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The Roommate [2011]

Good actress fails to save production yet again.


The Roommate cannot be adequately reviewed here unless it has some gold standard to measure it against, so let’s take two at random – Game of Thrones as a production and Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor – and quote some reviews.

Game of Thrones


There was a post by Vox on Gab, now there is this one. Essentially, it’s about this:

Like many of my readers, I’ve grown more and more angry over the politically correct censorship practiced by Twitter, Facebook and other social media.  

Twitter in particular has been an egregious offender against the concept of free speech.  Sure, it’s a private company, so it’s not bound by the US Constitution and its First Amendment;  but it’s behaving like a left-wing, progressive tinpot dictator, banning or restricting the posting abilities and/or readership of and/or links to centrist and right-wing commentators and personalities.  The practice has become so widespread that it’s drawn attention from the media.

Formulaic dross

There’s been a persistent theme through the posts of the last few days – that people are incapable today.

Every so often, it’s as well to remember that every single older generation has said that about the following generations and we have it in black and white in literature and essays, especially from the 20s.

People like their times and that’s that.

Or is it? Relativists would subscribe to that view but those who believe in some sort of gold standard, some measure of value, the notion of eternal truths, timeworn protocols, some sort of extrinsic Truth, would be both heartened and disheartened by this, about the MTV awards:…

Hi Fi gives a glimpse of 90s life in Russia

One of the main reasons for westerners to look at clips of Gruppa Hi Fi from Russia [further down – main years the 90s and early 2000s] is how much it reveals of just what made yoof tick over there, what they held dear, how they rebelled in the 90s, as we rebelled in the 60s.

And I was living during the tail end of both, also the punk and ska years over here.


Russia is very different. This is a people who had had no freedom, no room to move until the early 90s, who heard western music via the Samizdat – even the Beatles were naughty in Russian eyes – and of course, they had their Communist Party organizations.…

Of fish and other matters

# The comments in the interview below were made in a semi-spurious way to promote Cleese’s film of the time but methinks those points were well made [8:04 onwards]:

# Tastes not only differ but change with time. I’m finding this below, sent by Microdave, which would have grabbed the attention years ago, does not do a lot for me these days:…