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Confidence and hope

Before starting, quick word to Dearieme, Amfortas and Ivan – it’s still blocking you and putting you in moderation, I’ve done all I can and shall ask mine host to do something.  What it means is that I won’t be here to approve comments this afternoon, so maybe leave them till later.

The future of Europe may well hinge on this woman below. Yes, I agree it’s all pre-packaged by Them and they allow us a little theatre but sometimes it goes astray, that plan.

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Fed Cup – it’s a crying shame

These are our gals:

Nasty made nasty comments about them, methought Johanna Konta was quickwitted. She was losing and was about to go a break down, she began crying, was allowed a 25 minute break, came back and stormed all over Romania.

Go, GB gals. All power to Johanna, I say.

What I did not like were the nasty comments about her from Brits. All right, she’s Hungarian/Australian, came here and gained citizenship. Why shouldn’t she play for Team GB? Plenty of others have through the decades.

She’s the best GB has right now.

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The west needs to stay out of it

So, May has predictably u-turned and p-ed off the conservative base with her decision to continue billions in aid to foreign dictators to help them with their palaces.  But it’s not the only unwonted western inanity going on.

First one is admittedly spurious but at the same time indicative:

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Of a good strong cuppa and a boat

Regulars will recall the discussion about teamaking some time back. I’m still on the Yorkshire leaf until it runs out but oh, how spectacularly better the process is now – it really does take time.

An essential is the potwarming, so as the kettle approaches boiling, I put hot in the cup and pot, the pot sitting over the cup as you see.

Then water is poured out of the pot and it’s one for each cup of the leaf planned to be taken during the morning and one for the pot.  The boiled goes in and the pot is wrapped in swaddling tea towels and kept wrapped throughout the morning.… More here ...

Aya Hijazi

Despite what was being said on Twitter, credit where credit’s due to the liberal news services for reporting it – even the Beeb dropped its hostility for long enough:

Trump welcomes freed US-Egypt prisoner Aya Hijazi to White House

Is it churlish to point out that there were others released too and they were not feted at the White House? No matter, she’s the pretty young thing and seems nice too.… More here ...

There’s a simple reason they’re not coping

If it isn’t already clear, I’d like to make it absolutely clear – that you’d be wrong in thinking I’m having a go at you personally, just because you’re guilty of some of these things below. Hell, so was I, so have been most, we’re all miserable sinners and are stupid to a point.

We get sucked in by people intending professionally to suck us in for their own reasons and it’s a science so to do.

So you’d be right in thinking I’m sheeting this one home to the same crowd everything else since 2006 has been sheeted home to – Them – from whom all the trouble has emanated, in a cascading effect.

We are speaking here of the evil muvvers in Ephesians 6:12. I’m past arguing over the precise nature of it – point is that there is evil in this world and it manifests itself largely through constructs which have devotees.… More here ...