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Why Jeremy Clarkson is walking straight into an ambush

UPDATE: Delingpole

No doubt the Clarkson thing has long become tedious but then again:

1. New tidbits come out every so often;
2. The Beeb itself and how it operates now appears to be on the line.

This has implications now for the Beeb and PC land, it’s going to blow open. In a three-way discussion with Chuckles and haiku, the former wrote:

The moots will come down to why the BBC acted before any investigation, and why they cancelled the shows immediately, and why the punished viewers by cancelling the broadcast of already recorded programmes. i.e. pure ‘erasing from history’ in good communist fashion.

In fact, what we have here is the Beeb set-up, system of operation and luvvie law on the line and licence payers are therefore involved.…

Clarkson – bansturbators at it again


He should do the decent thing and resign.

So writes Guardianista PCist Deborah Orr [pictured]. Why? What has he done wrong? Reports are saying it was because the crew had been on location all day, apparently without tea, coffee, water, they’d come off and were usually then fed.

But the producer had failed to provide. On every other occasion, it seems, it was provided. This looks very much like a stitch-up to me. Just what did that producer actually say to provoke such an extreme reaction?

Perhaps suspension for the swing is right for some weeks but the producer should also be suspended, pending investigation into what he’d actually done. Does seem a stitch-up to me. And if that producer had failed to do his job and have the eats there for the team – why?…

Nero Wolfe as Medicine

One of the things keeping the spirits up has been Nero Wolfe [haiku and Chuckles might guffaw at this, after the initial post]

Looking back over the 27 episodes, the score hits you first, never the same intro, never the same music but given that most of it was composed or adapted by Michael Small it establishes the speak-easy tone without tying it to a decade. It’s vaguely 40s/50s.

Nero Wolfe

Never let it be said that James Higham does not admit when he is, on those rarest of occasions, wrong [quiet at the back there, cease that sniggering].

Chuckles wrote: “Moving on from Perry Mason …” and I replied: “One does not move on from Perry Mason.”

That may, at one time, have held water but it certainly does not now.

Authentic productions


Authenticity.  To me, it’s everything and so it seems to many of you too.

For example, the main reason the British version of Maigret – I mean the one with Michael Gambon, let’s leave the early version aside for now – was not so popular was that it was essentially a British police tele-drama, it did it really well, it was the best of British.

But that was the issue – it was British, not French, apart from the excellent opening credits. Similarly, van der Valk was excellent but the Dutchman was Barry Foster. To a native audience, a native production of an overseas book or series is fine but in this country, there are also people more discerning than that.…

Perry Mason

perry and della

This is from Wiki, as I wish to get to the next episode, LOL:

Perry Mason is a fictional character, a criminal defense lawyer who was the main character in works of detective fiction written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Perry Mason was featured in more than 80 novels and short stories, most of which had a plot involving his client’s murder trial.

Perry Mason from 1957 to 1966 starred Raymond Burr; 26 made-for-TV movies starring Burr filmed from 1985 to Burr’s death in 1993.

It war Bobby!

bobby didditSo anyway, Ian Beale got photos of Cheryl Fernando Verjazzle’s bum on his bedroom wall, it war Jane that Emma phoned, and met. That’s why Emma said ‘it’s still murder’ after Jane explained Bobby did it but At least there was a bit of comedy with that child birth.

So Emma (the detective) phoned Bobby and said “I know you killed Lucy !” !!!  BUT he blew his nose and the drastically thin Lucy fell over and hit her head. When Denise was looking over the toilet dos anyone else notice how massive her fingers and nails looked… That was scary!!!!!

Bobby’s face and behaviour after killing his own sister was like he’d just pinched her monopoly money, and not just caved her head in. And I love the way he managed to phone Jane, whilst still holding the murder weapon.  Am just waiting to see how Jane managed to move the body……maybe it was Ian.…

Demise of the Telegraph

Every blogger’s nightmare – schedule a post for next morning, ripping-off Guido mid-afternoon or rather his commenters, then in come Breitbart with their own post late afternoon. Grrrrr. However, we shall press ahead:

Peter Oborne:

It is not only the Telegraph that is at fault here. The past few years have seen the rise of shadowy executives who determine what truths can and what truths can’t be conveyed across the mainstream media. The criminality of News International newspapers during the phone hacking years was a particularly grotesque example of this wholly malign phenomenon.

It’s always been. Even in Watergate days, Katherine Graham’s Washington Post skirted around the truth.

PeterGriffiths =>Kevin T…

In Search of the Lost Typeface

You’ll recall the recent post on Copperplate and this follows on from that.

Many in my experience do not appreciate just how critical the choice of font/typeface can be and on a blog, it can set in stone the openness of the blogger, his concern for tradition, his abandonment of tradition for modernity [sans-serifs].

This abandoned typeface in the article [The Doves Press], sent by haiku, is or was a nice compromise between the stylelessness of sans-serif and the curvaciousness and flourish of serif.

lost typeface