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Elgin marbles, silly Milo, Sweden rebuilds

# Bollox:

elgin marbles

Should a museum keep artistic treasures it acquired under dubious circumstances a long time ago, or should it return them to their country of origin? This is the debate surrounding the so-called Elgin Marbles.

‘Dubious circumstances’? Oh come on, anyone can see the scene depicted is of Milo Yanwhatsitopolous chasing his targetted muse Donald J, who is thumbing his nose back at him.

#  Milo’s error… More here ...

He walked out into the snow and died

No, not Captain Oates.

People die all the time, some gruesomely but for those who go semi-naturally, something which bit by bit is interesting me more and more as I go along, I found something which might interest you too:

There was an episode of What’s My Line, following the passing of Fred Allen, U.S. comedian. I tuned into this particular episode because of Cyd Charisse [13:53], who was stunning, and a jazz piano student who followed her – Miss Akioshi [16:43], who was very nervous but it was such a lovely segment. March 1956 was not all that long after the war, so this was an interesting choice of guest.

In comments, there was something on Fred Allen [seen here in his first appearance, not the one just mentioned]:

… and I found it moving – just how a person can depart this life:… More here ...

Caffeine and the Angel Tree

For those of you of a curmudgeonly nature, forgiving of a bit of ego in others, a right bastard to deal with before that first coffee in the morning, this is for you.

It’s even a pain to read in that blue cursive script but hey. Maybe the first few paragraphs here and then read on …

I was swinging through the office this morning, in search of a cup of coffee that wouldn’t put up too much of a fight, when one of the front office ladies — the perennially perky one, and I do realize that’s not much of a distinction — caused me to pause in my search.

“‘Dog,” sayeth she, perkily, “I don’t see your name on the Angel Tree.”

The office has this tradition where you draw names and ID info of disadvantaged children from around the community, and then you buy gifts for that sprog.

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