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Message for LVG and Man U

van gaal

1. Chelsea or City
2. Chelsea or City
3. Everton or Reds
4. Reds or Everton
5. The Arsenal
6. Man U or Spurs?

AFC Wimbledon have Accrington today after their 4-4 v Carlisle but don’t suppose you’re interested in that. :)

I see my other team, Arbroath, had a win in SL2, Norwood are second to Port in the SANFL, can’t find North Hobart [where are they?], East Fremantle are 3rd and the Packers play the Jets tomorrow. Go Packers! Meanwhile, Vancouver will host San Jose on the 23rd and Ak Bars play at Dynamo Moskva later today for the season opener.

Not sure what my second favourite team in the world is doing – the Brazilian girl’s volleyball team but see Dani and Jaque are still in there.

Meanwhile, whom to go for in Premier League this year? Hmmmm, probably the Reds. Rodgers looks like he’s doing well and there seems to be a good spirit there.…

An era well and truly ended

lunch 120914

Having an early lunch with bits and pieces thrown together – quality of the shot is not good but the food is delish – rice enhanced with peppers and peas, that meat is salmon in tangy sauce.

It’s 12:48 p.m. and the semi-final is on with Geelong and North Melbourne. We’re down a fair way.  We’re going further behind.

It’s sad to see champions of the club who have given sterling service but making schoolboy Steve Gerrard errors – turning over the ball for an opposition goal and not having the legs any more to stop it.

And so it is with our club – the young kids still too young, not knowing finals football and how to play it, the older players coming off a golden era and unable to physically do it any more, to be accurate in front of goal, to chase down that seasoned, mid-age-range player of the opposition.…

Robot ships – what could possibly go wrong?


Thanks, haiku, for this:

A European Union-funded research project called MUNIN is looking to make international cargo shipping more energy and cost efficient, essentially turning “seafaring” into a desk job.

Named for one of the Nordic god Odin’s raven sidekicks, the goal of the MUNIN project is to create autonomous ships that can sail themselves from port to port.

This would reduce energy consumption by lessening lighting, eliminating fresh water production, and getting rid of an onboard crew. The project is the subject of a workshop at the SMM maritime conference in Hamburg, Germany, today.

MUNIN is being led by researchers from the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services. The goal is to prove the safety of unmanned ships and then push for changes in international maritime regulations to allow them to ply the seas.

Nearly all of the technology required to operate ships autonomously is already available, as Ørnulf Rødseth, a researcher at the Norwegian Marine Technology Institute, said in a report published in advance of SMM.

Daredevil Code


The firewall I’m using around the galley.

Hope these aren’t famous last words but methinks there should be a sort of code in place regarding daredevil idiots.

After that man was taken by the shark off the Gold Coast, some others went in the water.

I include anyone putting to sea or even in internal waters. There are dangers under the surface which are every bit as real as thermals for planes.

I once took WN2 for a spin down the coast with the catamaran and we had a pleasant time. Came in close to shore, I stepped off the boat to steady her – straight onto a stingray. Them’s the breaks. Went swimming off the coast near the rocks and met shark, stingray and eels at various times. Par for the course.

These bozos who risk these things like the shark stunt are candidates for the Darwin Awards. The thing is, no public moneys should be spent on rescuing them.…

Wine – some mixed cases


Mixed cases. I was speaking on the phone about an entirely different matter to my old neighbours, or one of them, when those words were uttered that usually mean well as far as intention goes but whilst the reply is listened to and agreed with is invariably ignored.

This time it was not ignored as the dastardly deed had been done.

The heinous crime committed ? They had purchased a mixed case of wine at 50% off and wanted to know if it was any good, you know about wine, what do you think ? Bit late in the day as they were already in receipt of the said wine but I politely asked what was contained in the case and then told them it was quite a good buy, I lied.

Mixed cases are the classic way of selling items that don’t move by including a couple of items that might tempt you as the old market salesmen used to with the cry “I’ll tell you what I’ll do I’ll throw in six of these as well” to shift the item he had bought cheap and would make a tidy profit if he could dress it up with added “goodies”.…