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Jazz of the Third Reich

Thought for some time before running this.  What gave pause were some of the old photos, including Auschwitz camp staff on holiday, whooping it up.  However, it’s a historical note on how the other side was doing it.

This is lifted from the blurb:

Brocksieper-Quartett (Freddie Brocksieper – drums; v.d. Broek – trumpet; Pierre Angeli – piano; Winkler – bass):

1. Mir ist’s so leicht (I Feel So Light), Foxtrot (W.Leschetitzky)
2. Leise klingt’s über’s Wasser (Soft Is The Sound Of Water), Langsamer Foxtrot (v.d. Broek) Brunswick, 1942 (Germany)

NOTE: Fritz “Freddie” Brocksieper (b. 1912 in Istanbul, d. 1990) was a Turkey-born, German jazz-musician, drummer, and bandleader. The son of a German engineer and Greek-Jewish woman, early in his life he traveled to Nuremberg, where since 1930 he played professionally on drums in various dance bands.

In 1939 he traveled to Berlin, where he played with best dance orchestras of the time, including Goldene Sieben (Golden Seven), Benny de Weille, Willy Berking and famed Charlie and His Orchestra – a NSDAP-controlled band, used as international cover–up for essentially anty-swing or generally, anti-jazz cultural policy in the Third Reich (according to their criteria, that musical trend was “invented” by the “worse” black race to be later developed and imposed to the world by predominantly Jewish musicians).…

Fertile Island Discs

Let’s imagine it’s not a desert island but a quite fertile island and there are a 100 of us from age 30 and upwards, from all walks of life. We’re all Anglo-Saxon or Celt and have a year in this place, on some contract. Most of the time we’re busy, sometimes we have a break.…

The 50s was, on balance, a better time for women than today

The 50s was better across the English speaking world in many ways, depending on country – growth, fairer taxation, things still affordable without credit – people had spending power, less crime, access to education – real education, not the rubbish today – suburban values, social mobility, optimism, low debt, sanity in relations between men and women just before the feminazis got going.…

Stopover in Linz

Mozart was on his way back to Vienna from Salzburg, he and wife spent several days in Linz, at the invitation of an old family friend, Count Thun-Hohensteain. They wanted him to give a concert so he wrote this symphony especially for the occasion in four days. Mozart wrote to his father:

“When we arrived at the gates of Linz, a servant was waiting there to drive us to the Old Count Thun’s, where we are still living. I really cannot tell you what kindness the family is showering us. On Tuesday, the Fourth of November, I am going to give a concert in the theatre and since I do not have a single symphony with me, I am writing a new one at break-neck speed…”…

On Andre Rieu and sociopathy

Right in the middle of a post on Asparagus Syndrome, Wiggia sends a youtube of Andre Rieu and a new young talent.

One can be uncharitable and say Rieu plays on this, it fills his auditoriums and sells hyper-expensive tickets for what are short of first water performances. On the other hand, one can say he provides new talent with a platform and audience they could not possibly hope to achieve otherwise.

Similarly, those shots of weepy-eyed audience members can be looked at two ways. A normal human would be touched – her voice is actually amazing – but I can also hear some readers groaning, particularly those of a curmudgeonly disposish. Same reaction as seeing your woman wiping tears away during weepy films at home beside you.

Anyway, the performance first – take it away, Wiggia:

International Day of Women

international-womens-dayThis blog, some time back, dwelt on the word “authenticity” but this March 8th, it dwells on the word “sincerity”.

There is a prayer which wishes the best for all those “of goodwill” and I was thinking that it’s insincere to wish the best to those I’d like to see brought down, people such as:

1. Them, the perpetrators of the attack on women functioning properly;

2. The followers of the Narrative who are not evil in themselves but they do abet evil, facilitate it by their vote, by their actions, by their statements. I’m speaking here of the smug do-gooders possibly unaware that they are supporting the breakup of the family and the disempowerment of women in real terms.

Why are the leftists now saying children need lessons on respect for women in schools? That wasn’t needed in the 50s – men had women on a pedestal and the issue was whether he would strike lucky or not.…