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Before the deluge

Some songs are just songs, others are anthems to an era, this is the latter. Some songs are a blend of instruments, others are dominated by one instrument, this is the latter.

In the 60s, it looked like nuclear war but this song isn’t really about that, methinks, though it became a theme of his. It was more about that protest generation which was so against exploitation of the earth for profit but then, he says, that generation lost its way, which is interesting, as the song was written for the 1974 album, so he already sees the Boomers as having lost their way?

Here are extracts from two comments which seem to me close to the mark on what this song is about:

I saw Jackson Browne at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium last night, and he closed with this song as the second encore.


Warren Zevon knew how to get down where the hurt was.

Classic case of which version of Carmelita to play. Zevon, the writer’s original was, of course, good, his version with his friend Jackson Browne suffered from two individual talents not quite meshing on the track, unlike a song further down.

The version by his friend Linda Ronstadt was superlative.

But this, by a relatively unknown Spanish girl [“Sorry for the accent, I am Spanish”] melted many hearts:

Eurovision, in case you’re interested

Clearly the Beeb aren’t – I found the order elsewhere:

1. Belgium
2. Czech Republic
3. The Netherlands
4. Azerbaijan
5. Hungary
6. Italy
7. Israel
8. Bulgaria
9. Sweden
10. Germany
11. France
12. Poland
13. Australia
14. Cyprus
15. Serbia
16. Lithuania
17. Croatia
18. Russia
19. Spain
20. Latvia
21. Ukraine
22. Malta
23. Georgia
24. Austria
25. United Kingdom
26. Armenia

The Beeb are blogging about it here.

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