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Ken Dodd

This has been late coming but there it is.

[Housekeeping – this is the last post before tomorrow morning from me, so quiz tomorrow, not this evening – dental and other issues – expect something late morning Friday.]

Meanwhile, vale, Doddy:

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The roar of a toothless lion

My Russian mate and I are discussing this matter and his view is that it is crazy to provoke Britain.  I explained that my view and that of many of us in Britain and America is the same as Vox Day’s [via Chuckles]:

I fail to see the point of Britain’s posturing here, unless the neocons are going to try to get their Russian war in an indirect fashion:

Theresa May vowed to expel 23 Russian spies today as she laid out Britain’s retaliation over the Salisbury nerve gas outrage. In the biggest diplomatic swipe for decades, the Prime Minister gave the ‘undeclared intelligence agents’ a week to leave the country and suspended ‘all high level contact’ with the country.

Mrs May also paved the way for a crackdown on Russian oligarch money in London and urged the international community to join sanctions.

As tensions with Moscow reached new lows, the premier also suggested that covert reprisals would be undertaken – in an apparent hint at cyber attacks.

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