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Linda Hamilton

There are men and woman who hardly age … and then there are those who do.

Sean Connery is one of the latter, Harrison Ford too and then we get to the women. Linda Hamilton is definitely one who has not aged well, Deborah Harry too.

They could perhaps get away with it were it a fabulous film or song but not if it is pap … and most of both today are pap.

It’ll mark Hamilton’s first time playing Connor since her role in the second film in 1991.

“As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return,” Cameron said last year following the revelation that Hamilton would return to the screen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will also star in the film but his specific role has not been officially announced. 

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RIP Godfrey Elfwick

That so many were gulled into believing such self-evidently ludicrous pronouncements points to the degradation of political discourse on the internet which Elfwick sought to deride.

Spiked has a nice piece on him:

In November 2016, the Guardian published a comment piece in which the anonymous writer described how he was radicalised into the ‘alt-right’. It started when he watched a few ostensibly harmless videos by the American liberal Sam Harris.

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Around the headlines

Fancy a McRoyale? Thomas Markle Sr. celebrates his 74th birthday alone in LA by buying himself a McDonald’s Happy Meal just days after revealing he’s lost all contact with daughter Meghan

Remainer Hammond accused of ‘SLOWING DOWN’ economy to undermine EU exit

Of course the bstd is – how the hell is he still in charge? Why is the party not sweeping all of those destroyers aside?


Not just the Muslims of course, many homegrown involved too now. But remove the Muslims from the equation and it would stabilize until the PTBused a new sub-group.


That one’s Muslims of course.

U.S. Election Meddling: Nationwide Voter Fraud, Importation of 15M Foreign-Born Voters

Tell us something new.  Deport them.

Number 10’s secret Brexit back-up plan could rescue the Conservatives yet

No it couldn’t – only walk out now could do that.… More here ...

How to decide whether to read on with a book or not

We were surprised at N.O. that there was an actual halfway readable article at the global left rag The Globe and Mail, out of Toronto, Meg’s town:

Give a book 50 pages. When you get to the bottom of Page 50, ask yourself if you’re really liking the book. If you are, of course, then great, keep on reading. But if you’re not, then put it down and look for another. (Always keep in mind that there’s nothing to stop you from going back to it later, whether that might be in six days or six years. Or 60 years. There is many a book that I couldn’t get into the first time, or even two, that I tried to read it, and then, giving it one more chance, totally fell under its spell. The book obviously hadn’t changed – but I had.)

And if, at the bottom of Page 50, all you’re really interested in is who marries whom, or who the murderer is, then turn to the last page and find out.… More here ...