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Is internal tension required for creativity?

Firstly, on that Banksy hoax:

Banksy has not been arrested, despite a report stating the contrary.

“The Banksy arrest is a hoax,” the street artist’s publicist, Jo Brooks, told The Independent.

However, the prank seems to have duped the internet, with his name quickly trending on Twitter.

A false story, published on US website National Report, alleged that the identity of the British street artist had finally been revealed and he had been arrested by London’s Metropolitan Police and is being held “without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting”.

The story claimed that Banksy’s London art studio had been raided, where “thousands of dollars of counterfeit money along with future projects of vandalism” were found, along with ID thought to belong to the famed anonymous street artist, which allegedly identified him as Liverpool-born Paul Homer.

Interesting when you think something like that has actually happened, how quickly one emotes for one side or the other.…

From bubblegum to borderline bubblegum

During the bubblegum years, I was listening more to the Stones, then Zeppelin, then Ramones, then Stranglers, Ian Dury and the like.  So this music below really wasn’t what I was into, nor did Gary Glitter later do anything, nor Sweet.

On the other hand, a few did stand out and it was debatable if it was even bubblegum or bubblegum influenced.  We ran the Archies last evening and it was certainly catchy, in a throwaway way.

It all started auspiciously, with this sort of thing:

Then came:

Everyone knows of this lot who later broke the strictures of constructed pop:

Hate to admit it but that’s a nice song, covered by many.  And then came some more or less genuine songs, still with bubblegum influence:

And I’m afraid to admit I really liked this catchy number:

Of course, also in this era were:

The era pretty well closed out with the Bay City Rollers:

Buddy Holly

The reason why this is appearing at OoL does not become apparent until near the end. *It’s a strange post.  It started out as a look at Buddy Holly as a singer and here are the original opening words:

Really love this clip – the girls behind look like debutantes and are dying to dance to it:

At that point, I stumbled on these clips [text continues below them]:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

For those who couldn’t be bothered going through those, it went through his last day and analysed it from the point of view of a denier.  That is, it attempted to debunk any and all suggestions about what led up to and what happened that night.  Were there any? Every minute or so, someone is coming out with, ‘Someone said the revolver found a couple of months later was significant, I refuse to believe that, it’s all theory,’ or similar.…

Much despised artists … or are they?

For some reason, this one above heads almost any list of the most reviled or despised. I would have listed Gaga and Madonna there.


When you’re my age and you attempt best of and worst of lists, two things become apparent.

One is that the long-lived have a lot greater choice of names to list.  The second is that the young dominate the internet lists.  Seriously, I didn’t know three-quarters of the artists on the dozens of lists I perused.

And where once you’d open a magazine or paper and artists of the day – our day – were just there, they’re just not written of these days.  There’s nothing on the Beatles or Stones or Floyd any more, nothing on the Ramones or Stranglers.  I’d bet the vast majority of Gen Y have never heard of most of our music.

Which is why classical music and some jazz is intrinsically better.…