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Fed Cup – it’s a crying shame

These are our gals:

Nasty made nasty comments about them, methought Johanna Konta was quickwitted. She was losing and was about to go a break down, she began crying, was allowed a 25 minute break, came back and stormed all over Romania.

Go, GB gals. All power to Johanna, I say.

What I did not like were the nasty comments about her from Brits. All right, she’s Hungarian/Australian, came here and gained citizenship. Why shouldn’t she play for Team GB? Plenty of others have through the decades.

She’s the best GB has right now.

Image from here ...

Of a good strong cuppa and a boat

Regulars will recall the discussion about teamaking some time back. I’m still on the Yorkshire leaf until it runs out but oh, how spectacularly better the process is now – it really does take time.

An essential is the potwarming, so as the kettle approaches boiling, I put hot in the cup and pot, the pot sitting over the cup as you see.

Then water is poured out of the pot and it’s one for each cup of the leaf planned to be taken during the morning and one for the pot.  The boiled goes in and the pot is wrapped in swaddling tea towels and kept wrapped throughout the morning.… More here ...

Tear your hair out

There are four teams I fairly avidly follow, in no particular order: AFC Wimbledon [rising from the ashes], Liverpool FC [for Klopp and the atmosphere he creates], England Rugby [for obvious reasons] and Geelong FC.

The last one is frustrating.  On Easter Monday, they pfaffed about for three-quarters, dragging the AFL’s showcase game into the mud, then suddenly slammed on 11 goals in about 20 minutes – this was from the match report:

The Cats … were early victims to the yips which kept their rivals in the game longer than otherwise would have been the case.

I know why they did it:

1. All week they’d been telling one another it was going to be a tough, close game, so they played that way.… More here ...

Outrigger [3]

The upper pic here is only for a visual reference as to the boat parts and how the type looks in action:

A:  Port netting
B:  Vaka or main hull
C:  Akas or crossbeams
D:  Ama, float, pontoon

There were considerable design problems but think they’re sorted.

The shape of the vaka is as you see in the diagram below and as you can see, it is unstable on its own – it has a waterline length to beam of 1:13.36, which is mighty narrow and fast. The vaka below water level dispalces about 30,000 lbs. The whole vaka, if pressed down to its deck, would displace around 400,000 lbs.

The shape of the ama is a trapezium with a section of 4.5 sq ft.  To give you an idea, the tall side height [B below] is 4.0′ exactly – one plywood sheet across.  It is 41 feet long and the ratio is 1:30.88, making it ultra-narrow.… More here ...

Outrigger [2]

Coming back to this outrigger concept again, let’s dispense with the aesthetics first – you either think it’s the ugliest thing since feminazism or else you see what it’s about.

My concerns with my 41′ 10″ cruiser is that it will transpose from what most of them are – off the beach boats:

… to a genuine blue water cruiser or voyaging canoe if you like:… More here ...