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Pierce Brosnan


Typecasting – a killer.

Since Bond, Pierce has struggled but that might be due to age in no small part. Seems to me that all along the line he’s had a raw deal, from NBC’s shutting him in, post-Moore, to the rubbish Bond films following Goldeneye, still up there as one of the best ever.

DAD’s been given bad press but the opening was very good and he held his end up all the way. That pic at the top of this post is a bit sad for me. I know, I know, his bank balance gives him cause not to be sad but still … it is sad.

To be now considered as a sidekick after his body of work – that’s not kind to the soul.

He seems more of a Bond than Daniel Craig, though it’s hard to knock Casino Royale – a top film in its own right.…

Series 8 so far and other thoughts


Was searching around for any reviews of the new series [8] and certain things became clear:

1.  People’s views are highly diverse and subjective on each character and episode, each story arc and ne’er the twain shall meet.


2.  Almost everyone agrees Moffat has ruined it at worst or is just caught up in circles of dullness at best.

My mate lent me The Day of the Doctor and asked for an opinion.  It didn’t work in the player but I found it elsewhere and feel:

3.  There’s a lack of logic – too many plotlines around linear time, resulting in endings when there ARE no endings in time travel.  You can endlessly go back and reverse things.  Also, having to kill his own world in order to wipe out the enemy was silly.  There are rules in SF, even Doctor Who and they shouldn’t be trampled on.

I get the feeling it’s gone to Moffat’s head.…

Talk shows reveal the best and worst in people

Tagline: stating the bleedin’ obvious.

You’re going to ask where the news is in this and you’d be right but still … late night, before sleeping, I’ve been watching Craig Ferguson interviews and if nothing else, they’re revealing of certain things.

The first is what we knew anyway – Hollywoood is poisonous. How any relationship can stay afloat with such amoral people sleeping around to get advancement, sticking knives in backs and then enjoying a huge reputation worldwide explains City of Angels – but which angels?

Anyway, the galaxy of “stars” made their way to Ferguson’s armchair and the females in particular were really falling over themselves to both get on and then flirt OTT – one last night had him backing off.

Even that’s not the point of the post. The point is what total a***h***s a few people are, beyond any normal definition of a***h***ery. I mean, total dead losses as people and the surprise, to me, were which ones were like this.…

The Late [Late] Show

If you look up Doctor Who on Youtube, you’ll run into The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, expat Scot who’s had all the Doctor Who cast on at one time or another, plus many other high profile guests, mainly from America.

As well as that angle, there is also his amazing effect on celeb women. Watch them on Letterman and similar and then watch them on Ferguson’s show and it’s pretty obvious:

So I went to a Nielsen ratings site and found this:

1. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — 1.28 (3.9 million viewers)
2. The Jimmy Kimmel Show — .64 (2.7 million)
3. Late Night with Seth Meyers — .64 (1.6 million)
4. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart — .56 (1.4 million)
5. The Late Show with David Letterman .47 (2.49 million)
6. The Colbert Report — .45 (1.1 million)
7. Nightline — .41 (1.67 million)

Why can’t the Beeb be accurate, asks the Doc

Amfortas reports that The Chap reports about Doctor Who’s boots.

Or in other words:

In its haste to trumpet the arrival of the twelfth Time Lord, the BBC made a huge howler by attributing most of his items of clothing to the wrong manufacturer.


# The Doctor’s black brogue boots, with a very similar sole to a Dr Marten, are in actual fact a joint production by Loake and the British Boot Company.

# While the coat is indeed cut in the Crombie style, the Crombie Company claims they did not make it nor supply it to the BBC.

In fact, comments show The Chap himself to have been in error on one point.…

Oh my goodness – third Doctor post today – LOL

alex-kingston-4Saw this below at the Express. Only went there to see what the papers were saying about the Doc.

Capaldi said: “I’m not looking for a new assistant. I don’t know where these rumours have started. I’ve read she may be leaving at Christmas but I don’t even know if she will get to Christmas. You’ll have to watch and see what happens.”

Coleman said: “The truth is, I do not want to tell you the truth. I quite like these rumours. People don’t have any idea [if I’m staying or going]. I think people can watch the show, not knowing whether I am [going] or not and I think that is exciting.”

If she does leave, she could be available for the Time Lord’s job, as the BBC has again floated the idea of casting a female Doctor. Asked at the Edinburgh TV festival if he would like to see a woman in the role, BBC TV boss Danny Cohen said: “I don’t see why not.”


Deep breath [2] – lowlifes in space

There’s a complete difference between something which has been a major tradition in the country for centuries or even over one century and let’s take football as an example and something alien pushed and forced upon the nation.

There are quite a few who don’t like football and I can do without the “experts” on panels pontificating over matches but the simple fact of life is – football is a major part of our culture. You can’t talk Britain without talking football, at least a little.

You have to lump it or leave.

However, when people in high places and in key positions, e.g. the political class and the film makers, the journos who come into our homes, take something of interest to 6% of the community and proceed to hijack programmes, hijack opening ceremonies and force something on us we don’t want, something which makes a substantial proportion of the population nauseous on a personal level, makes an added proportion unhappy with it because of a basic socio-religious code the country is based on and which really does upset a large amount of people – when those people do that, then many of us get angry.…