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Smell the coffee

Years ago, I wrote a piece on human auras and commitment to partners but not all that sure it can be demonstrated. Yet findings here seem in line with the idea.

Hormonal birth control

There’s a dossier I’m building up, vaguely around the theme of disappearing Christendom and what happens when it disappears – things are sent, I find things, things just fall into the lap, the folder is bulging. Aim was one megapost…

Becoming a pirate

This was commented on by Legiron@Underdogsbiteup: On the other hand, I saw a clip of a girl firing an AR-15 and her stance was right, she had ‘give’ in her body in the right place, she breathed properly before triggering,…


Don’t want you getting the idea now that your humble blogger is cheerful in the rain – that’s altogether too Hemmingway – but there can be a certain cheerfulness, shall we say, to melancholy.