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Das Boot [2]


crab claw and jib reduced

The sail arrangement has changed … yet again, LOL. This is a luxury I’ve reserved as one of the last jobs, so I needn’t decide until the yards need making.

When I say it’s changed, the five mast steps are still there, the masts are ordered, the 8′ 9″ gap between is still there, the only thing I can play with is the type of sail which fills that rectangle. For now, I’ve chosen the one in the pic at the top.

Essentially, it is a series of jibs between two masts and similar for’ard of the foremast, leading to the bowsprit.  That’s heavier weather taken care of. For lighter winds, that flying sail in the above pic, which I’m running as four crab claws, repeats between the 1st and 5th masts.

Aft of the 5th mast is, and always has been – two square [but fore-and-aft] sails one above the other, same area as the others, extended and supported by diagonal sprits.…

Das Boot [1]

Ordered the wood for my masts and ‘bottom wood’ yesterday for Friday delivery.

typical woodyard


They’re hardwood, 3.5 inches thick for masts 2 to 4 but 4 inch for 1 and 5, made by scarfing two 11 foot pieces each, to make 17′ 9″. Any thicker section would have been good for strength but not for weight. 3.0 inches would be a fraction too light.

Solid hardwood masts are good, 1 and 5 carrying 177 sq ft each and the others carrying 118 sq ft each.

They’re square section wood but he is going to angle rip the corners off, to make them octagonal. Thought about further reducing them to round but then thought nah – leave them octagonal. I’ll just plane and sand the edges a tad. The boat is very ’rounded square’ anyway, they’ll go well.

Where the scarf is, it will be glass taped around and spreaders placed at 7’6″ up from mast step, as well as a second set high on the mast.…

The second five

So many took an interest in the ‘five most elegant’ aircraft, that I thought we need to take the top ten.

Here’s my next five.

The Bone

Even the most jaundiced eye can see that this is a Lady. A very fast lady at that, but with superb manners. The Lancer B1b.

Built as a supersonic bomber for delivering a nuclear boom, fast, it has never been deployed in that role. But it has been successfully adapted to a fast, low-level conventional role.

Originally it was intended to replace the very ungainly and definitely ugly sister the B52, but you know how things go with military aircraft. The situation changes; strategic imperatives change; the darn things crash; a new interfering directive comes down from on high. And so adaptations to role occur. But the sheer beauty remains.

[Read on, says JH]

The loo seats have landed

loo seats arrive

This is what you’ll be sitting on as a guest onboard SV Higham. Nowt but the best for my guests. Appropriate post around lunchtime, thinkest thou not?

loo seat

Aircraft quiz

W-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, had to, did we not? All planes from commenters’ suggestions. Identify:

1. Medium-range interdictor and tactical attack , Australian scandal over its shortcomings, several of its intended roles, such as an aircraft carrier-based naval interceptor, failed to materialize.

2. Since 1985, nearly continuously deployed in combat operations over Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001, wingspan 137 feet.

3. Long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance, largely down to Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, world record for the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft.

4. 1930s British short-haul biplane airliner for 6–8 passengers, Gipsy Six engines, then Gipsy Queen.

5. Between 1937 and 1947, high-wing strut-braced monoplane with a large area rectangular wing. It is powered by an air-cooled piston engine driving a fixed pitch propeller.…

Team GB beat China to finish second in medal table

If it was legit, then fine but in the back of my mind hovers the name Seb Coe, not that he was in this. Also, it’s hard to see why it would be allowed to happen without huge sums under the table but surely those sums would be to prevent GB winning, not encourage us.

Only thing I can think of is that China needed to be stopped by the controlling body. Why is obviously beyond me, not being privy to discussions.

There is usually the bounce after a home Olympics which goes for one more Olympics but not to exceed the home tally. Maybe it’s just a conjunction of circumstances whereby so many champs have emerged at the same time.

Interesting. And good.…