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A glorified builder’s pallet

Despite the complete uncertainty of next week, some of the possible consequences include being able to finish the boat by late Feb. There are other probabilities too but let’s not dwell on those.


Essentially, the issue is the base, the bottom.…

If this ain’t love …

… then it will have to do, till the real thing comes along [can’t remember who sang that].

It always starts fine, with mucho caring:

Then reality seeps through after some time. This below is one of the best segments and also one of the best companions. Also, methinks she is well within her rights with the second speech she gives when she goes back inside:

From the male point of view, it’s handy to be a Time Lord at this stage. He’s lost so many companions that only a Time Lord could cope – humans might get a tad jaded.

So it’s back on the road again and he’s just moving onwards, ever onwards – every word in this is timeless:

Maxim Gorky once spoke of Russia in the form of the troika, rushing around the bend and clattering along at top speed.

‘Kuda, Rossiya?’ he calls. [Where to, Russia?]

There is no answer.…


Really like this Messy Nessy Chic site, not least for its clean layout, not least for it coming out of Paris. Bit of a sucker for things French is the old James.

Anyway, there was this and many other things:

Le Ribera is ideal for those looking for a peaceful hideaway to escape to after a hectic day in the French capital.

That’s not just a picture to me – the boat itself has such an area, which is why I left the top flat, with various protuberances to break up the ice and snow but essentially a living deck above.

The motif also appeared in my long book.…

The greasy pole

Your humble blogger has issues just now but when two of his teams do well, it makes things considerably better.

Most sports fans are content with just the one team but this one follows the exploits of Geelong, Liverpool, AFC Wimbledon and Arbroath, although lately there’s been some pressure to change the last one to St Johnstone.

Oh, plus this team:

Anyway, some years back, along with so many other thousands of fans, I was appalled that Wimbledon was stolen and taken to Milton Keynes and for a long time, MK Dons were head and shoulders above.…