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Tadger talk

Now this is the type of thing which really annoys me:

It’s accompanied by a pic of a dissatisfied woman and man with head buried in hands – oh, no, he’s failed yet again.

Maybe some men do have issues, I don’t know, I don’t ask them. Maybe the larger the tadger, the more there is to get up but the bottom line [sorry] is that it’s only an issue because she and Big Pharma say it is.

I’ve always had the opposite issue – it’s an embarrassing blighter down there with a mind of its own, it senses nooky and zing, to attention it springs, reporting for duty, sah, which can cause embarrassment when one meets a delectable lady.… More here ...


We’re talking serious insanity at governmental level now. The worthy Bill Sticker brings our attention to M-103 which he calls ‘evil’.

At so many levels it’s evil – from the simple religious level where a secular government is openly promoting a murderous, raping cult of societal destruction … to the level most readers understand it – that this ain’t good.

More here ...

This self-driving madness

The logical endgame to the dumbing down and infantilizing of subsequent generations to us cantankerous bstds is that these people are too stupid to drive their own cars.

The difference between automated flight and self-driving is that

1. There are above average intelligences in the cockpit, trained people overseeing and still the computers and crew occasionally get it wrong.

2. A roadway is a different thing to even approaches at an airport. It’s different to driverless trains.

There are so many unforseeables on the road, to the side, coming at the vehicle from all directions that you’re relying on a modern, dumbed down script kiddy to anticipate ALL contingencies and of course – he can’t. You can see that in the way Google and Apple have ruined what was once workable.

Thus you’re always going to get this sort of thing:

Oh no, says my tech-blinded mate who worships the god of techieness, nothing can ever go wrong, it’s all designed in like.… More here ...

Where’s the father?

All very well this mother sending the police thanks for doing the father’s job but where is the father?

Now look at this one:
What makes a happy home?

A father at home?

Now look at this one:

The list of deleterious things for society which feminazism has brought is extensive.… More here ...

Did you buy fish this week?

If a person is just right of centre, it does not mean he is in a bland place – he could well have forceful views seen as rightwing, e.g. pro-nuclear and anti-windfarm, views on the family and women’s place in it but then the pendulum swings to the other end on animal husbandry and fishing. The needle on the dial averages just right of centre across all issues.

This post touches on my still leftwing view on fish farms.  Problem is that environmentalists are wrong on so many other things: here ...