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The gift

Here’s a good one via Chuckles:

When the Queen was presented with ceremonial gifts during a visit to China in 1986, her officials were tasked with arranging their safe transit to Britain.

In the case of a 60-year-old bonsai tree, that was easier said than done.

Newly released documents have disclosed the comical lengths to which our man in Peking went in order to get the tree from China to Windsor in one piece – including first class travel (for the tree, but not the people accompanying it), a police motorcade, a personal security guard, and a welcome delegation of executives from British Airways.

The tree – later nicknamed ‘Jack’ – was a gift from the Governor of Guangdong and the plan was to put it on the Queen’s Flight to Hong Kong for the next leg of the trip.

You can read the rest via that link.  It reminds me of the Yes Prime Minister episode about the gift:… More here ...

New map of Blighty

Should be more of this sort of thing – would love to see one of the U.S. or of France [more readable at the end of the link]:

map of blighty

#  The uppermost reaches of Scotland are simply tagged ‘uninhabited’.
#  Hull is labelled hell.
#  Liverpool is known for thieves.
#  Belgium not a proper country.
#  Welsh are sheep porkers.
#  Exeter people waiting to die.
#  Bradford Allahland… More here ...