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What’s the definition of intolerance?


The most glorious set in movie history stood derelict for a few years where Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards meet, attracting curiosity seekers and growing steadily more unsafe. It was finally torn down in 1919 or so, depending on which source you check. A frowsy clutch of stores and bars has long since replaced its vestiges. When I drive past on my way someplace else, I often wish that Belshazzar’s Court—the literally Babylonian centerpiece of D. W. Griffith’s literally monumental 1916 Intolerance, with ornate walls ten stories high and rearing plaster elephants atop pillars as fat and tall as Martian ice-cream cones—could somehow have been preserved.

[H/T Chuckles]…

Will Clara return?

Did the Doctor let the cat out of the bag?

Don’t know about you but did Capaldi seem a bit churlish towards her in that interview? Were I in that seat, I’d be sure to try to keep her happy, not for any PC reason but I’d just not wish to hurt her, to be less than gallant. She’s stuck with him for a long time.

As it turned out, perhaps he does care for her, which is important to me:

Peter and Jenna

I read that she can be bossy but a man who can’t remember how he even started the sentence [in real life] does need some firm handling.

Also interesting was when pressed about who else they’d like as a partner, he wants Billie Piper back and she quite likes Tom Baker.

Just saw this:

The show might be awful PC rubbish now but having Billie or Clara back is another thing altogether.…

Der Steppenwolf

There are parallels everywhere today, illustrating that we have hardly moved on.

This began with a cyclist in lycra on Sunday and there was certainly an itch to sideswipe him due to so many negative feelings radiating from said cyclist. I know Julia M also cannot stand them, due to their own the road, you can never touch me attitude and I’ve paid all this money for the “right gear”.

I’ve posted before on this and as a cyclist myself, I was shocked in my few encounters with the hardcore type how … well, weird … they are:

cyclist obstructing traffic

That one was convicted of obstructing traffic. Interesting, because Herman Hesse saw a different menace in 1927:

Automobiles represent the more abstract threat of modern technology in Hermann Hesse’s cantankerous 1927 novel Steppenwolf, in which “the struggle between humans and machines” takes the form of a fantasy scene of snipers gleefully shooting down passing cars and drivers — a preview of later video games, perhaps, except that the latter invariably take the motorists’ side.

Worst Doctor Who companions

Nice kid, Sophie Aldred, should have been in the Addams Family:


While this Tom Hiddlestone is looking like the next Bond and people are reading up on that, I’ve been looking at Doctor Who companions and wanted to know what people thought of Jo Grant.

To me, she was lovely but that last episode where she left him was chilling – the way she just forgot him at the party. At this point, two things I have to drive into my brain is 1. it’s a film, just a film, not real life and 2. she may have appeared at a later stage anyway.…

The Master

How many incarnations has the Master had?

He was the most frightening, not necessarily in this clip:…