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A book at bedtime

dave-allenThe Essential Dave Allen, McCann G. [ed.], Hodder, 2005.

# Some words are now just perverse. Take for example some of the words used for transportation. If it’s freight sent by ship, it’s cargo, if it’s freight sent by car, then it’s shipment.

# I was with a friend in his home recently and he whistled. ‘Are you all right?’ I asked. ‘Shhh, I’m whistling for my keys.’ ‘Your keys?’ ‘Yes, when I whistle, they let me know where they are.’

# I think the ageing process would be much more interesting if you were born old and became younger.

# Why is it that when a car’s causing an obstruction, they clamp it and leave it there?

# Why is it that when women in society kiss, they go cheek to cheek and go, ‘Myyghur,’ right in your ear?

# Christmas – my wife gave me two neckties, I put one on and went to her.… More here ...

Stranger Things

This started back to front. Chuckles sent Tom Paine’s comments on it:

I have not yet watched the show myself. I base my advice entirely upon this one sentence from James Delingpole’s review in the Spectator:

“… At no stage do you feel as though the plot or characterisation has been skewed to serve up some empowering message about race or gender or sexuality…”

What an astute critique of  modern cinema, television, and literature!

For most of our lives, writers with brows high, low and middling have given us, not insights into the human condition, but Sociology lectures dressed up as the stories we crave.

You’d agree that looked promising.  So to James Delingpole’s article at the Speccie:… More here ...


You gotta love ’em. To me, they’re what it’s all about, a good OCD if you like:

Matt Smith was a good ambassador for the show and she had the legs. This was not unlike the Galaxy Quest rally – fans need to be indulged.

Nice close up of New York too. Win-win.… More here ...

A lambasted film can NOT be top ten

Not being a nightowl, your humble blogger is usually watching a film in bed by this stage [after 11 p.m.], such as this. This here is not the lambasted film, that comes further down:

The reason I switched the computer back on, grabbed a coffee and am writing is that there’s something nonplussing me and it’s about the Bond films. While this is going to be no turgid listing by number from best to worst, nevertheless, by a process of review, by Rotten Tomatoes, by the Guardian and Telegraph, by some of the most widely read reviews, some puzzling anomalies arise with the last few films.… More here ...

Maigret and the search for authenticity

Quick editorial word – this slot on Wednesday will not always be for classical music, it will also look at classical films or TV series, probably on an alternating basis.

I took in what was said by some readers about Rupert Davies and watched yet another episode:

Yes, he was good but still there’s something wooden about the production. If you watch Z Cars and the like from the time and compare that to, say, The Bill or Minder, there’s no doubt production values vastly improved.… More here ...

If this ain’t love …

… then it will have to do, till the real thing comes along [can’t remember who sang that].

It always starts fine, with mucho caring:

Then reality seeps through after some time. This below is one of the best segments and also one of the best companions. Also, methinks she is well within her rights with the second speech she gives when she goes back inside:

From the male point of view, it’s handy to be a Time Lord at this stage. He’s lost so many companions that only a Time Lord could cope – humans might get a tad jaded.

So it’s back on the road again and he’s just moving onwards, ever onwards – every word in this is timeless:

Maxim Gorky once spoke of Russia in the form of the troika, rushing around the bend and clattering along at top speed.

‘Kuda, Rossiya?’ he calls. [Where to, Russia?]

There is no answer.… More here ...


Really like this Messy Nessy Chic site, not least for its clean layout, not least for it coming out of Paris. Bit of a sucker for things French is the old James.

Anyway, there was this and many other things:

Le Ribera is ideal for those looking for a peaceful hideaway to escape to after a hectic day in the French capital.

That’s not just a picture to me – the boat itself has such an area, which is why I left the top flat, with various protuberances to break up the ice and snow but essentially a living deck above.

The motif also appeared in my long book.… More here ...