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The Doorbell Rang

With the film reviews at this place almost universally negative and with good reason, it was probably time to step back in time [turn of the century] and look at some of the last good films/shows.

One such was A Nero Wolfe Mystery [2001/2], in which Timothy Hutton surprised in his portrayal as Rex Stout’s Everyman. A bit more than Everyman though, as handy as we’d like to imagine we can be.

The series had very good ratings, good critical acceptance and the episode above was one of the best of the two short series but even it drew consistent criticism over certain aspects.… More here ...

Is there hope after all?

Chuckles sends this from Samizdata:

Doctor Who is a bit like the NHS, a mediocre product that many Brits bizarrely think is world-class, and which is forcibly funded by taxation. – Perry de Havilland

And a comment:

There is some hope on “Dr Who” – as more and more people are coming to understand that it is just leftist lecturing. If the government had the courage to get rid of the BBC tax (the “license fee”) today I think most people would be content. However, the government is still scared of the Guardian readers (all hundred thousand of them – out of a population of some 60 million plus people) rioting and burning things. Too often “Conservative” government turns out to be government-that-is-terrified-of-the-Guardian-letters-page.

However, the National Health Service is quite different to the BBC – most people do not care about the BBC (the government, Mrs May and co, thinks that everyone sits around their crystal sets listening to the words-of-wisdom from Broadcasting House – but this is not so), most people really do care about the National Health Service.

More here ...

One an enchantress, one still a kid

In one sense it’s unfair comparing these two. One a famous actress for decades, a household word, a sophisticated woman of a certain age, quiet, sultry, and the other a youngster sitting bolt upright and awkward:

They’re asked what they think of their characters and the youngster jumps in with the same line she uses in every interview – we are equal [Bond and I], I am of my generation. He needs me far more than I need him. I even save him. She [the character] doesn’t need a man to exist, she doesn’t even want him.… More here ...

Actors who make and ruin films

These sorts of things below on youtube are not for everyone, largely because of the format and the manner of speech, plus disagreement over the list, but they pass the time and the general idea is sound – it is who the actor is which is quite important.

This was a brave try:

Some actors I would avoid a film over, rather than be forced to watch it, include Richard Dreyfus, Dustin Hoffman, Andie MacDowell, there just so many. Streep.

Then there are others who are excellent in one or two films, e.g. Daniel Craig, IMHO, in Casino Royale but not all that great outside it.

More difficult are actors who can get you to watch because they’re in it including, for me, Max von Sydow, possibly Gal Gadot for her sexiness [currently], a whole bevy of honeys like Lizzie Bouchere and Lea Seydoux, irrespective of whether they can act, probably a few others.… More here ...

Gal Gadot again

Thought it time to “do” Gal Gadot again [with the “t” spoken] but the MSM beat me to it. The strange thing this time round was that it wasn’t anti, quite pro in fact, at least at the start.  I’d written this in draft:

DC/Marvel are Ok, her role is just a role and she’s already looking round for others, her anti-jihad politics are good, her American associations not so good but we can cut her some slack on that.

She was on all the leftist media – Fallon, Kimmel, the stock shows like Today, she was gushing and giggling. Ok, she must put herself about for her career and she does seem nice, as well as being a fine specimen of womanhood.

The latter, methinks, there’d not be all that much debate over.

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