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Steve, Paul, Dylan and the jetliner

It’s a good post, I understand the story and how the composer was a great guy and all that but I prefer the Steve Miller version, sorry but there it is.

You could complain that the Steve Miller version is too on the nose compared to the loose-jointed original. On the other hand, the Steve Miller guys definitely knew what they were doing when it came to making a catchy record that would leap from the car radio into your head. Pena’s bank account benefited nicely over the years from the Steve Miller mid-70s genius for hits.

No, it was not on the nose at all – the SMB were consistently good.

[H/T Chuckles]… More here ...

Amon Düül

Don’t often urge readers to do something but in this case it’s necessary. This band is bass driven, so to listen to the songs through disembodied, tinny iPads or laptops would be like playing computer games on an old dial-up – the bass is the whole thing in these songs.

Please oh please use decent headphones or speakers. Thanking you.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, let us now turn our attention to one of the weirdest bands that ever existed on the planet – a band that was considered weird even for its own Krautrock scene, and a band that was more innovative in their career as the entire mainstream American rock scene post-Chuck Berry.

They were a wildly uneven group and that was understandable:… More here ...

Tiffany and others

I was looking at another list of appalling songs and the one I’m about to play below was on it, along with Rick Astley. Sorry, disagree, this song below should not be on that list.

First thing was to get a good version from youtube – one which accentuated the “wall of sound”, along with the bass, and which played down the lyrics. It’s going to need good headphones to follow the bass:

What lifts it above Astley flummery?

1. Variation, which adds menace, not knowing what’s coming, especially if the group makes you a bit uneasy.

2. All sorts of individual, asymmetric riffs. One of the reasons I prefer 20s jazz is the individuality, like a series of single malts, as against the blended music of the 40s.

3. Players who really can play, not just strum along.

4. Power, immense power, used sparingly but always in reserve. A great song, to me, has to be loud, passionate, emotional, exotic, stately, even heavily melodic, it needs to be filled with wall to wall sound, discordant but melodic at the same time, but cutting to quiet breathers of even a single instrument.… More here ...


Hate to be relentlessly negative here but I’m going to be relentlessly negative here.

Saw a long list of big-selling, overrated artists with poor discographies and as usual, it was worth a look. Some were obvious entries, e.g. the Cheeky Girls, Nicole Sherzinger, Britney Spears, Rick Astley, Adele, Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue but a few were artists who certainly had a following and worse than that – it was de rigeur to “luv ’em” in order to be considered cool by peers.

Some examples from the 1000s:

Patti Smith: Not only vastly overrated, but musically utterly without value. The 70s was a decade in which unattractive women WITHOUT talent could have careers. Just fill your dull songs with wannabe “meaningful” lyrics, and the arty-farty crowds adored you.

Plus she was unhygienic.… More here ...