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A nautical conundrum

Imagine, if you can, without diagrams, being in the forward guest cabin of my boat, looking towards the stern.

You come into the 9 foot long salon, with the galley on the right and chairs on the left, plus various storage places.

Then you step into a 2.5 foot space for shower and loo.

Then you step into my cabin of 6.4 feet, in which is my electronic gear, clothes etc.

Then there is a back wall with a 4 foot by 2 foot vertical emergency hatch built in [usually left closed]. Access to the cockpit involves going up a ladder to the deck and walking along, dropping down again through a third hatch aft.


Now the boat’s longer, that cockpit [8 inches above the water] extends to the stern and it self-drains. It’s now an 11 foot long by 6 foot living space.

I also moved the galley out of the salon and the loo out of the 2 foot 6 inch wet area and put them on the extended cockpit floor near the stern.…

Pasta bolognese higham

Just finished this evening’s bolognese higham and I have to say straight off – that is always an open invitation to you to tell us your culinary doings too – pics would also be nice:

my bolognese

The sauce is not the full length one, as I have three pans – one pizza dish and two ordinary saucepans.  However, it was possible to do the frying part on the pizza dish and the cooking part in the two pans, then combine later.…

If they’d voluntarily shut-up about it …

Adam Goodes was a great Sydney AFL player, one of the champs of the game in his prime.

But just as the AFL, govt, society, jumped on this Aboriginal bandwagon and everyone with a trace of black blood came out and called themselves Elizabeth Warren, just as they had a National Sorry Day [groan] and all the rest of the claptrap, so the aborigines themselves jumped on the bandwagon too.

Adam Goodes, sadly for the game, was a key miscreant in this. And he wouldn’t shut up about his aboriginal blood. If we don’t go on about our blue blood, then why should he go on about his black?…



We have just had the three day jamboree at the Norfolk and Norwich showground just a mile away from my abode, it was titled The Motorhome Show organised by the Camping and Caravan Club “the friendly club” although there was not a lot of bon amie in the car park of Sainsbury’s just the other side of the A47 this morning as all the motorhomes gathered to take on replenishment before going wherever motorhomes go

The larger of these leviathans took up to six parking bays and when parked sideways on as they can’t go in to a bay end on, they take up another two for manoeuvring.…


Can you imagine anything more soul-sapping, more dispiriting, more asphyxiating than going through the whole airport business, cattle class flight, screaming babies and selfish adults, the delays, the rip-offs, then to be regurgitated onto Benidorm beach like sardines or rather lobsters, scorched soles and syringes in the sand?

Please explain what pleasure there is in that? Seriously, is there anything worse than this below?


Wine scams

Red_Wine_GlassI put this in as it is from the most powerful critic in wine, the man who could make or break a Chateau’s bank balance.

As time has passed, many have questioned his preference for fruit laden wines at the expense of other nuances, maybe his influence created the right climate but it went too far or many think so, the experts will argue their ground and the various opinions make interesting reading.…

The reason’s not hard to find

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Just reading a guy who was 19 years at a club as player and assistant coach, so the man knows what’s what, then went to Adelaide as senior coach, then was sacked as too hard a taskmaster.

Yet it was that which got his former club three flags. It takes hardness and skills practice to win those. So he wrote about why the woeful kicking today and whilst the quote from his article below addresses the skills vacuum, he also makes some comments about dads near the end and oh boy, that brings in a whole new field relevant to non-sports people:…