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For those poor souls not au fait with all your bases

In 1989 an arcade game named Zero WIng was developed by Toaplan and published by Taito. The game is set in 2101 and starts with the signing of a peace treaty between the UN and an alien cyborg named CATS.

CATS breaks the treaty and occupies all extant Japanese orbital space colonies and stations.

The protagonist/player pilots a ZIG spacecraft, the sole survivor of his destroyed mother-ship. The goal – to destroy all of CATS forces, and liberate the colonies and earth.

The game was fairly successful in arcades, and Toaplan ported the game to the Sega MegaDrive for home use, in 1992, and Sega released an English version of the game in Europe. No North American version was released.

The MegaDrive version included an introductory cut scene, not present in the original arcade game, and Sega Europe produced their own Japanese – English translations of the new dialogue which were shown as subtitles on the game screens.… More here ...

Titanic – a rose has many thorns

There have been so many stated reasons  why the film was bad but a feeling had started to grip me well before finding this below. It just crystallizes my thoughts, minus, of course, the issue of the door itself. My own comments follow the article:

Kate Winslet’s character, Rose, was one of the vilest and most disgusting characters ever to grace the silver screen. From beginning to end, she displayed nothing but character flaws and a lack of concern for everyone else around her.

As the movie starts, she is a rich brat who is depressed that she has to marry an incredibly rich and handsome man because he treats her badly. Perhaps she should have taken into account his personality rather than his bank account when she accepted his proposal.

Rather than take responsibility for her own actions, stand up to her mother, and tell him to his face that she is not in love with him, she instead decides to take the easy way out and kill herself.More here ...

Titanic – could they both have been on the door?

Naturally, following the previous post, one had to look at the movie, which I detested but haven’t fully worked out why over the decades – mainly because I couldn’t care less. That is gone into in some detail in the third post at 4 p.m.


This second post now is about whether the door could have supported the two of them. If you have the dimensions and weight of the door, then it’s easy but getting those is more difficult.

In terms of square feet, the rule of thumb in salt water is that 1 cubic foot displaces around 63lbs of water. My own hollow wooden door here is:

0.140625 sq ft x 6.66666 sq ft x 2.65625… More here ...

Titanic – some notes on why it was holed

Ain’t it always the way – one small post on the titanic has blown out to three parts, at 11 a.m., 1.30 p.m. and at 4 p.m.

On a continuum of credulous at one end and incredulous at the other, Randi would be at the incredulous end and blind devotees at the other.

The beef I have with things labelled ‘conspiracy theory’ is that it’s a too pat, too slick auto-labelling, with no real attempt at examining. The anomalies of 911 were real but one could never look at them in public once the labelling industry got going and called anyone raising objections ‘a truther’. What a bizarre label.

In this article about the Titanic, I have a problem with the 46,000 tons against the 45.000 tons – doesn’t seem a conclusive piece of evidence. However, the Olympic damage does seem a bit strange. I’ve read other things about the money men being onboard but that suggests to me they would not have planned sinking her on that voyage, although those moneymen did get on the first lifeboat off.… More here ...