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The physics of a tri

ama buoyancy

This is simply going to fascinate you, yeah.

The physics, therefore the engineering, of a trimaran is so different to a monohull.

It is not right to think that a trimaran is just a monohull with training wheels – the whole needs to be designed in sync, as there are dynamic values, not least which is ft lbs on the amas [floats]. And these are completely different for a tri coming off a wave onto an ama’s bow to the mono absorbing all that in the forequarters near the bow.

That main hull factor still exists, given a certain angle to the waves but it is expressed as a percentage of the total load at any one time.  In other words, the force on the boat, in foot lbs, is distributed and that can only be good.

It’s far more dynamic and difficult to calculate than for a mono or cat,  hence amateurs don’t often design and build oceangoing tris.…

A club culture is built, not just bought

afc wimbledon result

In the corporate world, is it called Goodwill?  In the football world, it’s called Destination Club.

Liverpool still has its name, at least Klopp thinks so but perhaps not Ancelotti.  It’s a fine line when a club slips from “desired destination” to “think about it next year” to the end position – “wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole”.

Downunder, it was a bit surprising, as the trade period starts on Friday, to see a few players jockeying for position and nominating Geelong as their preferred destination.  Especially as we need a big man [ruck] and a midfielder and lo and behold, here are two major players nominating our club.

klopp flirt


The Cats could have their hands full brokering a trade for Smith given they will likely be trying to finalise deals for Adelaide free agent Patrick Dangerfield and Carlton swingman Lachie Henderson.

West Coast vice-captain Scott Selwood is also expected to seek to join elder brother Joel at Simonds Stadium via free agency.

Europa 60 failure – first look

As you can imagine, I want to know, must know:

Not sure if this is it:


That is highly unstable – if it’s 60 feet long, how high would you say it is?  Twenty feet?  The ocean is not for craft like this, it’s for sailing boats and the rule of thumb for sailing boats is 1 foot freeboard for every 10 feet of length. Mine is 3’8″ in 42 feet [was 38 feet long earlier so I’ve erred in the right direction, so they say].

Far more of a worry is that this is a Bénéteau input boat – Bénéteau are a major design name. I can only think that they had very little say or maybe were consulted at the end because the shape of this boat in the pic is poor indeed.

This is a proper Bénéteau 60:

17/09/2014, Cannes (FRA,13), Chantier Beneteau, Oceanis 60

17/09/2014, Cannes (FRA,13), Chantier Beneteau, Oceanis 60

See the difference?…

Skulduggery leading to the big day

While eyes are on the Rugby, there’s also the little matter of a Grand Final between West Coast [from Western Australia] and Hawthorn [the current two time champion from Victoria, going for a thing they call the three-peat].

Of probably more interest to readers outside of Australia are some of the shenanigans going on, which many feel cross the line of decency.

There was a player for WC who then went to Hawthorn and a couple of days back, he came out to speak about the rife drugs culture in the west during their last premiership year.

Some commenters:…

No such word as “over-scrutiny” in this situation

Coming back to the boat, as I’ve been doing at this time of day of late, I think there is this image in my mind’s eye of actually being out there finally.

Were it just my life, then I’d say oops, that’s not so good as I went down but if there were others onboard … well, there’s a certain responsibility, you see. So if I over-indulge my concerns, please forgive this.

I spent some of last evening looking at trimaran disaster youtubes – LOL, yes I did.  What became apparent was that all of the trimaran disasters of the past ten years were on the plastic fantastics which race. These have three almost equal hulls and are virtually catamarans thereby.

What I wanted was the cruising type tris and their disasters.


Dilemmas, decisions

Boat’s really taking it out of me these few days.  On the grounds that one or two might be interested, here’s the dilemma – the pontoons.

I originally had them designed to slot into gaps either side of the hull, to act as buoyancy in the corners when a canal boat, planning to run the craft as a trimaran on the sea.

For many reasons, I next had them incorporated as part of a monohull and it would work – the numbers say that with around 500 sq ft of sail, partly square, such a boat would hit a max of 12 knots with the wind and around 6 knots against.

The thing I should not have been swayed by was the very real prejudice in British boating circles against a non-mono.  That is, if I wanted to join a club and do their courses, it was wise to have a mono.  The canal trust assumes one is a mono.…

By their fruits [and vegies] ye shall know them

Was it Lord Beaverbrook who said:

Now who is responsible for this work of development on which so much depends?  To whom must the praise be given?  To the [ones] in the back [gardens].  They do not sit in the limelight but [it is they] who do the work, trowel in hand.

Oh bless this bounteous harvest from the fens,brought in by Mrs. Chuckles [with varying degrees of assistance from Chuckles]:

bounteous harvest 1