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Accidental masterpiece

All the disclaimers first: the tatties were underdone slightly because I realized I’d not be able to eat them and would save them for this p.m., the burger was preceded by a greens and grains soup, with croutons.

Now for the outrageous claim – that had to have been the best burger I have ever, ever tasted, accidentally good.  Lack of greens will be made up for by the cheese cauliflower this evening or even tomorrow.

burger blog

Modern trends


Arriving back in the UK after my recent short trip I was told a stop at a supermarket en route home was necessary as there were few provisions in house and being a bank holiday week end, “stuff” was needed.

We stopped at the Colchester branch of Sainsbury’s, an enormous and packed cathedral to the god of retail shopping, I did not venture inside this time, but with 33 check outs, No1 soon returned with the vital vitals and a newspaper, a Saturday edition of the Times, all they had left she said.

I have not read a Saturday version of a newspaper for some time, I found them all morphing into one huge travel catalogue for places like Vietnam and what to do when you get there, or necessary outdoor wear for your fortnight in a Cumbrian Yurt commune, so it was no real suprise to me that when I finally got round to reading (scanning) the included Times magazine – Food issue that nothing had changed.…

The reason penguins make me choke on my gin

We were discussing penguins earlier, as one does in late May, and the story of why I can’t even smell gin these days without finding a sink – it came up [the story that is].

Gin and penguins – a near-fatal combination.

Regulars know that I’ve tended to spend the middle parts of decades in Australia and the ends and starts of decades in England.  When I was seventeen, this was one of the Australian sojourns.

He was a CofE pastor’s son and his mum was a pillar of the local community. We’d finished some exams and had time off.  What better than to be driven down to Phillip Island in order to see the night parade of Adele and/or Fairy penguins:…

Wiggia on Monday

Vale Geoff Duke

To many of us of a certain age Geoff Duke was the motorcycling equivalent of Stirling Moss, that “who do you think you are Geoff Duke ” was interchangeable with the four wheel version of Moss’s.

An incredibly stylish rider and person his works Norton rides gave him the chance to ride the factory Gilera fours an opportunity he took full advantage off, he was also a gentleman.…

Tour de of Yorkshire


As an old [?] bike rider there is nothing new in the use of the French language when talking about racing.

Certain terms have always been used to describe nearly all aspects of bike racing, and many have become part of almost folklore in their usage: peloton, lantern rouge, criterium and so on. It is the standard when bike racing is taking place or when talking about it.

If you sense a ‘but’ coming you are right. Whilst the French have commandeered the language of the peloton, we are now going down a road of overkill, much of this because of the success of our cyclists on the world stage and the creation of those new followers of fashion who believe you have to talk a form of Franglais to be part of the action and to convey a sense of knowledge of the sport and all its parts.…