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Blood on the water

Amfortas suggested that this canal might not be a great one to go down: I found this in trying to find the actual airdraft: Having a dismantling wheelhouse, I can reduce my airdraft from 6’10” to 5’4″ at a…

Two ridiculous ideas

This video, which was run as part of the article on how ‘AEye’s lidars can cause damage to camera sensors’: … provoked in me two separate reactions, both apoplectic. First, the whole idea of self-driving cars and all the things…

The day society died [1]

The heading is a play on “the day the music died”, that is – February 3rd, 1959 and follows on from a comment on a previous post. It soon became apparent to me, looking back, that I was born too…


1. Never more true than today: 2. Hate it when that happens: 3. Tech triple whammy from haiku: