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Watch those vicious cake racks – they’re killers!

cake-rackSome of you might have noticed a tardy start to the day – it’s not only winter laziness.

This one’s going to take some setting up – simple issue but hard to put into words.  I’ve a gas hob in the kitchen and as you know, there’s a grille in two halves, or grid, with metal bits sticking out to support the saucepan etc.  One takes it off and cleans it from time to time.

In the oven are the usual grille racks but the thin bars are too broadly spaced for my small, oblong, ceramic bowl with the egg, cheese and ham mix, which then rises something wonderful in the oven.  So I usually put a wire cake rack on the oven grille bars and the ceramic bowl on top of that.…

Wish the Beeb would cover other divisions

Pity really that the Bournemouth game won’t be shown, though it’s on 5Live.  I’d like to see the top clubs in other divisions given coverage, as they’re obviously playing well.

Delighted that AFC Wimbledon get live coverage on January 3rd and would like to get to a tele that evening.  Don’t think they’re actually high enough but not complaining.

Liverpool better than Champions League, not good enough for top tier PL yet.  Sterling great, sad about Newcastle keeper.  Jones useless, BM goal, Liverpool need a keeper and striker.  Man U need a midfield.…

The continuing saga of less wheels than four

My comment about £1000 for an electric assisted bike [see Amfortas‘s explanation in comments on that post] seems to have shocked the sensitivities of Rossa who has been trying to save me from myself.

Her opening suggestion was perhaps a little OTT- the Fisker Karma electric supercar – but at least she did mention winning the lottery.

She had a think about it and then - well if he’s going to pootle around on two wheels, at least do it with some panache:


All to play for


Take Luis Suarez out of any team, and they will struggle. But a win tonight and Liverpool will be in the top 16 sides in Europe, and back in business after Christmas.

Liverpool must win to go through.

To achieve this, the aggressive formation Rodgers has adopted is 4  at the back who haven’t worked this way before and are defensively poor and he’s boosted his bench with zero strikers, banishing Borini.

Genius or a man who’s lost the plot?

Looks now like the latter.   Suarez was always going, Sturridge was bad luck, Sterling is down in fitness and confidence, Henderson looked good late, Gerrard was what he always is.

Rodgers bought badly and doesn’t seem to know how to plus the gap.  He had a striker he didn’t even put on the bench.  Strange formation this evening.  No spirit.  Sure the players are bewildered.

Oh well – Europa.…

AFC Wimbledon come of age

afc wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon drawn against Liverpool

Nightmare – who would have thought it would happen – the plucky little team who are the remnants of the Crazy Gang I supported before corporate greed robbed me of a club versus the team I support in the Premier League at this moment.

If Liverpool go down one nil, ‘twon’t look so good. And Maggie was for Wimbledon! Just hope it’s not a rout because it’s a good news story for football. They beat Milton Keynes in October. They’ve just beaten the top team in League 2.…


Thought this a good post at the Speccie – it would be nice to see more of this sort of thing.

It was a delicious dram, fruity and sweet with stacks of colour and plenty of leather, chocolate, raisins, spice and — I don’t know — candied orange peel maybe. One thing it wasn’t, though, was peaty. As we all know, Islay malts are peaty. You know, like Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg.

Except they’re not. Yes, the varied releases from Lagavulin and co. do indeed tend to be full of smoky notes, saltiness and iodine, but — despite the island being a magnet for so-called peat freaks — that doesn’t mean the rest are peaty too.

Single-maltLast evening I had a few drams of a bog-standard Glenfiddich 12 year.

Maybe it’s because it’s some time since I had a whisky, generally drinking wine and ale but it was indescribable on the nose and then the palate.…

Fiat S76

You really have to admire these people, these enthusiasts:

fiat 28.5L

There were just two Fiat S76 record-breakers built in 1910 and 1911, and this one that has just been rebuilt and restored, appears to be a mix of those two cars. The record the car was designed to break was the land speed record then held by Blitzen-Benz. Fiat attacked that record with not just the sheer, insane scale of that 28.5L engine, but also with some genuinely advanced tech — four valves per cylinder, multi-spark, overhead cam, and all this added up to somewhere near 300 HP — that’s astounding for 1910.

Probably best reading the rest at the site.


It’s hangikjöt time in Iceland


This blog opened with a post on Iceland years ago and a key person in that was Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir whose current article this post is on now.

It’s been, admittedly, a bit tongue in cheek at this end – they’d write on such topics as ‘this year is warmer than last year’ or ‘more fish this year than last’ and it wasn’t laughing at it in the least, it was enjoying the simplicity, the open-air healthiness of it all which got me. The literal way of reporting in all seriousness.…

Ancient craft – so simple, so well thought out

viking ship

My hull shape is rectangular, near enough [side elevation].  The section is narrow V, flaring out at water level.  It gets its stability from the two side pontoons, making it not unlike a trimaran.

Those pontoons also contain the ballast and are the displacement for sideways stability [like glorified leeboards/keels].  They’re critical, which is why I’ve spent so much time on them.…