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Das Boot comes together

The original brief was to design a canal boat which would also sail blue water.

Contrary to appearances in some readers’ minds, there really were only two errors but unfortunately, the biggest one was right at the very start a few years back now – I felt at that time that the base would be stronger if I built it in a concertina fashion:

The volumes [the displacement] did work for a 40′ boat which it was always going to be around the length of. It gave me a draft of 24″ for a displacement of 12,000 lbs for a 7′ wide boat. I was allowed 36″.

The issue which became tricky as the wall which would have assisted turning her on her side fell down in a storm – the wall, not the boat.

The second issue, not really an error, was the skin. Using half inch ply, it was to be glassed inside and out and would have been strong enough for canal and coastal but would depend on hull shape, frame spacing and stringers for ocean. … More here ...

Das Boot

Awful, horizontally shortened iPad shot at night under a reading lamp but the vague idea is there:

Those who’ve been following the saga will note that it looks virtually the same as before and that’s because it is – the basic structure designs itself.

What has changed is as a result of the heart attack, plus the truly awful weather, plus one more thing – the frame skin was OK, the frame strong enough but it would still only take one puncture from below.… More here ...

Megs’s one redeeming feature?

If there’s one thing Megs can do to assume Di’s mantle it’s to become a clothes peg. Well done to her for this:

The Meghan effect! Tiny denim firm has back orders for three MONTHS after the star wore its jeans in Cardiff – and its even moving to a bigger factory to cope with demand

Not sure about the moving – might come back on ’em but the principle’s good.  if she’d just stop all her lefty stupidity and concentrate on things which bring in orders which bring in jobs, then maybe people might start to take to her.… More here ...