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Will it never end?

The tweets, the memes, the jokes, the discussion – let’s get them done with and out of the way now, which is more than can be said for the actual circus. Let’s go:

Evidence coming through – the reason she may have forgotten the details:… More here ...

New developments in the Kavanaugh sex circus

This would ordinarily be a musical post but I haven’t got any to hand whilst I do have these Kavanaugh developments, it’s taken a bizarre turn in the last few minutes.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Just before Kavanaugh was due to be confirmed as SCOTUS justice, a major blow to the Democrats and all in the establishment, a woman, Christine Blasey Ford appears and accuses Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 35 years ago in high school.

She cannot remember where, she cannot remember all their names yet she knows Kavanaugh is one of them.

Things start to come out.  She is a Stanford professor of psychology who heads a CIA interns program at Stanford. Her father, Ralph G Blasey Jr, was a CIA Black ops paymaster (sic), part of the training being how to pass polygraphs.

Stanford now hides her profile:… More here ...

Genesis of the Pythons

Mankind must never forget from where its silly gene evolved. [Spadger McTeagle]

This came about because Toodles made reference to ewes, which naturally led one to think of this sketch, which in turn led to this post. Just thought you’d need to know that.… More here ...