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The Micklewhite Job

Some facts:

# As Croker walks through the garage where the Minis are being prepared, viewers hear that “Rozzer’s having trouble with his differential”, and the back of the red Mini Cooper is jacked up where Rozzer is working.

Ghostbusters and Melania

Chuckles sends:

A bad misjudgement on many things, it would seem

Coming back to this film – it’s bad in itself, it was made for all the wrong reasons and now the black woman in it is making a meal out of harassment claims.  False flag from top to bottom, says Chuckles:

A time like, a time unlike, ours

Not everyone finds these interesting and this was not one of the more animated episodes but there were points of note:

The way Chubby Checker was at ease, plus Muhammed Ali in his episode, you’d have to ask about prejudice and black lives matter. These were the days of Rosa Parks and MLK.  I was of the young left in the latter days of this and to us, fed by the media, it was all too real.…

The net is a misused and underused tool

Bruce Charlton puts a good point about people not using the internet as it was set up to provide, that people are not accessing the knowledge in the way which had been envisaged.

A commenter wrote:

Well in that case I must be atypical because I use it exactly the way it was anticipated to be of value: I stay up late at night watching lectured and tutorials on anything ranging from Spanish language tutorials, Music theory and practical guitar instructional videos, university lectures from around the world on subjects ranging from Astronomy to Zoology and still find time to read your blog.

Both are right. The commenter is one of those who did use it properly, many others, particularly the young, do not [posts passim].  As a researcher and investigator, I’m part of the net, so to say, and one gradually learns many of the pitfalls.…

Lake Wobegon is gone

Not sure how many know of this over here but Garrison Keilor’s rag-taggy ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ has finally brought down the curtain.

It was one of those rambling affairs I have no way of describing but millions of Americans tuned in. Not the same thing but the same reaction – it was their sort of Goons but more about life’s rich pageant, not unlike Dave Allen.

He’ll be missed.

[H/T Chuckles]…

Zootopia – ruined by PCism

Again we have this issue of the film which might have been good but was ruined by … yes, folks … PCism. Yet again:


Zootopia is a cop movie set in a utopian city of talking animals where lions lie down with lambs, where predator and prey normally get along with perfect amity. It’s about a tiny girl bunny who comes to the big city to follow her dreams and be a policeman, even though everybody tells her only large animals can be cops. To solve a big case and convince the police chief, a hard-headed Cape buffalo voiced by Idris Elba, that she belongs on the force, she has to enlist the help of a handsome fox conman (Jason Bateman).