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The Lord’s Prayer in Florida

Having just scheduled two posts at 09:00 and at 12:00 tomorrow on Queen Bess and religious intolerance respectively, more of the same old in other words, I dropped into Twitter to see what was happening and there was Melania saying the Lord’s Prayer.

melania and Lord's prayer

And not just the Lord’s Prayer but the old version, with all the words in it in the old manner.  I know the Donald likes to co-opt the best talent but to co-opt the Man hisself?

What the …? At a political rally? At the same time, think who that pulls in across the country – the whole bible belt for a start, then the waverers within the GOP but also Democrats of the old type. Whoever dreamed that one up – it was a masterstroke.

It was a major signal that the Donald or whoever is part of the machine is radically hauling the entire country back to the 50s in a good sense, without the sexism of those times.… More here ...

Which female Doctor would be acceptable?

Wiggia’s point that it all went downhill after Tom Baker can’t be ignored, plus a large body of opinion out there says that the Doctor, as with James Bond, must be male because it’s a male role.


This post last evening tore into this egregious bookie’s favourite.

You may well be sick to death of it all in that light but let me finish off with the obvious question of just which female would be acceptable in the role? I mean – if for some legal reason … well, all right, I can see no valid reason to have a female in the role, not least for the Hillary factor – would Bill then become first lady? House husband?… More here ...

Doctor Who – tell me it isn’t so!

dr who lost the plot

I looked it/he/she up:

For once, I’m so shocked, I can’t find the words to express just how bad this is, just how that show has been hijacked – a kids’ show by the way, and wrecked beyond all recognition. here ...

Film buff corner

Another one to avoid: Terms of Endearment

Winfrey is lining up to play the smothering mother Aurora Greenway, a role that won Shirley MacLaine an Oscar for Best Actress in the original comedy-drama.Oscar, eh? Here’s a review of the 1983 version:

Someone finally got smart and made the inverse of the father-son reconciliation melodramas: a mother-daughter revenge film (1983). Widowed Houston housewife Shirley MacLaine dominates her implausibly well adjusted, extroverted daughter, Debra Winger; the revenge—unstated and indirect, as popular filmmaking warrants—consists of the daughter presiding over the mother’s sexual initiation (via over-the-hill astronaut Jack Nicholson) and a tear-jerking ending that would make Freud cringe.

This does not bode well.… More here ...

Film buff corner

The N.O. team has been working overtime watching films or avoiding them and we have a bumper edition of reports today. However, let’s start with a report from my mate in this area.

film noir femme

We were discussing the Sad Puppies and their never ending cyberwar against the Evil Forces of the SJW Left. A TV series and a film were mentioned:

The Flash

As far as I can gather, he’s meant to be the fastest man around, except that he can be beaten by someone else. In short, the story arc is in full blooperitis, people are doing things they just wouldn’t do and it’s all rather annoying.… More here ...

Capaldi gone – female Doctor?

The writing and production

These have to be revamped immediately, getting in proper writers and a proper producer and director. A bit of a tall order for the BBC, which can’t get anything right these days.  They did have it right in the early days – some good episodes in the reboot … early on.

Drop the gay storylines which, frankly, are offensive [they can get a room if they want to do those things, male or female], the wrecking of the time arcs in the past two years needs reversing in an ‘it war all a dream like’ way and it needs a proper companion, not this current experiment.

And wipe it clean of leftist politics.

Plus there have to be clear time rules which are never deviated from, ones we’re all agreed on.

Now for new Doc candidates. Ben Wishaw eh? … More here ...