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It starts with the triangle

Actually, it starts before the French Revolution but bear with this. I start with the Triangle because, despite the writer’s bias, it does pinpoint the power structure in the States and by implication – it comments on that of Europe too.

The Triangle

This would suit the cynical who are wary of DJT, as it places him as the spokesman for and champion of that military apex. His own thing is the economy, that’s clearly his focus and his foreign dealings have the economy at their root.

He’s certainly narcissistic but that’s no bad thing as long as things are actually being done as per his promises. Seems to me he is deliberately smoking out pockets of resistance in the swamp – of course he wants a 6-3 slant to the SCOTUS bench and is currently going for 5-4.

Were the midterms to go for the Deplorables, the Dems very much realize it’s lampshade time for many of them, from Clinton down to Ellison, Spartacus, Comey, Rosenstein etc.… More here ...



A “vicious feedback loop” at the heart of Alzheimer’s disease may explain why so many drug trials hoping to treat this condition fail, according to a new study.

The same research found that a clinically approved drug that appears to break this cycle has the power to protect against memory loss in mice, providing hope for a future treatment.

Using nerve cells grown in a dish, the researchers found that beta-amyloid – which causes the brain degeneration in Alzheimer’s – boosts its own production whenever it destroys a brain connection.

“We think that once this feedback loop gets out of control it is too late for drugs which target beta-amyloid to be effective, and this could explain why so many Alzheimer’s drug trials have failed.”

There was something else we wished to say but have forgotten what it is.

[H/T Chuckles]… More here ...

We are fed up [part three]

My intention was to leave this “We are fed up” mini-series at two posts but a comment [now deleted] crossed a line in the sand and it needs to be addressed. Trouble is, other comments addressing it also had to be deleted and the posts closed off.

First, look at the expression “we are fed up”. It presupposes that there was something before which, though not perfect, was workable, livable and now some people are doing some things to very much upset that and frankly, “we” are fed up with those things.

Second, look at who “we” are. “We” suggests a group of people joined together in a common purpose but that is a mischaracterisation of those I now presume to speak for.

“We”, in this case, are a disparate lot of people in various countries, from all walks of life, different cultures and yet similar development, disagreeing on many things, I’ve used the expression before – to get any sort of agreement from us is “like herding cats”.… More here ...

Of stents, butter and settled science

Steve from Rockwood:

They lost me with bacon (bad for you). They got me back with wine (good for you). They lost me forever with meat (bad for you). I salute them with a bacon-wrapped steak and glass of wine. I’m never going back (i.e. listening to medical experts). If I want someone’s finger up my bum I’ll join the Catholic Church.

When it comes to medical research, it’s almost ALL bullshit. Except maybe for childhood cancer research, which I hope is still done with integrity. And maybe stem-cell research, because it could lead to new breakthroughs. But anything to do with food, digestion, health, longevity, anti-aging – it is all made up nonsense.

The NHS would have a fit.

[H/T Chuckles]… More here ...

We are fed up with it …

It was time to check OoL and I saw these:

Prostitutes is how my mother, wife and I classify them … don’t whine and debase yourself again when you later regret.


If she’s lying she should be charged with – literally – obstruction of justice. The woman should have come forward 35 years ago. As should all the Me Too brigade who are simply prostitutes.

At first that seems extreme and then I got to thinking.  Went to my site and there was a leftist saying I should change the blog name to misogynist, showing she had read nothing, had taken nothing in but had gone straight to insults.

That’s the leftist way.

Does it cross any leftist’s mind that we are, on the whole, very, very angry about what they are doing?  We are not mad, hating xenophobes and misogynists, we are angry at what has been going on.… More here ...