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Unpopularity has always fascinated me – I’m far more at ease with it and do what I can to provoke it with the wrong people. Anyone can be popular – just say all the right things and smile but unpopularity can carry with it a certain forlorn nobility. I imagine when I die I’ll just be thrown onto a skip. :)

You might think there’s not too much nobility in taking off other players [see these vids] and one humourless player, Federer, even took exception to it. Federer is not, IMHO, anywhere near the nice, sweet person he’s made out to be, but covered by his good looks and style of play, he’s had the rewards he’s had.…


Rossa had planned trout this evening and absentmindedly, I also bought some today. This is Rossa’s treatment of it:

Trout fillet marinated in olive oil, grated garlic, grated fresh ginger, lime juice from half a lime and lime zest for 15 mins. Took 3 mins to cook. Tip into hot pan and then add 100ml coconut milk. Turn off gas and let it cook through.

Boiled basmati rice, sugar snap peas and chopped coriander to finish.

Very versatile as you could use chicken, prawns or ‘meaty’ white fish like a cod steak or monkfish. Took no more than 30 mins including prep time. Very fresh tasting and we both liked it. Another one to add to the quick supper menu!

Could add chopped fresh green or red chillies to be more of a Thai curry.


Via MicroDave:

sd_drone_bow small

“A trimaran was chosen because it provides the most efficient hull form for low speed motoring,” John Shuttleworth, who runs Shuttleworth Design with his brother Orion, wrote in the statement. “The hull configuration developed from a requirement to reduce windage, while keeping the solar array sufficiently high above the water to reduce wave impact.”