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Hunted like animals

Just beautiful:

Interpol places two former FIFA officials including ex vice-president Jack Warner on its most wanted list as corruption probe casts doubt on the Russia and Qatar World Cups; international alerts issued by Interpol for Jack Warner and Nicolas Leoz and four other executives accused of racketeering and corruption.

Comes day after disgraced president Sepp Blatter quits amid FBI probe, officials demand re-run of votes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, FA chief:  ‘If I was the Qatari organisers, I wouldn’t sleep very well tonight.’

The working life

William Bealby-Wright had a brief stint on Spike Milligan’s Q6 in 1975 but, as founder member of Doggerel Bank, was already something of a cult figure in this land for the first album of what was dubbed “industrial rock” but was in fact musically accompanied poetry. Leonard Cohen had done poetry to music as well.

The album Silver Faces traces a young man’s commute on the long silver train to the worst type of factory for his first day’s work on the mind-numbing assembly line.  He does word portraits of different strata of British society, something Python did visually.  It’s a pity that YouTube does not have the whole album.

The first track here is about that train: