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jutland boats

What’s not often referred to is what beautiful pieces of machinery they were.  [The story of the battle is here.]

black prince

Vertical stemposts, even reverse, fine entry, straight-sided, straight sheer, parallel portholes, even tumblehome. Almost no rocker. Really quite regal.

My boat is based on all this except tumblehome. Whyever did they deviate from it, esp. dispensing with the dreadnought shape?


Last supper

what's for dins

Steve Green writes and Chuckles sends:

Look. I love ribeye. If there’s a God and if God is a meat-eater (of course He is!) then I’m as sure as Hell that ribeye is what God eats. Ribeye has a perfect balance of tenderness and flavor you can’t get from any other cut. And that’s true whether you spend eight bucks on a middlin’ supermarket ribeye, or blow a week’s wages on a 24-ounce Kobe-style monster — the ribeye’s awesomeness is only a matter of degree.

Muirfield revisited

In the light of the Taki article.

I left a comment:

Muirfield members – do not, repeat do not, give way. Ever.

Or to paraphrase the biblical:

Build on the rock, not on the shifting sands of fashion.

Or in the words of other commenters:

Liberalism is like a corrosive acid–it does not have a built-in capacity to stop.

It is such a shame that the cause of women was hijacked by the misandrists, including left-liberals, socialists and communists.

Because there really were things needed fixing, adjusting and these have been fixed/adjusted.

But [mixing metaphors], let the genie out of the bottle and  ……


Man U and their back door man, bus parking way


There’s such a thing as the way something is done.

Klopp to Liverpool was always a match and though his season has been modest, most still think it’s a match. He went there with enthusiasm and [almost] no baggage and was embraced by red country.

Mourinho? Well, for a start, his bus parking style is not what ManU stalwarts have been bellyaching about, is it? It’s attacking football they want. Mourinho is a cynic who might get them a Championship and back in Champions League via a very cynical style but is it the way the supposedly greatest club in the world wants to get it?…

Well played, Muirfield


Now, stick to your guns!!!  Don’t back down, don’t apologize for crying out loud.

It’s really not the issue of having women there – I had a ladies ticket I used on occasions at the cricket – but it’s the feminists muscling in on a men’s club, while they are perfectly happy to maintain all women’s groups [Women’s Studies] quite legally.…

Excitement at Wham Stadium

# AFC Wimbledon were down, came back, full time, went ahead in extra, floodlights then went down at 113.

# Ref’s just taken players off to let lights cool down. Love it.

# Into injury time.

# AFC Wimbledon through, will meet Plymouth at Wembley May 30th. If they win that, they’ll be with MK Dons next season. Could be interesting.

# Akinfenwa (on floodlights failure at Accrington): I grew up in Hackney, I’m used to playing in the dark.…

Bora Bora paradise? Depends …

What I liked about this vid was that it was not packaged, it gave no commentary, it was just shot by an amateur and as such, it gave some feel for Bora Bora:

You may see this as paradise, I’m not so sure. Reading sailing fora by people who’d made the trip by sea, they spoke of the expensive bond which had to be paid, the Bora Bora Yacht Club which was really a restaurant/bar charging £8 a night for anchoring, not anchorage when elsewhere was free and the outrageous prices around the island.

The recommendation was to go to other islands to stay, Bora Bora is essentially for honeymooners with the readies, not for cruising boats which would lower the tone of the resort.

This is the Presidential Suite at Hilton Nui, I believe at around $15,000 a night:

People rave about the topography but as someone who now has access to that via boat, it doesn’t do a lot for me.…

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