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When they were still human

Sexism Central here, chaps and chapesses. Had to smile at the commenter who wrote: “A reminder of when British girls didn’t resemble the back end of a bus …”

I was going to include the Tiller Girls but they were basically hoofers, so let’s start after them.

Beat Girls:

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It’s not just losing all the files on the other laptop, it’s losing the doc x version of the book.  Easy to say “make backups” – I do, I do – but I was in the process of the rewrite and had the folder almost finished to save to usb stick … almost.

I’d say even the greatest techie could be caught in this – in the process of backing up, he loses his computer.  Mind you, I note Ivan’s advice and think I’ll do that.

What complicates it with the book is that my honoured reader [who shall be mentioned in despatches in the book] has only gone and proofread. e.g.… More here ...

Films for sick people

Zaynab, a thirty-something Pakistani, Muslim, lesbian in Chicago takes care of her sweet and TV-obsessed mother. As Zaynab falls for Alma, a bold and very bright Mexican woman, she searches for her identity in life, love and wrestling.

Director: Jennifer Reeder
Writers: Lisa Donato Fawzia Mirza

Why do people lumber themselves with sicko things?

Having said that, interesting thing [to me only] is that there’s a bit of the old lezzo stuff in my book and it’s never really worried me unless I have to see it but if the women are pretty and not butch hippos, well, it doesn’t do a lot one way or the other to me.  On one level – yes, it’s wrong and they’ll probably go to hell and all that but from a psyche perspective, I can handle it.… More here ...

Home and away – away

This lady’s tweet is confusing – she’s referring to CNN’s ‘North Korea’s Ivanka Trump’, which she’s rewritten to what it should be in her tweet:

The point which is not being made is that this woman, the dictator’s sister, runs gulags – she is not a nice person in the least.

How do organizations such as CNN continue to get away with it?… More here ...

Das Buch

Was not expecting to run a post on this but got an email from someone dear who actually waded through Part 1 and came to the same conclusion I did – that the male protagonist has much to answer for in his behaviour towards women but he does finally pull his head in and do the right thing by a woman near the end of Part 1 and she becomes better too.

This friend of mine was not impressed with the way he then moved straight onto the next woman – ah, but that is a critical plot area – does he actually move on? This question punctuates Part 2.

It’s giving things away a bit but the only two he was ever totally gone on was his Ksenia in Part 1 but in Part 2, the one he assumes a new role with was on page one of Part 1 – Nicolette.… More here ...

Madeleine le Beau

People are a disappointment. Here was I wondering what idiot would ditch Madeleine [in the film] for a two-timing drifter like Bergman [in the film]. My loyalty was squarely with Madeleine le Beau.

One commenter:

The most wonderful thing about this scene is the reality of it. This movie was made in 1942 and the war was still raging. Almost all the extras used in this scene are real French refugees who escaped to the US. Even though French Actress Madeleine LeBeau, who was forced to flee Europe to the US with her Jewish Husband, had a minor role … those tears were real. Per interviews about this scene long after the movie it was said after the song finished and the people cheered there was not a dry eye on the set. Rest in Peace Madeleine.

That’s the film’s reality. In real life, this was Madeleine’s tale:… More here ...

Natalie Wood – manslaughter?

So the Natalie Wood death has been re-opened in America. The way I’ll approach this is to bring those who’ve forgotten up to speed via making my argument.

Incident late 1981
Natalie Wood [1938, therefore 43 at the time]
Robert Wagner [1930, therefore 51 at the time]
Christopher Walken [1943, therefore 38 at the time]

There follows now a mix of the purely speculative and the pretty well established.

Established is that they were on a boat and took the dinghy into shore for a boozy meal in a cafe/restaurant.  Walken was supposedly there as a guest to discuss some upcoming film.… More here ...