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You might call them pickled cucumbers or even pickles – in Britain I know them as gherkins – but Chuckles has been at it with his good lady:

Now, I’ll try to find my notes on it all and I know Toddles is somewhere in here about pickles too.  I said:

You’re turning eastern European in your old age.

… to which Chuckles replied:

Yiddish, surely, kosher dills, as the Yanks would say. They’re incredibly easy to do, just bung a litre of water and 2-3 tablespoons of coarse salt into a plastic container, add some garlic chili, dill and dill seeds; cover, and leave for a week, stirring twice a day.

Consume. Plus they taste like they’re supposed to taste

Not sure Toodles would agree with the taste, full stop, period but I luv ’em. Haiku added:

He be a secret prepper. And, as a result, it’s causing me to wonder if we shouldn’t be following suit …

In the light of last night’s post … maybe. … More here ...

Allegro v Marina

This is the second of two intended posts today.

For me, it’s not the cars but the backdrop, the architecture in those bleak homes [sorry if you have one of these and are still deep in hock].… More here ...

The triumph of the unloved

1. Angelique Kerber

I do not like Serena Williams, not at all, don’t like the family, don’t like anything about what she does. The sycophantic media were all over her, the two duchesses were cheering her every move, riding every shot, Megan Markle was crestfallen at the end – the wrong woman had won.

Not for me she hadn’t – I’m not interested in the women’s game with its grunting, although this game was not bad.  But my overwhelming interest in this was to see Kerber win.  I took a look at her yesterday before the game – maybe not the most beautiful woman, aged 30 and on that slow slide, had never won a major – yep, she was my gal all right.  Unsung – perfect. I duly fell in love.

And did she ever play well.… More here ...

Feeling peckish?

This would ordinarily be quiz time but I don’t have enough material and am not at the computer long enough these days to run two per week. Monday’s will remain but Thursdays is going to be something culinary.

So let’s start with Chuckles’s contribution

Now to lunch today and how quick and easy it can be – Chinese chicken:… More here ...