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On Andre Rieu and sociopathy

Right in the middle of a post on Asparagus Syndrome, Wiggia sends a youtube of Andre Rieu and a new young talent.

One can be uncharitable and say Rieu plays on this, it fills his auditoriums and sells hyper-expensive tickets for what are short of first water performances. On the other hand, one can say he provides new talent with a platform and audience they could not possibly hope to achieve otherwise.

Similarly, those shots of weepy-eyed audience members can be looked at two ways. A normal human would be touched – her voice is actually amazing – but I can also hear some readers groaning, particularly those of a curmudgeonly disposish. Same reaction as seeing your woman wiping tears away during weepy films at home beside you.

Anyway, the performance first – take it away, Wiggia:

International Day of Women

international-womens-dayThis blog, some time back, dwelt on the word “authenticity” but this March 8th, it dwells on the word “sincerity”.

There is a prayer which wishes the best for all those “of goodwill” and I was thinking that it’s insincere to wish the best to those I’d like to see brought down, people such as:

1. Them, the perpetrators of the attack on women functioning properly;

2. The followers of the Narrative who are not evil in themselves but they do abet evil, facilitate it by their vote, by their actions, by their statements. I’m speaking here of the smug do-gooders possibly unaware that they are supporting the breakup of the family and the disempowerment of women in real terms.

Why are the leftists now saying children need lessons on respect for women in schools? That wasn’t needed in the 50s – men had women on a pedestal and the issue was whether he would strike lucky or not.…

Road songs

There’ve been songs written about roads but they’re not what I’d call real road songs in their rhythm, they don’t have that highway feel to them. For some reason, the Americans seem to come out with the best road songs – maybe it’s the long expanses, the wheels, the laid back manner, don’t know what it is:

When did the music die?

It seems too easy to dismiss out of hand whatever “modern” music is at the time, particularly as the young themselves don’t always dismiss what we see as classic or at least of value.

My story is a series of renaissances, as it were. The music of my youth was The Who, obviously the Beatles and the Stones, then the Ramones, Stranglers, never got into Floyd or Cream, liked Ten Years After, Graham Parker, Blondie, Warren Zevon, then came my Cosmic Music radio programme and perhaps work killed it off after that.…