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Of Sedna, Magyar chieftains, fair ladies and sirens

antalAt the risk of being tiresome, this is most certainly the last of Sedna, those things which could be incorporated were, the bits needing beefing up and slowing down were, if there are any typos, they’ll be minor.

Pity Distant Relative who was kind enough to read the story because it has substantially altered now in the second half.

And naturally, if one finds a pic of a Hungarian girl, and one has monsters who are Sirens, and if Hungarian legend has just such creatures who have sex with young men till they die, plus seven chieftains who lead their people through all that into the Carpathian basin – w-e-e-l-l-l, you gotta put it in near the end, don’t you?

So I did.

12,224 words. here ...

Action film principles

What makes for a great action film? And for a terrible one?

This is no filler, the principles are sound – the vid gives examples. And it might seem trite and obvious but is still effective when stated.

1. Story. How often is it formulaic, or copying other stories and not doing it well?

1a. Plot that keeps viewers on the edge of the seat, twists and turns.… More here ...

Titanic – a rose has many thorns

There have been so many stated reasons  why the film was bad but a feeling had started to grip me well before finding this below. It just crystallizes my thoughts, minus, of course, the issue of the door itself. My own comments follow the article:

Kate Winslet’s character, Rose, was one of the vilest and most disgusting characters ever to grace the silver screen. From beginning to end, she displayed nothing but character flaws and a lack of concern for everyone else around her.

As the movie starts, she is a rich brat who is depressed that she has to marry an incredibly rich and handsome man because he treats her badly. Perhaps she should have taken into account his personality rather than his bank account when she accepted his proposal.

Rather than take responsibility for her own actions, stand up to her mother, and tell him to his face that she is not in love with him, she instead decides to take the easy way out and kill herself.More here ...

What was on that slip of paper?

Help needed – Sedna – got myself into a corner. I’ll make it as short as possible.

jay-richardsGroup of people are selected and brought in, to sort of telepathically aid in the mining of methane on Sedna from a station nearby. They’re on earth, in a centre, but they can direct things by remote, like drones.

The way it’s done is we telepathically transmit our knowledge to the aliens on that station by being ‘hosted’ in their bodies and when their minds come here, they are ‘hosted’ by receptive humans [conduits].

Two people who’ve emerged as main characters are a bit suspicious about all the contrived bonhomie and seeming wellbeing of everyone, the lack of any issue at all.

They visit a home by a lake, for old, repatriated, former hosts and one of them does not seem too gruntled – he is no longer ‘hosted’ but his wife is and she is watching [possibly reporting back?].… More here ...

Writing and publishing Science Fiction

El Reg had a piece, via Chuckles here, on AI being the fake news of 2016.

I’d had a conversation, on Sunday, with my mate, a techie and SF buff on just that – AI.

What I suggested my mate do – he had an idea for a book which had been floating around in his head for decades – was to get the first two paragraphs down now, no procrastination.

That might involve getting a web page up for now [he has countless servers], set it up as a fiction repository, he can go e-pub later. And get the sidebar sorted and going.

Any two first paragraphs will do, don’t even bother editing – it just has to flow. OK, there is the hardest part of the book done.

I now asked what it was about. He said it was about AI and some human who was only half so [shan’t give spoilers] – the action is the first part and part two is how, technically, it all came about.… More here ...