zone which does not exclude the rest of the world is also good.

I look at that driver in the clip and think he’s not a lot different to me, the town is the sort of town I’m used to, maybe more beautiful, everything is quiet and orderly, as I like it. Why on earth would I wish to go to war with these people of Linz? I like the whole place.

Yet we were at war. The people responsible for turning one people against another, for appealing to the worst aspects of patriotism, were and still are Them.…

Stopover in Linz

Mozart was on his way back to Vienna from Salzburg, he and wife spent several days in Linz, at the invitation of an old family friend, Count Thun-Hohensteain. They wanted him to give a concert so he wrote this symphony especially for the occasion in four days. Mozart wrote to his father:

“When we arrived at the gates of Linz, a servant was waiting there to drive us to the Old Count Thun’s, where we are still living. I really cannot tell you what kindness the family is showering us. On Tuesday, the Fourth of November, I am going to give a concert in the theatre and since I do not have a single symphony with me, I am writing a new one at break-neck speed…”…

Where should the line be drawn on homosexuality?

The thing is, I don’t recognize the quote further down in the post as Christian in the least and never have accepted the fire and brimstone preacher, visiting God’s wrath upon others as his agent.

In fact, I do recognize in this man further down the page something quite the opposite, from the adversary’s camp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m implacably opposed, on a sociological level, to that thing in the Pink News Wiggia sent of some lesbian woman pretending she and her partner had just had a child.

That is utter BS. A child requires a father just as much. Those women are committing a crime against nature not necessarily by what they do as adults together but by bringing a child into the mix, by condemning some poor child to an eternity without his or her real father and with a skewed view of life.

That is, they are not giving that child the start he or she has a right to and that is a crime.…

Were the U.S. and UK going to strike Russia?

What do you think of this one in from Rossa?

Capt. Heather E. ColeA new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that President Barack Obama’s nuclear war communication commander has been arrested and relieved of her command after failing to transmit launch codes authorizing an atomic weapons first-strike attack upon the Federation in coordination with a similar “surprise” attack planned by the United Kingdom.

According to the SVR, US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole [photo 1st right] was the commander of the US Navy’s Strategic Communications Wing 1 located at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma whose E-6B Mercury aircraft provide the communications links allowing President Obama and US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to directly contact the submarines, bombers and land-based missiles that comprise the United States strategic nuclear force.

Quite worrying developments today at the appeal

A statement was made today by one of the judges which has thrown two of the three sides into some confusion and consternation, plus all the watchers. Both those who want to see the two perps finally nailed but also the Knox camp will be quite worried about statements made today. It does seem that Knox counsel are aware of it – they went beserk.

The players

There are three main interested sides – the prosecution, Knox’s defence and Sollecito’s defence.

In Italy, there are two factions in public life, so to speak. One is the law abiding who generally side with the judiciary as it’s their only defence against the other faction. Then there is the other, small faction with Berlusconi, the mafia, corrupt pollies, corrupt judges and lawyers – the PTB down through the community.

What came out clearly in the Hellman/Zanetti appeal in 2011 was that the illegal way it was conducted, the travesties which saw both perps acquitted and released, caused a storm in Italian judicial circles and the very best prosecutor they could find launched a long and scathing appeal on the grounds of miscarriage of justice.…

Meredith Kercher – eve of the verdict

OK, here’s the plan at N.O. about the case. Either tomorrow in the late evening or the following day, Thursday, maybe around 10 a.m., a decision will be handed down by the Italian Supreme Court. I’ll post this now and then one after the verdict. Even then I’ll not speak of guilt or innocence but of what’s likely to happen after that.

The Mail has made two errors, one some days back, the latest today. It says Sollecito has blown a hole in Knox’s alibi, as if this is new. No he hasn’t, at least no more than he did months back and that will surprise you coming from me.

- Sollecito, 30, has submitted a withering 306-page court document in an attempt to distance himself from Knox at their final appeal
– Claims he now can’t remember whether Knox was with him when Meredith Kercher was stabbed 47 times in November, 2011, as he was stoned
– Added that he did not have a motive for the murder, but Knox did
– Said he didn’t know her well enough to help her carry out the murder
– Expert said it appeared to be ‘brutal last ditch effort’ to save his own skin

Gothic castle in America


There was that picture of American roads and how run down they are.  Now an American obsession – taking a bit of ye olde and reproducing it in a peculiarly American way.

This gothic castle is a case in point. It was the dream home of Christopher Mark, the man who had it built in Connecticut, but a tricky divorce and some failed business attempts meant that it had to go on the market.…

Three further developments in the Meredith Kercher case

1. Kercher family

They have always been in a very difficult position. Just what is the correct stand for them to take? The family, often spoken for by the son and daughter, have always supported whatever the verdict of the time was.

As the verdict was guilt, then that’s the stand they accepted. Don’t forget they were privy to every piece of evidence ever presented, which none of the other trial participants were.

In 2011, when Knox and Sollecito were acquitted, the mother was interviewed and said they would have to accept the verdict. That’s as far as they went. So it was clear they were not the type to jump from one side to the other and then back again. It’s fair to say that though they said nothing, they did have a view by then.…

Police Commissioner – utterly pointless

Never was there a more pointless layer of bureaucracy created than that of Police Commissioner, a snouts in the trough job for those voted in by such a minuscule portion of the population that the whole thing should have been abandoned when the voting figures were seen out of pure embarrassment, but as it was jobs for the boys with most PCCs getting the post on a political affiliation rather than desire to serve the public, no surprise there then.

It should also be noted intended savings over the old Police Authorities have proven to be a myth, no surprise there either.

Our own PCC who briefly stood aside whilst investigations into his expenses were carried, soon stepped back in having given back £2700 in dodgy claims for mileage, and stopping for reasons no one has explained the inquiry into those expenses going ahead.…

A real threat to our freedom and culture [3]

This post wasn’t planned and yet it’s worth lumping under the heading. There was a comment at my own site on Part 1 of this about deporting the miscreants and the efficacy of firmmess for our society.

This is going to be anecdotal.

Back in the days when the British Passport Office used to work properly, I was living in the middle of Russia and was commissioned by a few families to go to Moscow and get visas for them. They thought I had some special pull, being of the British persuasion.

I got there, even got to speak to the head honcho, he was most friendly and he wanted to know what the hell I was doing living in the middle of western Russia. And so on. The passports would be eight days. No amount of pleading. Eight days.…

A real threat to our freedom and culture [2]

Though nominally Protestant, this writer is no Catholic basher, as Catholic readers well know and much of the original church teaching is still Catholic teaching renamed.

There are things combining to drive a crowbar into the Church, the better to wreck it and it’s happening to every Church, not just the Catholic.

The American Presbyterians are a disgrace with their gay “marriage” which any Christian knows is anti-scriptural, the Southern Baptists leave themselves wide open to corruption charges, the US megachurch high priests have their Lear jets, Welby and Co. are corrupt over here. So if I dwell on the Catholics today, it is in addition to, not isolated and alone.…