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A timely reminder

Via Chuckles, a timely reminder.

UC Berkeley:

“We recognize that as a public institution, we are legally bound by the Constitution to allow all viewpoints on campus. However, there are forms of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment,” the letter said. “These include speech that presents imminent physical danger and speech that disrupts the university’s mission to educate.”

PJ Media:

If the Left now think they can determine the limits of free speech they are more trapped than empowered, captives of their own stare decisis. They are on a treadmill sometimes called a “national conversation” from which they cannot get off. Often when the Left talks about having a national conversation they mean the thoughts that occur to them and no one else. Then having adjudicated their own internal reflections they author what they regard as binding opinion on themselves and all the rest. As Mark Lilla told David Remnick in the New Yorker the only flexibility ever available to a progressive is tactical.

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Girls are boys

Dawn French is right: Why do so many shameless young women want to match the worst behaviour of men, asks LIBBY PURVES

Dawn French has done us a favour: with refreshing force. In an amiable interview at the weekend she was reflecting — as a comedy creator will do — on the absurdities of modern life when she landed, with sudden anger, on the ladette thing.

She had been watching reality shows about ‘young lasses out on the lash in Ibiza’, not only helplessly drunk but having reckless sex with all and sundry.

Yes, Dawn French has done us a favour, us here being the broader society, not just women.  I’m glad it came from one such as her, rather than from a Mary Whitehouse or a CofE minister of the old kind.  I’m glad it’s coming from someone who’s been a bit of a lass herself.… More here ...

Council Stasi or within their rights?

Jury’s out?

The case for:

I do not see a problem here. It’s still looks like a garage from the outside appearance, so it must be jn keeping with the local area, the owners have not extended the boundaries or encroached onto their neighbours properties, and by all intents and purposes they have improved a run-down shed into a pleasant, pretty, affordable home in preference to living in an unhealthy,draughty, damp, inhospitable, near derelict cottage. What has got up the snooty noses of the planning committee is that they didn’t ask permission for a change of use and pay the council £thousands for doing what they have already done, just to get the application rubber stamped by the planning committee Stasi.

The case against:… More here ...

Betting against the odds

“There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method” – Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Let’s come back to Nassim Taleb again. He was in a post on Sunday, via Chuckles, in which he put a thesis:

Trader and mathematician, Nassim Taleb scoffed at claims [about comparing Ebola]. Comparing the risk of dying from cancer to Ebola was flawed, he said, because the numerator and denominator of cancer don’t change dramatically moment to moment.

But if you make an error estimating the risk of Ebola, the error will be exponential, not arithmetic, because once Ebola gets going, the changing numerator and denominator of risk makes a mockery of the original calculations.

The fear of Ebola, claimed Taleb, far from being irrational, was reasonable and it was its comparison to death from cancer and vending machines which was irrational and simplistic.

And:… More here ...

The eternal, historical self-destruction of wimmin

You know, I really don’t want to do this but I must. There are those who see something wrong and just let it slide by for the sake of peace. Then there re curmudgeonly bstds like me who know they’ll make no friends from it but it still has to be done.

And especially since Friday when I had a really nice time with some women and do really love them, plus yesterday – yes it feels mean, almost bullying but it still has to be done.… More here ...

Lifted out of the ordinary

This is not so much a laying on you of pop/rock you neither know of nor like but a making of two points.

1. There are so many reasonable tunes around which we liked at the time but something lifted them above that, something turned that song into a song one returned to. Might have been the singer, might have been something in the song and more often than not, it was a riff or an instrumental break.

In the ones below, it was the instrumental break which really made it – the times of these breaks is before the youtubes, to save you having to listen to it all:

1:42 to 3:03:

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