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Drum battle [4]

Today’s was a challenge – I had the Top Secret already saved and it’s one of their best, even with the errors, I could have put up against them a boys corp who were also good – there’s one in…

I just adore Nickelback

One should not even joke about such things: Obviously we can’t play Rockstar so this will have to do instead: Further reading:

Drum battle [3]

The idea in this ‘which is better-head-to-head’is not just for drum corps – on Friday, for example, there are two offerings as part of a song but in one, the solo is hugely extended in the second half and in…

Drum battle [2]

Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel meets the Blue Devil Percussion Team of Concorde California. Remember, this is just the practice session in the exhibition hall in the centre of Basel: The interest in this video is not just the…