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Pizzagate [2]

hawaiian pizza

They get down to the really important issues in Iceland [the country].  Where we get tied up in things like Sweden and draining swamps, they concern themselves with groundbreaking issues:

The president of Iceland has very strong feelings about pizza toppings. On a recent visit to a high school, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson told students that he firmly opposes pineapple as a pizza topping, according to Iceland Magazine.

At the end of his visit to a high school in Akureyri, Jóhannesson opened up a Q&A session with students, which predictably turned into a discussion on topics like professional soccer and pizza.

One student asked how he felt about pineapples as a pizza topping, and Jóhannesson admitted that he falls firmly in the “nay” camp in the fruit-on-pizza debate. Not only does he completely oppose putting pineapple on a pizza, but if he could, he said, he would pass a ban on it.

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Dinner thoughts

This is about dinner [lunch] below, supper will be haddock and rice. Issue was I had these ingredients left over, plus some easy-do, cheating things at hand and couldn’t be bothered peeling potatoes this time:


Julia posted she was doing leek and potato soup, that gave me ideas:… More here ...

Enjoy the water

This one was in Cyprus:

Looks nothing on camera but it was steep. I liked the longer ones best but they were less steep, given how much land they had available. We went on this one a few times:… More here ...


Apart from the [good] insanity of it – elfansafetee, we laugh in your face – the mechanics are interesting:

Commenter: Rather than having 2 hoses feed onto the lines looks like there is one common pump at the base feeding water through the centre column. this feeds the water along the arms to the hose ends – more than one way to skin a cat though so could be anything.

Hmmmmm – what do you think? Sorry about the ‘music’ by the way.

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