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The hidden strengths of James May

Back in debating society days, there was nothing better than being saddled with the indefensible or let’s call it ‘the difficult to defend.

As a person who almost always spoke second, occasionally first, the most interesting one was Women are Better … and we were the Affirmative. We didn’t always win but we won this one. All speakers were male. The Negative were all girls.

Today I’ll attempt to defend the ladies of a certain type. First, three clips to show, two we’ve shown before:

Listen out for the chat-up line below: “Have you ever been to Hammersmith?” delivered to a bevy of girls in Monaco. LOL.

The argument I’d make is that we all have skill sets and can’t possibly do everything, though some of us give it our best shot.

A woman like Madison does the dumb blonde bit as it’s central to her career as she perceives it.… More here ...

Victorian etiquette: the handshake

You’ve been wanting to know how or how not to deal with the opposite sex – well, Chuckles sends this:

“When Mr. Thornton rose up to go away, after shaking hands with Mr. and Mrs. Hale, he made an advance to Margaret to wish her good-bye in a similar manner. It was the frank familiar custom of the place; but Margaret was not prepared for it. She simply bowed her farewell; although the instant she saw the hand, half put out, quickly drawn back, she was sorry she had not been aware of the intention.”

Margaret can be forgiven for being unprepared for Mr. Thornton’s frank and familiar greeting.

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