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To be noble or to be destructive, that is the question

Yesterday I blogged on being a bit maudlin, then up came this youtube on SV Lulworth 1920 and the mood changed to that of wonder:

Often, these youtubes of boats are adverts – come to our ye olde boat restaurant etc. or someone else carrying on but this one, s Ian Parker-Joseph noted, was a bit different. He puts it better than I could:…

Ken Ham’s Ark

Oh I do like this one, via Chuckles, who headed it: “James at Work”:

Ark-Building Creationist Explains Why It Was Totally Cool

Yo, c’mon you Creationists, ra, ra, ra. Huffington Post, home of the godless and leftist:

Ken Ham, the creationist behind the giant Noah’s Ark replica nearing completion in Kentucky, received some pointed questions on Twitter from those who have a problem with the central message in the biblical story. 

Ken Ham?  Excellent name, excellent.  Naturally, the narrow-minded Huffposters who believe in nothing beyond their eyes see all sorts of nefarious doings in this on the part of God and they’ll find the kookiest individuals who claim to be Christian and make fun of them, just as the left does with the GOP RINOs who are not real conservatives.…

Not total honesty on safety railings

Just woken by the neighbours’ noise again, TV blaring at 3 a.m., do not need it. Anyway, that’s sleep for sometime. Writing this at 3.30 a.m., shall post it at 13.30.

Looking again at that pic from the top of the What’s Wrong post [think we could gaze on that for some time, those of us actually past it, LOL]:

anything wrong here

… it seems it’s an old boat which has been refitted, so why the missing safety wire is a mystery – but it’s more even than that.…

Creature of habit

just out of the oven

Afraid most of it had gone by the time I took the shot. IPad pics don’t really cut it – this was the best base I’ve done. Should move on to pastries but you know how it is.

Incidentally, that roll is just what was left over, you’ve probably gathered. What are you munching on this evening? [END]…

Throwing off the PC yoke

This is about a brawl and PCism, right in the middle of a very public corporate dollar producing Saturday afternoon showcase, not about football per se – I wouldn’t lay the latter on the wary or unwary reader.

All week it had been coming. Port Adelaide, as the word Port suggests, are mongrels from the docks, from street brawling and Geelong, possibly for the lily-white colour of their uniforms, are known more for their slick play although they’re farmer’s boys so one shouldn’t underestimate them in a stoush.

The Port plan was clear – physically take out star players, not unlike the old Wimbledon FC, and see if the pussies would meet the challenge and roar or as Port expected – miaow.


Bliss [three kind gentlemen]

From Wiggia:

North Norfolk coast, Burnham Overy Staithe, this is Nelson country he was born a couple of miles away at Burnham Thorpe, this is one of the few places that have not been changed too much with tourism and it has the only free car parking area on the foreshore along this stretch.

The white and black building in the middle is the old boat house and it still is, so many boats around the back of these buildings waiting to go out, every back yard has one.

north norfolk

From Amfortas:…

The naming of a boat

Just look at the grim times we’re having with the PTB, climate scam, invading hordes, SJWs, Brexit and here lands something plumb in our lap, there is a chance of cross-party, cross-politics agreement and an assertion of national character, plus Boaty McBoatface suits such a boat to a tee.

An artist's impression of the polar research ship (Natural Environment Research Council)

An artist’s impression of the polar research ship (Natural Environment Research Council)

Some of the best comments were:…

A good interview

I’ve never been a part of the boys’ club, I’m an independent. [Mark Thompson, interview below]

Leadership is an interesting thing – compare to Cameron in the post Saturday. What does one make of a leader who raises a struggling club from virtually nothing, is almost sacked, turns it around, wins two flags and sets up a power era, in which they still partially are?

Yet the man himself is deeply flawed. Adjectives for him include spasmodically brilliant, uncompromising on basic principles, was a sinner in real life but then matures, still immature in many ways, unpredictable, can be petulant, feels things deeply, is quietly arrogant, does care but gives the appearance of not caring, can be less than honest or rather sly whilst not telling actual porkies, commands respect from the men, is the despair of the women, has the score on the board to be judged by eventually.

It’s more for reasons of the flawed man than for anything football that I include the clip below, particularly the last few minutes.…

The one sail they never modernized

The eminent [in sailing circles] CA Marchaj conducted a series of tests decades ago on the little known [outside of the South-Pacific] characteristics of the crab claw rig.


Similar things happened with the Chinese lug or the junk rig. All sorts of improvements were suggested, built and tried but some of the characteristics which really counted were lost in putting those rigs onto a western boat.…

The four-stroke engine

From Animagraffs:

Did you know that your car will take in 20,000 cubic feet of air to burn 20 gallons of fuel? That’s the equivalent of a 2,500 sq. ft. house! If your only experience with a car engine’s inner workings is “How much is that going to cost to fix?” this graphic is for you. Car engines are astoundingly awesome mechanical wonders. It’s time you learned more about the magic under the hood!

4 stroke engine