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Wet otters

AFP/Pierre Andrieu Dirk Gently referred to the interconnectedness of all things.   The Muslims are into women forced to wear the black robes of death.   As with everything else, there’s truth somewhere in the middle, which is always taken to extremes…

Did you stay up for it?

Despite the idiot commentator trying to politicize it again by saying that because the girls did wonderfully well, that that means everything is fine with the organizers and the government and no one should knock them – no it doesn’t…

Land speed record [1]

How to approach this?  There are so many shots and histories.  Here’s a sample only of the pre-jet era. Here is a restored “Stanley Steamer” (left) and wonderful archive photo of Fred Marriott in his “Rocket” Stanley Steamer at Daytona…

Gershwin III

Until I started searching for good recordings of Fascinating Rhythm I’d no idea that Percy Grainger wrote some Gershwin arrangements. Wotcha fink of ‘em? First ‘The Man I Love’. Then ‘Love Walked In’.