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Is this Cliff Richard?

I don’t believe a word of this scurrilous set of allegations, with no documentation offered as proof beyond quick, blurred, far-off shots, below and a naff musical track blasting over it:

No, this is the Cliff we all know, remember and love:

Let’s remember Jimmy and Cliff for all the good they did – after all, the Young Ones would have been nothing without Cliff.…

What’s my line?

Not all of them were great episodes and much of the non-celeb part was take it or leave it but there were so many highlights over the years that it certainly deserved its fame.

There was a graciousness and gracefulness in this show even if this one created a bow wave wherever she went:

How many lost their heads over her?  Couple more this evening:

In those days, spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

Well – most of them were:

Nicolette Vasseur

Nicolette Vasseur carleton

There’s a very good reason for running this post – it’s that there’s no good reason in people’s eyes.   People are waiting for me to get off this topic of boat names and back onto current events, such as Robin Williams but Nicolette is going to have her brief time in the sun, even if I’m the only reader of this post, in the middle of the night.  She always was one for the wrong moment, saying the wrong thing.

If there’s defiance in that statement, it’s out of deference to Nikki. Never, in all the writing I’ve done, did I ever develop a character to that extent, down to every small detail of her life.

We all know such people who are efficient, talented but not fashionable as topics in themselves.   They don’t excite anyone, though they’re the first to help and take care of business.   The briskness, the vivacity are admired but one doesn’t warm to them as one does to the eternal victim or the celebs of the day.…

Was there anyone NOT on the game?

We speak of the Paris Hiltons, Rihanas and Tiger Woodses but the extent of it stretches way back in the entertainment world.

What began as a look at Bob Hope, a notoriously evil muvver, if only for his publicly documented behaviour, let alone the unpublished parts, soon got onto Hollywood and then names started pouring out – from Cary Grant to Warren Beatty and all of those and the women too.

The list is mindboggling, to the extent the question is – was there anyone not skanky, not a walking disease centre? Possibly Jimmy Stewart? Most of these are women but for every woman, there were men and often other women. And men.

Norma Jean – $500 per day, plus porn, plus the rest
Joan Crawford – porn films, house calls.
Kim Novak – arrested for prostitution in Chicago
Barbara Eden & Tina Louise – sketchy details
Veronica Lake – hooker in NYC
Sophia Loren – known among clients as “La Simpatica”
Raquel Welch – well known in Tijuana, also porn
Joan Collins – high class prostitute in Hollywood at 17, started the Heidi Fleiss ring
Nancy Davis [Reagan] – former “Hostess Girl”, pregnant when she married Ronnie Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone – high-class prostitute, $1000 per hour
Michelle Pfeiffer – prostitute & casting-couch, “professional girlfriend”
Julia Roberts – a known-known for her speciality
Geena Davis – hooker
Rene Russo – high class call girl, bi
Catherine Zeta Jones – $10,000 her highest paid romp in London,”personal marketing” in Las Vegas
Salma Hayek – escorting the night she met Stern
Halle Berry – kept woman for a few years
Denise Richards – former Heidi Fleiss girl
Shannon Doherty – former Heidi Fleiss girl, model for porn mags
Victoria Principal – with pimp Bernie Cornfeld for Heidi Fleiss for sometime
Stephanie Kramer – ex-Heidi Fleiss
Irene Cara – busted on a streetcorner
Candy Spelling – high class call girl
Victoria Sellers – ex-Heidi Fleiss
Clara Bow – well known but the football team was an exaggeration
Joan Crawford – “Slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie”, “Queen of the Casting Couch”
Audrey Hepburn – JFK
Zsa Zsa Gabor – “The most expensive courtesan since Mme de Pompadour”
Grace Kelly – Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck, David Niven, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, “screwed anything that moved”
Ava Gardner – “The world’s most exciting animal”, habitue of the casting couch
Jacqueline Kennedy – oral legend
Brigitte Bardot – porn model since 14
Catherine Deneuve – young boys, leather
Jane Fonda – even canine
Farrah Fawcett – known known, cokehead.…