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A sound person at the helm

Clearly it’s not just the manager but he’s a huge factor. Would that this country had a sound person in N10.

It takes a certain arrogant flair, a sort of spare-limbed confidence, deep loyalty, love of the people under him and a bit of common sense and spine – someone like a Klopp.

The victory at Manchester City , as well as the win at Chelsea at the end of October, had Klopp’s stamp all over it.

And on Saturday, Liverpool pressed City from the first whistle, spreading anxiety around Etihad Stadium on and off the pitch and unrest in their opponents’ ranks.

It makes them a very dangerous proposition away from home, harassing opponents intent on attack high up the pitch and hitting them rapidly on the counter.

Klopp has brought a positivity back to Liverpool, a bundle of energy on the touchline, urging his players forward, applauding the good and reacting furiously to the bad.

Deck games

This is the current background pic reversed. It was intriguing to me, even as a drawing:


By the way, do you notice anything behind the carefully placed navbar?

Chap in the light blue jacket and flat cap, hanging about where the women are.  What’s he hoping for – to pick one up?  Poor sod. Maybe to have one talk to him?…

Wiggia’s Annual Pre-Christmas Wine Buying Guide


I wanted to do a small recommended selection for the Christmas period based on my tastings this year, and I will indeed suggest a few of the better wines I came across, though not all will find favour with the readers for, as always, personal taste trumps people’s preferences, and so it should.

It will be a list of buys I am not doing this time as most would be a repeat of last year and this year has been somewhat different.…


Three glasses of red down the hatch and the stew/soup is on the way. Not this one in the pic – my cubes are much smaller and all were precooked separately different ways, e.g. the tatties fried, mushies, beef, the cabbage, peppers and onion steamed.


Basil, oregano, bay leaf, puree, garlic.  It’s sitting there now, festering, will be split into two parts, tomorrow morning’s should be delish, tonight’s a bit young but washed down by vino.  Writing to you, putting up the quiz, then to tackle the repast.

We do not live half badly in this country, do we? END…

Because it’s nice and life is too short

While the 2017 addition of the sailplan is not critical to the building in many ways, e.g. it won’t stop me working on the pontoons, it becomes critical with the vast increase in sail area from 500 sq ft to 720 sq ft., something which was not possible with a mono configuration and fore and aft sails.

The full pontoons have also altered the game now in that they will accommodate the extra area but against that, they stress the hull up forward. Click and click pic again to embiggen:

mj sailplan and decks blog

The Club

chesterton club

I think it was GK Chesterton who wrote:

But since it is immeasurably unlikely that you will ever rise high enough in the social world to find ‘The Twelve True Fishermen,’ or that you will ever sink low enough among slums and criminals to find Father Brown, I fear you will never hear the story at all unless you hear it from me.