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Das Boot

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The allocation of time and energy

1. The weather is playing havoc. It might be an unusual summer, maybe not but it does raise issues. I can’t keep a canopy up in the yard because it shakes any structure it’s attached to down and everything is soggy in the yard.

This has forced me to use the weather carefully. When the rain stops, there needs to be an hour and a half before going down there, the weather then gives me about 3 hours to work and so I need to have one job focussed on only at that time. It’s the only way to make incremental increases.

I do have a canopy of a small size to then put over the job and tie down for when the next lot of rain comes that day. The small canopy then doesn’t shake the boat over on its side.

2. Health. The old bod is wearing out and I’m finding, with heart too, that I can put in 3 hours at a time max.…

Ordnance Survey would like to go all techie


You do wonder, you really do. For a start, thank goodness for El Reg and other tech sites whose politics are usually pretty well on the money. Thank goodness for the net for at least that reason.

Via Chuckles, this is about Ordnance Survey trying to go all hi-tech:

Hands On Satnav-style turn-by-turn directions are coming to the Ordnance Survey’s stealth-mode Maps app.

The ambitious next-generation map app won’t get a formal splashy launch until 2016 – but I checked in to see how it’s getting on, since we gave you an exclusive peek here.

OS Maps is a major multi-year project to create a kind of “pocket SatNav for outdoors Britain” – creating a modern slippy-style app for web and phones out of the Ordnance Survey’s deep MasterMap gridref-based product, from which its traditional maps like Landranger and Pathfinder are derived.

An Android version sneaked out a few days ago.

Das Boot

Tom Paine wrote: “Following progress with the boat with much interest.”  Amfortas wrote that he wanted me to get the thing on the water. Sackers did too. Ivan did too and all want pics of progress.

Tom also sent a little something which will delight you later today.  Amfortas also sent this clip below, asking: “Have you thought about anti-pirate fittings ?”

I replied: “Actually, I have very much thought of them. Am thinking of them seriously. Trouble is, they would need to be terminal. Were I sailing around the med, if boat people tried to board, something drastic would need to be done.”…

Guided busways

Between Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives in the English county of Cambridgeshire, runs a special bus service over a special route that consist of two narrow concrete rails instead of a regular asphalt road. The buses travel with each set of wheels over the parallel rails, just like a train. The margin for error is narrow, yet the buses attain speeds of 90 km per hour (55 miles/h). The best part is, the driver doesn’t even hold the steering wheel.


Jamie’s Italian scam?

Boastful, narcissistic, overpriced: welcome to Jamie’s Italian » The Spectator

Jamie Oliver


As well as having to close some outlets he does appear to have lost his shine, plus his 15 “charity” nicely tax deductible is not quite what it was set out to be.

What’s struck me is that Jamie Oliver really seems to have p***ed off middle Britain something awful.  He arose as a phenomenon whilst I was away and when I got back, he was on TV and in the news.…


The RNLI wants people to take care – they say even though the water may seem calm, there could be strong currents underneath that make it difficult to swim.

Wonder how much notice these:

… took of that.…

The young arise, the old hang up the boots, the world turns …

One of the things which always knocks me around, apart from maltreatment of the elderly, children, animals and the destruction of great architecture and art [ISIS] is seeing champions fade in sport.

Yes, it’s normal and natural but I don’t have to like it.  I’ve mentioned a few times seeing the deterioration of Malcolm Marshall with age at the MCG, how he had lost the fearsome factor but was still as good as most bowlers, even then.…

Not good to win this way

Pro-Liverpool but that was not good with Elphick and Coutinho.  Good for Benteke though.

The new interpretation of the offside law says it is not necessarily an offence to be in an offside position.

As you can see above, that means that as the ball is played in, an attacker can stand in an offside position so long as they are NOT involved in active play in the three following scenarios.

  • Scenario 1- Interfering with play
  • Scenario 2 – Interfering with an opponent
  • Scenario 3 – Gaining an advantage by being in that position

Until either scenario occurs, the flag will stay down.

SJWs even ruin football

Interesting that this is sent by an American, Lord Somber, on Australian football, for a British blog. Like it. Let’s go.

How Social Justice Warriors Ruined Australian Football

Decades ago, in the “bad old days” when men were men, women were women and small furry creatures from … well, you understand, Oz football was dominated by a few teams, of which Carlton and Collingwood were the two main ones.

Carlton was the Chardonnay set, the Lygon Street cappuccino quaffers, the brash money about towners.  Collingwood was the working class, the bovver boys, the great unwashed.

A Grand Final might get upwards of 120,000 people.  It was a man’s game, despite the Sydneysiders calling it aerial ping-pong.  And aerial it was, one of the main features the highmark where a player would launch himself onto the shoulders of an opponent and take a spectacular high grab.

The finest kick was the drop kick where the ball would strike the ground before being kicked and the trajectory was elegant, the distance long.…