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From the uploader, Harry Oakley:

On 17 April 1928 Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang recorded the tune “Thou Swell” for Okeh in New York. Two takes were mastered; take -C was issued on Okeh 41030 and a single test pressing of take -A (designated second choice by Okeh official Robert Stevens who signed it “RBS”) has also survived. This take has a great number of interesting differences from the issued one, especially in Bix’s clear lead all through the ensemble passages [text continued below the last track] …

Bix and Paul Whiteman:… More here ...

Lifted out of the ordinary

This is not so much a laying on you of pop/rock you neither know of nor like but a making of two points.

1. There are so many reasonable tunes around which we liked at the time but something lifted them above that, something turned that song into a song one returned to. Might have been the singer, might have been something in the song and more often than not, it was a riff or an instrumental break.

In the ones below, it was the instrumental break which really made it – the times of these breaks is before the youtubes, to save you having to listen to it all:

1:42 to 3:03:

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The Pastoral

This is the problem with youtube – both the version and its pace. The Pastoral is very much personal taste. I found the Bernstein and Karajan a tad fast, even bombastic in places where it needn’t have been. Anyway, try this slower version, which also has that human touch:

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Victorian etiquette: the handshake

You’ve been wanting to know how or how not to deal with the opposite sex – well, Chuckles sends this:

“When Mr. Thornton rose up to go away, after shaking hands with Mr. and Mrs. Hale, he made an advance to Margaret to wish her good-bye in a similar manner. It was the frank familiar custom of the place; but Margaret was not prepared for it. She simply bowed her farewell; although the instant she saw the hand, half put out, quickly drawn back, she was sorry she had not been aware of the intention.”

Margaret can be forgiven for being unprepared for Mr. Thornton’s frank and familiar greeting.

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