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Road songs

There’ve been songs written about roads but they’re not what I’d call real road songs in their rhythm, they don’t have that highway feel to them. For some reason, the Americans seem to come out with the best road songs – maybe it’s the long expanses, the wheels, the laid back manner, don’t know what it is:

When did the music die?

It seems too easy to dismiss out of hand whatever “modern” music is at the time, particularly as the young themselves don’t always dismiss what we see as classic or at least of value.

My story is a series of renaissances, as it were. The music of my youth was The Who, obviously the Beatles and the Stones, then the Ramones, Stranglers, never got into Floyd or Cream, liked Ten Years After, Graham Parker, Blondie, Warren Zevon, then came my Cosmic Music radio programme and perhaps work killed it off after that.…