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Cold-hearted, potty-mouthed ignorati

Unusual for me to directly take up one of my colleague’s posts at N.O. or OoL but this post has to be, and there are going to be no punches pulled with it.

Mike wrote about the veteran [returned serviceman for Brits] who could no longer cope and had to go into a home. Now we’ve all seen enough horror stories about care homes, the victims being the elderly and children [paedo rings].

This post could start anywhere but let’s start with perceptions. The young person today is perceived as either being this below or aspiring to be like this below.

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Stopping evil

Not going to get into whether the holocaust happened or Katyn or any of those. It’s pretty clear what Caligula got up to so let’s do him.

When it becomes clear you’re dealing with a monster who will kill you all, why do you not eliminate the threat?

Answers include:

a. You yourself have a cushy position that, if you lose it, you’re in a bad place.

b. Were you to kill Caligula, Ilse Koch or Irma Grese, the chances you would be gruesomely and slowly murdered in unspeakable horror, by the rest of them, would be high in the mind. Taking out an Ilse Koch and hubby leaves all those other officers to take you or your children out.

c. It’s possible that you would never know what they’re doing – you’ve been kept apart and they never speak of these things, either through cunning or as a way of handling what they were doing.… More here ...

It’s all in two main issues

Stating the bleeding obvious but it’s in:

1. One’s positions and if those are also yours, you can forgive much.
2. How one conducts oneself, how arrogant one is.

From WUWT, via Chuckles:

I gained a dramatic insight into the practice and dangers of anthropomorphism when I was asked to give a talk prior to a presentation by Jane Goodall, of chimpanzee research fame. I realized why I was invited after I spoke about the importance of trees in the urban environment using Winnipeg, the location of the event, as an example.

My role was to extend the event to cover the failure to meet even the minimum expectations of the audience, but there were more severe problems. Ms. Goodall was an unmitigated disaster blatantly using the event to get money to the point where any goodwill was effectively erased. Everybody understood her campaign needs money; it is just the way it was done.More here ...


Pre-Boomer music – think this says anything which needs to be said:

Gotta bittova problem here. There’s music tomorrow evening, so best run this now, despite the many posts today. My first thought, looking at an article about the limited lass who thought a hotwater bottle heated itself:

… was that the definition of a Millennial has become somewhat loose.  Time for some arithmetic.… More here ...

When all they cause is pain – Lizzie Brocheré

This is a personal post which certain people will like, the majority won’t … so let’s do diversity …

I was watching the Bruno Creme French version of Maigret in Italian, comparing it to the Gambon English version [which stacks up quite well, considering] and Creme’s last episode was:

The few westerners who have met my ex-gf will understand this post implicitly, because she had many of the physical features of Lizzie Brocheré, to the point that I gasped when I saw it, then quickly clicked out and didn’t watch any more.

Naturally, one returns to the well and I did go back to explore.… More here ...

Father, forgive them …

… for they know not what they do. One of the few things HRC got right:

But not, apparently, for 62% of Australians. Also, via Chuckles:

Everyone at Tesla, without exception, is required to go through an anti-discrimination course. Our human resources team also conducts regular in-person spot training sessions when an allegation or complaint has been made, even if the evidence is not conclusive enough to warrant disciplinary action. We have also created a dedicated team focused exclusively on investigating workplace concerns, recommending corrective actions and assisting managers with implementing those actions.

Coz buggery is so vital for the healthy production of a car.… More here ...

The narcissistic foolishness continues

Agatha Christie once wrote along the lines: “Don’t tell me that a man of 60 can’t fall for girl of 20.”

To that can be added the utter fools of women who act the cougar.  With women, the complication is more often that the children are with her, so she has the added factor of wrecking her family.

Double standard in my criticism?  Very much so – cold, hard reality.

Plus she looks gross doing it.  Macron’s granny for example. I used to meet mothers like that as a young man who very much would have.  There was a Bergerac episode devoted entirely to the theme, it was the first series with his own young French woman.  And of course, this main character was no spring chicken but was being used by the young man for his own purposes – very common motif.

With the Macron type, it’s a sort of sick besottedness with the mummy figure or in his case, the grandmother.… More here ...