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Casting for Anne Boleyn

bujold-as-anneHaving taught Anne Boleyn as a major topic in Russia, the more I read, the more confused I was about her.

What struck me was how difficult it was to cast for her in a play or film, as Anne was accomplished, fashionable, elegant, a tease, sharp, most certainly no girl, which puts Natalie Dormer out.

Naturally this could never be said at the time but if I were to put together a grouping of certain women who fall into the Anne Boleyn category, then apart from her, I’d most certainly put my WN2, with those dark features, those eyes, the poise and the ability to entice and dismiss at virtually the same time.

Anne had to have been all woman, so to speak, utterly confident in her charm and her ability to concede just enough. Unfortunately, she also had a sharp tongue and nothing snaps that spell like a woman’s sharp tongue.… More here ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt

jennifer-love-hewittThere are types around, empty tin cans, who send us round the bend – Tim Fallon, Major, Blair, Remainers, university academics, SJWs, pussified males – it goes on.

Or those who make no pretence of knowing anything:

“Kids don’t make you happy.” A mother of two says kids are overrated.

And then there is someone so universally rejected by half the people, e.g. Castro, Clinton or Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes I realize the last one’s not in the same league. However, it’s still a select club.

Let me explain – there have been a few posts at this blog on why Andie MacDowell is so detested or maybe just mocked by so many men and yet not so much with women.… More here ...

The non-sexist Cinderella

Children rewrite ‘sexist’ Cinderella


Mind boggles, deep anger wells up at the loony teachers – parents would be well advised to pull their children out of such classes and the law needs to charge this Jeanette Winterson with hate crimes.

Meanwhile, thought I’d have a go at rewriting Cinderella, extracting the ‘sexism’:

Now it happened that the king proclaimed a festival that was to last three days. All the beautiful young girls in the land were invited, so that his son could select a bride for himself. When the two stepsisters heard that they too had been invited, they were in high spirits.More here ...

You can never go back

… if there’s nowhere to go back to, Arthur Dent.


A taste for home

In the light of the current immigration question, where Carswell, Evans and others become of the 48%, more likely the 24% on various polls, there is a question – what of the jihadi who comes over, has children who become jihadis, they live their own parallel life, those children go onto the streets, murder and rape?  Yet technically, they’re citizens of the host country.

Against that, what of the Sicilian below? The song is Sicilian Born, by Graeme Connors, no version available on youtube.

He was Sicilian born, a fisherman’s son,
Came over in ’23,
Worked like a dog for a couple of years,
Then sent for his family.

More here ...

The arts

It’s said that even the street sweeper could quote you Pushkin in Russia and it seemed to hold true until the early 2000s at least. The amount of ‘culture’ banged into student skulls was sometimes mindboggling.


And it didn’t stop there – there were all sorts of compulsory subjects including one which was essentially survival skills. Naturally, most students took private music lessons and could at least play something. As many of you know, the greatest insult you could direct a Russian’s way was to call him byezkulturni or uncultured.

Unfortunately, a counter culture of the prison also took hold in the years before and after I arrived and to yoof, it was the equivalent of chavishness, with an edge. However, they were still getting the ‘culture’ crowbarred in.… More here ...