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The Beeb is only putting the Hamas bollox as fact

Now look, there’s some utter bollox being written.

The Beeb report is “according to a Gaza spokesman”. No attempt at balanced fact finding, no attempt at balanced analysis. Any killing of any civilian is bad, which is why Israel avoids it.

Prior to the IDF’s attack on the Wafa hospital yesterday, an anti-tank missile was fired at Israeli troops from within one of the hospital’s structures, the IDF says. The hospital is empty of patients and doctors since July 17. Two militants were killed in the IAF strike, which also targeted a structure near the hospital which was used by militants as a command center and an ammo storage-room. (Gili Cohen)

Let’s stop and draw breath. Israel, as it has done all along, warned people to get out. They were warned the beach would be strafed, they were warned all the way along the line. The UN hospital was warned and Hamas cleared it of people on July 17th and it was empty.…

And this is why they shouldn’t be near the running of anything

There were so many levels on which that revolting creature in his purple checked suit should not have been dredged up out of oblivion to bung on his Scottish accent and inflict this on the world.

First and foremost, it was an offence against public order – a sex act performed on international TV in prime time. I’d expect to take him into custody for that – it’s probably worth a couple of years in choky minimum.

Did anyone see a normal deep snog between normal people? No, of course not – they keep that for their own home. They have some decency, which this person obviously lacks, along with his side of politics. The smugness with which he’d be celebrating his outrage later – didn’t we show the world – is equally as nauseating.

Which comes to the second point. There is a sizeable number in the world, Catholic countries in particular, for ordinary Muslims too, for the older population in our own country, for whom that was deeply offensive.…

The rivetting opening ceremony

Don’t have a TV. Commonwealth Games ceremony sounds as if it was a real ripsnorter, a triumph of Scottishness:


Is there anyone actually in the stands?

# This is the opening ceremony that everyone was afraid that the Olympics would have.

#  Come back Pitbull…all is forgiven!

# Rod’s wearing hair by Gloria Hunniford, skin by World Of Leather and blazer by Bacofoil.

# Why oh why are we being subjected to people telling us all about scotland when they dont live here e.g john barrowman – hasnt lived here for 20 years, billy connelly – has lived in america for 30 years, rod stewart….isnt scottish at all.

# As each team comes in, the announcer shouts “Come on in”, which is a Scottish saying, we’re told. “Come on in, Maldives.”

# At least the athletes have arrived to fill the space up a bit! Is it over yet?

Well, you know, the Beeb version is a bit different.…

Do men prefer Spanish women?


Bit of a non-starter, this but that’s no reason not to tackle it:

spanish wimmin

In looking for pics of Spanish women for this post, what became obvious was that world culture had descended on the Spanish almost as much as on the Anglo-Saxon and so slappers abounded, the tattooed, the gauche, the good, the bad and the ugly.  When looking at that growing demographic, then all cultures and natures look the same – modern woman is not a pleasant person.

Think it was Ivan told me there were just as many fat French outside of Paris or those whose appearance left much to be desired.  With one photo, I had to check to be sure it wasn’t Essex girl.

When you go to the other end of the spectrum – the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most modest – again the differences close up.  There were so many Spanish beauties to choose from and a few English beauties.…

Money [Take 2]

The Flying Lizards was an exercise in pop absurdism. The debut album featured a Brecht-Weill cover, Sanskrit chants, found sounds and unlikely instrumental textures.

In the autumn of 1979 The Flying Lizards’ cover of ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ took the avant-classical sound of ‘prepared instruments’ into the UK Top 5.

The record’s bass drum isn’t a drum but a bass guitar being hit with a stick. The banjo-like piano sound was created by throwing an assortment of objects – rubber toys, a glass ashtray, a telephone directory, a cassette-recorder, sheet music – inside the piano.

Originally co-written by Berry Gordy Jr, ‘Money’ is probably most famous in its Beatles version. The Flying Lizards’ cover sounds like the Fab Four decided to rerecord it circa ‘I Am the Walrus’.

It’s Deborah Evans-Strickland, for those who were wondering and her Sloane Rock. Still just as snooty and off the rails today.

Best version though, n’est-ce-pas?…

What is a gentleman?

AK Haart has decided to tackle one of the most difficult question, almost as difficult as: “What is a lady?”

Not that we should put too much weight on gentlemanly shoulders because at least some were mountebanks, seducers of virgin innocence and even bankers.

I think the terms cad and blackguard were for such as these. I’m probably the last to ask as I’ve been called “definitely no gentleman” and “the perfect gentleman”, depending on the circumstances and the evening.

No point asking the ladies. A lady such as Ubermouth would have me being a white knight one day but an utter bastard the next. Can one be both? ;-)

One lady I knew defined it as a man who was generous. Some might see it as the opening of the car door, some might see it economically – if his suit is Jimmy Row and he’s in London – then he’s a gentleman.…