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This song has been part of me for a very, very long time. Many do not like this 12″ version, they prefer the 7″ and that’s one reason I prefer this version, though both are good. The 7″ version is…


This youube was run at SDA , via Chuckles, and it is long. it is the last post today. Tomorrow’s posts are uncertain here, let’s see what happens. This was made by the usual crew and you can take it or…

Of science and thought

Can a fish really climb a tree, Is truth the daughter of time? The way of progress neither swift nor easy, More than mortal that brain of mine? Ghostly errors of measurement, Even touching the ghost of matter, Do infinite…

Sylvia Plath’s psycho – analyst

Fascinating: Had she been able to escape rabid and rampant feminazism which is currently engrossed with murdering newborn babies and selling body parts, could Sylvia have been saved?

In defence of bad language

Of course I’d not use it in public myself but sometimes, expletive-laden apoplexy is the only way: What brought all this on? Basically an internet lynch mob of Social Justice Warriors hounded an author into not publishing her book.…

Tuba Skinny

You might call Fats last evening, Tuba Skinny now and Dearieme tomorrow evening “jazz overkill”, some of us though would blow a raspberry in the general direction of that criticism. 🙂 Take it away: