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Richard Tauber

“He was a fine pianist until arthritis took its toll. He was one of those rare performers who could play the piano, sing and conduct an orchestra at the same time. He was a conductor and composer (“Old Chelsea”). He died in London 8 January, 1948, buried at Brompton Cemetery. A great talent.” [George Byrne]… More here ...

The villains and the heroes get all mixed up

One apt quote is from Quantum of Solace, when Giancarlo Giannini [Mathis] says:

But I guess when one is young, it seems very easy to distinguish between right and wrong but as one gets older, it becomes more difficult – the villains and the heroes get all mixed up.

Not sure now it’s just the young – some of the French young now see things clearly and were for Le Pen. DforDoom wrote:

If you’re anti-immigration you have to be anti-globalist and that automatically puts you on the left.

Which I disagreed with as I am against uncontrolled immigration and am certainly not of the left. Then I looked at Le Pen’s policies and some really were of the left and it became clear that the old designations don’t work. And Paul Nuttall has put some leftist policies into UKIP.  Appeasement, it seems.

There was a time when it was Statist versus libertarian, with the latter closely aligned with centre-right politics, i.e.… More here ...

A musical afternoon

Just got back. This was playing when I got there:

… which I thought was a strange one for a funeral, although I’ve always liked the Big O. When the service opened, this played:

… which was unfortunate because that was ‘our song’, WN1 and I, brought back memories and that gives away one of the years we were together. This also played:

This was the main number:

More here ...