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Damaged goods

Hot out there today:

Methinks it’s been a bit of a breakthrough today on two counts, dismaying on two others – and that’s not even looking at politics and that wedding.

Today was the real litmus test of whether the bod would stand up to the rigours of building in a systematic way and it was touch and go. The best part was I really did progress on the boat and not only that, realized this thing is “finishable”, maybe late September, I don’t want to put any time frame on it – I’m going to try to do one small thing on the boat each day, bar Sunday, and see how it goes.… More here ...


Not sure how many of you love syncopation but I do and I wanted to know why. Not sure how many love musical theory but I do and we can come at this two ways – either visually:

… or aurally [below]. Let me just say that it might look a bit daunting [or even boring at first glance] but I chose these clips for their ‘understandability’ for the non-musical.

Anyway, I found it interesting:

More here ...