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Masque report

Some people have a blog as a vehicle for the occasional rant. I don’t, to me it has to say something valid which will trigger someone else adding to that or excoriating it.

Everyone and his dog tries writing a work of fiction at some stage and to my mind, seriously expects others to read it but fiction is one of the most difficult styles – factual accounts on how to fix a spindled grommet are more readable because we accept the author’s bona fides, as his career was fitting spindled grommets in wotsishafts.

Wiggia writes on wine and cycling, some of you on tech – your bona fides mean we’ll read it.

But in fiction, it’s not unlike humour – there are so many shades and styles and who knows if this is yours?  Not only that, I suggest that writing fiction is a technique which does not come easily.… More here ...

Films to avoid

They keep churning them out:

I don’t watch much of anything if it isn’t on Netflix, but I happened to be scrolling through On Demand and decided to give TV Land’s “Teachers” a go. It’s in its second season, but I just discovered it.

Lately, everything on TV is pushing some super political agenda with the gaying of everything, the transgendering of everyone, and abortions as a sacramental event (I’m looking at you “Scandal”). I’m physically and emotionally exhausted from all the agenda pushing on TV that stomps on half of America’s values.

Most times I feel like screaming at the TV: “I EXIST! And I’m NOT a caricature of a Christian shut-in who’s super judgmental, hates gay people, and has a gun rack in her truck.”

Well I am – super judgmental in fact.  Judge not that ye be not judged?  Go ahead, judge away and I’ll own when I’m in the wrong.  That having been said, entertainment is ruined today with the politics being forcefed in by the left, it’s killed off ‘entertainment’ for me.… More here ...


The word “masochism” having the same first three letters as “masquerade”, methought it a good idea to start the transfer of the long book from Blogger to WordPress:

Just did a word count – 525,000, about 1750 regular pages – but if you divide that by the number of years it covers, it becomes more understandable.

It started with me sitting on a divan at a dacha in the summer of 1996, with gf of the time who features in the first chapters and so it began as an autobiography.  It slowly loses its grip on reality until by the end, set in the future, it is sheer fantasy or whatever the dystopic version of that is.… More here ...