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Fiat Punto


The Fiat Punto has been awarded no stars by independent safety expert Euro NCAP – the first time such a score has been given. 

The Punto – first introduced in 2005 – was re-examined as part of Euro NCAP’s regular reassessment of vehicles as the body seeks to find cars “that are past their sell-by-date where safety is concerned”. The Fiat was found to significantly trail its modern contemporaries. 

Euro NCAP explained the Punto’s no-star score “came because of low scores for its crash performance, combined with the absence of key technologies such as Autonomous Emergency Braking”.

As well as no stars overall, the Punto was given zero per cent in the safety assist category. This too was the first time such a score had been awarded by Euro NCAP.More here ...

If it floats, why not?

Sent by Chuckles as a laugh but all the same, it still floats.

Only thing I’d have done is enclosed the legs with glassed ply either temporarily, with neoprene waterproofing the gap or else permanently.

Then a nose cone to separate the waves, possibly combined with a light, 1/4 inch ply roof bimini to store the day’s things underneath.

Probably needs the table top glassing or sealing some other way too.… More here ...

The misshapen pearl

What brought me to Baroque music was this youtube, followed by a series of posts. Rather than the maidens, I was the one bowled over.

One of the intriguing things was just how modern it sounded, aside from the singing [which suggested times past]. In other words, the arrangement itself seemed modern and as it turned out, this was no accident.  This period from 1600 to 1750 saw the start of a whole new approach to music which has continued ever since and even today’s pop owes gratitude to it.… More here ...

The search for that elusive genre

It’s taken me so long to finally come to the realization that it’s not a matter of the genre, it’s a matter of certain elements being present in a piece of music or art, whatever the genre … and that was a major breakthrough on Tuesday for me.

Because if that is indeed so, then one can listen to many different genres and like some of the offerings within each.

Generally speaking.

Thus I can listen to two pieces of “serious” music on Tuesday evening and adore them but also enjoy the songs below here or many of the Sunday jazz songs or the Joan of Arc song from Monday – different genres according to the definitions book.… More here ...