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Hi Fi gives a glimpse of 90s life in Russia

One of the main reasons for westerners to look at clips of Gruppa Hi Fi from Russia [further down – main years the 90s and early 2000s] is how much it reveals of just what made yoof tick over there, what they held dear, how they rebelled in the 90s, as we rebelled in the 60s.

And I was living during the tail end of both, also the punk and ska years over here.


Russia is very different. This is a people who had had no freedom, no room to move until the early 90s, who heard western music via the Samizdat – even the Beatles were naughty in Russian eyes – and of course, they had their Communist Party organizations.…

Of fish and other matters

# The comments in the interview below were made in a semi-spurious way to promote Cleese’s film of the time but methinks those points were well made [8:04 onwards]:

# Tastes not only differ but change with time. I’m finding this below, sent by Microdave, which would have grabbed the attention years ago, does not do a lot for me these days:…

Malice aforethought

rubiesYou could call this over-analysing and most readers at this place are not remotely interested. True but as it has implications, as uninteresting as they are through reiteration, then it’s best placed in the middle of a dead [for blogging] Sunday afternoon.

The news is that Angelina Jolie rented the Malibu ‘cottage’ she’s currently holed up in … three weeks ago. And it was organized before that. Which puts the temper tantrum of Brad on the aeroplane in perspective, does it not.

Now, if that is so, then we could just say ‘calculating, manipulative bitch’ and move on. But it does raise the question of percentages. Is this a case of:…

Jolie is the Pitts

Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad Pitt, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The theories floated thus far say that it could be a case of Pitt’s “parenting style” upsetting Jolie, that he’s smoking too much weed, and/or that Jolie has her sights set on pursuing a seat in the British House of Lords, which seems like a satisfyingly Angelina thing to do. As humanity processes the news, Twitter is going nuts, and staid publications are publishing roundups of the social-media furor.

From a psychology standpoint, all the sadness and schadenfreude are indicative of the “parasocial relationships” that people have with celebrities. The researchers Donald Horton and Richard Wohl coined the term in a 1956 paper, arguing that the advent of mass media created a one-sided “intimacy at a distance.”

Not me, I feel almost nothing but contempt for her, tempered only by the demands of my religion that I must love my neighbour as myself.…

Charmian Carr and the cast of bastards


The forever lovely Charmian Carr [third from the right] had become, by 2016, older like the rest of us and despite the state of the mind at the end, still scrubbed up well. Tributes will now quite rightly pour in but methinks they need to be seen in the context of Jack Marx’s article from 2007:

These ain’t a few of my favourite things

While it’s true that there may be more important issues to be addressing today, it is also true that few days are any different, so if not today, I fear I may never be able to discuss that which troubles me greatly about what went on in The Sound of Music, a film that, 42 years ago this month [in 2007], was enjoying its world premier season in cinemas across America.