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No mucking about in this weather

Monday morning is domestics day – the [hand] washing must be done, the shopping must be done and yet we have such glorious building weather, I’m itching to get down there.

But I can’t unless fed and by fed, I don’t mean some piddly little sandwich, I mean food-food.

We get so little of this amazing weather that in my mind, it’s actually criminal not to be out in it and making progress. But it can’t be done without food and water. These are my basics, below, plus some sort of meat:… More here ...

Tourist traps to avoid

Johnson said, about the Giant’s Causeway: “Worth seeing, yes, but not worth going to see.”

Perhaps this one, via Chuckles, is worth going to see and having a ride on:

On the other hand, these seem not to be … or at least are no longer worth it:

The two which upset me a bit are Dublin and Iceland. So long since I went to Dublin and have no intention again.

Iceland is somewhere I found special in the 90s – very few tourists, nice, nearly flew to Greenland but didn’t in the end. To see Iceland tourist infested now is jawdroppingly dismaying.

And it would be half OK, were they the old style of tourists who used to go to Switzerland, for example, the type I used to meet in, say, the belltower of a church in Brun.

All gone I suppose.… More here ...

Rudeness as an advertising strategy

One does not wish to be unrelentingly negative but seriously – there is so much rubbish about of late that it’s very difficult finding something to be enthused about.

Take this youtube, sent by Chuckles, on a New York deli:

My first thought was, ‘nice, exotic, different’ … and then I clicked the youtube. didn’t mind the bearded one with his beard hair and encrusted this and that falling in the food, that was OK, but then someone started this cacophony with guitar which was somehow meant to be hip or whatever they call it now four decades later and it just drowned out anything he had to say.

I did try, really I did, I wanted to see what morsels they had, how people felt about the deli etc. but by about one minute, that guitar was impossible. Sigh – I went to comments to see if I was the only one who felt this way about this arrogant sod:

# I went there once, they’re actually rude like it’s no joke, but they do that on purpose.

More here ...