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Lauren Southern

If we go on about something, some people not in our political corner point to obsession on our part and start flinging derogatory epithets, rather than see it for what it is – that there is so much of it going on today that it tends to dominate.

A perfect example is Trump. I’m not obsessed by him but he does tend to dominate and a pundit must therefore cover it.

So it is with this topic from the Z Man on Thots.More here ...

The worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish ever seen

Chuckles sends one about this film called Top of the Lake or whatever.

A certain lady who shall remain nameless who hated the first part in 2013 and dubbed it “the worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish she’d ever seen” now wants to watch the new one, presumably so she can label it “the worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish she’s ever seen”.

Now a troubled teen (played by Campion’s daughter Alice Englert), she was rebelling against her adoptive parents in this first episode and worryingly in thrall to her much older boyfriend Puss (Swedish actor David Dencik) – a sleazy academic (or was he?) with links to a brothel where a young sex worker had disappeared.

All I can say is that if you call that entertainment, then you’re sick, you’ve succumbed..… More here ...

The reasons films and shows are bombing

Still getting it wrong, still blaming everything except what it is:

Hollywood’s obsession with franchises is costing studios millions. Transformers 5, Despicable Me 3, Pirates 5, King Arthur, and The Mummy have all underperformed

The real reasons – Gen X/Millennial left can’t write, produce, direct, act, there is no chemistry, no one can emote except as wilful children.

Here’s another:… More here ...