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Of mangles and battledores

David Warren is at it again: Some ladies of my perilous acquaintance have formed a gymnastic “club.” That is to say they exercise together, upon the machines of a local commercial gym. “A Gymkhana?” I asked, with my usual obtusion,…

The axle

The post below maintained that it was not enough to have a beginning, middle and end to a story and a range of characters, nor even a theme, one needs an axle around which everything hinges: Chuckles adds: I’m…

La Bayadere [Баядерка]

The transliteration of the Russian there is ‘Bayad’erka’. The apostrophe indicates that the following vowel is to be imparted with a slight, almost imperceptible ‘y’, as in ‘yet’, followed by a rolling ‘r’.

The Matrix

This arrived, via Chuckles: Royal Albert Hall used for this? Uh huh. Then: There have been a number of new developments since this initial story was first published, including the revelation that Threatin created a fake record label, phony…