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The furniture of the [female] mind

There’s one blogger I don’t follow, named Hoyt and unfortunately, her mind is – sorry to offend – quite female.

Thus she drags things in which are either irrelevant or wrong or there are far better examples.

Chuckles sends this:

Sarah has a current post in which she muses on the truism that our elders are vilified for believing in, and doing what was the norm in their time.

Then expands like this –

‘Find out what your principles are. Examine them ruthlessly. Don’t be shocked if in some you agree with the left. (For instance, I want equality under the law for men and women, and I’m quite happy with more women in stem, but since I view people as individuals, I don’t believe in SHOVING women into stem to prove an ideological point. I also think gay marriage is a stabilizing force in society, because marriage is a quintessential bourgeois institution, and once gay people enter into it, they stop being weapons of the left.

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Famous cases

Identify them if you can – names where necessary, a small amount of detail:

1. It was during an afternoon in May, 1828, when a youth of sixteen or seventeen years stumbled through the New Gate of the German city of Nuremberg on unsteady legs. To Nurembergers who gathered around, the boy held out two letters, one of which was addressed to a cavalry captain.

2. You need to spell the name correctly – it is a trick question. This below is the layout of the boat:

3. United States Navy experiment (Project Rainbow) on October 28, 1943.

4. On April 3, 1817, a strange woman appeared in the village of Almondsbury, Gloucestershire. She was five foot two and wore a black shawl twisted turban-style around her head. Most intriguingly, she spoke an unknown language and so could only communicate through a series of gestures.

5. In January, 1925, the London police were being run in circles.… More here ...

Summary of how people are thinking out there today


When your police chief is a Common Purpose graduate, derelict in her duty towards a Brazilian electrician, for example, then the mysterious dropping off of security at that Manchester concert is far easier to understand.


3.… More here ...

Women mares

Take a guess at what point I stopped reading [you may fare better]?

The heading:

Women Mayors Lead Charge on Climate Change

The by-line:

This worldwide alliance of major-city mayors believe their cities must take the lead on fighting climate change.

The author:

By Andrea Cooper

The first line:

Clover Moore knows how it feels to want action on climate change when her state and national governments aren’t exactly supportive.

Clover effing Moore … ?… More here ...