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If this ain’t love …

… then it will have to do, till the real thing comes along [can’t remember who sang that].

It always starts fine, with mucho caring:

Then reality seeps through after some time. This below is one of the best segments and also one of the best companions. Also, methinks she is well within her rights with the second speech she gives when she goes back inside:

From the male point of view, it’s handy to be a Time Lord at this stage. He’s lost so many companions that only a Time Lord could cope – humans might get a tad jaded.

So it’s back on the road again and he’s just moving onwards, ever onwards – every word in this is timeless:

Maxim Gorky once spoke of Russia in the form of the troika, rushing around the bend and clattering along at top speed.

‘Kuda, Rossiya?’ he calls. [Where to, Russia?]

There is no answer.…


There has certainly been criticism of this ensemble and their output is mixed but their best is still very good. The style of music, the historicity so to speak, is appealing to many. The Beloved Leader of the ensemble, Christina Pluhar – I don’t know, she seems to play favourite members but maybe I’m oversensitive to it because of the gorgeous Sarah Louise Ridy [also here] also here:


She pretty well owned this piece below, IMHO, smiled at everyone but no one smiled back. Then again, she’s English, playing in Europe:…

Carly and Martina

This is a bit bizarre.

Every few days, I go into my Twitter homepage and check who is Following. Those who look OK РI click Follow, the others, e.g. advertisers and the less than salubrious Рare left:


Sometime back, I noticed these two had followed me:…

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt is greatly but not universally admired and that’s the story of her life. She dislikes being called controversial but by going her own way, she was precisely that and a rich resource for the media to make up stories.

In this satellite interview, she touches on the way the media sensationalizes and invents, about going to South Africa during apartheid and much more:

What she did do well until her Parkinson’s was hold a note like no other woman in the popular field, excluding her heroines Maria Callas et al, plus mammoth record sales and other incoming has seen her perhaps justifiably well off.…