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One suggestion for salvaging a marriage

There’s one chapter of the book which has had to be rewritten in order for all the other rewritten parts to dovetail neatly – while I don’t think every ‘i’ must be dotted or ‘t’ crossed, there does need to be overall continuity in story arcs. I’ve been finding this difficult to do without making errors.

masquerade cover

In this particular chapter, 3-14, there’s necessarily backtracking from the last page of the book, which is Armageddon itself, and thus, if there is to be this supernatural element to the story which has been largely secular so far, concerning the global elite trying to track down and kill our heroes [in 2018, they’re still just blocking on social media and incarcerating], how on earth to mesh the supernatural element with the secular?… More here ...

102 bestselling books

Haiku writes, “Some surprises here:”

Chuckles writes:

Overall, J K Rowling by 20 lengths? A bit misleading as well, as they’ve included translated works, as well as the postwar and post 90s education and communication ‘bulge’ which will skew the results heavily to the modern era.

That said, it’s a very different list to the one the academic and the media surveys would push/suggest?

I suppose we could call this the ‘populist’ list, or the ‘popu’ list?  And we should compare this one from the comments:

… which also has the unspoken BBC ‘and you are a bad person as a result’ heavily implied in the framing … 🙂

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The scale of our suspicions

Chuckles sent it and allow me to outline the course of my suspicions:

1. The source – NY books;
2. The formatting of the page;
3. The grandiose claim in the title;
4. The language:

The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies

5. The use of definers and superlatives throughout:

West does remarkably well as a writer

6. The sheer scale of the text;
7. The pratty conclusion:

The choice of an imagined future is always a matter of taste.

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In which I disagree with P.G. Wodehouse …

… and comedy in general.

When life was fairly “normal” way back “in our day”, maybe we were more tolerant. P.G.Wodehouse [brother of P.G. Tips], to me, was funny, clever, the epitome of comedy.

Same went, to a lesser extent, for Roald Dahl … for example, that story where the wife had a fear of being late and the husband cruelly made her almost late every time, until he was shut in a lift and died – that had a certain humour and sense of justice to it.

Jeeves and Wooster is/are a case in point:

Nothing wrong with the Irish actress Nina Botting as a woman – she played the role well – but the character named Bobby Wickham now annoys intensely with her smarmy look and nasty tricks – were I at the hall, I’d spend my time setting up a practical joke involving her falling in the water or something.… More here ...

Latest drug warning


# For depression, Parkinson’s and bladder problems.
# Dementia risk.

That’s how the article should have appeared for those who like the alleged facts without the surrounding guff.

There are some posts which depend on the context and context requires words – interpersonal relations requires the precise use of words, so do politics.

But medical requires bulleted points.… More here ...

Judicial Watch

The way it comes through to us, it seems it’s Trump and only Trump v the Deep State and its media and have you noticed over here, by the way, that the Mirror has taken over the Express? Another conservative voice down. That leaves Breitbart as the lone conservative voice in the [almost] MSM.

Anyway, there is a voice in the US other than the Donald – it’s called Judicial Watch and their contributions have been welcomed by the investigative type of conservative:

Doesn’t matter what the issue, this is just an example:

Judicial Watch Sues for Obama State Dept. Records of Its Facilitation of Russian Amb. Kislyak’s Attendance at 2016 Republican Convention

Judicial Watch announced it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State seeking all records regarding the Obama State Department facilitation of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s attendance at the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) (Judicial Watch v.

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