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Sparkle’s coat of arms

Yes, I’m possibly the last to know of this, it’s everywhere in the gossip press: The Wail is going with the three quills [officially ‘power of words’] and the supporter ‘songbird’ as indicating that she can spill the beans…

Morgan Plus Six

If you take a look at the new offerings of even Rolls and BMW, there’s a modern, boring, plastic sameness to them now. In the US, it’s even more stark – look at 50s v current Caddies.

Das Boot

State of play is that there are four obstacles just now – the obvious ones of health, money and weather, plus a fourth which could strike and the odds are it will, can’t go into it. The weather is a…

Passengers – enjoy your Russian Roulette

This blog runs every Airbus disaster as it happens. It’s only right that Boeing diasters are also highlighted: The aircraft model has been plagued with problems. In October, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by Lion Air crashed minutes…