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Advent 10 – Mary’s Boy Child

‘Mary’s Boy Child’ was written as a Christmas song in 1956 by Jester Hairston, a leading figure in Negro spirituals and choral music. It might have originated as a pop-gospel track, but now, it’s more often performed as a carol.

Three other issues

There’ll be a hiatus after the carol, which I’m bringing forward to 18:00 – reason is circulation and toothache. Blasphemy Gatestone [no url, am in bed]: The European Court of Human Rights ruled that criticism of Muhammad constitutes incitement to…

Advent 9 – Away in a Manger

“Away in a Manger” is a Christmas carol first published in the late nineteenth century and used widely throughout the English-speaking world. In Britain, it is one of the most popular carols; a 1996 Gallup Poll ranked it joint second.…

The old problem of credulity

Surprising that it came from haiku, that sceptical young techie but he may have been sending it to mock: Immigrant children being organ harvested in massive global organ trade racket that’s beginning to be exposed And of course, everyone will…