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England form guide

[Quiz, such as it is, will be tomorrow evening at this time.]


#  England are good at standing on one leg.

#  Southgate’s not managed a league team – that’s good.

#  Fewer prima donnas – no Rooneys, Lampards, Terrys, Nevilles.

#  “Cut an impressive figure in his final pre-match briefing, hitting the right notes in his call for “brave, bold attacking football””

#  England’s sometimes done all right early.

#  “Southgate, a civilised human being with a touch of steel many still do not recognise.”

#  Southgate knows not to park the bus.

#  Young group, “not as scarred” [Lampard says]. Triumph of hope over experience.


#  “If last night at the stadium was anything to go by, these midges are going to make it an extremely uncomfortable for everyone there. The stadium is right next to the Volga River, I am told it is the breeding season for them..that is where they breed and they seem to have bred well…there are billions of them.”

#  England history against lesser teams, particularly as this lot don’t seem too bad within the African competition.… More here ...

Wouldn’t want you to get the idea …

… that this is OTT, that we’re flogging a dead log horse here [from Theo]:

Dem memes are just everywhere on the net just now. And here’s Stuart S:

Rather than simple-mindedly compare the Trump attitude toward North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and Canadian prime minister Justin Bieber, Glick compares the Trump relationship with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to his relationship with Canadian prime minister Justin Bieber.

[I did promise. 🙂 ]

This post is dedicated to Uber, LOL.
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