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Sometimes, slick and overproduced just doesn’t cut it:

Despite the band’s annoyance at having so little time to prepare, on April 6 at 10 a.m., the Kingsmen walked into the three-microphone recording studio. In order to sound like a live performance, Ely was forced to lean back and sing to a microphone suspended from the ceiling.

“It was more yelling than singing,” Ely said, “’cause I was trying to be heard over all the instruments.” In addition, he was wearing braces at the time of the performance, further compounding his infamously slurred words.

Ely sang the beginning of the third verse several bars too early, but realized his mistake and waited for the rest of the band to catch up.

In what was thought to be a warm-up, the song was recorded in its first and only take. The Kingsmen were not proud of the version, but their manager liked the rawness of their cover.… More here ...

Advent 6

Elvis is clearly unhappy about being alone at Christmas, but I’d point out that being alone does not necessarily mean loneliness.… More here ...

Trapped in the 20s


The decades of the 20s, 60s and to a lesser extent the 80s had similarities. Each followed a down time for society, each saw big changes and each created a boom and then went bust. It was a time of excess, wild frivolity and in the case of the 80s, greed masquerading as upwardly mobile aspiration.

Optimism, hope, a lowering of personal standards, the rise of women, turning many into demi-men and a certain excitement accompanied those decades.… More here ...

Advent 3

Readers – there are two changes to the programme, accessed through the sidebar. If you click on the carol name [coloured brown on most monitors], it will take you there.

The ones changed are N13, which had been Emerson, Lake and Palmer, plus swapping Nos 21 and 22 round, to put the Westminster Abbey service on Christmas eve.

No further changes are planned.

[H/T JD]… More here ...