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Air France flight 4590

1. We call it just Concord, what was the company name?
2. Which cruise ship were the passengers eventually headed for?
3. What nationality were the vast majority of passengers?
4. How many crew and passengers were onboard [to the nearest five]?
5. What caused the crash?
6. Who noticed the flames first?
7. There’d been many other incidents with Concorde – main reason? here ...

What’s the damage?

Naturally, with any stricken yacht which makes it into the news, I go straight for the structural causes. You don’t get much from general news sources.

Storm cracked both masts, therefore she seems a ketch/yawl, one of the best rigs going.

Or is it? The advantage of the Bermudan rig [left, below] is that there is less and less sail area the higher you go, compared to the gaff [right, below] which still has sail area high up the mast:

The huge disadvantages of the Bermudan include:… More here ...


There was an article on Manchester Airport baggage handlers – not good.

One chap wrote:

These are my honest thoughts on Manchester … When you get off at Piccadilly station, you soon realise you’re not in a desirable city, walking down to Market Street, and the surrounding areas, highlights the deprivation of the city, there are many homeless and beggars, it is rife.

I have never seen so many concentrated in one area of any city before. Manchester lacks everything that is needed for tourism, hardly any museums, it’s just a plain boring and dull city.

The surrounding areas are some of the worst such as Harpurhey, Moston, Ardwick, and Hulme. If you want to visit a nice city in the north try Chester, York or Liverpool. But avoid Manchester at all costs.

A lady wrote:… More here ...