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The Brownlow Medal

About 2 a.m. this morning, the debate in the US began and more on that over at OoL but it was also the Brownlow downunder, a huge evening Australia-wide.


I read some comment about it being the boys’ night and the girls were attempting to hijack it. Don’t know anyone who would not agree it was also very much the girls’ night, their biggest for the year and well done to each of them.

The concept of a room full of men watching a voting process for the season’s best and fairest, minus any ladies at all is not one I wish to entertain.…

Varnished wood

Think it’s fair to say you either love this type of craft:


… or you’re more into the shiny plastic fantastic with Kevlar sails. Ever since childhood I’ve liked the former but only in recent years realized how good they are. And wood has a sound, a resonance, a look and feel which is so reassuring, it has a bit of character.…

Planform – afterthoughts

Your humble blogger does apologize in advance to readers – normal service will be resumed asap. Just skip this post and come back at 18:00.

However, this had to be finished, the bow the next OCD focus. The ‘sail’ will be some mix of these below and to be honest, I’m no sailmaker – the thought of sewing and edging, putting in boltropes and the like, that’s a bit beyond me now. Especially with no sewing machine.

But stretching cloth over a frame, even if only ribs at intervals, repairing with similar colour tarp tape – that’s far more my line, I understand things involving wood:



Sail plan – deliberately building in flaws


Preamble [or back to basics]

The constraint of the narrowness of the boat, brought on by canal restrictions, forced me, for sailing purposes, to either design in twin keels at the outer edge, which had to be of sufficient weight to compensate for the narrowness … or else it had to be a trimaran configuration, which was always going to eat space low down [below the waist], though the pontoons would provide storage.

The last thing to be decided on was the sail plan. There were the constraints of my hull but there were also certain core principles which apply to the sail plan of any sailboat.


Wingsail for a cruising yacht


Think I might have this at last. Have dropped the remote trim tab idea behind the sail, as its arc, on my narrow boat, would need to be high to not catch crew and would need adjustment by linkages. I don’t wish to get into that – not at sea. On a remote control model boat, maybe.…