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Strange songs

The criteria here is that they not be off the planet, e.g. like Devo, nor metal nor too avante garde, not ones we’ve done a few times, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Longshot Kick the Bucket, some I shall never play, e.g. MacArthur’s Park. Some were just bad, e.g. Scram, which came out in the 60s and disappeared after some airplay, some were just so overdone, e.g. American Pie.

The girl group the Shangri-las were known for their badgirl image, also songs of teenage angst, so this was a most unusual song for them to record and it’s been done by some strange people over the years – the one I’ve run at this site has been by three Year 7 girls, backed by ageing session musicians.

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The gentle strains

Not sure what to run in this slot this evening.

We had classical on Sunday, jazz is coming up, we had various popular pieces last week, we’ve probably done the sister acts to death [was going to do the DeMarco Sisters but they said don’t come near us], Wednesday’s a more reflective piece, not sure heavy metal would soothe the savage brow, nor Turkish Village Music, nor James Last, nor Romanian dancing, we’ve done all the flashmobs, hmmm, let’s try these:

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Who was the original artist?

Match the well known artist and song with the lettered original artist. Be warned, there are some tricks in here.

1. You are so beautiful – Joe Cocker
2. Can’t live if living is … Mariah Carey
3. The tide is high – Atomic Kitten
4. Twist and Shout – The Beatles
5. El condor pasa – Simon and Garfunkel
6. Sailing – Rod Stewart
7. Ring of fire – Johnny Cash

a. Daniel Alomfa Robles [trad]
b. Sutherland Bros Band
c. Righteous Bros
d. The Paragons
e. Badfinger
f. The Top Notes
g. Anita Carter… More here ...

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622

The most relaxing music for me is Mozart, possibly because of its stateliness and delicacy, without the pomp, and its the music I’ll revert to when feeling the anger rising over the idiocies we encounter out there. Vivaldi is possible.

I was going to run the Fireworks this evening but just felt it too bombastic. How anyone can get pleasure from Wagner either is beyond me and no, I’m not a philistine, it’s just too tied up in itself, that music.

Bach’s a bit too religious for mine, Beethoven mixed and yet I don’t wish to descend into swirling Strauss. Looking at the more populist demi-classical, e.g. James Last, Mancini etc., there’s just something too cloying and twee about them, although Il Silenzia is nice.

That must sound good coming from someone who can play skinhead music and avant garde, e.g. Can, but I’d argue that they’re for a different purpose, a different mood, the mood which saw me used to leap onto my boat and just gun it for all it was worth.… More here ...