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Kindred spirit

This was sent by haiku and is “a selection of letters sent in to the Washington Post by the clueless, usually in response to a headline”.

The idea is that we mock these idiots but in reading them, there is much I agree with and some which are obviously OTT I believe may have been a wind-up by some wag.


To the editor:
Does The Post so hate America that you wish to deliver our national secrets into the hands of our enemies? I refer of course to The Post’s publication of page after page of “Classified” information, blatantly labeled as such in type so large that even the most dimwitted spy can hardly fail to miss it!

Like it. Classified ads.

To the Editor:
Are you people idiots? What the homeless need are homes, not 10 tons of additional pavement! This donation is cruel, like giving 20,000 Zippos to a burn ward.