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Bass essentials

The three issues with this post are firstly those who not like any popular music at all [and I can say that I’m preparing this just before I do my Tuesday evening classical post], secondly those who are not into obtrusive bass, thirdly, those who don’t like my criteria for classic popular songs anyway.

However, I’m hoping there might be one or two of like mind.

To me, in an ensemble, be it Baroque or a modern day band [the exception being jazz] – in other words, in a band with only a few instruments – the bass needs to lift out of continuo, out of just accompanying the other instruments and has to play a major role – the song needs to be remembered just as much for an “authoritative” bass line, like a boss, as for the other elements.… More here ...

Jazz in the time of Trad III

The last of this mini-series of three posts returns to three Bs; not Ball, Barber and Bilk but Bach, Bryant and Bossa Nova.

Yer tradster could hardly overlook the brief spell in the spotlight of the Swingle Singers: rather more jazzish than jazz, I suppose, but they probably got some people interested in Classical Music for the first time. We start with three of their quickies, two fugues following “Badinerie”i.e. a pleasantry, a brief lively dance. Hm: I must say he looks like a jazzman, old Johann Sebastian.

More here ...

Before my time

This was before my time and I was thinking how old you’d have to have been. Taking the day the music died [1959] as the reference, then when were the kids who followed this music born?

Let’s assume 13 as the youngest age, that’s 1946. Let’s assume the older kids might be 22, that’s 1937, so we’re talking the war generation aren’t we, immediately pre-Boomers?… More here ...

Best selling singles of all time?

I know what they claim are their sources, very vaguely put but there are some real anomalies here. At random, one question is about two singles I remember were mega in my early days and they don’t appear on the list:

Ike and Tina turner: River Deep Mountain High
Sonny and Cher: I Got You Babe.

They simply don’t appear. Why not? The Rolling Stones aren’t in there and yet Satisfaction sold megacopies in its day, all around the world. A Whiter Shade of Pale does appear, so that at least is all right.

Also, there are so many artists on there who are new, since music went to the pits – all these rappers and so on. But as total copies sold also presupposes history, i.e. people of an older bracket, as it presupposes that artists take years to build up numbers, now could Gaga be up there?

One answer is that they are including online “sales”, something which wasn’t available to the old artists.… More here ...