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Son of Concorde

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Spike is competing with NASA and Virgin Airlines to develop a commercial supersonic jet capable of breaking the 767 mph sound barrier.

Last month NASA revealed that it had carried out breakthrough tests of its version of the supersonic jet.

Experts working on the £289million ($390million) project tested the latest prototype inside a massive wind tunnel at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Now Spike have gone one step further by carrying out seven short flights to examine the design and flight controls of the jet.

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Some interesting dimensions [for me]

With things slowly proceeding [building is possible in autumn/winter], I’d like to mention some of the rules of thumb I’m going by. At one stage I needed to know about personal spaces, heights etc.

By making the pontoon narrow, I was able to make the main hull wider and more comfortable but the problem was in the building itself – a 4′ high pontoon, 18 inches wide would not allow me to reach inside to glass the joints – I can effectively reach in only 27 inches to work with a tool. So the pontoon [which I’m working on now], though needing to be narrow, also needed to let me inside a wide overhead hatch to get at the floor to glass.

Just how much width did I need? I tested it and the first question was whether this hull was for living in, for spending any sort of time in or just for getting in/out.… More here ...

More on these ‘ere fossil fuels

First the Tallbloke:

A sucker is born every minute, and Warren Buffett just proved it. He agreed to spend an undisclosed sum of his shareholders’ money to buy a controlling stake in Pilot Flying J, the truck-stop chain that sells food, coffee and diesel fuel to truckers.

After all, aren’t truckers about to be replaced by robots, and diesel by battery power? The sucker in this scenario, we add, is anyone who believed such futuristic forecasts in the first place.

Said Mr. Buffett this week on Bloomberg TV: “Who knows when driverless trucks are going to come along and what level of penetration they have?”

All right, your call on that. Try this one:… More here ...