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Unpopularity has always fascinated me – I’m far more at ease with it and do what I can to provoke it with the wrong people. Anyone can be popular – just say all the right things and smile but unpopularity can carry with it a certain forlorn nobility. I imagine when I die I’ll just be thrown onto a skip. :)

You might think there’s not too much nobility in taking off other players [see these vids] and one humourless player, Federer, even took exception to it. Federer is not, IMHO, anywhere near the nice, sweet person he’s made out to be, but covered by his good looks and style of play, he’s had the rewards he’s had.…

Rickmanoff for Cumberbitches [the Cumber Collective]

Rossa sent this:

Only Benedict could pull off an impersonation of Lord Rickman of Alan!

My reply:

Never got into him – seems too much a ladies metro – strictly for the cumberbitches – but his rickmanoff was very good.  Think it’s sheer jealousy on my part – the girls just won’t shut up about him – OK, he has two eyes, two ears, two arms.  So what? END…