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Parodies of greatness, e.g. the new Dad’s Army


The main issue with most recent attempts at retrieving old ideas, old shows, old eras is not so much the fault of the producers and scriptwriters  – they do what they can, which means taking what are perceived to be the best bits of the old show and stringing them end to end, producing a string of mini-highlights, jumping from one to the other, attempting to “include” all the key elements.…

We need a different word for “worst” films ever

This was written before Chuckles sent a set of reviews for current Oscary type films, this post to be at 16:00 tomorrow.

Speaking personally, those reviews were straight to the jugular and I for one appreciate that. It does help to decide what to watch. Whilst there are any number of professional reviewers out there, we at N.O. prefer those that get straight to the point [as distinct from my usual posts], in forthright language, listing the good and roundly castigating the bad in no uncertain terms – that’s the aim anyway.

Now the big sell – I don’t watch enough films but many of you do.  If you’ve watched something and feel you can do an “in-yer-face” half page on it, it would be much appreciated, I’d say, by our readership here.  Email it to me and I’ll find a pic for it, unless you have some. It would be nice to do these of a Saturday or Sunday.…

Rickmanoff for Cumberbitches [the Cumber Collective]

Rossa sent this:

Only Benedict could pull off an impersonation of Lord Rickman of Alan!

My reply:

Never got into him – seems too much a ladies metro – strictly for the cumberbitches – but his rickmanoff was very good.  Think it’s sheer jealousy on my part – the girls just won’t shut up about him – OK, he has two eyes, two ears, two arms.  So what? END…

Florence la Badie [2]


From Mata Hari to Amy Johnson to Amelia Earhart, it’s a common enough motif:

Was Florence nothing but a dainty Victorian doll?  Hardly!  Time and again, the languid beauty who turned heads at film exhibitors’ balls was described as a daredevil, a young woman of the new century who sought out thrills on land, sea, and air — and on the dance floor!

It explains a lot. Tuppence Beresford and Lady Eileen [Bundle] Brent, the It girl. They are female go-getters and achievers, having to be in the action, whatever the action is. They’re utterly convinced they can cope with anything.…

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was different to Tuesday Weld and not just for obvious, physical reasons.

mansfield loren

Weld was a revered and feared satanist luminary in that world – some write it as druid priestess – and her pedigree reads like a Who’s Who in intergenerational evil.  She was of the old money, though to look at this slip of a girl, she just seemed an abused child, which of course she had been.…

Dyatlov Pass

Body found at Dyatlov Pass where 9 hikers mysteriously died in 1959


An unidentified body has been discovered by tourist-hikers at the infamous Dyatlov pass in Sverdlovskaya region, according to local security officials. A group of nine tourists reportedly from Perm contacted emergency services overnight on Friday.

The sadness of the Ziegfeld girls

Another from the series and a look at a key gateway to future stardom. Readers know that my concern is for women not having a chance to succeed on their own merits – this is the true feminism IMHO, not the monstrosity peddled by those harpies out there.

And one of the blocked pathways was in film and music, not just for women either.  Who introduced this idea in the first place that the only way to get a role in a film was the casting couch?  Who introduced this idea that between engagements, a woman has to prostitute herself out?

Plus the men.  It’s the system I am down on, not these poor souls themselves.  It’s one thing a wilful girl who is no innocent deliberately walking into Hollywood, eyes open. It’s another not really knowing what they will make you give.

And why.  There’s far more to it than just randy male producers – there’s a system of destruction.…

Hollywood Babylon

aHollywoodBabylonThere are some decisions to make about the 88 pages of source material.

By page ten, I was sick to death of Cary Grant had this man, Sammy Davis had that one. And most of the people mentioned I’ve never even heard of.

There’s a parallel source listing all the Ziegfeld Follies girls and how many of those came to sticky ends, a Who’s Who of Hollywood.

An enormous amount of material on the indiscretions of lowlifes, lost people and monsters – which to include, which not to?

Seems the way to go here is – if they were genuine victims or else malefactors masquerading as good people, their stories need telling. Plus some other snippets here and there. So, let’s wade in and pick out the sadder or more interesting ones:…

High production value narrative propaganda

Good lad, Bruce and it’s just time preventing getting over there more often. Via Chuckles, this review of Sherlock, the Christmas Special:

I watched, live, the BBC ‘Christmas Special (broadcast January 1 2016) of their highly successful Sherlock series starring the acting ‘dream team’ of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and produced by the scriptwriting dream team from Doctor Who – of Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

On the one hand it was (mostly) state-of-the-art entertaining, clever, witty hokum – with high production values; on the other hand it was 98% soft-sell propaganda; and 2% a full dress sermon, with an explicit moral message – all combined to promote an asonishingly evil morality based on distorted pseudo-facts.