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Lessons for a football manager

Yes I know it’s a bore to most but I really must invoke the Cats again in this take on Moyes’ sacking – forgive me for virtually reprinting it:

1 Coaches clear-out:

David Moyes’s first decision at Old Trafford arguably set in motion the nightmare season he has endured. By sacking Mike Phelan, Rene Meulensteen and Eric Steele, he dispensed with respected coaches and replaced them with unproven Everton staff.

First move by Chris Scott at Geelong in late 2010 was to get all the senior players together, commiserate at the loss of best player and coach in the off-season and say he believes they can win the 2011 flag if the senior guys will buy in.   He said he had no plans of any clearout or any big ideas but we was going to tighten the defence [he'd been a triple premiership defender].   As the key influencers were backmen at the time and they liked Chris, the rest just followed.

Ivan destroys my boat

Well, he doesn’t actually but he got me to thinking hard and having some professional advice from builders, timbermen and the glueman on that bow, i.e. they took a look and went over it.    Plus my mate, a practical sort of guy.

All of them said it was solid and with that reinforcing, would resist twist but even so, I wasn’t happy. I know big seas, their angles and what they can do in one crunch, let alone a scissors movement and though the main hull is sound, the bow was always going to be the vulnerable bit.

All the way along, I’ve left myself escape routes in case it’s not made right and I’m taking one of those escape routes tomorrow. Instead of the three pontoon set-up, it’s going to retain the inner V and then outer “wings” to the sides, [already there] which then go upwards. I’ve just drawn the cuts for tomorrow.…

It promised to be a classic … it was …

cat's across the line

It’s not possible to emphasize enough that outside of soccer, this was one of the biggest clashes in sport – it was always going to have everything a classic confrontation would need – two truly excellent teams of long-standing rivalry, both able to do those magic things and unstoppable if they get a roll on.

Both level, perhaps the brown and gold, being reigning premiers, would be a bit ahead of the blue and whites who are rebuilding, like Liverpool, but no quarter would be given or taken. Both with superb club cultures, making them a mecca a lot of players would like to play with, both enjoying enormous respect in the football world.

A classic on a huge stage, the MCG, before a huge crowd.

I wrote about it here.   Whatever the result, the report would go up here on Monday after the game.

The dance goes on, exquisitely as ever.

From Wiggia’s travels

Wiggia sent this pic of a cat he saw near Port Adelaide decades ago and I’m afraid I might have been a bit churlish in reply, saying it was clearly an 80′s cat.


Actually, they were really nice, in a woody sort of way, the 80′s multihulls [this one might be GRP or wood, can't really tell from here] and I wouldn’t mind having it but they did suffer from some drawbacks, which are spelt out in this “bible” on multihull safety. Shuttleworth is greatly respected in the field.

4. Early catamaran. Relatively heavy. Narrow beam (L/B often over 2). High windage. Small sail area. Inefficient underwater shape and low aspect fixed keels. Cruising cats very heavy by today’s standards. Large flat windows in coachroof causing high windage. Often prone to hobbyhorsing and pitching due to rocker and symmetry of hulls.

5. Second generation cat. Open bridgedeck designs. All accommodation in the hulls.

Liverpool fans need to develop some humility

Many years ago, New Zealand were accused of dirty play and arrogance in victory [in the real game].   Wayne Shelford was hot under the collar in an interview later.

“There is no way we’re arrogant in victory,” he said.  ”New Zealanders are far too self-deprecating for that.”   He didn’t address the other charge.

I caught the second half of today’s match at a live blog and the reason was a feeling that perhaps they might struggle against a lesser team.    I’d like Liverpool to take the premiership, if only for Rodgers and Gerrard.

However, the first words were chilling – Liverpool fans were apparently chanting about winning the league.   Quick glance at the score and they were 2 ahead.   Well OK but still – that sort of counting the chickens is idiocy in my book.

Then the commentator said Liverpool [meaning the team] were swaggering.   Oh no – surefire recipe for -

And then Norwich scored and soon it was “Liverpool are rattled, they’ve lost their composure.”

Then someone was reported and Norwich had their tails up, bombarding the goal.…

Vale Hobie Alter

So glad Hobie Alter finally got some recognition in the MSM, albeit in his death.

In the multihull world, three names stand out, IMHO – Charlie Cunningham downunder with his Quickcat and a string of Little America’s Cup challenges and victories, James Wharram with his immensely practical seagoing cats and Hobie Alter, the biggest name of the three, who developed the Hobiecat and brought sailing to the masses.


I met him at his garage one day in Mordialloc, Victoria and he was the loveliest man, with a deep love for cat sailing. He was Australia’s pioneer.



Revolutionized oceangoing cruising cats with simple, low-tech designs which were affordable for people.   He also revolutionized two-girl crews, something I’m planning to do too on my humble craft.


Hobie Alter

His Hobiecats, virtually indestructible GRP cats, could be bounced around by huge Hawaiian waves, crashed onto rocks and still survive.


I don’t like them, being garish and ugly but one has to concede they brought fun sailing to the masses.…