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Is this battery Goodenough?

Most are sceptical:

Still, batteries remain wanting. Inferior battery technology is perhaps the biggest impediment to mainstream electric-car manufacturing. Batteries cost too much, take too long to charge, and don’t transport drivers far enough.

Hence the excitement over the new paper by Goodenough and his team published in Energy and Environmental Science. A Feb. 28 release from the University of Texas reported they had figured out how to incorporate an electrode—an anode—made of pure lithium or sodium metal, which because of their potential energy has been a top goal for decades.

A key is the use of glass as the electrolyte, the substance that connects a battery’s two electrodes and facilitates the shuttling of ions to create electricity.

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Which brings us to the saga of National Part Number 716102, Seal, Rear Crank. Let’s call it “Cranky” for short, and because all the sentences after this will be more amusing with “Cranky” in the place of “National Seal #716102.” Is that alright with you?

Cranky burst on the automotive scene with a flourish forty-three years ago, firmly inserted in the 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine of the brand-new VW Golf/Rabbit. Everywhere that engine went, the seal was sure to go, which is why you can find Cranky in the Plymouth TC3 and the Dodge Omni 024.

But it also fits in the unrelated 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine of the Renault Alliance, presumably because the Renault engineers did not see any value in coming up with a new design.… More here ...

Preparing for spring

Appropriate that these are tulips, what with the Dutch election and spring and all that:

Current advice:

How to Prepare for Spring, 1528

“Of prymtyme, and what it is. The prymtyme is hote & moyst temperatly as the ayre. This season the blode moeueth and spredeth to all the membres of the body, and the body is parfyte in temperate complexyon. In this season chekyns, kyddes, and poched egges ought to be eaten, with letuses & gotes mylke in these thre monethes. Prymetyme begynneth whan the sonne entreth the sygne of Aryes and lasteth .xcii. dayes, an houre and a halfe fro the .x. day of Marche to the .x. day of June. In this season is the best letyng of blode of ony tyme. And than is good to trauayle and to be laxatyfe. And to be bathed. And to eate suche thynges as wyll purge the bely.” — Secretum secretorum, tr.

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